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  • Good luck tiredgirl!
    Did my run (10.4 miles) at 8:59 average from start to finish, not bad!
  • Sammy - Well done on the 14 mile run. Nothing wrong with 10:11 pace. I think your 4hrs 30mins target is very much on. You need to do 10:18/mile. You are already faster than this, and the long miles and tempo runs you do over the weeks to come will help with this. To put it into context, last year my longest training run was 21 miles, but I was practically at a standstill, managing to average 9:10 for the run - i.e. exactily 4 hrs pace. Come race day, I did 8:53/mile.
  • Thanks for that Mr Bump. I know in my mind I will do Sub 4hr 30min. But when you have bad days you need that bit of encouragement to help keep you motivated.
  • I hope your run went well Tiredgirl.

    Mr. Bump and S.Snail - that is a pace I can only dream about. Well done to both of you.

    I did my 10 miles today and decided to do it x country and stop some of the pounding on my sore heel. The heel didn't whimper once but the North Easterly wind was quite ferocious and I was barely moving at times. I had it in my face for the 5 miles homeward bound and I was completely krackered by the time I finished. I kept to the pace in my schedule and did it in 1 hour 57 mins.
    I hope the weather will improve for next week!
  • Run went well. Did a steady 3.8 miles on a flat route. No pain at all. Think I just need to take it slower now while I build up.

    When would you suggest I do my next long run? I've got a 10k race on Sunday and wanted to get it in before then if I could.
    tiredgirl - you might just be taking too much of a risk by going straight back into training with a long run and then a 10k race. What's your furthest long run so far this year?

    Mr Bump - long runs should be 70% or under, and that's % of MHR not WHR. But you sound like you enjoyed that run!

    Sammy - marathon training is full of confidence highs and lows, we all now you can do sub 4.30 and so do you.
  • My longest run this year is 12 miles. I'd appreciate any advice because I'm pretty sure now that my shin splints has been caused by diving headlong into training and doing a few runs too fast.
    tiredgirl - you do need to be careful doing the 10k, hard running could set you back.

    12 miles - so you're OK, don't panic. I suggest your long run this week is no further than 8 miles and very slow. I would also avoid any running on consecutive days for the time being.
  • Shades - I'd like a copy of the plan if poss. Running my first marathon in October (Snowdonia - in for a penny........)but only started running 6 months ago. Have only this year dedicated three sessions a week to running (plus 2 10k rows). longest run so far was yesterday at 2 hours.
  • Apoligies for not posting for a while - I've been on holiday! But I would like to add my name to the lists below - Paris, White Peak, Edinburgh. I'm following Shades' schedule as far as the core long runs and tempo sessions are concerned, then adding in another medium-long slow one and maybe another easy one to build up mileage for an ultra in the summer!

    Duchy 12th March
    Duchy 20 so that Shades is not so lonely
    Mr Scoobs

    Paris 9th April
    Mr Scoobs

    FLM 23rd April

    Lochaber 23rd April

    The Neolithic 30th april

    Halstead 14th May
    Nick P

    White Peak 20 May

    Copenhagen 21st May

    Edinburgh 11 June
    Rob - you need to email me, I can't send attachments via RW email.

    Hi sluggie - welcome back
  • I had a nice 12 miler yesterday. My scheduled pace was 9.30 - 10.30 and my actual average was 9.53.

    I don't know if anyone's interested but I'm raising money for Diabetes UK at the Halstead M. this year. i've chosen the charity because I know 3 people, including my partner's father who has it.

    If anyone would like to sponsor me, the web page is at

    good pacing Nick - did that feel OK?
  • Hmm, guess my long run was a bit fast then (74% WHR; 81% MHR). Hopefully not too much harm done.

    I've ran today, did 5.4 miles at 7:45 pace (averaging 77% WHR, but peaked at 87%), but it wasn't much fun. Maybe I'm still tired from Saturday long run. However, I am lacking motivation for running after going to the physio.

    I am doing no more faster stuff this week as I am doing the Asics Watford Half-Marathon this Sunday, so hopefully I'll get my motivation back before then. Wish me luck everyone.

    Happyaslarry - You've done well with your long run, because going XC will make it much harder. So, very well done. For me, running XC costs me about 40secs per mile - but obviously that depends on the severity of the terrain.
  • It felt great thanks Shades. I'm due for a 5 miles easy today, which'll be a bit of a test because it's my work's weekly fun run and I tend to run a bit faster than my scheduled pace. I'm sure my Garmin virtual partner will keep me in check.
    Mr Bump - any chance of a PB on Sunday?

