working at it slowly



  • Podds, didn't see you there---but you ran 5 miles in 26 C?????? HUMUNGOUS respect!!

    And is DG a possibly permanent addition to your household? Somehow I missed that! Isn't it possible that if he's been moved around a bit (hasn't been with you long, has he?) the presence of another dog might make him feel unsettled for a little while? And is the young lab a second potentially permanent member of the household? I seem to be alarmingly behindhand with canine news (except for Spence, who is keeping us all admirably informed image)))

  • Thanks Chuggy!
  • DG is permanent - signed, sealed and delivered so to speak -  real gentle giant who hasn't put a paw wrong so far

    the lab was rescued from a stupid woman last weekend and is a potential but not if the DG isn't 100% happy and right now I'm not sure he is image which is a shame as this lab is a super dog just completely untrained, unsocialised etc etc and thus a pain to other dogs in an annoying adolescent way!!

  • Sluggy's back (((((((((((((((((((()))))))))))))))))))))))

    I can sympathise with you Sluggy that's what happens to me and can put the back into spasm which means I'm stuffed till it " unfreezes ". After a 3.5 months wait after Doc's referral I had a Physio  appointment Friday but all I can see is he was giving me exercises to help free the back up . I can only think of one cure and I don't think I want to go down that road yet.
    On the good news front I have been trying to shed some weight for the last six weeks and have done very well even with a "holiday" thrown in with wine etc. I have managed to hit a target I set at the start and that was to loose a stone , today's weigh in was exactly one stone from the start of my sensible eating life style so I am chuffed. I have not been on any special diet just cut out crisps / biccies / beer and did not fill my plate as normal at dinner time . ( a bit more weight loss and I may try plodding again image some hope ! )

  • ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((westie, sluggy and tubs))))))))))))))))))))))))
  • I start work tomorrow-i've been asked to go into school from tomorrow until the end of term to learn the ropes!image can't believe i'm actually nervous about  working for 1 1/4 hours and if i'll do ok.
  • ~~~~~~~~~~ecc~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    You'll be absolutely ticketiboo!!image

  • Dr DaffsDr Daffs ✭✭✭

    ((((((((podds and dogs))))))))))) hope they get used to each other...

    Emma! You'll be fine! image

    Well done on the weight loss Westie! Could do with something similar myself... image

    PhD PhD PhD here - bleurgh. Although at least bleurgh stemming now from the fact that it's actually quite interesting and I've annoyed myself by leaving it so I've only got a day to do each mini section so not enough time to read everything I'd like to read! But this is only one section, in one chapter, and there's other more important ones to be done later...

    Chuggs - absolute deadline for submission is 2nd Feb next year, although I'm hoping to be out by Christmas (although I was hoping to be out by this June - oops). However, because it's got to be re-examined (but not with another viva fortunately!), they can theoretically still give me more corrections (!). So that might well add another 3 months on (!!) - I don't think at this stage they can add more major corrections than that - especially not since I'm only addressing the corrections they told me to make last time. So this time next year it WILL all be over, and hopefully considerably sooner than that!
  • Emma, what HH said!! You won't just do OK, you'll be GREAT! In addition to other things, as a mum of three you have bags of experience with kids now, with the added bonus in this setting that since they aren't YOUR kids you will have a bit more emotional distance which makes everything easier. You'll do a super job, and you'll enjoy it, too!

    Podds, I really am sorry, somehow in the last couple of weeks when I've had so little air time I missed the fact that you have a permanent canine pal again. That's GREAT news! Just like with people, nobody will ever replace Guttie and Lady M but they can have worthy successors, and DG sounds like a good one. I am guessing that he's a greyhound again? Forgive me for having missed this, but can you tell me quickly about him? How old, when and where did you get him etc?

    Lovely lazy day here, very welcome. Getting a household set up is NOT the same as having a holiday and we're all flaking thankfully.

    Thought for the day: In future lets ban football from vuvuzuela concerts!

  • Afternoonimage

    (((((((((((sore backs and other bits))))))))))))

    Podds - I do hope the foster labbie works out.

    I have spent a lovely morning with Yums - well, watching Yums ahead of me, mostly. The cycle group was good fun, quite hard work (for me) and definately worth going to regularly. I am now going to retire to the garden with a glass of wine and a book.imageimageimage

  • Good man yourself, Westie.  Well done on the weight loss.

    My ride was fine despite feeling rough - (too much wine an too little sleep) 

     It's quite windy so it was challenging.  I decided to turn it into a hard sesh by upping my effort on the ride.  I used the big chainring the whole way (except for the steep uphills)  I've not done, or been able to do that, since 1986. 

