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  • OrbuttOrbutt ✭✭✭

    Had an Xmas night out last night. Today, I have indigestion and a headache. image

    I think I will use one of my CBA cards today. 

  • So, it all begins tomorrow! Rehab work done, pelvis reset, niggles clear, training plan fine-tuned, some new kit........Paris 2014, here I come!

    Happy training folks - see you en Paris!

  • +1 what Orbutt said.

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  • My works liver assault was Friday but I did the recovery on Sat and 16 with 8 at MP today. Weather was totally sh*te, had the wind in my kipper for 10 of the 16 and hated every single second of them. Done now and a tick in the box, struggling with ear/toothache due to one side of my face being frozen by the b'stard wind.

  • It sounds like there has been a lot of Mental Strength Training going on this weekend...

  • And so it begins for me tomorrow.... the hamstring has been quiet for the past two weeks and I am confident all is ok now (touching wood and crossing fingers). After a summer of injury - calf then Achilles then hamstring, I have not got a decent base of long summer runs up and down the hills but I have had a great time discovering new routes on my road bike.

    I fell over at the work Christmas party in some ridiculously high but amazing heels on Friday and have a massive bruise on my thigh - the dodgy hamstring side as well . I was not drinking and the only person who noticed I had fallen over was very drunk, so all fine when I see people tomorrow!

    Paris here I come (please can I have a sub four too? S'il vous plait?) Whoop whoop!!! Seems wrong to be starting training before Jan but Paris is slightly early then the Spring Marathons I've done the past few years and it should be mean weight gain over the holiday might just be reduced.

  • 20 miles today, 10 yesterday - so a little tired today.

    I successfully managed to avoid my neighbors annual Christmas Party (or as we here in the US rather silly-ngly call it - Holiday Party) last night.  But woke to an email demanding to know where we were.  I like Christmas Parties as much as the next person, but this one is all lawyers (sorry MM) dressed in their finest with nothing to speak about but their success.   Bah humbug.

  • I went to a dinner party with Maus last night and ate some crisps which I thought were fine. Turned out they were laced with gluten. I was in so much pain. 7/10. Worst gluten   ingestion I have ever had. Really dreadful.

    Had thought we might possibly go out exercising today but it never happened. But tmrw is Day 1 of the 16 week training programme so let's see what happens there then.


    Dannirr wrote (see)

    20 miles today, 10 yesterday - so a little tired today.

    I successfully managed to avoid my neighbors annual Christmas Party (or as we here in the US rather silly-ngly call it - Holiday Party) last night.  But woke to an email demanding to know where we were.  I like Christmas Parties as much as the next person, but this one is all lawyers (sorry MM) dressed in their finest with nothing to speak about but their success.   Bah humbug.

    No offence taken. I'm not a proper lawyer anyway.

    TD's sort of right - about the crisps. Not the lack of exercise.image

  • Congrats to ATM and TP for their great result over in France, and to everyone else for surviving work Xmas nights out - they can be dodgy.

    Crappy week of virtually no running turned around a bit this weekend with a fun 'race' at parkrun, and a more fun (proper) 5k-ish trail race today at Falkland - got my (early delivery from Santa) shoes thoroughly soaked in the streams, and managed to get home in 1st place.  Think I have a new lucky t-shirt. image

  • Painfully bored at work right now (02.00a.m - hospital)

    So far I've got through the run up to christmas avoiding any major hangovers, though this may be challenged on Wednesday when my badminton group abandons its annual meal in favour of blowing the whole budget on christmas cocktails at a pop-up ski lodge.

    A knackering but rewarding week of running. All P & D boxes ticked and no injury, although I feel I may just collapse in a heap anytime. Think that I might be taming by bowels with a diet of reduced porridge and marshmallows.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Morning all,

    Stuchbury - good luck with the start of the plan. It's always nice to start a little earlier to get some weeks banked if you need to use them. Welcome to the sub 4 camp! image

    Jo - Wed night i have my work's christmas party so am out image Maus - are you still around wed?

    kaz1 wrote (see)

    Good luck to all running/racing this weekend. 

