The 2013 Pirate Kit Order Thread (Take 2)



  • Schmunks - can you stick me down for a cycle top pleasethankyou image

  • Link to spreadsheet on Dropbox

    Apologies for any errors and omissions but I lost the updates I had done and had to do them again very quickly

    The prices are only rough estimates and are based on LG price per unit and the Canadian dollar exchange rate

  • Raf - I have shut spreadsheet down but will update next time.  If I forget, gimme a nudge image

  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    Please put a Large Monaco on the list for me.


  • Can I please order a cycling jacket? Yes please and fank uimage

  • Schmunkee can you please put me down for a gilet image Thank you

  • can i also put my name down for a gillet pleaseandthank you

  • Spreadsheet has been updated to reflect recent changes

    Cycle Tops - 22*
    Cycle Jackets - 6
    Gilets- 13**
    Monacos - 25*
    Tri-shorts - 18*
    Tri-suits - 2
    Girls Tank - 14*
    Arm Warmers - 11**
    Leg Warmers - 2
    Racer caps - 2

    * - enough for an order

    ** - could be ordered with a little more interest

  • Can't check the spreadsheet using my tablet so I'll check it next week when I am back home

  • Could I order some shorts and a Monaco please, still working out sizing, how small does the kit come up? Anyone out there with a 45" in chest and a 35" waist? to offer advice?

  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    Chris - it comes up small.  If in doubt go bigger.  Or, if you are likely to be at an event where there are going to be pirates in the not too distant future, see if someone will take kit along you can try on.  (I'll be at IMWales, if that helps.)

    Schmunks - please may I put myself down for a gillet?



  • Can i ask, if i place an order will it be delivered before the 2nd of October?

    Could it be diverted to Hong Kong?

  • No.

    Yes, providing you pay the additional postage to Hong Kong image.  And payment will have to be made into a UK bank account so consideration will need to made in that respect too.  I mention it only because some people have had problems paying into a UK bank account previously and I don't accept payment via paypal

  • Schmunks. Can you please amend my order to just a gillet please image

    ta muchly. 

  • Can you put me down for a Monaco and gilet please Schmunks.

  • Hi could you put me down for a medium sized Monaco top and pair of medium (32 inch waist) tri shorts please.  PM me if/when further details are required.  Is there any idea when the kit is likely to be available from by any chance?  Thanks

  • Zakalwe-Outlaw, all the details are in the first few posts on the first page. 

  • Pop-Up Schmunks - The List Fairy


    In response to the initial posts fair one here goes:  I have just raced my first IM distance race at the Outlaw, which is where I saw you guys and girls.  I was in for Challenge Henley but ruined myself doing an Ultra last weekend so have stood aside from that one.  I am doing Lanzarote IM in 14 and UK 70.3 as well and was trying for a place at Roth but the whole thing sold out quicker than I expected.  I will PM the relevent people with the rest of the details, but I like the level of support you seem to have and the banta after speaking to a couple of you when I was hanging and dont have the time or location to do a location based tri club.  I am military and based in Colerne.  Nick 

  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    Schmunks, Kit fairy, thanks, my swim cap arrived today.

  • Hi Schmunks,

    can I order a Monaco and tri shorts (both large please) thanks

  • MandMsMandMs ✭✭✭

    Hey Schmunks

    I can go for gilet and a Monaco please, on top of the other stuff I'm already down for.  Are you up for swim some time?





  • Hi Schmunks - I don't need the shorts any more, and could I have a gillet please?

    Also, thinking if I am getting a girl's tank I won't need the monaco



  • Hi Maths/anyone

    I was wondering about changing the monaco for the girls tank as I thought it might fit better but the monaco has a pocket in the back. How would you get round that in triathlons

  • Southern Snail wrote (see)

    Hi Maths/anyone

    I was wondering about changing the monaco for the girls tank as I thought it might fit better but the monaco has a pocket in the back. How would you get round that in triathlons

    Depends what you want to put in your pocket?

    Bike tools/spare tube/CO2 can go in a wide necked bottle, in a saddle bag,, taped to seat post/under seat, on an x-lab seat tube bottle holder.

    Gels / energy bars, cornish pasty? can be taped to tri bars, top tube, in bento box, (gels mixed with water in a bottle)

    Your wasting time in transition if you have to pick up anything and put it in your pocket, it should all be on the bike.

  • Race belts have loops for gels as well, saves you putting them in top pockets

  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    I thought the girls tank had a pocket.  Where's Meldy or one of the other's with a tank?  I've only got Monacos.  The girls tank is much narrower at the top/back, with a racer back and one of those inner support thingies.  I did think it had a pocket though.

  • I've got one Mouse but I'll be darned if I can remember if it has a pocket or not image

    I'll check this evening unless someone else beats me to it

  • Ok, can I order a Monaco and a Cycle top please, both in XL, I think I have the sizing right, I don't need the shorts

    Cheers Chris

  • I'll have me some tri short ta very muchly, size fat bastid image

  • Girls tank does have one pocket at the back but not as large as the one on the monaco and it is not sectioned

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