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  • Well done Jane

    Maybe see you at Inverness next month for the 1/2 marathon?
  • matthew
    it was cold today at grangemouth i only managed 46min race although i felt i was running faster.maybe my 55min run yesterday didnt help but it certainly blew the cobwebs
    away. not sure when my next race will be as
    hope to see you later on.
  • KG

    It was pretty cold, didn't help running into the wind near the end either. I kicked about 3ks from the end, probably a mistake as by 9k's i was struggling and got passed by 5 - 10 people on the way in, maybe cost me 15 seconds or so.
    Personally speaking, i wouldn't have run for 55 minutes on the day before.
    I make it a rule not to run for 3 days before any race.
    Do you have any idea when the results will be up on the web?
  • Well done on the PB's folks at Grangemouth especially with the temperature being what it was and that last 1km back into a slight headwind didn't help either. I got round in 39.04 on my watch not a PB but still a good run by all accounts and to top it all the showers in the changing were cold as well.

    As for running for 55 mins the day before, normally I wouldn't run the day before a race, but I took part in the Kings Buildings 5 mile race in Edinburgh on Saturday, finishing in 31.06. So i did feel it in my legs a wee bit on Sunday. Hopefully I'll have recovered in time for the CC Nationals next Saturday at Linnwood.
    Anybody else doing them??

  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    My training for Inverness is a pile of pooh at the moment. I just can't seem to string any number of runs together. It's getting to the stage where I am considering having to get up and running in the morning before work. Totally unheard of for me to do anything more energetic than showering before work.

    However, I'm off to a workshop in Finland at the end of the week, and have arranged with one of my colleagues that we both take our running shoes, and go out for a few miles while we are there, and I've also found out that the hotel we are staying in has a gym and a pool. Hopefully that'll give me the kick up the bum I need.

    It was actually warmer there (Rovaniemi - right on the arctic circle) than it was in Inverness on Saturday!
  • Well folks if it's cold just run faster!! You'll soon heat up.
    I'm only saying that 'cos my running's curtailed at the mo.Got ITBS & CAN'T SEEM TO GET RID OF IT. Can do around the hour then right knee seizes up.Had to break ice from a puddle on Sunday to rub on it!!
    I'm still x/training, so not too much fitness will be lost.(That's the theory!)Awaiting app't with super physio, fingers crossed.
  • Going out 15 miles today, the wind is very cold, and I'm desperatley looking for an excuse not to go ... but can't quite find one good enough, so numb legs, freezing fingers and runny nose (taking hanky) here I come.
    Nessie, enjoy your wee trip, it sounds brilliant !!!
  • Good on yer! Daisy Duke.
    I've been cycling will try a wee run tomorrow.
  • Hi
    Has anyone run the Lochaber Marathon before? Is it as flat as they say and can you enter on the day? Cheers
  • 1 day & 15 miles later, still going strong!!
    Today had an Aquamassage, oh brill,& you can keep your clothes on ... then to the gym for some weights, my legs are still a bit sore. Tomorrow, Karaoke (spelling) and loads of Lager ... YES !!!
  • Aquamassage?? Well done Daisy Duke! I have finally admitted that I probably won't do the Lochaber marathon.(Not saying DEFINITELY)till doing my x/training,however having curry & a few wines tonight with the other half, so this is my night off!
    Mrs Mac, Lochaber is claimed to be one of the best for fast times, so should be flat. Yes you can enter on the day, which is what I'm holding off for.ITBS is such a nuisance.
  • Hi Folks. Managed an 18 mile run this week. Felt good afterwards so hopefully Paris Marathon should be ok in a few weeks time. Only problem is that I have now caught the cold. Really messes up the training. Looks like I will have to give the planned 20 miler a miss this Sunday. All going well I can shake it off and manage the Balloch half on March 2nd. Hope you are all doing well.
  • Hi Folks.
    First time on the site, but I've been reading the threads since it started.
    Is anyone doing the National Cross Country this weekend in Linwood?
  • Hi Alan,

    My daughter Laura's running at Linwood on Saturday U17 xc. Fingers crossed as this is a big race for her.
  • Alan, I will be stewarding at the funnel at Linwood. Say "HI." Good luck to Laura & all else running.
  • Ashamed to say I dropped out of the Nationals yesterday after 2 laps.

    The SAF and Kilbarchan AC should be feeling very proud this morning after putting together such a successful event.

    Katie - Well done to all at Kilbarchan for scooping so many honours.
    Ellie - How did your daughter get on?

  • Alan, no shame. It was quite a tough wee course & not easy running into the wind in the home stretches.
    Ellie, hope your daughter enjoyed her day.
  • Hi All,

    Laura had a good run she came in 13th in her age group U17, but better than that her team City of Glasgow won the U17 Team Gold. Laura was off running for 6 weeks due to a broken thumb (plastered up to her elbow) so she now coming back and I'm so proud of her.

    Sorry to hear you dropped out Alan

    Robert I see your doing Balloch, I'll be there as well, anyone else doing it ?

  • Hi there, anyone doing the Arbroath 10 miler this Sunday. I have heard it is a bit hilly, does anyone know how hilly?

    Well done to Laura and sorry to hear Alan had to drop out.

  • Anyone doing the Nairn 10k this weekend? I've never run a 10k race before and am a bit nervous that it will be whippets only.
  • Hello sarcy....I've just been looking for this thread ,then suddenly it pops up,nice one.Im not doing the Nairn but I have done a few 10ks times generally range from about 30ish to over an hour,What are your previous events...R.D.
  • Sarcy,

    Results from the last year's Nairn 10K are available on the Forres Harriers website:

    Times range from 33:11 to 1:09:55 (which backs up what Ronan's Dad said) so it's not whippets-only.

    Now cross-countries on the other hand...
  • Thanks you 2, this will be my first 10k and I am hoping for around 45 mins.

  • Hi there Ronan. Noticed u r in Strathclyde. Which part? I am in Clydebank.
  • Ellie, well done to Laura, great effort after being laid off ...
    I was swithering whether to run the Arbroath 10, but it is now full... so that has decided that for me, but I believe there is a run in Alloa soon.. need to get the map out for this one !!!
  • Hello Rob.D Im in a little city known as Glasgow,Great thread by the way, made me feel at home,Clydebank,you say,Ive ran the Poloroid 10k series a couple of years ago,..Nice meeting you....RDS...
  • Hi again Ronan. U should run the Balloch half marathon ths Sunday. U can enter on the day.
  • Hello Robert
    Im afraid,Im not quite fit enough yet,
    only started back,running again at the weekend,I have my eye on Ed.(June),must have a browse through upcoming events,
    perhaps fit one or two in.Are you doing Balloch...
  • hi robert
    i stay in scotland as well,i come from a town called holytown just outside motherwell.been away from running for a few years but getting back in to it slowly.

  • Hi Robert,

    What race number are you for Balloch half. Let me know and I'll maybe say hello on the day if we pass each other. Anytone else doing Balloch ?
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