• <walks in room with head hung low in disgrace>

    Got a bit pi&&ed last night, soz. Feeling really cr&p today and not going for run :(

    Buns and JD: Hope you have fulfilling day today. The jam thing was all lies JD!

    Laura: Sorry

    <crawls back under rock promising to try better next time>
  • FF- DONT BE SILLY!! you have nothing to apologise about...dont add to your guilt or whatever you may be feeling by feeling any way that you have let us down-we are here to support you!! I know how you feel indeed we all do, and dont dwell on it...try and go for a short run, even a jog, it'll make you feel better. if not, make yourself a nice cup of tea and bacon sandwich.
  • fanks Laura! Not sure what come over me. I felt a bit 'fluey' last night and just wanted to snuggle in my pj's with a big glass of room temp red wine and nearly did a whole bottle. Normally this wouldn't effect me too badly but where I've cut right down it went straight to my head!

    12 year old son had me up in night with tummy bug and I think I've got a cold so have taken the day off of running. Gave my dogs (pappilon'Tilly' & pug'Dudley') a bath and hair cut, brushed Tilly's teeth and one fell out!! eewwwww! Still she is 10! Went and bought her a new collar and lead. Feeling a bit better now.

    Cup of tea and bacon sandwich in process of being eaten thanks. xx
  • Ello all.

    FF - Laura's right. From what you've said about last night, I know the feeling. You've got no need to apologise, so stop it now! :P No-one does it overnight - I certainly didn't. The fact worth remembering is that you've made the decision and you are stopping. If you think about it, you've made incredible progress already and it's not going to be long before you'll be able to put drinking behind you. As I've said, I still have bad days, but coping with them gets easier and easier over time.

    So far, today has been surprisingly bearable. Nobody's been eaten yet, at least. I've also calmed down considerably since last night and am now feeding my rebellious streak by eating a large sandwich in the back of the library. Simple things.

    I had my run this morning, in the snow. The trails were nice and muddy - had to stop at one point, lean against a tree and empty the water out of my left shoe. I remember running along, thoroughly enjoying myself and wondering if I'd finally lost it. It's finally happened - this is what they warned me about - all those drugs in my youth have left me capering about in a wood at seven in the morning, one foot sloshing, snowflakes dripping off my hair and into my eyes, with a big grin on my face. It's a good way to go!

    I hope the sarnie helped, FF. :)


  • JD, did you know that you're currently on buy one get one free in Tesco's? I've just weakened and bought some. I took them into the main office and an academic remarked (while eating one) that the quality ones have cream in as well as jam. What madness is this?!
  • Hi Buns! I'm fresh back from Tescos and noticed that too. Thought of you JD.

    I ran to the gym yesterday and by the time I ran back (about 3 miles each way), there was a heavy snow flurry going on and I was thinking exactly the same thing! I wasn't able to look where I was going as the snow kept going in my eyes, I could see drivers giving me the weirdest looks. Heaven knows what my nips were up to, I think they were feeling for lamp posts for me as I nearly ran into a few (sorry, I know thats probably too much information but I'm sure Laura's with me on that!). And all the way, I had the biggest grin on my face thinking sanity is for the shallow minded!!!

    Who needs alcohol to lose the plot huh?

    BTW, as you can probably tell, the sarnie and lazy day has helped immensely and I'm looking forward to my morning run tomorrow. Filled my trolley with lemon spring water!
  • i have often wondered whether it was the drugs that made me nutty (in a good way if there could be such a thing!) or forgettful...but i think i was just like that before!

    i bet that was brilliant bunbury-thats whats lifes about not getting wrecked in a sweaty club with randoms on a chemical high. i never thought id say things like this but its true.

    FF-i wear an enell which is like a corset so cant see anyway...!!! highly recommended.

    have fun on your runs tomorrow-its the national cross country in london and im doing it...just joggin as i cant really run still, but should be a good day out (of sorts!)
  • Good one! :)

    I'm glad it's not just me who thinks that way...a gang of nutters is much more fun. :P

    The aforementioned academic has just e-mailed me this link.


  • Thought of getting an enell for that reason Laura but they're really expensive. However, if it sorts previously mentioned problems out it may be worth the investment .... I will investigate.
  • sorry boys- but they are VERY WELL WORTH IT (dont do PR for them!!) wear mine all the time...normal bras are £20 anyway so may as well spend more and get what you pay for...

    if you spend a lot of time it.
  • Good luck Laurac with the non-drinking, once you get over the first few months you won't even care for it.
  • Afternoon all. 3 more days until tea total. I'm hoping you're right Gareth. I'm also hoping that I might drop this extra half stone I seem to acquired since giving up smoking too! Felt every pound of that on my slow 6 miler this morning and think I've got a cough....well no, I have got a cough, so probably shouldn't have run but there you go.

    Back to work tonight, so speak to you lot on Tuesday. Have a good weekend, keep up the abstinence Laurac .... have put enell on wish list!

    Sorry about the girly thing there for a moment JD and Buns, won't happen again, you can come back now :)
  • <Jammie Dodger walks back into room takes fingers out of ears and stops humming>

    Why what's been going on FF I 've had my fingers in my ears since you mentioned HRT tablets & the other thing?

    Hope work goes well - remember your catching stance is all important they're slippery little bu@@ers.

    Welcome GD 19. What happened to GD 1 to 18or is it a Borg thing 1of9. Only joking good to have another abstainer on side.

  • Bunbury we need to have a chat about getting up in the morning ?