    Now, to follow Larry's excellent example of garden, book and wine.  I'm also doing a late lunch for HL and I.

  • FootpatherFootpather ✭✭✭


    ((((Sluggy))) for your back.  OH has been having loads of trouble with his back and also his leg and foot and has been seeing a chiropractor.  This has helped but not as much as he hoped.  Then chiro decided to try acupuncture on him.  OH was not really into alternative therapies but it seems to have done wonders for him.

    XB, how's the marshalling gone?

    Spence, more puppy updates, woo hoo.  More photos too I hope!

    Jay, no lectures but I am surprised that you have pulled out of the GNR as you are a much better runner than I will ever be.  Hope you are all feeling better today.

    Larry, great cycling there and the company of a Yummsy as well, what more could Sundays want?

    Westie, great going on the weight loss.  It will make you feel so much better to not have the excess to carry around.

    Chuggy, won't be watching the fussball but pom pom are on super twirl for the event.  So glad I kept those authentic Dutch ones.

    Podds, aww I hope the little lab and DG can see eye to eye.  You would make ideal owners for him and it would make a new version of Lady M and Guttie (note not a replacement).

    OH went to see a chap the other day that he knows who currently has a Border Collie and a smaller crossbreed BC who are 7 and 5 years old.  The chap's brother had rung him to ask him where he could have the dogs put down so he had gone to fetch them to save them.  He cannot keep them but OH said if we didn't already have our two he would have jumped at the chance as they had fabulous temperaments.  As it is they are going to go to the Dogs Trust, I hope they stay together.  

    We went for a ride on the Longdendale Trail in Derbyshire this morning with a couple of friends.  Not a long ride but it was an enjoyable 13 miles in all.

  • FootpatherFootpather ✭✭✭

    Sorry Noggy missed you out.  Fantastic riding there.  How far did you do then?

    Emma, well done on the job and like everyone else has said you will be fantastic in it.  New things are always a little bit nerve racking so that is understandable. 

  • You know some days when it really would have been better to have stayed in bed?

    Started off well enough, nice toddle round the lanes with the FGO, only got bitten by two horse flies (me not him)}
    Ended up being towed to the garage, one very dead and very deadly expensive car repair coming up,  cam belt has gone and unknown the extent of the damage it has done and wont know untl it has been stripped back ... best estimate £1000

    Have managed to sort myself and the bike and airport travel out for the rest of the week with thanks to the pirate massive

    ......  and breathe
  • MrMarkCMrMarkC ✭✭✭

    Hello, I'm new(ish) here. I see a few threads that I might like to keep an eye on for "new posts" happening on them. This forum is unlike many that I use for other things and I can't see how to "subscribe" to a thread.

    Whilst most forums have a "new posts since your last visit" and I can mark them as "read",  the closest I can see here is "latest posts" which seems to be... well everything.

    Can someone point me in the right direction to manage what I look at, please? I read so many other forums this one looks a little strange just now.

  • Hey all

    Welcome eMCeey. I believe if you click at the bottom on the 'notify me once a response is made' then you will get emails (when they are working!!!) of new posts on the thread

    Race for Life Cleethorpes complete!!!! forgot my watch so run/walk went out the window so I figured I'd just maintain a steady pace and walk when I felt like it - In the end I didn't walk at all, felt comfortable with no shin niggles and finished in 32:35mins!!! am very pleased about that - the course was narrow for about the first 1.5K and got very congested which meant we didn't really get going straight away although in a way it stopped me from shooting off too quickly!!!

    ((((Melds)))) thats bad news. especially as its only just been MOT'd too, you must be gutted

    ~~~~ECC~~~~~ you will be fine and don't need these vibes at all really!!

    well cycled Nogs, FP, Yums and Larry

    (((sluggys back))))

    well done on the weight loss westie

    Jay - no lectures, its right to defer if you dont feel ready for it - just make sure you don't stop training altogether now you dont have that to aim for this year - have you looked into doing anything shorter?

    Spence and Podds - great stuff on the dawgie front!

  • MrMarkCMrMarkC ✭✭✭

    Flibberty Jibbet, thanks. A zillion emails.... erm... maybe not image But thanks for pointing me down to the bottom I think I've found it "my bookmarks" to add something I want to keep an eye on. I have now bookmarked this thread.


