Too fat to run now



  • Sam.Sam. ✭✭✭
    I can sympathise Speedy - I had to make diversions cos of bridge closures and got stuck in Perth for hours too!! Bl**dy weather!!

    Come to Reading!!!!!!!
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Speedy - re Lochaber - see how things go between now and, say, March, and make a decision then. My longest run/walk so far has been 6 miles and took 80 mins, so I still have a long way to go.
  • Evening all. Hi Sam so you were stuck in Perth as well. Nightware wasn't it. Guy in the next car took out his flask and had his coffee. Pity help anyone who needed the loo. 4.5 hours to get from Fife to Dundee was beyond a joke. Next time I stay in Fife until the bridge opens.

    Nessie. Hiya. Thinks I will do that. I hope to go out for 6 miles this weekend and see how it goes. You will make it after all you have the Loch Ness marathon behind you.

    Wish daughter would hurry up and call and let me know if she is going to Tai 'Bo or not cos if not I will go out for a run. Not going to Tai 'Bo on my own as you need a fighting partner.

    Catch you all later.
  • Not going to Tai 'Bo so off out for a run. Fingers crossed I can brave all the kids. Back later. Bye
  • I'm sending you chav-gibe-bouncing-good-vibes Speedy G.....Go For It !!

    Junior JARS are blowing kisses to help you on your way!!
  • Ah thanks folks. Well I went out but couldn't brave going round the village so I took my torch and ran the road between this village and next. It is only 1.5 miles but has a pavement only no street lights. So I did 3 miles in 45 mins which is a bit slow. Didn't realise the roads were icy until I slid after being out for 5 mins. Funny how after that you can see the pavements glisten and you are careful with you feet.

    Off to make the tea now. Hubby is upstairs on the computer but is rather ill. He seems to be going down with this virus that is going around. Put me in bed all over New Year. Its a nasty one. So I gather I am in for a moaning few days and restless nights. Ah well the cooker is shouting at me so must go.
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Hey SpeedyG, sorry but I've only just seen your thread. You've had a tough time over the last few years - I remember when we were all going to meet at the Brighton 10k and you ended up in hospital with cellulitis. What I also remember is that you still kept trying even when it was really hard for you. I know how difficult it is to get motivated when you've gained weight but you have got the inner strength necessary, it's just hiding at the moment!

    Please keep at it and don't pay any attention to silly kids. Btw, is Snail's Pace still running? Maybe a little sibling competitiveness might help?

    Good luck.

  • Hi Redhead on a mission. Thanks for remembering. Yes that had been my 3rd attempt to get to Brighton and every year something went wrong. That year I got cellulits and a PE. Made it the next year though.

    Snails Pace is still running but just. She had a really busy year concert wise last year and hadn't much time. She is in France doing an opera just now till the end of Jan and then I am not sure what she is doing after that. I am going down to see her on the 18 Feb for the weekend. Mind you I believe there is a race somewhere around Brighton that weekend. Might go and watch it if I can remember where it is.
  • Speedy, I read your posts and felt so much for you. I've just come back from where you are and IT CAN BE DONE!!! I got injured nearly 4 years ago and could do anything at all for a long time. I gained weight, lost motivation and got very depressed. I would try to get back to the gym but because I couldn't do what I'd done before I'd feel terrible and get into the state of mind that if I couldn't do that I wouldn't do anything at all. I didn't help that the injury meant I couldn't run for a long time - achilles tendon rupture, then another surgery on it a year later - and running was all I wanted to do. But, I finally started to see that I was being silly so went back to the gym and started really gently. The weight started to come off which made the exercise easier and started real slow jogging. I've now lost 15-16kg, did 2 PBs at 10k in 8 days in November and I'm doing Reading and then FLM, aiming for 4.45 or so in FLM. You can do it. I'll send you all good thoughts I can! Go for it. I'd love to make contact with all you guys at Reading if possible.
  • mava62 - well done. I am really please for you. You have done great. I hope the injury has healed. I am glad that I am not the only one to feel this way. You feel you should be able to go back to where you were even though you are stones heavier and have done no exercise for ages. It is reqally frustrating isn't it. Tonight I just took it really easy but I still found when I got back that I thought - I used to do that well under 30 mins. Its a state of mind isn't it. Good luck in Reading and FLM. If I make Reading we will def meet up.
  • Just keep going Speedy. I'm still a slow plodder and constantly compare myself with people who are younger than me, fitter than me and way faster than me. But even if I'm not fast, I can still enjoy my runs and know I'm doing something most other people can't/won't do! I'm lucky that (thanks to giving up smoking) I'm starting to be faster than I used to be but it's taken a year.

