Cr@p Swimmers R Us



  • Oh no poor Schmunkee image That'd take a knock to anyone's confidence, especially ours when we are just beginning Glad you and your friend are relatively okay and hope Ten-B can be repaired easily too. Hope you feel better soon x

    Ps. I think after having had an accident, it'll be like climbing back on a horse after taking a knock. We need to do it but don't think about it till you are feeling much better.
  • And I was gonna come on here and say I learnt a scrappy butterfly stroke and Swim Clinic today but others events rather took over image.

    And I managed to glide on my FC, but lost my bilateral breathing.

    Oh well


    Poor Schmunks! image
  • And poor TEN-B image. Mate came off worse than me, but my bike is damaged, but her's isn't image
  • (((((Schmunkee)))))

  • Didn't realise you'd found a swim clinic that worked for you. Now that's good news.

    Bilateral breathing is the only thing I haven't struggled with. I think it's because of my OCDness of liking everything balanced.
  • LN - Swim Clinic is ok but it does not concentrate solely on FC, but I am learning some drills along the way.  For £5 for an hour on PAYG, I can't really grumble, can I?

    Re the OCD; it can be balanced if you think in terms of breathing to one side on every 6 strokes, if you catch my drift.  Or that you breath on one side after three strokes, then are balancing it out by breathing on the other side after another three strokes.  For my OCD breathing on one side is unbalanced image

  • Sorry to hear about your accident Schmunks.  I hope you heal quickly and get your confidence back easily.  A lot of people seem to be coming off their bikes at the moment.  image

    Good news on the butterfly and gliding tho'. image

  • LN - triathlons are not won by swimming fast.

    Schmunkee - bad luck on the crash but at least you've got it out of the way now. There's a saying among cyclists - there's two sorts of cyclists, those who've crashed and those who haven't  - yet. Like riding a horse, you need to get back up on the steed and ride (as soon as you're healed of course).

  • Wolf - sorry wasn't trying to say the coach said that triathlons are won by swimming fast but he said those that come out of the water first aren't all big muscley people.

    Schmunks - we have the same OCD, not opposite. I like the balance too.
  • The pool wasn't busy this morning - bliss. image  I started off by doing 100M - my first time reaching that  distance - so a little goal reached for me.  Then I moved on to drills.  After my 3 sets of drills, I had a go at bilateral breathing (I've just been breathing to the right).  It was fine, if a little 'sinky' on the left.  I'll do some research later on this as it was my first attempt and my coach hasn't covered this with me. 

    When doing my catch-up drill, at several points, usually when I reached the deep end, I felt like I wasn't moving.  image  So, to finish off, I plopped into one of the 2 fast lanes and secretly raced 2 people in the next lane twice over 50M and finished equal with them. image

    Little steps .... but it made me feel happy and was a good start to the week. image  I could've stayed in there all day but had to get to work.

  • I now have less than a week until my first triathlon, I hope that my swimming won't cause too much amusement for the other competitors!
  • Good luck DD!
  • ((((((((((Schmunks)))))))))))  I hope you're you okay love, what a nightmare!  Good to see you can still manage to swim though, so all is not lost.  Take it easy getting back on the bike, but hopefully you'll be okay to do so soon, before it becomes too easy to avoid it! 

    Best of luck with your first tri DD.  Which one are you doing?

    Parklife, I was swimming on Saturday and my instructor made me do sprints of 50m.  It was hard, but on the second leg, there was a guy swimming beside me in the lane, and I was determined to overtake him, which I did....he was about 1/3 of the way down the pool when I started, and I beat him by maybe 1s...I felt like a professional swimmer, hahahaha.  it is a great feeling!

  • Well done Pea! image
  • LN - maybe I didn't express that very well - I meant that coming out early in the swim, no matter what you look like, doesn't get you on the podium. Cycling and running well does.

    Well done Pea.

  • Well done Pea.

    I am now the owner of a wettie.  I went to my local Tri store today and took the plunge.  Also took a trip to the local OW venue for a recce.

    Pea - I swam in the morning and crashed the bike in the afternoon.  Hoping to pick up mended bike this afternoon and will have to ride it home image.  Still, as people keep saying, I need to get back on it sooner rather than later

  • Good luck with the ride Schmunkee - probably not a bad thing you're getting back on it so soon.  How are your injuries today?

    I've joined an OW club but only have a swimming costume.  My membership starts in May.  It's gonna be cold!

    EDIT: HTFU!  (That's to me)

  • Did my 2.5k swimathing yesterday took just over an hour so well pleased with that image.

     Ouch on the crash schmunks hope your alright, do I need to be painting more stuff now image, you have mail btw

  • Bummer on the crash, Schmunks, but big hugs to the pub landlord for looking after you and getting you home.

    Parklife, you're gonna need a wetsuit if you're swimming in OW in May.  It doesn't matter how much you HTFU, it's too cold to swim in the UK that early in the year.

  • Hi Mister W - I can't afford a wetsuit at the moment.  My money is committed elsewhere.  Things might ease up a bit if I can start doing some extra weekend shiftwork - that cuts into my training time tho' and a new bike would be my first priority. image

    The lake staff ask you to take a 50M swim test in May sans wetsuit anyway before they hand your membership card to you.

  • Parklife wrote (see)
    The lake staff ask you to take a 50M swim test in May sans wetsuit anyway before they hand your membership card to you.
    Eeeekkk! image
  • Stop scaring me!  image  I've not heard of anyone dying from cold there yet.  Although .... I haven't checked the local missing persons database.  *Rubs goose fat all over body*
  • Oooooh you brave fool you Parklife.......I start swimming about then but do wear a wetsuit (which I originally hired and then bought) but my bliddy feet and hands are numb from cold. imageimage
  • Parklife - I'm not sure if any Pirates have any spare suits but may be worth putting a message out just in case someone has one in your size they want to get rid of. TriUK does hire suits as well. Well done on your swim this morning too! 

    Good luck DD! Look forward to your race report. And congrats to Pea on the overtake, Schmunks on getting a wettie (which one did you get?) and RC on a fab swimathon.

    I really like this thread. image Lots of progression.

    Ps. Has anyone else noticed their back is getting broader? I've not put on weight - I can just feel the difference in my tops.
  • I got an Orca Equip.  Got a good review in TW mag.  Was also looking at BlueSeventy Sprint but my Tri shop does not stock them.  The Orca was my second choice from researching but the only suitable choice once in the shop
  • I might do that Ninja - thanks.  Also I am a small creature, so might even get into a kids' size.  I was loaned a kids one a few years ago from a surf hire place.  That could save me some money I imagine.

  • I learned a valuable lesson yesterday - if you do a spin class on a Monday lunchtime followed by a hard run session on Monday night you will struggle to swim on Tuesday morning! image

     5 days and countingimage

  • Having now started working after 17months off.........I decided to be well organised and take my swim gear with me this morning and stopped on the way home for a swim.  Timings were in the pool at pick up time is an ideal time to swim.  I had the medium lane all to myself. image

    Decided to swim for about 30mins as didn't want to push my luck and leave hubby with kids for too long.  Swam 10 lengths at a time with a 30sec rest inbetween for a little drinkie poodle and did 1250m in 36 speedy stuff but just an easy swim.  Thoroughly enjoyed it.

    I did notice that I have a slight pause in my stroke which only seems to be with my left arm.......finding it really hard to get rid of the pause.....tried to think of a windmill and continuous movement but that bliddy pause didn't want to bugger off.  Any ideas people? image


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