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  • Shades, cold here ice though. But took a rest anyway (well, what I call a rest...walked a couple of miles, went to the gym, did half an hour on the elliptical and then some light glute and ham stuff). Regretting getting my booster in my left arm (I'm right handed) as that's the side I lie on at night and it hurts like hell. No other effects as far as I can feel, though.
    Big G - sounds delicious, not sure what it is though.

    Cal - I had the same with my booster too, in left arm, but next night I could sleep on that side, so you might be OK tonight.

    I just had a text asking me to book my booster, wasn't a scam text, I checked. 

     My Covid pass has been updated now and all 3 jabs showing
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    Cal-Same with me,sore arm for 1 night then all good.
    Leg has been playing up the last couple of days,no idea why it's kicked off again,really annoying as I was starting to really enjoy my runs again,took yesterday and today off,hopefully OK again soon.
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    I did about 75-mins on Zwift this morning, and then went out for a trip in the van onto the moors, which was nice.  Haven't used the van in anger for a while, except the odd trip over to see Dad just to make sure everything is still fine.

    Went along to the tri club's session in the evening, with temps about 3deg or lower.  Cold, but I was just about okay in t-shirt and shorts (and gloves).  I found it a bit of a strange session though as it was a pyramid session:
    1- 600m + 2mins recovery
    2- 1000m + 2mins recovery
    3- 1-mile + however much recovery as required
    4- 1000m + 1min recovery
    5- 600m 

    The 'point' of the session was to do 3 and 5 as hard as possible.  1 and 4 weren't really efforts at all, whilst 2 was a progressive effort up to 5K race pace.  Quite odd really, but it was nice to get out.  I wasn't especially happy with how I ran it as I did 6:01 for the 1-mile and 2:07 for the final 600m.  With warmup and cold down to/from home, it was about 7.5 miles in total. 
    Ian - that is frustrating your leg playing up again, this is the calf/shin?  Especially when you can't work out why it's sore again.

    Big G - Brrrrrrrr  it was really cold last night and you weren't very warmly dressed for a track session.  🥶

    Luckily it warmed up overnight and was a comfortable 9 degrees when I went out for my run this morning, 8 miles done.   My neck is OK now, slight twinge if I turn my head to the right, should be OK to go back to the gym tomorrow.   :)
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    10-miles for me this morning and I had a nice run out.  A few hills at the start but then mainly flat.  

    This race tomorrow could be very muddy I think....!  I still have my eye on the 5-miler next Tuesday evening, but current forecast is strong winds.  I haven't entered it yet and if the forecast remains the same I don't think I will bother.  
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Shades-Yes same again,it's really frustrating as there's no pattern at all,if it was one thing that kicked it off,say speed or distance I would stop them but it's happened after fast,easy,short,long, ah well it had eased today so got 9m in after work,no issues at all so will see how it reacts tomorrow. 
    Big G - hope your race goes well tomorrow.

    Don't think the drive to Exmouth is worth trying to run along the seafront in a gale.

    I remember taking my running club there for the Fulford 5.   We had a group photo done and it was so windy for all of us our hair was standing on end, really funny picture.

    Ian - well let's hope that reoccurrence has gone again.   It's not something non running that niggles it perhaps, DIY, gardening or at work, work shoes?
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Shades-Definitely not the first 2,don't think I did anything in work,pretty easy day.
    To be honest it's constantly there,sometimes I barely notice it but I've gotten used to dealing with it,and eventually it will go like my achilles did.
  • Big G - Good luck tomorrow 

    Ian - Nice 9m 

    Shades - Good that the neck is ok

    No running for me. Still ITB discomfort when walking/going down stairs so will be a while before I’m out of the woods. At least I can start some of the strengthening exercises again now that nothing is painful. I’ve ordered a cheapo exercice bike to get some cardio in till I can get out again. A shame as ex that the legs are fine post race. Hopefully from next week I can start going out for even a couple of miles here and there. 
  • Hope it eases up, Rcouture. I never really had an ITB problem other than the odd twinge, but I did lose an Autumn due to an angry TFL. There was no damage to the muscle, it was just inflamed and I couldn't run with it. Ended up getting a cortisone shot which sorted it out. Stupid TFL. Anyway, smash a ball into yours if you're able.

