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  • i know what side my bread is buttered on


  • I think I must get one of these coach things people seem to like them

    I am going to start by asking Hannabelle to coach me towards a clean and tidy flat so that I don't have to hide when anyone knocks the door
  • you should be in good shape having done a long run a few weeks ago
  • ok - you're a bike ponce. or was i meant to call you that yesterday?
  • Bike ponce

    My knee is niggly all the time now and I didn't even do the bliddy run or bike at TLD.

    Will run on it tommorrow incase its an inactivity niggle
  • I'll have you know I now have about 2 square inches more clear living room floor and one square foot of sparkly clean Kitchen surface
  • haile - could be your IT band, cos it might be tight as a result of TLD, try stretching it out twice a day - hold the stretch for 30 seconds *3

    i am now qualified to give you this information as i have had confirmation that i passed the sports cert through this am
  • Congratulations Lurker
  • Well you are a bike ponce now so yes probably being a poof as well ;-)
  • Unfortunately not.

    Swan Pool is a bit tight on safety and my club isn't registered down there - I had got round it due to a lifeguard ex but he had to train on Wednesday so I couldn't swim. I am planning on a 90 swim without a wetsuit first to see what happens
  • Its hard to know what to do fisrt - one thing at a time to figure it out or as has been suggested everything first and then cut individual things out - hoping to do a half at the back end of September finance and transport dependant
  • Gawd lummee, you go away for the weekend and get back to:
    2 rest days
    5 mile run easy
    5 mile run steady
    6 mile run slow
    1 mile jog 5 mile fartlek 1 mile jog
    2hr long run

    I've got a tweaked something too, so this week is complete rest (maybe a swim), and let the cartilage in my kneecap grow back, ten I can come out to play again.
  • S'okay, I've got croc working on summat.

    Coach's marathon plan is all fine and good, but I don't have a marathon at the end of it...
  • Get proper massage for the IT band - it makes a hell of a difference. Get her (or him) to run their forearm up and 'strip' the band and the muscles it's connected to, right the way up from the ankle to the hip. And try to stretch off the hip flexor too as it can tighten the IT band..
  • Bottom on this page
    And I don't so much do it as... well, should do it but are too lazy.

    But then I'm a cretin.

    Got my allpix pic through yesterday - looks good, much better than I thought it would look with the proofs. He's cropped it nicely and sorted the colour balance. I phoned them up, told them my trouble with the website timing out, and they mailed out the one I wanted with an invoice. Paid by cheque, all fine and dandy.

    Going to do a montage thingy with that and my race number in the same frame. Actually my spare race number - I binned the actual one as it smelt like a 3 day old corpse. And yes, I do know what that smells like.

    Just need to find a frame big enough, and a wall that is in an incredibly prominent place...

    a bit like this haile, but i tuck the straight leg under me

    the it band only goes from your bum to yur knee BTW

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