Too fat to run now



  • Sam.Sam. ✭✭✭
    <passes Hoosie his coat>
  • Speedy G

    You and I ran part of the GNR together 2 years ago and we were talking about what we had done and what we are going to do.

    You are much fitter than the vast majority of the population and are actually doing something.

    I still need to lose 2 - 2.5 stones in weight and vary between the "I am too fat it's embarrassing to run" and the "I can only lose weight if I exercise". However I know which one will work!

    Good luck and looking forward to seeing you at some events.

  • Well Done Speedie G !!
    I'm looking foreward to hearing of your next plod, it won't be as hard as the one you did today!!

    Great Start!!!
  • Speedy - re the kids.

    The best approach I've heard of came from another forumite, Candy Ollier. He is always encountering idiots, of all ages, and takes the "ignore them, they'll go away" approach to a brilliant extreme. He treats them simply as an obstacle that has to be passed. No eye contact, no attempt at humour, no defensive or aggressive behaviour on his part. Even if they're strung out across the pavement (goading him to react) he just runs around them. Just as he would a fallen tree or a patch of roadworks.

    They're not people, they're not worthy of your attention. They are inanimate lumps of something unpleasant.
  • Yyyyyyeeeeeeeeeessssssssss!


    By the way, I don't say anything back to hecklers, what I say is in my head, and is quite sufficient usually to leave me shaking my head looking at them in a pitying way.

    (Can't resist this - the last word on heckling. When the primary schools were desegregated in southern US, the first black kids to go to white school had to run the gauntlet (escorted by police) of white parents behaving like monsters. One girl was seen to mumble every day as she passed these fiends. She was later asked what it was that she was saying. Her answer? "Father forgive them for they know not what they do...")

    I am so pleased. I'll be posting tomorrow on training. I'll look for you there. You can do it!!!!
  • Excellent speedy!

    I agree with just ignoring hecklers---have to say ive also then ignored some nice comments cos ive been so focussed on running
    FWIW, I met you at reading and you looked fine to me
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Hi Speedy.

    You WILL get back to running again.

    You are still the same person who finished the Highland Cross (20 mile on foot/30 mile cycle for those who don't know it) despite recovering from cellulitis/dvt and having 2 punctures. That kind of determination doesn't grow on trees lady!

    As the others say, ignore the hecklers and anyone else who says you can't (I remember our conversation when you were up) and just go out there and prove them wrong.

    And punch your doctor on the nose the next time you see him!

  • HI Speedy - we met at Reading last year as well! You did not finish far behind me - I also have a continuing battle with weight and age. I am fast losing the age battle - just can't hold those years back ;0) But the weight is another matter - just keep on keeping on, remember this is the time of the year when we all need much determination to get out there! If you are having problems geeing yourself up - picture yourself in six months time scooting around your village and the look of respect in the eyes of the yobs as you prove that guts and determination work!!

    Sorry for the waffle, but you know what I mean - I'll shut up for now :0)
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭

    Can't really add to all the wonderful words posted above but am growling with indignation over what your doctor said - what medical evidence is there that you won't see 10stone again? Grrr.

    For completely different reasons from you, I sometimes find it hard to get out of the door and go for a run. But I give myself a firm talking to, and ask myself what I will gain from not going out. A clean house? An hour spent on the forum? A bit more work done? The washing up? Pah! I can do all of those when it's late at night or when I've done my run. So a run wins every time. and I rarely regret it.

    And as for the hecklers? After the second week of seeing you running past them, they'll stop noticing you; you'll be as invisible as traffic to them. So persevere, and they'll turn their attention back to whatever kids do on street corners.

    Keep at it - and as Stickless says, come and post on the daily training thread. There's all sorts there, and room for everyone.
  • In my case, literally behind you!
  • Wherefore art thou Speedy?
  • Speedy G - you're doing a grand job - you've made that first step and that's the hardest thing. I remember someone telling me once when I was in a really bad funk about running that the hardest part was getting out the front door - once you're out you might as well go for it.

