Giving up the booze



  • Evening all!

    4 miler for me today - lovely weather for it image

  • oh and huge well done on a great marathon RD!
  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭
    Off to see my mum for a couple of days so have a nice weekend all x
  • Have a lovely weekend Cinders - hope mums much better now.

    Just got back froma lovely warm sunny 4 miles, it looks like I got back just in time as it's gone all dark and cloudy and looks like it's gonna chuck it down!

    I was only supposed to do 3 miles but I was looking for a certain footpath and --- well you know the rest!  I did find the path in the end though and it was lovely.  At first I was running through the 'working' orchards, just rows of apple and pear trees but when I finally found the path I was looking for it went through the public part of the orchard where you can pick your own, it was really prettily laid out with little paths and a gorgeous oast house.  Now I know how to get to that path I can get onto the High Weald Walk (well sign posted - luckily for me) and carry it on for my longer 7 miles on sunday - wonder where I'll actually end up image 

  • SL - that run sounds perfect! I am deeply envious. The trouble with going out for runs at 5am is that there is so little so see - and what is available is largely only on streets. Consequently, I am only able to enjoy long country runs on a Sunday morning/ afternoon. I confess it makes dragging myself out of bed each morning tricky - hard to motivate when it just to pund streets. Still winter doesn't last long and soon it will be Spring and I can run and enjoy the early mornings again image

    I bought myself a fitball last week (one of those big yoga balls) so that I could do some weight training and core work. If you've not tried one they are really good, but the only problem is where to store this whopping great big ball without the kids playing king-size basketball with it!!

    Silver wedding anniversary next Tuesday - whoopeee! Going to see if I can drag Alison somewhere nice this weekend. She doesn't know yet that I've taken the day off to spoil her rotten (by the way - she likes me again image) so we'll go somewhere as a family for lunch and then in the evening I have a restaurant booked for the two of us. Not sure whether to buy her a small gift or a huge bouquest delivered to the door. I've given her some money to go out this weekend and buy some clothes so the other pressy would be just something small. Any thoughts?

    What's everyone else up to this weekend?


  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭

    We have the same storage problem WM, the ball sits in our living room and tends to roll in and out of the kitchen/living room!  Must used it more, think Thomas uses it most!

    Aw hope you have a nice anniversary on Tuesday and fab news that you're back in the good books image  Flowers sound a nice thought.

    SL, your run this morning sounded lovely and scenic.

    Righto, time for lunch and then we're off to Rugby.

  • WM, how about naming a star for Alison , it's a lovely gift that will last forever.   They start from £25.00.  I don't know how much it costs to have a huge bouquet delivered to the door but I bet it's alot more than that.

    I'm trying to organise my runs around working from home.  I get up and start working straight away, no shower or anything, then when I've done a couple of hours I go for my run then have a shower when I get back followed by a nice cup of tea then back to work till lunchtime.  It's better to do it that way as I'm totally useless when I get up so can never run very far too early.

    My fitball sits upstairs in the spare room where the door is usually kept firmly shut unless I want something from the airing cupboard.  I would use it a bit more but it need a bit  of pumping up so not as efficient (wobbly) as it should be.  I did use to use it just to sit on to watch tele to try and strengthen my core muscles as they're really weak.

    It's a shame you can't run at 6am WM, once the clocks go back you'd get the benefit of the sunrise most mornings.

  • I know SL - the trouble is that I have to be out of the house by 7am as I work about 30 miles away. In theory i could arrive late (10am) and no-one would say anything, but due to the type of work that I do it would mean working late and I don't fancy that. I did suggest installing a shower in the office, but as there are only two of us that run (and no takers on joining us), that option seems unlikely.

    Rugby? Playing or visiting?


  • WM, you could always run at lunchtime and have a freshen up with baby wipes - lets face it if they can make a stinky baby's bum smell good they should work on us!  Maybe someone should invent grown-up wipes double the size and thickness so they felt a bit more substantial!

