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  • Turkey is leaner and so pound for pound had more protein in it than chicken does....but if your nor being 100% maticulous then i wouldnt worry. As long as you are consuming enough protein then its all good and above board (besides the fat in chicken is mono&poly unsaturated fat, not saturated so its good fat anyway)

    I have a hill near me which is probably about 55/60 degree incline, used to run up that once a week to push myself, too wet and slippery at the moment though, although i would like to do some circuits up there. I like the idea of pyramid sessions, where do you draw the line? can see that getting quite intense...

    can anyone lift their leg above their head by the way? (random question i know)
  • Rio, should i be doing all my runs at the same pace then? actuall i think i only have one pace...SLOW!!
  • Sara - did you just get a Stroke email re receiving your package? you already have your running number don't you? Have you had that pack already?
  • i always make sure that all my training sessions are at the same pase have done since beginning of october, started at 13Kph and i am still at 13KPH building up on the miles i run each week. i take protein sups for that greg. as mentioned before.
  • I am finding my training tough on my ankles - I have had my foot scan for trainers so got good cushioning and foot support - but does anyone have any advice on how to build up your ankle strength (if that is my problem!)
  • talk to your local physiotherapest, they can heklp also you local gym instructors / personal trainer should be able to advise.
  • leg above head? am i standing or lying down for that??!!!

    Jems, got the e mail today but not the pack (although could be there when i get home)- got number on gold bond form - are you an own place?
  • Pinks - I am gold bond too ... maybe Mr Posty has been today!
  • im a goldie too. me and pinks are litrlly next to each other in terms on numbers.
  • ah - here we go - I am 50848 ... what were you guys again?
  • Jems - where did you get your foot scan thingy done? got my shoes from sweatshop and they got me to run up and down etc and really seemed to know what they were talking about but footscan sounds way more technical!

    Laze-what number are you then? anyone else know their number now?
  • The footscan you can have done at either the Adidas Store on Oxoford Street or The London Marathon Store in SOHO - neither ideal for you as you are in Bedford - but other shops must do them - from what I understand they are an adidas thing - you run over a pad and it works out where you apply pressure and whether your foot rolls over or whether you just have a natural positioning - I haven't decided yet if I think they are good or not - I have had 2 and they both told different things! (not so good!) The Adiruns let you try a pair of trainers for free (actually out on the runs) so I have done that both weeks and will do it until I find the ideal trainer - sorry bit long winded!!
  • 6747 is my number i think.

    Yes, standing up with the leg thing, just wondering about peoples general flexibility - seem to have hit a wall with my stretching....
  • What is yours again Pinks?
  • my number is 45793 god im SO bored, i got an examination done at mine and they have given me a pair of some puma shoes.. although they say Track performance they are designed for road running use. lol so why call them Track performance! lol
  • i'm 50890 so we are real close, Jems! what did you ut down on the gold bond acceptance form as your predicted time of finishing, as that determines which 'starting pen' you go in a the red start.
  • OPPS! i put 4:30. i think... or did i put 3:30?? i forget, oh i can blag which one i want to go in.
  • I can't remember but I think circa 4.30 ... certainly not any faster!!!! Hope the pack is at home tonight ...
  • Jems...did the adirun last week ...was quite good wasnt it. am doing it again this week...on the 4 miler at 6.20 this time rather than the 6 miler last week
  • Hi Chris - I am doing the other way round - did the 4 miler at 6.20pm last week and will be doing the 6pm 6 miles this week!! - I obviously won't look out for that dog looking creature unless you are in fancy dress! - you will prob catch up with me doing the final drag of the 6 miles!!
  • I am quite tempted to change back to the 4 miler actually... do you know if you can do that?
  • i have no idea, i don teven llie in london! no fair though!! i would love to, Oh crap i just remembered i still have to sort out my accomodation for FLM,
  • off home now...speak to you guys tomoz.

    pinks x
  • just logged in from home...so Chris how come you did a 3 miler today if it's a rest day-or are you swapping days around? are you swapping weeks like Rio suggested to do the Brighton half? Lazer, i wish i coulkd do the adi runs too but its just too faraway (plus kids etc etc)...well we'll just have to stick to the old gym/ipod combo and pretend we have running chums!lol!!
  • Lazer you wont be able to blag your way into another pen! It doesn't really work that way. You might be able to get into a quicker pen but to be honest it really doesnt matter that much. With the chip timing you will get an accurate time and at least you will not be encouraged to go off too quickly which you will pay for later.

    George everyone has a natural flexibility beyond which it is very difficult to go. Again dont worry about it. There is no point in over stretching. It wont make you any better!
  • rio -i wasnt worry abhout going slow i was worried about going off too fast!"! lol.

    Pinks - I will deffo have to get a pod. do you know where on the net i can purchase one? as i find it REALLY hard to kow how far im running outside, and what pace im rinning at, i would get a Garmin but im not sure. for me to know how far i got to go i have to get a map out plan my rouet and then measure the distance up to 10 miles or however much i need to do, its a pian, means lots of adjustments.

    Grorge - you planning to do Ballet? lol
  • oh one last thing, are people finding that they are getting nose bleeds a lot? i had one last night for 4 HOURS!!!! i never had them before. do oyu think im missing something in my diet?? possiably Iron as i dont eat red meat a lot. but i do takle Multivitimins every morning.

    Help appreciated -x-
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