    Jj's right about the kids - they're not worth your attention.

    As for your doctor - he (I assume it's a he?) is an ass!!
  • Hi folks Thanks for all your lovely words. Sorry not been on the last 2 nights. Storms here has made travelling a nightmare and I have and to make detours due to bridge closures, flooded roads, then caught in gridlocked Perth for 4 hours this morning. Absolutely shattered now. I have kept up the good work albeit on the cross trainer as I couldn't go out in the storms. Also it took me 1hr 40 mins to get home last night. Didn't get home till 9.40pm then had to leave at 6am this morning to get to work.

    EP - that was last March. Another hospital stay again in the summer put paid to my confidence. Not sure if I could have done it without your help. But at the end of the day I did enjoy it.
    Nessie I can't imagine doing the Highland Cross again. First year was brill but the second year was a nightmare and then last year thanks to being in hospital having to pull out. 50 miles seems a long way now doesn't it. I loved it though.

    Its these thoughts that I have to keep in my mind. The enjoyment I got out of all my races and the enjoyment I got from being fit and healthy.

    I am really trying to get back on track folks. Finding hard to shake off this negative attitute. Can't help the too old and too fat idea. I will work at it because I know I CAN DO IT. I just have to get the mind into gear and the rest will follow. Once a stone or so is off I will feel much better.

    Hope everyone else is feeling good and not suffering too much in this weather.
  • Well done so far speedy
    Keep posting
    you CAN do it
  • well done Speedy - keep going

    sorry about your adventures with the weather! I hope no one up there suffered too much.

    will we see you at Reading? It would be lovely to see you even if you don't run

    gwoan you know you want to - plenty of time to train ;0)
  • What date Cdk. Would love to come but I would be a lot further behind you this year. Might even manage to be last. I still have last years pictures and boy are they awful. My (delighful) hubbie said I looked like an overtweight man and thought they had sent me the wrong pictures because he didn't recognise me in them.
  • You know what I think the matter really is. The saying in my head 'I used to run this and I used to run that and I used to run this time'. Now I don't want to go back to the baby stage of wanting to run before I can walk and fell whats the point if I can't do the routes/times/races I used to do.

    Putting this in black and white makes me see just how stupid I am being.

    You are all so right. I still want to run but I want to do it they way I did 4 years ago. I don't want to wait. Then I think back to when I started running 17 years ago. I was 5 stone overweight then. I need to go back and read my running diaries and see just what I was like then. I kept a note of every mile I ran and every pound I lost. I stuck in and it worked. I lost all the weight and ran well. I have done it before so I can do it again. I just need to be a tortoise for a little while till the hare appears again.

    Boy do I sound mad but this must be my physcological side coming out.

    Now that I have decided this am I mad to do the Lochaber marathon in April???? I have an entry but know I will have a lot of walking to do in it. But then it is training for the Edinburgh one which I got my confirmation letter about today.
  • Going upstairs to use the cross trainer for 30 mins as I can't get out tonight. Be back later.
  • Have a good evening Speedie G !!
  • Just in case the message hasn't sunk in yet - you CAN do it, Speedy. Fact!

    Try to remember how you used to feel and make it happen again. No shame in falling off the running wagon thingy occasionally. :-)
  • March 6th

    gwoan gwoan gwoan

    just do it ;0)
  • Speedy G, I've mailed you via the site
  • Oh yes speedy
    Please come to reading
    Come and stay in the Mad hotle the night before
    I will look forward to meeeting you againat Lochaber
    Stay overnight we'll have a jar or two and a natter
  • Quick posting as on my way to work. Did 35 mins last night and it was a lot easier. Going to Tai'Bo tonight and this is a different type of work out and boy is it hard. Mind you all these punches - you can imagine who you would like to be on the other end of them.

    Will look at Reading Hippo and Cdk. Will reply BB via e-mail tomight. JARS, Swerve and Hoose-goer thank you for your kind words.

    Must go or I will be late for work.
  • damn missed her!
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