  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭


    Visiting WM, its where I lived till I met Mr C and mum still lives there. 

    Lol SL, baby wipes were a darned fine invention!!!  And yes to the grown up ones although just thicker would be nice even for baby's bottom!

  • Where's HTF, is she doing Beachy Head tomorrow??????????????????
  • Baby wipes? The amount I sweat do they do beach towel size??? Somehow the notion of a 4" baby wipe mopping 1.5 litres of sweat doesn't work. image

    Maybe I should ask them to put in a hose pipe.


  • I had to use baby wipes to wash in for a couple of days once when the water went off (in spain), it worked just fine - either that or I didn't notice a pong cos everyone stunk!

    I think HTF is in Eastbourne now on that start line - I've got a feeling in my bones!  If you are there  HTF - Best of luck to you, enjoy it, the scenery is amazing.

  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭
    Go HTF, all the best of bestest luck for BH image
  • Afternoon everyone

    If you're at Beachy Head HTF, I hope all is well - the thought of any marathon scares me but BH sounds really tough!

    Cinders - I hope you're having a good time at your mum's, and that she's feeling much better.

    Sunluvva - baby wipes are a godsend at festivals and when camping but I'm with WM on needing wipes the size of a duvet after a run!

    WM - it sounds like your running is going really well still and I hope the 5am winter runs don't get too tedious - as you said though, it will soon be spring! I think that the flowers and meal are the way forward for the silver anniversary but hopefully Alison will be most pleased that she has a surprise day with you - there was a song a while back that had a lyric about time being 'the most beautiful thing you can ever spend' and I adhere to that idea. I'm not surprised that you're back in her good books - you set the bar high for the rest of us fellas!

    elle - always nice to see you and to excellent to hear that you're running again.

    I'm off for a meal with some friends tonight so that should be really nice. I'm planning to drive and leave the car so I can go for a walk/run to pick it up tomorrow - it's about 4 miles so too far to run all the way for me in my current state. I did go for a bit of a run in the week - I had to get a train and the car wouldn't start so I had to run nearly 2 miles to the station - it was raining, windy and I wasn't in running kit!

    Right then - an afternoon of listening to the football to see if my beloved Ipswich can get their first win of the season!
  • Afternoon Apps - always lovely to hear from you.  Hope you enjoy your meal tonight.  It's a great idea to leave the car there and run back for it tomorrow, knowing you've got to run tomorrow is probably the best deterrent to drinking too much tonight!  Lol at the impromtu run, though it probably wasn't funny at the time!

    We were supposed to meet our friends at the pub this afternoon but it was so horrible outside that I decided to have a nice snuggly afternoon indoors reading a book with lots of cups of tea instead.   Hubby's had a couple of glasses of wine and has just nipped to the shop to get some more, heck of a lot less expensive than going to the pub!  I won't be having any either - I've mapped out a 6 mile route on mapometer - hopefully I'll actually manage to find all the footpaths and stick to the route for once.

    Hi Cinders, do you have a run planned tomorrow.  I've been thinking about HTF all day, I hope she's ok, I've never done Beachy myself but it's reputation goes before it image

  • Yeah Im back.

    3500 ft, mud, rain, terrible visability, but I made it.

    Over 6 hours, but not by much, and caught hubby at 16 miles and then beat him home by 45 minutes - that so spurred me on seeing him on the horizon!  Trotted up behind him and shouted "I see the sea", which is a sad family thing we always do near the coast.

    The marshalls were great, and I ate loads of mar bars and sausage rolls.

    The worst bit was probably around mile 8 when it was steep, i couldnt see, and I was soaked.  I was getting cold, and feeling bad, but then so was everyone else around me.  One good thing about the race is that its very hard to drop out.  Only 4 main checkpoints, so you have to keep going, because your no where near a road.

    Legs are tired, but no blisters, and my IT stood up to it.

    Hope everyone had a great day, sorry too tired to read back, but I'll catch up tomorrow.