  • It was my dad's 70th birthday party last night and we had a wonderful hootenanny. Most of his friends are folk musicians, so we hired a function room in a real ale pub and held our own folk club/open mic/Irish music session all night. Dad got happily squiffy on a bottle of his favourite rum. I was driving him back home so I had a couple of pints of delicious real cider early in the night and then went on to soft drinks. Loads of family and friends were there, including people who I haven't seen for decades. I slept in until 11am this morning and still needed a nap this afternoon!
  • Dr DaffsDr Daffs ✭✭✭
    eMCeey, glad you're keeping an eye on us - guess somebody has to! Are you new to running, or just to here? Let us know a bit about yourself!

    Flib, well bloody done girl! In this heat too! Good grief! You must be chuffed indeed image

    Oh dear Meldy image Did you glare at the mechanic?? And it didn't have any effect?? Not really what you need with this trip to sort out - glad the pirates rallied round that, nothing more than I'd expect image Will you repair it?? We're not even spending that on our new one if we can help it image (but then we rarely *need* to get anywhere, at least not in a hurry!) Bleurgh anyway - will they have sorted it before you get back?
  • SlugstaSlugsta ✭✭✭

    Well done, Flibs!!

    Sounds like a good time was had by all, Chicky!

    ((Meldy))- buggrit!

    ~~~Emma~~~, you'll ace it.

    Hello and welcome eMceey. We're a gobby lot so it's as well you didn't opt for the e-mail notification image.

  • FootpatherFootpather ✭✭✭

    Well done indeed Flibs and no walking either, woo hoo.

    Chick Pea, that sounds like my kind of do.  7 or 70 that sounds like a fun night.

    Welcome eMceey.  You aren't going to just keep an eye on us are you?  It would be lovely if you joined in and told us a bit about yourself as well.

  • Afternoon all thanks for the kind words


    Hi eMceey welcome to the thread

    I will continue to train despite not doing the GNR just there will be no added pressure on me now I dont have that race. 

    I seem to have gotten better as the day gone on, plus I had a 2 1/2 hour nap this afternoon which helped, thought I had the startings of a migraine, but thankfully after popping some anadin thats subsided now.

    ~~~ECC~~~ good luck for tomorrow i'm sure you'll be just fine

    Melds bad news about the car but least you've got the bike and airport travel sorted for the rest of the week.

  • Oh and Flibs well done with the R4L
  • Well done Flibsimageimageimageimageimage

    Awww Meldy - You don't need that expense at any time, let alone now.  Hurrah for the Pirates rallying roundimage

    I am bored. Not often I can say that. Its still 31 degrees here. A bit hot to do anything much.I may go for a walk but my legs are protesting and trying to tell me they don't want to go. 

  • MrMarkCMrMarkC ✭✭✭

    Daffy, I'm kinda new to running and kinda not.

    My first post on this forum is back in 2006 when I thought about getting fit having never been a runner in my life. But it all went to pot after a chest infection. I lost impetus, the weather was awful and I stopped. Really I'm starting from scratch.

    My local hospice in Basingstoke is doing its first 10k race this year. I always do its cycle ride (which is next week-end, yipeee!) and I was working with the folks at the hospice and heard about their 10k so thought I would sign up (it is in October) and use it as a target to keep me focussed on getting fitter.

    So far I've been out run/walking six times - last one was Friday and I did 30 mins solid running over 4.5km and I've built a "Monday run" into my work day (I work for myself) so I'll be out there again first thing tomorrow.

    I therefore consider myself an utter newbie.

    My initial goal is to get under 1 hour for the 10k in October (from what I've read that doesn't sount mad) and will think about what after that.

  • ..... a bike you say??    Hmmmmm      image
  • Down Meldy image

    Pain in the wotsit about the car - more expense on top of the vet bills image

    lab pup gone home now - very very undecided.

    He is adorable and considering the 1st 6 months of his life is a great little chap and if we didn't have the DG then I'd take him this second


    DG got quite stressed by him - we've discovered his bark, his growl and a great wrinkled lip to show his teeth!!  Littl'un kept bugging him including trying to mount him and this did not go down at all well - not unexpectedly...  But when littl'un left him alone or just faffed there were no issues whatsoever!

    I've told Mr P we need to decide asap as it's not fair on the little chap for him to spend another 2 weeks being fostered than maybe time with us and then having to go elsewhere.........  If we think DG really won't cope then we have to day now we can't take him and then hopefully the plan D person will take him straightaway......

    Dog I hate making decisions.... image

  • MrMarkCMrMarkC ✭✭✭
    M...eldy wrote (see)
    ..... a bike you say??    Hmmmmm      image
    Oooh is the B word not a good one on here? Okies. Will try to avoid. image
  • Perhaps thats what Little Lab needs??   DG is asserting some authority on him, he is top dog by default?
  • It gets really worrying if you start talking about swimming aswell emc!!!
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