    Nick - very difficult in company to stick to pace, so you're forgiven if you go too fast.
    That sounds such a good idea - work's weekly fun run, I assume you work for a large company
  • Not particularly, but we're on quite a large site. We have a running club (non-affliated) which has weekly Autumn/Winter/Spring fun run and then in the summer, we mark out a 400m track on a nice field near our main gate.

    In the end, i went out on my own at lunchtime and managed an average of 9:56 miling (9:30-10:00 scheduled). I wasn't very constant though.
    Nick - that's OK, sometimes that's just the way it is with pacing.
  • I've just been out and done about 6 miles about 11 mm (approx because I don't know the exact distance) I ran a flat route and had a bit of a niggle for the first 20 mins and then ran pain free.

    Shades - where do you suggest I go from here? I don't know whether to do the 10k on Sunday, my only problem is I've got about 4 race numbers in my cupboard where I've had to drop out of previous races for various reasons and I really didn't want to do it again. Any advice would be welcome :)
  • Thanks Mr. Bump. It takes me an extra day to recover after the x country sessions, I seem to pull all the insides of my calfs about and they are still a bit sore today.

    I've changed my tempo run for a swim today as my legs are still feeling it after Sunday's run. I am pleased that this schedule gives me time to do some x training without wearing me out. I will run again tomorrow.

    Take it easy Tiredgirl, you are doing well.
  • Hi,
    just starting out on "Shades shedule" - Copenhagen in May the target!
    Still getting to grips with the pacings, but the heart rate monitor that came in Santas' sack great fun!
  • Shades - I did 1:45 there last year, although I've got more mileage in my legs this time around. I don't think a PB is on the cards as I think the course is too hilly. I'm on a mini-taper now until then. Easy run of 7 miles tomorrow and then Easy run of 4 miles on Thursday. 2 days rest and then see what I can do in Watford. I'm feeling a bit more positive about running today.

    Bobo - I agree. Heart rate monitors are great fun. I'm just about to (try and) calculate what HR I reckon I can sustain for 13.1 miles on Sunday. After all, racing to HR a couple of weeks ago got me within 3 secs of a PB over 6 miles!

    HappyasLarry - XC plays hell with my calves and arches too. I did a cuple of XC races with my club in December and was hobbling the next day. Not injured, just very sore.

    Tiredgirl - I think it is a good sign that your pain went away after about 2 miles. Why not run and see how it goes. If the pain gets worse you could always pull out. No shame in that. You are doing well. Keep at it.

    Where IS Scoobs?
  • Thanks Mr Bump, I think I will. I want a sub 60 and should be able to do that without pushing it too much
  • I hate heart rate monitors, only because the strap kills me and chaffs (not sure how to spell that).

    after a week rest because of a knee problem, tomorrow I start again...let's see how it goes.

    well done everybody, you are all doing very well. Hopefully, I'll catch up with you all soon.

    tiredgirl - as you've had several DNS's I think you need to do that 10k so you can enjoy the social aspect of running.

    Try and run at an even and steady pace, don't think about the PB, just take each mile as it comes and you may find you get that PB anyway.

    I would suggest you do a mile at a very easy pace as a warm up, then have a good stretch before the start to try and avoid the pain that you sometimes get early into a run.
    Mr Bump - aim for even mile splits (allowing for the hills) and you might find those extra miles in your legs will get you close to your PB.
  • Thanks Shades :)
  • I did 5 easy mile this morning and now I feel cream krackered. I can't seem to get myself going for the past few days and I don't think I've recovered from Sunday's run yet. My arms and legs are heavy and aching and I feel so tired all the time. I wonder if it would help to take a vitamin supplement. I try to eat a variety of things and stay well hydrated and the schedule is easier than some I've followed so I don't know what the problem is.
    HaL - sounds like you may be dehydrated and haven't rehydrated fully from Sunday.
    Carbs eaten with protein after a run (particularly a long run) will help recovery too.
    The day before a long run you need to sip water all day (and avoid alcohol) to ensure you're well hydrated before the start of your run

    Certainly no harm taking a multi vit with minerals (in fact I would recommend it)but they take time to have any effect.

    I take loads of vitamins/supplements as I do punish my body a bit when I'm racing by doing my events very close together and don't think I can get all I need from food.
  • Cheers Shades. Did 7 easy miles today.
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