    Oh and tomorrow is officially my 2 year sobriety date - their drinking champagne downstairs and ive got a cup of tea.  Couldnt think of a better sense of achievment to mark the occassion.

    SL - your right though, a flatish road marathon after Beachy is not going to be too daunting now.  If I can get my arse round that I can get around most things.

  • Congratulations HTF imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage, and a fantastic time considering the conditions.  I'm raising my glass of orange squash to you - Cheers.

    I thought you might give it a miss earlier in the week, especially when we knew what the weather was going to be like but I had a sneaky feeling you'd gone for it yesterday when we didn't hear from you.  I feel really proud of you - don't know why as it was all your own doing but I do.

    So are you going to enter Brighton then , you need a nice flattish marathon just to see how fast you really can goimage.

  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭
    Well done HTF, fantaaaaaaaaaaastic result imageimageimage
  • Have read the first few pages of this thread & am totally inspired!

    Are newbies welcome?

    I'm doing my first half next weekend & the VLM in April. I started running (properly) back in June & have since done a couple of 10kms. I'm trying to run 4 times a week, my longest run being about 13 miles.

    Now, the problem......I drink too much & too often! I have cut down since starting to run, but am a bit of an all or nothing girl.....

    I've missed a few runs due to hangovers & I beat myself up about it for ages. I know I'd feel so much better for stopping, both mentally & physically, & I know my running would improve..

    I turn 40 in November & enough is enough! Tomorrow is the chosen day! I need to lay off it anyway due to the half next weekend, so it's a good opportunity.

    Wish me luck x image

  • Hello DL and welcome, everyone is welcome here.  There's not so many regular posters as before but alot of people lurk and pop in to say hi every now and then.  We're a real mixed bunch from teetotalers to daily boozers but we all support each other through the good and not so good times.

    I beat myself up several times a week and suffer really really bad hangovers but I still keep having that extra glass of wine, I'm definately an all or nothing girl too, never mastered the 'just one or 2 glasses' bit and after I've had a third - well I keep on going image.

    A few of us have got places for VLM too image which 1/2m are you doing?

    Good luck for tomorrow,

  • Ahhh thanks Sunluvva!

    I'm doing Barns Green Half & am scared .... to say the least! I'm very slow & am dreading finishing last whilst all the marshalls are rolling their eyes waiting to go home!!!

    I'm running VLM for Miscarriage Association image & am so excited!

    Will let you know how I get on xxx

  • Keep talking to us Mama you are very, very welcome. The secret with the booze is not to say you are giving up for ever - it's to big an ask. keep it simple and just don't drink for 24 hours. It's a whole bunch easier and will take the pressure off. Unfortunately, I didn't listen to that advice and went through a whole bunch of pain  before I realised. When I finally went to AA and spoke, I said .... "My name's Derek and I'm a little alcoholic" .... and my friend opposite replied "God help the big ones!" image

    Whether your problem with booze is minor or major you are welcome - but be warned ... I'm the crazy one with four kids (If you want them I can put in the parcel post to you).

    As for Barns Green - well the main thing is you are doing something that 98% of the population can't or won't do. So, no matter what time - run proud. It takes guts to get out there and keep pounding the streets and day in and day out we all put ourselves to the test. One final point - betcha you won't be the slowest!!! image


  • HI Folks,

    WM, don't you dare post the kids to me - I've finally got rid of mine (ish) image.   The ish part is because darling daughter is moving in less than 1/2 mile away and she's already had 3 meals here this week and left me her laundry!  Not strictly her fault, she hasn't got a cooker or washing machine yet and she can't move in properly till the gas has been sorted out.  She managed to have a party Friday night though!

    Mama, I'd put a bet on that you're not as slow as I am right now, almost 4 st  overweight and still smoking (down to 10 a day - its gotta stop - the hills are killing me).  I would've done Barns Green if I was fitter, it's supposed to be a lovely course.  Ditto WM on being proud of your achievement, whatever time it is, at least you're doing something.

