List of runners and your supporters



  • and a sparkle too ;-)
  • M - let's hope the sparkle and twinkle are glowing strong at mile 18! I'm sure they will.
    PezzA - <<hugs>> you are a top peep.
  • Hello all,

    Just wanted to thank Suffolk Punch and Tired Legs in advance for your support on Sunday; as I believe you are responsible for my health and wellbeing for a few moments at around 1pm.
    I am number 18899, and am planning to wear a 6'2" 16 stone, tired, sweaty, gibbering wreck costume.
    All you supporters are fantastic, beautiful people - many, many thanks.

    See you Sunday!!!
  • ok folks get the beer requests in...........

    after all i am a publican!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • M and Zilla . . .

    Thanks for your support - I will look like this, but with green shorts and a little more tired.

    I am planning to run at about 9:45 per mile, so I should pass three hours after the official start (whenever that is ;-))

    I only need a cheer (and maybe someone to fix my makeup) as I have family and friends on the isle of dogs who will supply me . . .

    see you on sunday & thanks again ;-))

  • Hi Skeezix (Shannon)- you can email me directly by clicking on my name and then on "email me". I just noticed it was not enabled for some reason & fixed it, or just by posting here!

    Hi Natnif, good luck on the day! (Haven't seen you since Windsor last year).

    Resident Rhino- with or without ice?

    To anybody who was at Mudchute last year- will there be a source of fresh water (a tap?) [besides the Thames] nearby?


  • Moomoo - no, I don't think there's any water nearby, except if we nick some from the water station just by the bridge...
  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭
    Hi meerkat, just had my 3rd attempt at emailing and I think it's gone through to you now.
    Hopefully I have supporters tomorrow, fingers crossed.
    Cheers meerkat!
    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • Hello, I haven't yet heard from

    If there's anything you'll want let me know.
    Otherwise its a hello how are you doing, some vaseline and blister plasters and maybe some jelly babies or jaffa cakes!

    I'll probably wear my green and white Sale Harriers jacket.
  • OK - I've heard from Cardboard Box and RichardW but what about.....

    Cowhill Plodder,
    martin 4,
    Determined Tortoise,
    lisa hardy,

    come on peeps - mail me some details
  • M and Zilla - thanks for the support to come!Unlike natnif I am not sure what I will look like on Sunday; a decision on clothing is waiting for the weather, but I will probably have at least an identifiable part of a Down's Syndrome Association shirt on. Since I don't normally hit difficulties until after 20 miles, and it never seems to take long to get through the start, I am pretty sure I will be with you (for a jelly baby and, if I am feeling ultra-confident, a quick hug) almost exactly 2 hours after the start

    See you Sunday!
  • Have heard from

    Butchers Dog

    Still need to hear from

    Matt the brum
    The Dog Walker

    Pls either email me or post here with your time and number, clothes, needs etc.

    Good luck everyone.
  • I need to hear from lots of "my runners", too - please mail me ETA at mile 18, number, what you look like (if you want) and any requests!
  • Nic you have mail and piccy ! don't laugh I've had a hard life
  • Tired Legs,
    Can't remember my number, something like 23665. Hoping for under 2:50 but last few weeks of training have not been ideal. Will be wering a red vest with two white horizontal stripes. Might write Matt on each shoulder in black pen.
    All I want is a big cheer please. And I might ask for a sweet if you've got any, but hoping to get some gels at the Expo:)
  • Wabo and Pudsey - thanks for your mails. You will have mail this evening.

    ***Runners and supporters list is here.
    If you need a supporter MAIL ME.
  • Hi Meerkat I estimate that I'll be bringing the GYR group in with you round about 13:30 - 13:45.

    This allows for about 15 mins to get across the line and 12 min mile pace for the GYR's Whether I will be with the GYR group from the Blue Start lead by John Bingham remains to be seen. John has made the suggestion that we do not deliberately attempt to try and join the groups if we are widely spaced in time, he has suggested that he may drop back if some are finding it tough going while I will try and be more 'time' specific.

    Mind you the only thing that may be predictable is that things will be unpredictable!!!
  • Hi Tired Legs

    ....and there's me thinking you wouldn't have a problem in recognising me!:-)

    ETA 12:10 if all goes to plan - will be wearing very short lycra shorts, and most probably a sky blue vest with 'Susie' across the front.

    Hopefully, I'll have enough energy left to grab a few jelly babies...
  • kk - is there anything you want me to bring for you??
  • Oh, and blue # 25216 (I think) if all else fails!
  • ;-) Hi susie, think i might just recognise you me dear, good luck for Sunday.

  • Me??

    Oh Blimey...................

    Spare set of legs, frontal lobotomy, Jelly Babies. Defo big cheer but especially for the first timers in the group.
  • Boing....and notification off.
  • Supporters - you should find your runners email addresses on the long list I sent you - mail me if I didn't send this list to you.
  • natnif - nice outfit. green suntan lotion though??????

    nick - we'll make sure we've got some jelly babies

    good luck to you both with last minute preparations :-)
  • Thanks for organising this Meerkat. I'm sure this is going to make a real difference, particularly to stragglers like me.

    Thanks in advance for the support from Gavo and Flipper. Sam(antha) Jones checking in here. I'm blue 08627 and will be wearing a lightish blue t shirt with WaterAid on the front and back and possibly my name on the front as well. Dark blue shorts and a blue baseball cap with a Scottish saltire across the top and the word 'Mishnish' in gold across the front - a gift from the owner of my local pub of the same name.

    No special requests but a big cheer and maybe a hug would be wonderful. Look forward to seeing you there.
  • Hi FB

    Lisa Hardy signing in !!! Sorry, I have changed my name just to be confusing. I am hoping for 5 hours (in total, not to mile 18!!!), but have had loads of injury problems so could be longer now !!
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    Right, read the requests from Sam & Dave (I'll see what I can do about the Ribena) & deferrment from Amanda.

    I know what Tiger & Bugmond look like but fairly clueless on the rest of our bunch (unless Flipper knows you). I don't have numbers for Grizzles or gaz 1969 though.

    If there are any other requests, probably best to email me. Home email is
  • thanks Lisa - e-mails en route between us
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