Ride London

Ride London

Seems that there are a few of us with successful ballot places

I am beginning to imagine a VLM cross London to Brighton with wall to wall bikes and organised chaos.   I hope it will be a good day!!



  • Nope..... got rejection thingy today....

  • Nope....rejection thing and if i end up working on it your not getting out of London either Melds.

  • So does this mean your going to enter the chiltern 100 for training M?

  • I am on earlies I think for the C100

    I do believe Gladys has been accepted for this as well ..... he is going to be over the MOON when he hears he has me for company  image

  • I got accepted, but we've now booked a holiday for that week. Looking at the magazine it seems I can defer to next year though.
  • 100 miles with Meldy.. Oh joy. And not even a swim to give me hope she might not make it to the start of the bike!
  • I'm in, starting to panic now!

  • Not in.  Got the marathon though shame about this.  I know a lot of people not in! I hope this is a recurring event.

  • Not in. Not fussed.


  • I'm in, 'er Indoors isn't, and nor is the chap whose place I was going to crash at. Chances are I won't bother now. London's such a ball-ache to get to with a bike, and I can't be arsed with all the fuss that'd be required.
  • I'm in. Husnands not. We wanted to do this together so don't know yet what I'm going to do.

  • Not in. Looking at the TVT sprint tri. Or a lazy weekend doing nothing.
  • 7755matt wrote (see)
    Not in. Looking at the TVT sprint tri. Or a lazy weekend doing nothing.

    I've heard it's a great event. And a sprint is akin to doing nothing anyhow... image

  • Not sure that I want to try and navigate between the thousands of soft b*stards who can't get up a hill... scary numbers of people...

  • @TheEngineer - if youre navigating between those fat bastards you'll be doing so because, for some time during the ride, they'll have been faster than you.

  • I'm in, looks like my plan to give somebody some rejection paperwork has backfired on me! I'll find out 28th Feb whether medic allows me to do it or not, which gives about a week to get entered. If it's a no, I wonder if they will allow me to donate it (at cost) to one of you good people?

  • This will be a great event - if you've got a place I'd definitely  make the effort to do it - riding with 20,000 others will be fantastic.

    I just can't figure out how I knew nothing about it until about 2 days ago image

  • Both me and ShuffleB are in......

    better read the mag and see whats what......image

  • Hey, I just thought, if I crash (by no means a rare event), will I bring down 20,000 others jammed up against me?image

  • Only if you are in the front Dusty    .... which in itself would be a rare event !!!

    OC good effort  !!

  • I'm in. Huzzah! First time I have ever made it through a ballot (got rejected 9 times for FLM/VLM),

    Just booked an apartment to stay in the night before - apparently I have saved myself £540 for booking early. Lawks! image

  • 20000 people surely necessitates a wave start... How's that structured?
  • apparently we all start between 6 and 8 and there is a neutralized start for 2 miles (whatever that means).

  • Dustboy wrote (see)

    Hey, I just thought, if I crash (by no means a rare event), will I bring down 20,000 others jammed up against me?image

    Just make sure you crash on DB corner.

  • I'm in too although goodness only knows how I'll manage the logistics of it all

    Mr P isn't and at first I thought about dropping out as we were going to do it together and I don't want to hold up faster peeps but we both agree it's a shame for one of us not to do it........and anyway he's doing Dragon ride on his own if his knee recovers so that's one each image

  • Bring me home this time eh Podds?image

    Where does it start and finish then? (You can tell I took my entry seriously, eh?)

  • OK, just looked at the website for the first time.

    1. How the hell do you get to the start and get home?

    2. Note Newlands is about halfway and cheeseburger time image

    3. Whether I do the big ride or not, assuming I am cleared by the medics, I will run at least one beginners guide training ride through the Surrey part of the route, starting and finishing at Newlands Corner. I will probably cut off the Dorking bit coz it's tough to manage riders when not in an organized race and will pop over Whitedown and get to Boxhill via West Humble instead. Back through Bookham to rejoin the route. Usual gang/newbies etc welcome. And Melds. Mwah!

    4. Newlands, Holmbury drag from Abinger, Leith and maybe Boxhill are the only significant climbs I can think of on the route (plus Whitedown on the training bit). 

    5. Special request for Ferrets special talents.

  • Didn't get in but not too worried.




  • I live in Kingston so will v. tempting to pop in on the way out and on the way back as it goes right past my house. 

    Given I'm so slow I've calculated that if I finish in just under 9 hours I should Wiggo and Cav overtaking me on the Mall so guarnteed to get on the telly. Result!

  • Nice one Deb!!

    We were discussing logistics this morning and I have no idea how it is going to work and I do not intend to worry too much about it until the clocks have changed at the very least!

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