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  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭

    Wahey RD, another VLMer image  Well done on doing Clarendon too.

    Looks like being a very wet day here today, its going blacker and blacker!  I feel some wellie boot stomping coming on!

  • it's pouring here image
  • That's OK RD ... should be water off a duck's back image


  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭
    Yup more rain here again.  Got soaked in town this morning, it was wet rain if you know what I mean! image
  • It didn't rain here (Birmingham) .. but there again perhaps it did, but it was really dry rain image


  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭
    Lol WM, I meant that sort of drizzle that doesn't seem heavy but you end up soaked to the skin, that's what I call "wet rain".   Think Mr C gets his head round my terminology image
  • Was considering a run, but its pouring down here, so I'd have to put my lenses in and not sure I can be arsed.

  • Wahey RD, so wish HTF could join usimage. I'd like to say it would be great to run together but you'll be miles ahead of me! Are you going to do Brampton 20/40 again- keep building slowly on your current distance and 40 would be a doddle!

    Been pouring down here too, started with the fine soak you stuff then just poured. Spose that's summer over then.

    Love the mischief stories WM, you should get round to writing that book, it'll be a bestseller!

    I know what you mean cinders, people laugh at me when I say it's raining but not the stuff to make you wet- I mean when you get the big drops but not lots of them .

    Just unpacked 3 boxes of boots and shoes- and I still haven't got any to wear!
  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭

    Yeeehaaaa SL, glad you understand the rain image

    3 boxes of boots n slippers or are you off out in the rain???

    Oh yes WM, i'd buy a copy of the Mischief stories

  • but most importantly have you unpacked the trainers, sl?  image

    we had mizzly wet rain, cinders - i know exactly what you mean!

    i need better feathers, wm!

    it was the compton 20/40, sl. i still think that's one of the best races i've done. i def won't do the 40 - it's too close to vlm. there's a local ultra (33 i think) that i might do in the may.

    summer is definitely over - it felt proper cold today brrrrr!

    tis a shame you aren't doing vlm as well htf!

  • I do feel a bit left out image, but after Beachy I dont think I will ever want to run that far again.  I found 13 hard the other day, I kept thinking I have to do that all again.

    For awhile I was considering Brighton.  Then came to my sensesimage

    Off to work, catch up later.

  • Hello all! Once again an overdue hello from me image. Hope everyone's ok. Have been injured and grumpy but fingers crossed all seems ok now. Also had to have my brain looked at hence the new pic... and yes they did find one before anyone asks image

    Ooo and I'm another VLMer! Got a letter a few months ago confirmed my 5-times-rejected place but it was nice to get the 'Congratulations' magazine through the post the other day.

  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭

    Nice to hear from you elle but cripes, how come you had your brain looked at?  Are you ok?

  • Hi Cinders! Yes I'm fine thanks. I was having slightly funny turns complete with blind spots and flashing lights which was a bit of a worry but according to the neurologists they're 'visual migraine equivalents' and nothing to worry about. They seem to be triggered by low blood sugar so I'm keeping a careful eye on my diet, and if that doesn't help I'll try medication.

  • Good to hear from you Elle. Hope youre ok, I spose anyone who wants to run marathons needs thier brains looking at!

    RD, I can confirm that I packed a complete set of kit seperately- including trainers!
    Of course it was Compton, not Brampton- how could I ever forget. It was a beautiful course though- apart from that one hill that l was practically on my knees going up it!

    Htf- of course you've got to run another marathon, if only to prove to yourself that beachy is not like a normal one! Everything will seem a doddle after that.
  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭

    Elle, hope you can keep that under control, doesn't sound nice!

    Seems swine flu is back, just taken a call and mum is in hospital with suspected sf.

    On a more humorous note, I came back from my sign language course tonight with a sore throat!!!  Gone now I hasten to ask but ???

  • Hope mums ok cinders, she's not had much lately has she.
    Still scratching my head about the sore throat!
  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭

    Lol, it made me and Mr C smile too!

    No, she's not had much luck but doesn't always help herself either.  She's in isolation so at least away from other nasty bugs!