    Anyone skipping, and smiling before 7am IS mad believe me!
  • Yes, you're probably right. I was bouncing up Mam Tor yesterday - I think I might have an excess of energy.

    I found out this morning that our newest professor died on Friday. He'd only been here a few months and I didn't know him well, but I liked him a lot. We got off on the right foot because he treated me like a person instead of 'just an undergrad'. I was looking forward to getting to know him.


  • If you tell me you were running around an iron age fort at 6 in the morning I know for sure that you're mad!!!!

    Sorry to hear the news of your prof.

  • morning all

    Bunbury-thats sad- its awful when it happens so suddenly and unexpected.

    i hope we all had a non-alcoholic weekend?
  • Friends came to stay on Friday - when I got back from london the fridge was full of beer and wine and because they knew I was on the wagon they bought me a six pack of Kaliber. Bar Stewards!
  • Wonderful, JD...just what you needed, I'm sure... I've never been able to bring myself to drink that stuff - I'm not sure quite why, but it seems wrong in some fundamental way.

    As for Mam Tor, you don't need to worry that much yet. I walked up it in the afternoon, although I did far more mountain goat-esque capering than was strictly necessary. Did see a couple of fell runners coming up when we were on the way down, which made me slightly jealous. Just wait until my fitness is a bit better...

    Cheers JD and Laura - the unfairness of it seems to be something you never get used to.


  • You're right Bunbury about the Kaliber - I had a sip and it tasted like watery lager but lager all the same. I felt guilty and reverted to mineral water.

    My fridge is still full of Peroni but it's not tempting me. although I'm more bothered about the amount of room it takes up.

    It must be great to have Mam Tor close even if the legs arn't up to it - you'll get there one day (that's one almighty hill session when you do)
  • Isn't it just! Something to aim for, though...

    The Peak District is wonderful - my favourite bit of the UK, I think. It's a very varied landscape and some of it is truly stunning. It's no wonder I have fell-running aspirations, I suppose!

    The Kaliber sounds delightful. Can you donate the Peroni to someone? I did that with half a bottle of whisky when I stopped. It was appreciated, and it stops the booze from sitting there and annoying you.


  • At the mo. I quite like having booze in the house to offer people. Friends are finding it hard enough to get used to me not drinking without us all sitting around drinking water.

    There was an article in the paper on Fri with Nick Cave and he was saying that people mistook his cleaning up with leading a 'good' life and that the two were not linked.

    I feel sometimes that my friends feel as if I'm judging them (maybe paranoia)just because I remain sober so getting them pissed is the least I can do...(joke)

  • Where is everyone today?
  • doing work! DO SOME!! - like im working really hard....though really fancy a jammie dodger at the moment with a cup of tea...

    bunbury-yes peaks are nice-lake district is also nice.

    FF-have you remained alcohol free?

    GD-thanks-I hope thats true!
  • How did you know I had a cup of tea?
  • ha, ha, ha!!!
  • Emerges from the night rota and rubs eyes! Hi JD,Laurac,Buns (sorry about colleague hun xx)

    Ermm, start the alcohol thingy tomorrow Laura so am sipping on a hot whisky and lemon juice at mo cos I've got flu
    :( (strictly medicinal!) But haven't had a drink since Friday and not too bothered about drinking tonight.

    Couldn't do my run today ... well I could've, but apparently you're not supposed to if you've got a cough are you? Poor FF got sore throat and cough so think runnings going to be poor this week (are you not supposed to run at all or can I go for a short gentle jog each day until I feel betterer??)

    Ready for a tea total March though, think I'll be fine actually, now I've got my head around it.

    Buns: Isn't fell running like running up a hill and then falling all the way down again?? (genuine question, I'm not quite sure what it is)

  • *emerges from beneath a pile of academic papers and blinks owlishly*

    Ello all.

    FF - fell running is essentially running up and down hills. Trail running with lumpy bits. There's more information here:
    It's something I'd love to do. Like most people who make a living out of standing in a muddy hole and shovelling tons of earth, I have a rather strange concept of 'fun', and fell running fits it nicely. Unfortunately, at the moment my fitness is pretty dreadful: I'm still building it up slowly after spending the second half of last year unable to either run or dig due to illness. Just wait until I'm fit enough and those peaks had better watch out... *grin*

    Sorry you're feeling a bit grim, mate. February is a wee nuisance of a month - just about everyone I know is sniffling. I hope you feel better soon so you can be out running into lampposts again. :P

    JD - Nick Cave: funnily enough, I think I know what he means! I spent years being the bad influence, the devil on someone's shoulder or the bad crowd that people got in with (all genuine comments from friends...) and now, all of a sudden, people seem to think I'm respectable. If they only knew....

    How's it going Laurac?




    Fly free, Andrew.
  • Think I'd be good at that Buns!! Looks fun to me too. I also quite like the look of adventure running! I'm not a fast runner, and don't particularly enjoy running fast, but when I'm at the back of the pack in a race, I pass everyone on the hills (I have huge quads!) One of my favourite runs takes me up a tidal path and along the sea front and I sometimes come home with mud splashed up my back and face and it gives me a huge sense of satisfaction!

    There is a local 8 mile adventure run which I'm interested in doing next year! Not many descent hills in Hampshire though.

    Not sure I've ever been accused of being respectable, even when I was!
  • PS (whispers to Laurac whilst men look in opposite direction) Have ordered my enell and awaiting delivery with bated breath!(£32, cheapest I've seen 'em).
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