'Mature' runners.



  • Yawn... fascinating... night all... bored HW slopes off to find something useful to do...
  • <piglet trots in with little case, puts it down in corner and snuggles down in the straw>



    G'night :)
  • JJ,

    Took a while to get back to you especially after being diverted by Billow the Belt.

    None of the V60's I know are on the internet so tricky to get them to contribute. They are of course all built like whippets and have been fast from birth. My plan is to outlive them as the ones who beat me in races have always beaten me even when they were spring chickens of 35 or so. But as they started running about 15 years before me their catilage should wear out soon and give me 15 years to enjoy supremacy. 2025 should be a good year for me if I'm still alive.

    The exception is Geoff Oliver who started running when he was about 50 and is still ahead of me even though he's about 10 years older.

    I'll pick their brains for training tips but suspect that what I'll come back with is:

    a. Don't train every day, and
    b. Keep up the speed work, i.e.
    c. Speed is more important than distance as you get older.

    Watch this space.

    Sorry I couldn'tmake it rhyme.
  • <rustle>

    <snuffle, snuffle>

    ... do I smell fire??


    <piglet turns over and sleeps>
  • <rustle, rustle>

    <piglet emerges from straw, takes up little case and trots out to find something to eat>
  • Morning all!!

    That Billow's a bit of a babe isnt she? When's she coming back again??

    There's nothing funnier than a SOHF.

    Hey I'm working on a pome. WildWill has inspired me.

    L8ers grizzly dudes!
  • OK JJ, I'll let you in on some info. The guy who kindly ran with me for most of the Watford half route a weeek ago is 76, he carried on with the rest of the group when I ground to a halt. The club coach is an ultra runner who, I would say, is well over 60 - apparently he doesn't 'run' any more, he's switched to race-walking.

    If it makes you happy, when I can walk and run again (which should be in about a week if all goes well), then I will ask them their times and tips, and see if they already lurk on here under other names.
  • Morning all. Bold squirrel was back again this morning, and has learnt that my cat, while large, is in fact a wuss puss.
    Nice pomes, but didn't understand Billow's. Was it an example of free verse?
    Piglet - there's a great pic of some of your friends in the Guardian this morning, together with a top ten list of favourite piggy toys. No mention of wicking briefs, though.
    Helen W - will go off in search of the Ron the Pod thread.
  • Morning JJ. You're looking smart again today.
  • errr...mongoose intuition? No, okay. Informed guess based on prior intelligence.
  • Ha! It was mongoose intuition after all.
  • JJ: Info on "Thar she billows". 39 posts on US site as of yesterday, a significant number on New Year's Eve regarding runner's knee (her other two posts on these forums have also been on her knees, so to speak). I think if we'd been whinging about our knees she would have been happy. Don't think she was taking the p***, definite SOHF. I hope I haven't missed a new undies thread with all this research!

    Anyone seen Redhead recently?
  • Just seen Chimp's poem, finest prose on the forum!!!
  • Underwear always seems to get a lookin on a daily basis.
  • Morning, People

    I've just been taking a trot around the US forum recommended by Bellow and found this!


    <piglet scratches snout with crubeen, disbelievingly!>
  • skip, skip, skip!!

    Hey, when I got back to The Sty this morning I found a parcel, and when I opened it there was a wellington boot and a little dangly chain, labelled "toys for Wee Piglet". I've been having a great time with them :)

    I hope I won't lose them, though, because if I do then there's apparently a risk that I might start fighting and nipping people!

    Perhaps I should practise?

    grr grr grr
    grr grr grr

    <piglet darts towards a tree in the corner and nips at a branch>

    nip nip nip

    :-) Squeal!
  • Piglet - I've got no idea what you're on but please send me some.
  • Piglet - did you get the cricket bat as well? Careful with the rubber on the handle...
  • Piglet - your find is so good I had to snip it out...here's Billow's post on the American RW site:

    There is another Runners World website for the UK, which has its own Runners World magazine. The website is www.runnersworld.co.uk. I had fun reading it too, but it has been a while since I have tuned in because of what happened when a runner who is over 60 suggested that they start a section for runners over 60, or something like here where we have this section for Masters (there called Veterans). I thought this was a fine suggestion, but you should have read the replies! It was extremely depressing. I could not even finish reading the many, many pages. Many of the responses were from an ape. What I mean is that there most messages come with a photograph chosen to represent the one who sends it, and some have their own photo and some pick some other symbolic photograph. This one had an ape photograph, and was extremely derogatory about the idea of old geezers doing anything. Obviously he was quite young in age as well as mental development, but the worst thing was that the responses of the older ones were embarrassed and had an apologetic note, self-deprecating about sagging bodies or so on, very humiliating indeed. It was gross and I have not gone back there since. I wanted to write in there and tell the serious ones to come onto this website and take heart, but at that time I hadn't had the courage or knowhow to write into these things. It must have been about two weeks ago or during the first week in December or so. Reading it was very discouraging and even the idea of going back there gives me the creeps, but maybe I should.

    << Meerkat withdraws, hauling her sagging body and muttering 'Sorry, sorry' >>
  • Oh dear. And I was nearly convinced that some Americans COULD get irony.
  • Hello Glenn :) Where've you been?

    meerkat - there was no bat, and I was hoping for a doll too. Ah, well - maybe in the second post?

    <piglet smiles shyly> Would you like a kick of my welly?
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