    Ian, sorry to hear that.

    I didn't go out until nearly 11 today, and just for an easy four. I went as slowly as a I could without walking (averaged around 12:10 pace), which wasn't very enjoyable. HR was in the 140s. Yeah, don't think I could do MAF.
    Ian - annoying but if you can train without it worsening then in time it should clear up.

    Rcouture - I expect you're busy with work and family but nothing replaces that running fix to make a day complete.   Your legs have recovered well, I hope you'll soon be able to get out for some short runs.

    What date is Copenhagen?

    Cal - that's not a bad start at HR training and all good for the heart and lungs.

    8 miles this morning, brisk sharp wind in places but apart from that good conditions.  Flat run today.   The cycle path that I often run on is having a short extension, will cut out a hump back bridge that I've had a few hairy moments with idiotic drivers.   The new part isn't finished yet, they've been building it for ages, includes a bridge over the river but every time it floods they have to stop work.  Today I was able to go and have a look at it, all lovely tarmac, couldn't get over the bridge as they've put a big fence panel there.   
    We've also just had planning approved for a 5km path to be built to Shaldon, that will be good as I can't run to Shaldon/Teignmouth unless I go by the back hilly roads as the main road is too dangerous to run on.   More running routes the better.  :)
  • Cal - MAF is dry and frustrating as all heck to start. Was worth it for me, though frankly anything would be better than how I first started running. The first marathon plan I used basically had me running at MP every single ‘easy’ run 😀

    Shades - Good to have expanded running routes. Copenhagen is on the 15th of May. Yes I’ve been daydreaming of my bog standard 7 mile route around the common. With the injury, it’s been over a month I’ve not run regularly now 😩

  • Good news about the path, Shades - that'll make things easier.
    Rcouture, I know when I'm injured I almost feel homesick for my running routes, so I know how you must feel. Let's hope it's not a long lay-off. (That plan doesn't look too sensible to me!)

    Broadwater parkrun today (near Godalming in Surrey) - Tunde gave me a lift and there were a lot of parkrun tourists were there including several I know. Quite a few parkrun-iversaries for people which meant plenty of cake, and some lovely soul had even made some gluten free cupcakes which I could eat (and I ate three of them...sorry not sorry).
    The course itself comprised of a figure-8 type course, with three laps of the playing fields and two laps of the lake. Some hard path but mostly grass and trail, and rather muddy (and also rooty in places). It was never going to be a fast one in those conditions, so I got a modest 28:38. Average HR was 175 with a max of 187. I was pushing but not rinsing myself, and I felt fine. I guess my max must be around 200, give or take. Heart like a rabbit or something.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Trying not to turn this into a tale of woe, but I got to the start and didn’t really want to be there, it was cold, people were falling over before the race had even started, it was extremely muddy and slippery, very hilly, it started to rain during the race, at some points people were falling over all around me, I’d have been better with skis on in some places, my trail shoes are shit, and my estimate to OH of ‘I’ll probably be about an hour’ was stupidly optimistic. 7.3 miles, 1hr27mins of misery, all for a poxy mug, no Xmas cake due to covid, but at least I didn’t fall over. The end. 
  • That sounds like my idea of hell, Big G. I remember doing Thames Meander half in 2015 in similar conditions (no hills, but horizontal rain and lots of mud) and it was like the Somme - bodies everywhere. Hope you can get yourself warm.
    Rcouture - thanks for the race date, it's on the list.

    I'm sure you'll be out soon for a run or maybe a run/walk.   Being injured is horrible but at least you haven't got to worry about an imminent race.

    Cal - that's a decent run at parkrun and a decent dent in the cake supply too.  😄

    Big G - sorry but your race report is so funny.  😃. Reminds me why I don't do off road races.
    Covid is no excuse for no cake, I would lodge a serious complaint, I've never heard such a pathetic excuse.
    At Hullavington marathon, we had homemade cakes, all sliced and individually bagged, put on a table and we just picked up a piece at the finish.

