Grizzly 2005

For those of you who like running events just this side of insanity, the forms for 2005 Grizzly are now online at the Axe Valley Runners website.

See you there?


  • .............. already in the post!!!
  • Mine going first class today (couldn't post yesterday as had no large envelopes!!).

    See you there Moe.

    CC x
  • yep, I'll be there :-)
  • Hi Creamcake - Time to book our annual meeting! I won't be running in 2005, as Liz (School Runner) will be. Already looking forward to watching...
  • ................ you sadist!!!
  • Ah yes, 90 minutes. Will look forward to it!

    Is School Runner doing Cub or Grizzly? I'm having to content myself with just doing the Cub - working, school holidays, karate etc just don't give me enough time to get the miles in! (At least my karate is improving and I've got my orange belt now!).

    See you in 2005!

    Creamcake x
  • Cc - Liz has entered the full race along with her running partner from WRN. They may opt for the cub option when the time comes, depending on training, weather, how it's going, etc...
  • My entry was in the post first thing yesterday,this will be my 5th year and I only hope the weather is better than last year,see you all at the start. If you want a good breakfast or lunch ect,try trotters cafe the food is great.
  • Am seriously thinking about doing this this year... is it really that bad?!? And if I do do it how good is it for my marathon training?
  • Spans, the fact it sells out every year means you've got to be quick, as far as marathon training goes its good sound endurance training, apart from a slightly increased risk of injury (due to the terrain) but as long as you stay within your abilities you should be fine. Treat it as a long slow run.

    And don't worry too much if things go wrong before hand as you will easily find someone to snap up your number.

    You'll love it!
  • Spans - Go for it!

    Apart from being a great experience, it is also good training. I did it as a long slow run with a fast finish last year - ie 9min/mile until the last 3 when I legged it. This was also good fun as you get to overtake lots of surprised runners!
  • during a brief bout of insanity my right hand has scrawled details on some sort of entry form, stuck it in an envelope and now my legs have dragged me up the road to post it. But dont worry if you are going to be there, I do have moments of sanity unfortunately they seem further and further apart these days
  • ......... and it was the thirteenth post

  • its in the post, after last year (my first) things couldnt get any worse, could they..?
    group of us heading down prob staying at the holiday camp
  • Here's a tip. Enter the Drogo (7.11.04) and by the time you finish, you'll know what it's like to be half-way round the Grizzly!
  • ............... Or the Full Monty!
  • plum,
    in your portfolio, you mentioned you wanted to do 3.15 before you were 50 and "watch this space for the cardiff marathon"---well has cardiff been or are you still waiting?
  • Where do I find the details of the Grizzly?

  • Sorry, should have read the first post properly - entries now closed anyway!
  • I've just done something tougher. The Exmoor Stagger which I firmly believe to be impossible to run all the way.

    Managed to run last year's (short) Grizzly. While the year before I did walk the worst hill, I could understand how better runners could run all the way.

    But the Stagger just seems impossible - only 15 miles as well!

    See you there, October 2005?
  • You managed to run the last hill on the Grizzly? (The one from the pebble beach back up to the top of the cliff).
    You're not human!
    BTW, I hear there's something tougher than the stagger..organising the Last (First) chance 10k. My thoughts are with you Dave...!
  • I agree with iluvmud, 90 mins! I ended up having to move aside for all the faster Grizzly peeps going up the cliff face earlier in the year. I walked all the way up it! If you can run all the way up that one, you can't be human! Unless Mrs 90 Mins is feeding you something to give you these superhuman powers! I've seen the Exmoor Stagger advertised but a bit too far for us to come for the day... If you can't run all the way on that one, it must be tough!!
  • Celtic Duo,
    I suggest you sign up on the Axe Valley Runners website/newsgroup and then you will be emailed details about the 2006 Grizzly when it comes online at or around the time of the Seaton Half in September
  • Well guys, looks like I won't be Grizzly-ing in 2005. Really wanted to come. I was only going to do the Cub but as we have a new addition to the family (don't faint, 90 minutes, it's not what you might think...) it probably won't be possible.

    Therefore, if anyone wants a Cub number, mine will be going spare. I'll post when I've received it and then whoever wants it can contact me.

    :( Maybe I'll get there in 2006. Quite sad at the prospect of no shingle to run on, no running up cliffs, no running on fields with wicked cambers and sticky Devon mud to boot!
  • Well I'm in

    Anybody else out for a stroll in the park,
  • ......... your not suggesting a list are you................ silly question!

  • Yep, I'm in too!
  • Moe
  • Moe
    Mak's Friend (less Mak)
  • I'll be there too!
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