    Emmy enjoy the time home, bet your getting spoilt with cakes again!image


    Oui. I have two of my finest mummy cakes brought back. One is going to work... one is in my freezer. I stayed away from the cupcakes though!

    Danirr - I'm a little bah humbug too.

    Beingmerry - Are you getting enough sleep?

    So.. christmas double marathon - done and the last for 2013. A real split of a weekend: Day 1 - lovely, great, had a super day out. Day 2: Mental hissy fit at mile 20, tough weather conditions and just felt like crap. Picked it up for the last 1 1/2 laps running with a friend and sharing the misery!

    Got back to Belgium at 11pm last night and was up at 3.30 to run the dog. I've never felt so bad for the first mile! Managed a royal flush run (every mile faster than the one before) and feel a lot better now.

    Good luck to everyone running today!


  • Emmy- Well done, but as much as I know your dog needs ran/walked I think you should have beeen in you bed. 

    No running happening here today yet, still in a lot of pain and the weather is awful. I think walking about in it for hours will be enough for one day! Total day of rest yesterday(first in 12 days). Thank goodness I made the decision not to run Paris, the way things are just now I would have been in a major panic about not being able to train. image

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Kaz - Pain? image You ok? What did I miss? image

    I wouldnt argue with you about needing my bed! For various reasons - it was easier for me to get up and run him before I left. I'm not home until tomorrow night due to work so it's a little difficult.

  • Anyone else wondering what twilight zone we're in today with those last two posts? You're both brilliantly bonkers x

  • Emmy - tooth removed on Friday, basically without anaesthetic as my gum was infected and I had an abscess on one of the root canals. But on a positive note that tooth has been nothing but bother since July 2012 so hopefully once thing settle I will start to feel lots better!   

  • Takes one to know one RS!image When do you start your journey home? 

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Kaz - I'm squeamish when it comes to the dentist anyway but OUCH image Thats horrific - why didnt they give you painkillers or numb the area?

    RS - twilight zone? Me agreeing that i need to spend more time in bed? image

  • Emmy - Well done on your marathons.

    I've completed week 2 of training for Paris. No runs missed, but still dreadfully slow with my pace. Physio appointment booked for just before New Year. Hopefully the can batter my hip/groin back into shape with a mallet or something!

  • Emmy - They tried to deaden the area but it just didn't happen despite 3 injections which were pure agony too. Think I am traumatised! image  

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Kaz - your poor thing image Take care of yourself lovely - that sounds an absolutely awful experience to go through.

  • Crikey Kaz, take it easy - I have a dentist appointment at 3.15 today for a bothersome tooth and am bricking it now!

    Dannirr - top dodgingimage

  • Kaz - Sorry to hear you've been through the mill with toothache. Rest up and hopefully you'll be back to 100% in time to enjoy Christmas with the kids.

  • No worries Emmy, I'm likely to be back out in the new year, so we can maybe sort something out then! Enjoy your Christmas party!!

    only question would be any areas not to run in Brussels... is Schuman area reasonable for after dark (early evening not late night)?

    Hope your feeling better today Kaz

    Day one of the the 16 weeks today... although technically a rest day as 10 hilly miles yesterday! Might just stretch the legs on a short one though to start off as I mean to go on!

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Jo - Definitely image

    RE: Places not to run. I think TD would probably be best to ask. We go running in Parc du Woluwe and that's fine. Just make sure you're wearing hi-viz/have a headtorch. I would avoid anywhere north of Brussels but it depends when you'd be running. at 5am/6am there's noone really around anyway!

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    BTW. If anyone wants to do Jantastic again ( i've set up a BCRC group. I was one of the original testers and needed a group name... without realising that they wouldnt delete all of the info afterwards!

    What's jantastic?

    - Its a 3 month motivation challenge run by Marathon Talk

    - It's all a bit of funimage

  • I'm in Embo - i've joined BCRC

  • I'm in too image

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