    I think your RO today is using Covid as an excuse not to pay out for Xmas cake.
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Big G-Fair play for giving it ago,I'm with the others though and I'd hate it.
    Cal-If you're max is near 200 then using 70-75% as a max effort,which is how I usually run then you can run between 140 and 150,it's not MAF,but it's the way I've trained the last few years and got great results from it.
  • Big G - Best race report of 2021 lol
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Shades, I did upset the whole system at registration as I grabbed a pen to write emergency details on the race number, but was told I should have sanitised my hands first.   To be fair, I think it is a charity that runs it and they are not necessarily runners, so maybe a bit over cautious.  It was only £12 though and well organised/friendly, so from that point of view it is good value, and it does get a good showing from local clubs, but it was just not good conditions for me today. 

    RCouture, thanks :)   Maybe I will send it to our press secretary to see if he includes it in the weekly report :D 
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Valencia marathon is on eurosport this morning,it's also on YouTube on the NN Running team channel,interested to see how Kamworor gets on.
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    Big G - if they were that concerned about being Covid safe they should have asked for next of kin details on the entry form.

    Still no excuse for no cake though.  :#

    Ian - wouldn't let me watch on the NN website.  But I just went to the marathon website and they have live coverage there, albeit with Spanish commentary and I just got the last 5 minutes of the mens race, really exciting finish.   And I could work out by the volume and excitement of the commentators when the first Spaniard finished.   The finish straight is amazing, but I expect when you run it, it seems never ending.

    10 miles this morning round the country lanes, a few hills 818 ft, some fairly challenging climbs and very cold wind especially at the top of the hills.   Legs ran out of glycogen at mile 7, I did a leg/glutes session in the gym yesterday.
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Shades-I really enjoyed it,the first couple were in the lead pack of about 8 all the way and the guy in 3rd and 4th were over a minute behind about 18m in but really charged but looks like they had to use a bit too much energy to catch up.Nice to see Kamworor back after getting knocked over last year.
    Checked my race today and its actually 5.5m,I've ran it twice before,doubt I'll he in pb shape though as last time was 5 weeks after frankfurt so I was in great shape then.
    Ian - it was a great race and a good honest race too.     The pacer nearly knocked over the winning lady in the last part of the race, I think the pacer was struggling a bit and too tired to negotiate the bend properly.   

    Have a good race today.
  • A 16 mile slog today...horrible windy, drizzly weather, particularly the section along the Thames where I had a headwind. Annoyingly, after fitting perfectly all week, my HRM kept sliding down so I had to keep stopping to adjust it so HR data for the run was dodgy. Not sure how it worked its way loose but I'll be more careful putting it on in future.
    Also took a wrong turning which added a couple of miles to the run, but I got to see a couple of egrets in a ditch which I'd have missed otherwise. At least I know I can do 16 miles without too much trouble (albeit slowly and with a few stops along the way).
    Cal - don't you just tuck it under your bra?  No need to wear the full HRM strap then, just the monitor.

    Advantage of being female, well just one of the advantages  ;)

    Well done on slogging out 16 miles.   I love seeing egrets, so white even when in a muddy ploughed field.
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Bit of a rubbish race today.PB on this course was 34.19,today was 35.59 so nearly 20s/m slower,similar to the difference in my MP from then.
    Nice looped course,4 laps of the upper park so lots of spectator spots,felt hard work all the way round.Probably not helped by the 7m warm up but wanted to get more miles in,so 12.5 for the day gives 33 for this week so will treat it as a cut back week and go again next week.
    Ian - that's OK, as you say slower but probably not much more than expected.   That was a long warm up too, wouldn't have been easy to find some additional pace after 7 miles.
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Shades-The 7 wouldn't have helped but getting decent miles in were more important than a minute or so in the race,still thought I'd be able to hit HM pace.No reaction from the leg though so good to run again today.
    Ian - getting the miles in and the leg niggle not playing up is far more important at this stage.

    Big G - I guess you won't be going to Exmouth tomorrow due to the weather forecast.   Our seagulls have come back, usually a sign rough weather on the way.  One of them is throwing a hissy fit at a crow that is sitting on the TV aerial next to the seagull's nest.

    8 miles this morning, chilly morning but better than yesterday as the wind has dropped.  Meant to do flat today but got bored with the main road so went off on a twisted route through a village, ended up with 391 feet but more interesting route.   Legs still gym tired.

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