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  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    chili - massive well done to your girl

    JUde - oh no, hope your kids get better soon

    turboed this morning and hoping to get out for a little run tonight as it will be cooler and I will thoroughly enjoy it if it is raining after all the heat

  • Morning All

    Mahoosive well done to your big girl Chilli..that is superb a proper little athlete you have there image

    Jude...A sunset run sounds just beautiful. Well done image Aw poor little kiddies. I hope they perk up soon.

    Mathschick Well done on your turbo sesh and hope you get out for your run tonight.

    Loula...sis...how is your hip??? I am assuming its okay now if your planning a longy run at weekend image Hope missy LLBs rehearshal goes well. How far will you be running ?

    I did an early morning session of mile repeats x 3 with 1minute easy running in between image trying to help kick start my speed image for next challenges of getting PBs at parkrun and 10ks image

    Chico says woof woof thank you to you all for your good wishes.He is feeling a bit sorry for himself but on the whole he is fine. Going to visit my mum for a few hours today for a change of scene for him. unfortunately he will not be allowed on the beach.

    Hi to AF,Byeck,Ecky,Louise,Matt,Rocker,Tom and Deejay.

    Have a good day y'all image

  • Afternoon all

    Congrats to your girl Chili, really well done. 

    Hugs for Chico.  They are very funny dressed in lampshades image.

    Managed to do Intervals session Tuesday evening, gym yesterday and then dragged myself around for 15m this morning, followed by coffee and flapjack.  Tired legs now...

    Next events are Wycombe 1/2 on 21 July, which I'll do slowly, and then Down Tow Up Flow on 28 July (also a half), which I will try for a decent time at.  I really need to do a time trial, I jhave no idea what paces I am running at the moment.


  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    hi everyone

    it was limo day at school today so a busy busy day. May not happen at all schools - the year 11 leavers come in dressed up in party frocks and suits and leave in limos. Funny to see some of the horrendous dresses, but mainly a nice day.

    cooking for the kids, waiting for OH to get home with little one then I will head out for a quick and very wet run - it is tipping it downimage hopefully that means no insects and that the pollen count will start to go down

  • Morning all!

    MC - Limo day sounds fun! Hope you got you run.

    Louise - well done on your 15 miles.

    It's the last day of school for the students image but I still have one more week of seminars.image

    Kids are feeling a bit better and daughter is desperate to get back to swimming training.

    Hoping for another sunset run tonight...

    BFN xx

  • Afternoon,

    Sorry for my absence...been really busy and am going away for the weekend with Mrs AF......hopefully as she really annoyed me this morning!!!!  

    7.3 humid miles yesterday and 12.75 this morning - was just running with one other lady from my club in preperation for the 15 miler we are doing in couple of weeks. A good 8.26 mile pace throughout which was pleasing.  

    Bye for now.....   


  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    hi everyone

    really enjoyed my rainy run last night, was so tired though I didn't get up early enough for a turbo session this morning

    Jude - good to hear your kids are getting better

    AF - hope you sort things out with Mrs AF and you have a nice weekend away! My OH often annoys me! I think that is just life really and sharing living space with the same person for years is difficult!

    Jude - hope you get out for your run

    my eldest boy did a triathlon at school on Tuesday but has no idea how well he did. I am very proud of him for doing it thoughimage

  • Hi all


    Yeah AF have a good weekend Must be in the air as me Franny has so annoyed me to grrrr well done on your runs


    MC glad you enjoyed your run last night


    Jude That's good kiddies are feeling better Enjoy sunset run tonight


    I just did a wee 4 miler this morning Pleased I don't need to be doing longer distances.


    Have a good weekend all Anyone racing?????

  • Oh and its my sons 19th birthday imageimage where has the years gone ????

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    franny - happy birthday to your boy

    I went to the gym, but I really didn't feel like it, so kept it short - half an hour of weights etc is better than nothingimage

  • Sounds like some good running AF. Hope you enjoy the weekend.

    MC - that is great! Hope he enjoyed the tri

    Franny - happy birthday to your lad.

    I have finally started marathon training with a LSR of 2.5hrs. One of my older teens came to babysit and my No.2 girl cycled alongside me. My parents are driving down over night and my mother has already requested a family bike ride tomorrow so hope it doesn't rain too much!

  • Morning all!

    Franny - Happy Birthday to your boy.

    Well done on your runs AF, Franny and Chili.

    MC - well done on your gym session and great that big boy had opportunity to do a triathlon.

    Didn't run yesterday evening afternoon as little boy was coughing a lot and wanted lots of cuddles. Big girl back at swimming this morning, with middle boy, so hoping for a (hot) run now.

    We are having a BBQ this evening for my work colleagues....image (Expecting about ten to come) Hopefully, they'll turn up as we live far out of the city and it puts people off coming. Also have private lesson this afternoon (probably, as the father hasn't contacted me yet this week.) So not much time to tidy up.........

    Have a good weekend all. xxxx 

  • Well hello everyone image It's been a while!

    Morning Jude image Enjoy your BBQ, hope you get lots of people turn up!

    Hi Chili image This wouldn't be marathon training for Thames Meander would it?! LSR of 2.5hrs!? nice one, thats really good going. I'm up for a 10 miler this weekend, so I'm running a little behind schedule (well actually there just isn't one this time round). I was looking at the calm pool at 8:30am this morning before #1's swimming lession, thinking that a return to swimming might help get to mara fitness quicker...

    Hope everyone and families are well, and everyone is running.

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    hi all

    Matt - great to hear from you and good that you are running - how is that knee? Cycling would be better for your mara fitness than swimming.

    I went to parkrun again this morning and was slow, but it was hot and windy, and considering I woke up feeling shattered the fact that I got out of bed and went is good. Then I went to swimming club as well but feel shattered now!

