London Marathon 2014



  • Did you hear on the news today about the chap who did 40 marathons on the trot to run from John o Groats to Landsend?? Barking!!

  • Wenty: what more.... Ohhhh tons... Sub 25m 5k never done an official 10k would love sub 2h half. Sub 4 Mara... Sub 10h 50 ..... Fancy maybe doing one of those 24h races round a 10 mile lap next year. Would be awesome to do on a flat course try somehow to do 100
  • Cas, I work at Virgin who are sponsoring him and a few people I know run with him. I am not trying to do his efforts down as they are amazing, truely amazing but he only normally runs 6 miles at a time and then rests or eats etc so is doing about a marathon a day, split into 4 runs - Booktrunk could do that - that could be your next challange (err joking - no no what have i said)

    I did a 10k run this morning and that was challanging enough for me! I have booked up for Barcelona Marathon now as well - arghhhhhhh image

  • Oooh get around Wenty. If you would excuse me being so personal when we have only just 'met'!! I would love to use running a marathon as an excuse to travel more - I used to live in Peru and they started a marathon along the Inca Trail - now that really is madness!


    So in fact when I tell people now I have already run a marathon in less than 6 hours I'm not being too deceitful? It's just it was less than 6 hours over 4 weeks haha!!

  • Hmm I dont get around enough - thats why i need a marathon as an excuse!  image Peru might be a bit too expensive - although i did think about the north pole marathon!! (very expensive)

    Yes you have run a marathon I suppose - over 4 weeks then it will be down to 2 weeks then 2 or 3 days and then 1 day - voila! See its easy!

  • Ha - I like your way of thinking! I'm out tonight with someone from our local running club, who took up running when he was 60. He is now 68 and has done something like 10 marathons. I'm almost embarrassed that he is helping me!


  • You should not be embarressed - more like motivated! Very good of him, but you do find runners are like that. They are a bit like Jahova witnesses - they mean well and you cant get rid of them. 

    How far are you up to now? Is it getting slightly easier? 

  • I was wrong! He started at 64 and has done over 30 marathons including a super marathon - London to Brighton!

    He was so nice - didnt make me feel at all daft, but i struggled. I dont know why, I mean my knee hurts still but I have it strapped up, but I still havent broken that mental barrier about not giving up and walking. I'm a bit demotivated as Ifeel I have been doing 2 to 2.5 miles now 4 times a week for three weeks and it should be easier....image

    I'd be happy to slow jog the whole thing but I cant even do that.

    I wont give up though. He has offered to run with me once or twice a week to help. I will probably do once a week though as I need to find my own pace and style, and I find it quite hard still to have a running partner.

    I hope to up my distance to 3 miles on Sunday as I didnt do it last week cos of my knee.


  • Yes dont push it, until you feel a bit more comfortable. It took me quite a bit of time to get comfortable jogging 2-3 miles (I think it was months if i remember), but then i up to 4 or 5 quite quick and then i was off, but it was start that took ages to get accustomed to, and i never thought 6 miles would ever be possible.

  • Thanks Wenty - exactly the words I hoped to hear! I need to fast forward a month or so to check I can do it and then I will be more relaxed. I bought one of those foam rollers to help with the calf soreness - love that! A knee strap to help with the knee pain and funnily enough it's when I stop my jog and walk then run again when it hurts!

    On on - I will keep going!


  • I have just found my running history on runkeeper! I started running in winter and by june i was up to 3 miles then

    July was about 5-6, then

    Aug 6-7 then

    Sept up to 10 miles!!!!

    I told you i was a slow starter, but i had no reason to up my mileage for a marathon or anything.

  • Wow - that makes me feel happy! Thank you! I would be happy to be ok to do 5 - 6 by the end of December because then the usual marathon training plans kick in. I'm not after a miracle time - just less than 6 hours!!

  • It was getting past 3 miles i found hard as my shins hurt and knees hurt and i was a sweaty mess. I think once the body adjusts then it becomes more of a mental game.

    but like you say - you have a bit of time yet till december. Problem might be you have no time for any injuries so you will have to manage that well - dont push that knee!!!!!

  • Ha ha - another very good blog and so true!!!!! so true.

    Intersting point listening to your body! I dont listen to my body when Im running (unless im obviously in serious pain leading to injury), only listen to your body when you are not running.

    And on race days I try and totally block body totally as its all pain, especially 10k's!!! (I actually dread race days)

    Oh and as an incentive i will sponsor you once you get closer to the marathon!!!!

  • aww you sweetheart thank you ! Sponsor me when I have done it - let's be sure I make it all the way round hahah!!

