Halstead Marathon

I know it's a long way off.. but I was thinking about this for my first marathon.. Anyone done it before?


  • having run the race twice , I would say that it is a scenic rural 2 lap course and would be perfect as a first marathon as long as you like tough courses.
    As long as you start off very steadily as it is constantly undulating with a big hill at the 3 mile point being especially taxing.
    15-20 minutes slower than the London Marathon course , but far more scenic .
    I'll probably be running it again .
  • Ran it once M, used to be a nice lady with sweets at the 91/2 and 19 mile mark on the corner.

    Jelly babies if I remember right!!!!
  • It was mu first ever marathon when I did it last year.
    Only do it if you can do hills comfortably. They get bigger on the second lap!

    Lovely atmosphere, the only downer being the near-vertical ascent thrown in at 25 miles. But there's an ambulance parked right next to the finish line...
  • Thanks guys.. yeah I'm definitely gonna do it. I'm not too bad at hills so I'm going to give it a go.. seeing as FLM didn't want me.. sob! Thanks for your comments/advice.
  • Good luck, Michelle.

    I strongly recommend lots of hill training - I thought I was good at hills until Halstead 2002!

    Maybe see you there - yet to hear from London but I'm told the odds are 5-1 against.

  • well count me in-as the family home is Sudbury I will be able to stay at my parents pre race-CU all there
  • Hi all, I entered this one yesterday, going for the GFA time so that if I decide to run London in the next 2 years that I dont have to bother with that pesky ballot!

    I have added this race to www.urwfrc.org so we can add target times too, NN
  • Natty,

    You're entering Halstead to get an impressive time?

    It's a fun race, sure - having had my London rejection, I'll probably be running Halstead again this year - but add 15 mins to your PB. Hills. If you want speed, have you thought of Bungay? Itlooked quite an amenable course on their website. Lots of flat bits.

  • Hi Michael, I see people mentioning that this is a tough course compared to most, but fortunately it will hold no surprises to me as I have run this before in one of my previous comebacks and have checked and the course is still the same, I thought it was a great route and remember the hill at 25 miles too :)

    I know its not the flatest, but then I am only running it because its within 8 miles of my house and I have already allowed extra on top of what I should be able to get.

    Bring on the course!!

    Best Wishes, NN

    PS. Are you a local runner?
  • I expect to be doing this if I've survived the FLM.
  • Hi LF, thats good, am trying to get others to run it as well but they dont seem too interested!

    Best Wishes, NN
  • NN-any probs if I run with you????????/

    The first 100yrds that is!!!!!!!!! LOL

    Post race social in the Bull???????

    I will be at the parents the night before if you want a lift to halstead...let me know.

  • Hi Graham, where is the Bull, last time I was in Halstead was about 4 years ago!! I should be getting lift with my training partner, thanks for the offer though, NN

    PS. Of course you can run with me for the first 100 yards :)
  • the bull is at the bottom of the hill, just on the bend opp the cheapo shop9if its still there!!!!!!!!!
  • I only know where Scenarios is, is it near there? Will see you at London Half before anyway, NN
  • it is, and yes you will. LoL
  • Ok, at least I have an idea where you are talking about now :)

  • Hi I'm one of the organisers and can let you have any info.
  • Hi Maurice, I ran this in 1998, it is still the same course isnt it?

    What happened to the half (ish) marathon option that existed back then, my mate would have run that but the full monty is too much for him yet.

    Thanks, NN
  • Hi NN - you did have a good result in '98

    The course is still almost the same, we have just taken out about 100 yards of that short piece of main road towards the end.

    Quite a few runners do the one lap and the back -run, usually either because of a nagging injury or giving encouragement to another runner doing the full course, so we now put in marshals early on the back run. It is about 14.4 miles.

    Good running,


  • Hi Maurice,

    Thanx for the info, yes it went well in 98, I am hoping to dip under the 3:15 mark this time to get the auto qualification time for FLM.

    I guess that the runners that do the 14.4 course do not get a medal or t-shirt or anything though do they?

    Hope its not as windy as the Halstead xc run was at Gosfield in October :)

    Best Wishes, NN
  • NN

    Fraid Not.

    Will never forget that XC, leaves screaming horizontally across the field into ones eyes, branches crashing to the ground and spending 2 days removing yew berries splattered all over car.

    Fell and injured shoulder at Ipsich XC,badly pulled muscle at Chelmsford so catching up with paperwork.

    Best wishes

  • Yes, I had a nightmare at Ipswich myself, been trying to explain to people how steep those inclines were but they dont seem to believe that it would be possible!!

    You ok for next sundays xc at Colchester though?

    Thanks for the race info again,

    Regards, NN
  • NN,

    Out for three weeks, no chance to run off xmas pud.

  • Thats a shame Maurice, hope you have a quick recovery and see you in May, or at one of the other xc races soon.

    Best Wishes, NN
  • Am doing London for my first marathon - is it a good idea to be doing Halstead so soon after ?? - should I be giving my body a rest ??
  • Every runner is different and it would be interesting to hear what runners who have done both think.

    Our theory for the "average" runner is that you need no more training for fitness or stamina, just some loosening runs in the last 10 days but there is no average runner we are all "special".
  • Karen, there is a large enough gap between the two races for you to be able to run both in my opinion.

    I must admit though that the Halstead course is not quite as flat as London, as I think Maurice would agree.

    Good Luck for London, NN
  • I did both of them last year 2:52 and 3:12 and intend to do both of them again this year, although I'm planning to run the coast to coast at the end of April as training !! , after the FLM.

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