    Jude - have a good bbq - we are bck to rubbish weather again now here...

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    I have run/run-walked 15 miles this weekimage and knee is surviving. I know not to ramp up too quickly but I am feeling happy about that

  • Thanks and well done mc, sounds like some great progress with your knee. My own knee seems to be surviving. I think yet more form changes and keeping up with stretching has helped.

  • Matt!!! *Flies across the room to hug my best marathon running buddy* image Yes I've just entered the Thames Meander and have just sent you a PM!

    MC - well done on the running/knee news.

    Jude - hope you had a lovely BBQ

    I'm am exhausted! Even more so than normal. Haven't been sleeping well for weeks. Last night I managed to get to sleep about 1am, Hubby sent me a text at 1.30am, my parents arrived at 3.30am image

    Went to parkrun this morning. Then home to make picnics cos my mother wanted us to do a long family bike ride. It was a lovely day. 16 miles with a wander around a nature reserve in the middle. Then home to cook dinner, take Big Girl to a swimming party, but the chairs out for church tomorrow, entertain my mother and I'm now finishing off the prep for the morning.

    sorry! that is probably very boring.

    Anyway, my Big Girl (11yrs) has done the equivalent of a sprint triathlon today! She admitted to looking forward to her bed tonight. image

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    chili - you need to get some sleep!!

    does sound like a lovely family day. When is mr chili coming back?


  • Morning all!

    Matt - Good to hear from you!

    Chili - Well done for squeezing it all in! Sounds like a nice active day for you and your family. Hope you get some sleep tonight.

    MC - Well done on your week's exercise and well done to your knee!!

    Well, we had a lovely BBQ and lots of lovely friends came. It was all a bit crazy as everbody brought a ton of food and we had mad a fair bit ourselves. At one point the kitchen looked a bit like a butcher's imageimage But we had a laugh and hubby did well cooking for our first BBQ with guests.

    On the running front, I managed a 3 miler yesterday and a 4 miler this morning. Temps are rising though so my plan ( now school is nearly over) is to try to run everyday for 3 or 4 miles to build up fitness again. Can't run fast or long in this heat and definitely won't be able to during Ramazan when I may have to walk.

    The best news is that the swimming pool which they have been building for 2 years just 10 minutes walk from our house, is opening this week.  Children's team will be training there (literally will save us hundreds of liras in petrol and many hours a week in travel time). Also there is a 400 m path in a small park area next to the pool. Not terribly exciting for all you trail runners, I know, but there will be no dogs, traffic or crazy villagers.....image Kids and I are so happy.

    Anyway, have a good Sunday all!  Enjoy! xx 

  • Afternoon

    Hiya Matt great to hear from you. We have missed you on here.

    Chilli..I was exhausted just reading about your day...LOL

    Jude.That is fantastic news about the swimming pool and a place where you can run. You will find your fitness will improve quickly. Maybe try and do some interval sessions on the 400m path to keep it more interesting for you and you will see your speed improve to.

    I went to club for run this morning. We only did 5.5 miles but the route was rather undulating and me and one of the guys picked up the pace for last 2 miles. well he decided I just went along with it...LOL..then when we finished he pipes up that he hasn't run that fast for a while...Ha ha .

    Have a good day everyone. Just going to sort out the Sunday Roast and all the trimmings. I am starving.

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    Jude - that is great news about the new pool and somewhere to run. 400m isn't bad - same distance as a running track so you can do some nice intervals on that!

    shopping trip was stressful - the kids just drive me crazy sometimesimage

  • Oooh, Franny, well done on the impromptu race! image

    Jude - glad you had a good BBQ and the new pool with the 400m trail sounds great. Our pool is closing for the summer image

    Well, I finally finished work and got to bed at 1am. But I did something really stupid this afternoon and I know it was partly due to tiredness and not thinking straight. I put unleaded petrol in my diesel car image I didn't drive off so lost a couple of hours and a couple of hundred pounds to siphon it all off. Could have been worse but it really was a stupid mistake to make.

  • Aww Chili! Easy but really rotten mistake to make and surprising it doesn't happen more often. Must be down to your tiredness and you are right it could have been a lot worse.

    MC - I find just having the kids in the back of the car can be stressful......

    Franny - well done on your fast club run.

    Well, we are just back from the cinema. We saw the new Superman film as an end of school year treat. And cor that Henry Cavill (spelling?) is certainly a real treat to look at.imageimageimage 

  • /members/images/623379/Gallery/rsz_superman.png

    Just in case you hadn't seen him before. image

  • Woweeee he is smokin lol likey likey likey but Jude you better hide girl as the Boss will not be happy imageimage

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    hmmm, maybe I had better take my kids to see it!!

    chilli - what a pain about the car, but at least you realised, if you had driven off you could have really done some damage to the engine. You really must get some sleep and rest. When is mr chili back?

  • Lol! *splutters in my hot chocolate*. Sorry, but that photo of superman just makes me want to giggle.... not my cup of cocoa at all.

    Thanks Ladies, I'm going to attempt to get to bed before midnight tonight. Just got a few more bits to do. Hubby comes back on Friday but things won't calm down for at least another week after that cos of all the stuff that had to be scheduled for when he returned (plus school talent shows, sports days, leavers stuff....)

  • Morning all!

    Just off to work but there's no school service bus as the students have finished so I'm driving and stopping off at the big park for a run on the way.image 

    Have a good day all!


  • Did 4 miles and the weather wasn't too hot earlier. imageIt's 33C now.image Sitting at work with nothing to do....... probably will be like this all week. I'll bring a book tomorrow.

  • Well done on your run Jude Seems silly you having to go in when there is nothing doing.

    Busy day at work for me as there weren't many staff in


    Have a nice evening everyone






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