    The injury will never be right and I'm doing just what my physios told me not to do - another marathon! Stick to 10ks they said. But hey, I want the challenge and if I listen to my bod I should be OK.

    Go girl, go! I'll be here supporting you.
  • Hi Speedy, watching as your comeback progresses. Well impressed! Have you considered a tiny little headtorch for your night-time runs - I just bought one after splatting myself falling over a manhole cover and feel quite a bit safer now!
  • Keep going Speedy G - you're doing great! Thinking of you kept me going when I was considering giving up during a combined long run/hill session when it was blowing a hooley and bucketing with rain. Keep up the fab work!
  • Ah well another day. Sluggie - I have not tried a head torch. I have a little torch used for diving which has a really good light. It was just it kept lighting up all the glistening ice last night. Wouldn't like to run to far in the dark around here but that 3 miles is ago.
    Shirl - glad I was of help. Keep up the good work. Now I have to.
    Well off to work now. Bye
  • Kep going Speedy

    mava if you look on events there are loads of us doing reading and intendingto meet up

    Im a plodder too!
  • Morning Speedy, morning Hippo, I'm on the Reading list as undecided since I've never done a half before. The calculator reckons I should do 2.16!

    Lovely day in London today so it's a shame I'm on a rest day, but long run tomorrow with my training partner. We're going to run to my gym so we can jacuzzi/steam room/sauna afterwards. Got to have some reward at the end.
  • Somehow I seem to be on the undecided list for Reading. Can't remember putting my name there. Must have been long time ago. Its not the getting there or anything like that its the disagreement that would be caused at home.

    Having a rest night tonight as have done something everyday this week. Hope to do a long plod/walk over the weekend.

    Hippo you are not a plodder!! You are doing great.
  • Evening speedy. Well done for this week. I'm feeling lazy and bloated as I seem to have done nothing but eat rubbish today. Blame it ALL on hormones but hopefully I'll run all those carbs off tomorrow!

    If your name's on the list does that mean you're entered for reading? See how things go nearer the time - maybe the disagreement will be less?????
  • Evening mava62. I know I haven't entered as I was suppose to be in Austria that week but other half wouldn't go and sister and family cancelled so that is of. Can't see other half letting me go. Sorry but life is a bore here at the moment. Better not say any more.

    I have had a bad eating day today as well. Really busy day at work, lots of paper work, someone resigning, someone wanting a transfer. Took half the day sorting paper work out for it all. That's no excuse but doesn't the rubbish taste good at the time. We will run all the calories etc of over the weekend.
  • evening
    done 11 halves and my pb(at reading0 is 2.23 summat

    reckon that makes me a plodder

    would LOVE sub 2.20
    Speedy-just tell him to sodd off--its your life
  • I've been on a course all day so instead of having my fruit & nuts at hand it's been biscuits and sandwiches. I do find if I have a routine I can keep to it but break that routine and I really break it <g>

  • Hi Hippo Your not a plodder and you will make it under 2.20 you know you will. You have the determination. My very first half many years ago was 2.45. Worked hard at it and eventually got it down to 1.50. So if I can do it so can you. Last half was my PW of 3.25 GNR last Sept so anything I do this year will be an improvement (can't get worse can I). So come on Hippo under 2.20 this year - Yes?

    Its not that easy. Tell you at Lochaber.
  • I will one day
    But its a pity it will have taken me three years of consistent training to break 5 hours for a mara
    a natural runner im not
    I look forward to having a natter at lochaber-are you satying Sunday night?
  • It took me ages to break 5 hrs. I am not a natural runner either. But you have stamina to do it so good on you. I have only gone under 5hrs 3 times out of the 13 marathons I have done. All the rest were just over 5 to 5.15.

    Unfortunately I am only staying Saturday night. Staying at the Travel Inn. Might decide to stay Sunday. Will see how things go here first and then if I can get the Monday off. Would love to stay for a natter.

    Must go for now. Still not had any dinner. Will come back later.

  • I so want to break 5 hours this year in FLM. Only done one before and did around 5.30 (real time!). I should be able to do it but I'm so injury prone I doubt it! I'm definitely not a natural runner and I'm way too tall really to be a long distance runner. Long legs aren't necessarily an advantage!
  • Afternoon Speedy afternoon all, how's things?

    Just done 9 miles in 96 mins which is OK but I don't think I could have gone on much longer. One of those irritating routes which is all uphill/incline at the end! Could rest tomorrow but could do the easy 30 mins that was scheduled for today.

    Ho hum off to Sainsburys...
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