    I'm building up a new running playlist today, stuff that will drown out whatever my body is saying to me!!

    Why do you dread races? Surely if you know you can do it then it is easy? No? Eeek!!

  • Its not the distance its trying to maintain the speed. Imagine running as fast as you can and then holding on when your muscles are cramping and lungs are screaming for air, and the brain is telling you you dont need to do it and why are you putting yourself through this!!!!

    Madness - total madness - your blog sums most of it up.

  • of course - you actually try and get PBs and all that stuff now. I forgot I have that pleasure to come. Right now I am excited to even manage the 2.5 miles in less than an hour haha!!


  • oh know my knee has been sore for a week, but it hasnt really stopped me running, and i have been taking Voltarol tabs, rubbing in Voltarol and icing regularly. I had a new ACL 5 years ago but had no problems with it and an MRI four years ago showed it was absolutely fine and healed well. So..,the pain is in the middle and to the inner bottom of the knee cap and it hurts to go up and down the stairs, to run (well, i cant, i pull up!) and if I try to extend my knee or straighten it when seated. Help. I guess this means stop training for a week...maybe i could do stationary biking as no pressure on it then? I dont want to lose the little bit of cardio fitness i gained but i simply couldnt bear to run thru the pain tonight. Will call the physio tomorrow. Bugger, bugger, bugger!

  • sorry to here that Cas - def get that checked out, it sounds exactly like runners knee to me - exact symptoms, but you need to know what's causing it or how to stop it!!!

    def stop training - this is one of the times you need to listen to your body!!! When I was injured I used a cross trainer - boring but did the job (might even have made me fitter), I guess a bike would do the same.


  • Thanks Wenty. I am mentally resigned now to a week off, perhaps more (eeek, no, not ready for more than a week) and I will go tomorrow and get a professional opinion. A cross trainer would probably work too....i know our gym has those and bikes. i wonder if i could row too. Damn, when did this addiction to exercise start???!! 

  • I only read the first post, so apologies if this ends up being irrelevant.

    I started running less than a year ago because a charity which im involved with ask me if I could run a half marathon for them. It was only a month from when they asked me, and my boy was staying with me for seven of those days, but I said yes, and I did three weeks training. I bought some £28 trainers from sports direct. I was aiming for 2hours and did it in 1.56.

    I loved it and caught the running bug. I joined runners world to look for more events, and saw the vlm competition, entered it and won it. I did 3 more half marathons before the vlm, and a ten miler, but aside from that, my training runs didnt get further than 9 miles. I hoped for 4 hours in the vlm, because my half marathon pb was 1.45, but I did it in 4.26 in the end. Not a blistering time, but it still proves that 0 to 26.2 in a few months can be done.

    Im still doing it and still love it. I have a busy life aside from the running, with my son, and I have various medical problems which set me back from time to time, but I do what I can when I can, and I'm still getting faster.

    Even if you dont manage the 20 mile training runs, and grit and determination gets you to the end, like in my case, it can be done. Plenty of people will try to give you there own opinions, or tell you horror stories, and even try putting you off. Ignore them. If you want it, you'll do it.

    I saw loads of people walking before even halfway, and they probably had the idea to run a marathon way before I did, because they entered the ballot. I ran the whole way.

    Hope this is enough proof that it can be done.








  • Well done Greg - You are totally right providing you dont have injury and medical problems a marathon is acheivable for most people (The old saying "everyone has a marathon in them"). People who try and put you off are just jealous and dont want someone doing something they cant!

    Congratulations on some good work there.

    You may mot need all the training and long runs, but they do make the marathon alot easier and more enjoyable! (and better recovery after!)

  • Haha - Cas is addicted to excercise!!!

  • Hi Greg - thanks for the motivation! I love hearing that others have done it from scratch and suceeded!

    Wenty - it's a worry eh?? I have to say I feel like I could run again today as the pain has all but gone BUT I am being all grown up and have an appt at the physio on Tuesday so I will not run till then. Eeek. image

  • Yes def better to rest it! Might have been a bit too much too soon! You are too enthusiastic image

  • ha - not three words I would ever imagineimage to hear together - Cas, running, enthusiastic!

  • Haha I'll have you doing an ultra next year
  • Booktrunk - that is what scares me hahaha!! x

  • Thanks wenty. Yeah I have the Chester one in a few days, and I was well on track for a good pb, and then I was really ill for 3 weeks. Only been back in training a week, and now I have my son til Monday (which is better than anything else ever, so not complaining), so still not as prepared for this one as others might say i should be. Still determined tho. And still in my £28 trainers.

    No problem cascita.


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