The 2013 Pirate Kit Order Thread (Take 2)



  • That list is well out of date.

    Think Schmunks is going to pitch a fit when she sees it.


  • FFS!  Who the hell dragged that list up!

    Oh, it was Barlos.  Should have fecking known image

    This just about sums it up for me!  People can't be arsed to go back to the first page where it is pretty safe to assume most information would be.  Then someone else cuts and pastes a list from the start of the thread instead of just answering the question that the first person couldn't be arsed to find for themselves

    And then a third person copies that list and runs with it which could lead to all sorts of problems

    It really is simple folks.....

    1st post (or three) contains answers to the most basic of questions.  If you are not capable of finding that info for yourself, it's no wonder I get so much fecking strife when trying to get payments, addresses, and sizes from you

  • Do I detect someone is less than happy??    image

  • That post was aimed at no-one in particular, but I am done with wiping the noses of people who can't be bothered to go to the start of a thread and expect others to do the running for them.

    I am also fed up with people texting me, PM'ing me here, and on my personal FB page re kit. I do this voluntarily and there are times when I want to pretend this thread does not exist.  I don't feel there is anything so urgent regarding kit that it needs for me to be contacted away from this thread.

    I make no apologies for ignoring recent contact that has been made to me via these methods


  • Oh, believe me, Meldy, I could go on and on and on and on and on image

  • You usually do dear ...

  • Flat Foo..ted wrote (see)

    That list is well out of date.

    Think Schmunks is going to pitch a fit when she sees it.



    Told you

  • No amount of ranting will change human nature

    There are those who will ask and there are those who will answer ..

  • You should send that into Readers Digest, you might win the £5 book voucher.

  • Yeah, I know, and I also know that my posts up there ^^ will get lost in the annals of time but I have said it and it's out there now

    I don't mind those who answer as long as they answer correctly and not cause confusion a la Bar-fecking-los

  • Then its poss Barlos you need to be ranting at and not the general public  image

  • Not necessarily as this is not the first time people have had to be pointed to the start of the thread. And Barlos may be the culprit in this instance, but others have previously answered questions incorrectly too.

    But rest assured, Barlos will be left in no doubt as to the error of his ways image Does anyone know if it's possible to type with broken fingers image

  • My point is, you cannot expect every new person to know how this all works, people will always ask questions
    Organising the kit is and always has been a thankless task, along with that will be the complimentary hassle that is those that ask questions  image

  • And my point is, surely it is common sense to read at least the first page.

    To say 'I can't be arsed to trawl back' implies laziness.  And it wasn't from a newbie

    I guess I just expect people to at least to try and help themselves instead of relying on others to spoon-feed them, which could then lead to confusion when people try to help with the best of intentions

    But I have said what I wanted to say image

  • Slinks back under the stone from which I emerged ... would chocolate work at this point?


    errr ... dare I 

    ask to be added to the girls tank list ...? if I promise never to tinker with a kit list ever again ...? image image

  • Bounce for IronWorm

  • Soz, not lazy just fevkin stupid and computerly ineptimage

  • Can I order cycle top ,tri suit ,baseball cap

  • Unlikely to get anywhere near the minimum for a tri suit I would think ...

    BBCaps I thought were on another thread?

    Have a nose round and find your way  image

  • Baseball caps are on this thread, but are unlikely to ever reach minimum as we also do Headsweats 

    There is a Headsweats thread near here for you to read and put your name to if you're still interested 





  • i thought the baseball hats were the headsweat ones.........boy am i easily confused........I might need a new monaco by the time the order gets done.i will keep an eye on the threadimage

  • LG do the baseball-style caps and Headsweats do the Headsweats image

  • LG do racer caps..... which are completely different to baseball caps image but as I'm the only one that wants one, its kind of immaterial image

  • Rafiki wrote (see)

    LG do racer caps..... which are completely different to baseball caps image

    And that's why I said 'baseball-style' caps. (I couldn't remember what they were actually called) image

  • hi. ive had a read through and hope this is right. (if not i already have thorntons chocs as back up) can i put my name down for a monaco pleaseandthankyou.

  • Tri top in medium please can you let me know the price too schmunks image

  • Current tally -

    Cycle Tops - 21
    Cycle Jackets - 5
    Gilets- 12
    Monacos - 24
    Tri-shorts - 17
    Tri-suits - 2
    Girls Tank - 14
    Arm Warmers - 11
    Leg Warmers - 2
    Racer caps - 2

  • So based on the above we are definitely ordering cycle tops, monacos, tri-shorts, and girls tanks

    And if we could have a bit more interest in Gilets and arm warmers, we could add those to the order too image

  • Schmunks, whilst you have the spreadsheet open... Can you remind me what I had ordered... Many thanksimage

  • Hi Schmunks

    Not sure if this is the right thread but I'm sure you'll tell me if its not. Do you have any swim caps left?  



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