    Did 6 miles this morning, still managed to get lost, even on the part of the route I ran Friday image, then I ended up doing a circuit of one of the orchards looking for the access to a footpath but couldn't find it. Not all bad though, I had a nice crunchy pear in Pippins orchard, ate some lush late strawberries and pinched an apple in Downingbury orchard - the best kind of carbo-loading image.  I'm going to try and find the footpath entrance during the week, it's gotta be there somewhere!

    HTF how's yer legs feeling today, hope you've got that runners high that lasts for a few days too, it's the best feeling

  • Evening everyone

    Back home now, as I stayed at my sisters in Sussex last night.  Really spoilt, came home to roast beef last night, and a cooked breakfast this morning!

    The front of my legs (quads?) hurt today, especially going down stairs, but in the big scheme of things, I think the body came through okay.  At least my feet didnt get blistered, though they stank to high heaven in the car coming home when I insisted on having the heating on fall blast!

    Welcome Mama.  Barns Green is a lovely half marathon.  I did it last year, and it was probably my favourite course, it holds my PB!   I seem to remember they have total road closure, which for a small half is a big achievement, and its a pretty route.  

    Maybe we should buy you a GPS SL!  

    Apps - hope you enjoyed your meal out.

    WM  - Congrats on your wedding anniversary.  Thats a marathon in itself!

    HI to Cinders.  Did you run this weekend?

  • Hi HTF - I always found that after a marathon I could get up the stairs ok but had to come down on my bum as my quads always hurt - and I stunk like a skuunk after the shakespeare mara last year, I got soaked and we had a 4 hour drive home - mind you I bought my slippers to change into!

    My garmin has a gps thing on it but it dosen't show you where you are, it just tracks where you've been - I wouldn't be able to see the map anyway without my specs - and I can't see where I'm going with them image.

    Just had a nice roast, hubby is snoozing on the sofa, he had 3 bottles of wine again yesterday so was hungover and a miserable b*stard today.  He's had about a bottle and a half of wine and we've been to the pub too where he had 3 or 4 pints, I stuck to the lime & soda or cups of tea.  If I drink after a run I end up sozzled in about 5 minutes!

  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭

    Morning and a big image  Certain little person didn't sleep in due to the clocks changing!

    Welcome Mama, lots of friendly chat and things here image

    HTF, you need to come down your stairs on your botty for a few days!

    Did do a run up at mum's, retraced route that I used to run with my dad.  Was trying out my new pair of trainers.

  • Morning Cinders and everyone

    Beautiful here, and so light - yeah!

    Legs feel much better today, took some paracetamol last night and that helped.  Just dont like bending down to sit on the loo, or down stairs.  So obviously need to live in a bungalow and wear a nappy for the next one!

    Half-term holiday here, so a whole week off.  Guess whose in a good mood then?

    Hubby has gone to work with his medal - bless him.

    What trainers did you buy Cinders?

    edited because I failed to spell Cinders correctly!

  • Morning all

    Really beautiful morning here too.  Wasn't it lovely to wake up with the sun streaming through the curtains.

    ooh Cinders, new trainers image, I can't justify any yet but maybe in the new year........................., and hopefully I'll be a couple of sizes smaller by then so I'll need new kit as well image.

     I hate to tell you this HTF but the very best thing you can do today to help your legs is to go for a tiny run, only about 2 miles, 3 if you fancy it, then have a really good stretch when you get home.  Honest - you'll feel better for it.

    Just had a hire car delivered, I'm supposed to have a lease car for the duration of this job but the man who says yes couldn't decide if I could have it and now he's gone on his holidays so I've got this car for a month at a time.image.  Just off to work and I'm happy it's half-term cos the roads will be empty.

  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭

    Lovely and sunny here too.  Yesterday morning little man woke us up so early at mum's that we actually saw the sun rise!

    Got some Saucony Hurricane 10's.   Last year's model so quite a lot cheaper, they replaced the pair that fell apart last week!

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