  • hello elle! glad it wasn't anything worse - and it did provide you with a great avatar pic! still doesn't sound nice tho.

    hope your mum's okay, cinders. and lol at the sore throat!

    beachy for a first marathon, htf! may as well have gone for an sl says, you have to do another one to see how easy it is in comparison.

    lovely day here today so went for a nice 3M plod with oh and dog. image

  • Aaarrgh, got my phone lune on, called Vigin as requested expecting to be online by tonight but it's gonna be 8-10 working days. Pain in the neck as I can't work from home properly without the net.

    Oops cinders, only just seen that mistake! Lol!--

    wroteup my training schedule from now till VLM yesterday, all ncely done in excel and colour coded for different types of runs. It looks pretty on the fridge door. Shame to spoil it by crossing them off as the weeks go by...........

  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭

    What sort of schedule have you gone for SL.  Not really started here yet.

    Mum took a turn for worse overnight but they've changed her drip of drugs and she's improving.  Still in isolation.  Her partner said it might not be sf but a viral infection, doesn't sound like they know really.  She did get told apparently by a Dr that this might have killed her if she hadn't cut down/stopped the smoking! 

  • Oh blimy cinders, hope mums better soon.

    Just done my own training scedule, I can't be doing with all that 4x800 4x 200@ whatever pace stuff. I do LSDsundays, a short 2 miles to stretch my legs out Mondays, rest tues, steady weds, fartlek or hilly stuff thurs if anything, steady again on Fridays then nothing Saturday. Predictable but it suits me.

    Hope everyone is good tonight. Dx
  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭


    Going to have a think about my training over the weekend.  I'm able to do a plod on a Tues and Thurs afternoon when Buttons in nursery so that might help.

    Hope you all have a nice weekend

  • Morning all!

     Sorry to hear about your Mum Cinders - hope she's feeling better soon.

    I love drawing up a training plan image. Trying to resist the urge though - just going to gradually build up the miles between now and Christmas, and then follow a plan from then.

    I'm off up to Huddersfield this weekend to stay with a friend which should be fun. Hope you all have good weekends!

  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭

    That's the sort of thing I was thinking of Elle, got to get the miles in the bank first.

    Enjoy Huddersfield, hope you have a nice time.

    Tsk, edited for some spelling!

    Off to watch X factor now.

  • sounds good, elle.

    i keep using the furman first training plan, i really like it and it's only 3 runs per week.


  • Oo-errrr .. it's race day!!!! Early morning rise and getting ready to head off in an hour or so. So I could make sure my foot and knee holds out for the race I haven't run all week. The touble with that is I'm now twitchy and irritable and want to run - a good omen perhaps?

    I'd really like to bring in a sub-60 10K if possible, but I have to be realistic - it's only a pip over two years ago that I was in A&E with cardiac bits attached to my body whilst I "enjoyed" my stroke. I guess simply being out on the roads these days is a miracle. I'm told it's a multi-terrain route as well, so that's not going to lend itself to fast runs anyway. Still we shall wait and see..

    Hope your Mum is getting better Cinders - sounds as though she's had a rough one.

    SL if you don't like splits, the fartlek and hills are just as good.However, if you have a nearby track near you, itmight be worth a try as it can be fun.

    OK .. time for me porridge .. see ya.


  •  Best of luck WM.  Look forward to reading your race report.

    Dont worry about getting sub 60, just get out there and enjoy it!

  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭

    Hope your race went ok WM, looking forward to reading your race report.

    Mum appears on the mend, they've opened the doors to her isolation room so she can at least see people now going by instead of being lonely on her own.  Her chap said not to go up as there's nothing we can do but I'll go up as soon as she's out.

    No running here, dodgy chinese has curtailed activity for couple of days! image

  • Hope you had a good race W M, the time's not important for your 1st race- just getting to the start line equals victory! Looking forward to the report.

    Glad to hear mums on the up cinders. That'll teach you for eating Chinese! I'm not a big fan of it, have it once or twice a year max - now a chicken dansak- that's a different matter! I rarely eat take aways or prepared food thesecdays, I like to know exactly what's in it. Got to get back on my high raw, green juices and smoothies this week, I know you all think it's wired but it will help me lose weight but gives me loads of energy too. Wheatgrass juice is like rocket fuel but it really is an acquired taste to say the least, I normally knock back a shot of it then follow it with a sllice of orange to sto the aftertaste.

    Rest assured cinders and Elle, my schedule builds up really really slowly, my 1st run tomorrow is a mighty 2 miles!
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