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  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭
    Chris well done on your 21 miles yesterday but what is sun? Back to snow on the ground here just after breakfast and letting it settle before I set off on my long run.

    Steve Jones is one of my heroes what a gutsy runner who put it on the line, they used to say he couldn't sprint but it came down to it he gave 120% every time.
  • NP that really was a very impressive resullt, (looks like jf50 you and myself all started our working life the same way back in the 70s)image ..and HeOw NPS WAVA IS  82% according to Fetch and its for the marathon which is even more impressive , mine has just scraped over 75%..be nice to see it get nearer 80%..I compared NPs to male runners in our club and locally very well known runners and yes he is up there with the best there is a vet lady 55 at our club is whose wava is 91% !! 

    Heow I really hope you get out for a run today you have worked so bloody hard it would be such a shame to miss Manchester after all that.

     Seen the forecast and very cold today and even colder and windier tomorrow so despite a very late night and having to work this afternoon I shall get out for a long run of some kind this morning.

  • Another 20 miler done.  I know the program said 18 but thought I would round the weeks milage up to 70.



  • Morning All

    NP - amazing stats, total respect to you & 15 - Great running as well, you are both imspirational to guys like me who came to the game 'late' (I ran my 1st competitive half at the age of 30 clocking 1:28:30) - just hope I can keep it going!!

    Mark, hope things are on the up & you are starting to feel better, and Heow really sorry to hear of your injury problems, I really hope you have a positive outcome

    22M for me this morning (rescheduled from last Sunday to accomodate racing) in 2:47 - felt a little tired toward the end (although mile 22 was a 7:36 so only a couple of seconds below the run average) but hopefully will sart to feel fresher with an easier couple of days to look forward to

    Hope everyone enjoys thier runs today 

  • 17.7 mile run started off easy arounf 7:40 pace grandually increasing pace to around 7:00min/mile pace and ending last 4 miles below 6:30 pace.  Weather was horrendous, first 9 mile headwind and sleet, but felt great throughout and finished feeling strong.

  • Hi all, I've not had much chance to look in recently, but a quick check back shows some great PBs last weekend and good running. 

    NN - I hope you are fully recovered now and out running well and HeOw I hope your foot is going to be better really soon, it does sound like it's on the mend, I would be a shame to have to re-schedule, but nice to see you in Shrewsbury, I think I will be doing the half. 

    I did post after my 20 miler last wekend but like Fiona J I have had problems with posts disapearing. I have had a reasonably good week and stayed on plan, made a slip up at running my 600s at mile pace rather than 5k though, got carried away.

    Had nightmare with the Hotel for London cancelling my booking, but luckily they have now found us somewhere else (3 times the price but they are footing the bill) but I was worried there for a bit! I wouldn't mind but I booked it last September.

    I hope everyone has a good run today, I was glad to get my long run done yesterday before the weather come in.

  • MennaniaMennania ✭✭✭

    Some Frighteningly rapid LSRs being done. Be careful to not burn all your matches chaps!!

    He Ow - hope you got out today and its feeling better.

    I have a bit of pain on the side of my big toe where it meets the ball of the foot. Hoping the rest day will ease it off.

    Hope everyone elses lsrs go ok

  • I agree with Men, when I read the paces people run at on here I sometimes worry that some people are overdoing it!

    A few days ago I was running fast intervals round the track feeling great, today I'm sat at home too ill to run.

    I'm not trying to tell anyone how to train but take it from me there's a fine line between being very fit and injured or ill.
  • Fast indeed guys,,another 20 in the bag for me not so fast as you guys , did mine in 2.58

    Men hope its just a little niggle that sorts itself soonish !!

    Pottermiss that sounds like a bloody good deal to me 5* I hope..lol and don't worry too much about the pace of the intervals we are training for a marathon not a 10k..

  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭

    +1 for headwind and sleet. Craig, it sounds like we went on the same run!

    19 miles for me this morning instead of 18 as it just worked out better with my route. For the first three the snow/sleet blowing into my face was more like small hail, sharp and nasty, and although I wasn't going to turn back, I did feel like a total moron for planning to be out in it for another 16. Luckily the snow eased off a bit though, and after the half-way point the wind was behind me, or at least not blowing me backwards. Don't know if anyone's done the Robin Hood marathon, but the really grim bit round the watersports centre that's always really windy features in my long run route. Stuck to +20% speeding up to +10% and then last three at marathon pace for a total of 2:34.

    Mark, really hope you're better soon.

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Hello...20mi this morning in 2 1/2 hours. Got more and more cold and windy throughout the run. COME ON SPRING...WHERE ARE YOU?

    Just had a massive south indian thali buffet and I am totally stuffed.

  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭

    NN WOW that lady must be flying for her ageimage well done on another great 20 todayimage

    Surry well done on the 20 and 70 miles for the weekimage

    Dave great running and well done on the 22 you banked todayimage

    Craig sounds like you had the same weather as me bloody cold and a bitter wind, but thats a great progressive run well done sirimage

    Pottermiss glad you got your hotel sorted and they are footing the bill, doing the 600's at mile pace wont hurtimage

    Menn hope the toe is just a niggle.

    Lit great running in the conditions not nice to keep going when its like this.image

    15West well done on your run sir lets just hope it's not like VLM in 2011 when we had a real bad winter and come the big day it was 26 degreesimage needed sun cream on and I have never seen so many peeps fail to finish.

    Well my run was a bit diffrent this morning set out to run my normal 22 mile route and after getting to the half way point was redirected a diffrent way due to a bomb scareimage.. but just over 22 miles banked with 8 miles at MP and avg 7:20 pace not easy in the wind....

    But very happy with that and how my legs feel will have a stretch later and a self massage of my calfsimage only 6 weeks to go now.

  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭

    Mark 1981 get well soon.

  • TenjisoTenjiso ✭✭✭

    Seriously guys.... slow down with the posts! image  By the time I read them all I forget what I was going to say.  So let's just say well done everyone image  

    The bits I do remember:

    HeOw - I hope it's not as bad as you think!  

    Men - again, hope it's minor.

    Chris - I reckon you have given the reason why earlier runners did better... more miles.  It doesn't go down well with the industry scientific mob though.  They can't sell us more miles in a bottle.

    NN - thanks for pointing me in the direction of more stats to obsess over (WAVA) image

    I moved today's scheduled 18/14m MPR back to next week, as I will be taking part in an organised 18m training run. So today I ran 20m LR instead.

    Target pace: 10:48 to 9:54 Actual Mile splits (pit-stop in mile 7):

    Felt tougher than usual, so I'm pleased I came home at the right pace. It will be interesting to see what recovery feels like, because I think it has taken more out of me than usual. I'll be glad when I can shake this damn cough!

    Another 54m in the bank this week, and that concludes the first three months of P&D training!!! How quickly has that time gone??? It started easy with a rest day on the 10th December, then got significantly harder from there. Only five weeks to go to lay the program on the line!

  • TenjisoTenjiso ✭✭✭

    Mark - missed the fact that you were ill too image  Again, hope it's just short term and you can just benefit from some extra rest.

  • I hope all those feelinhg ill make a sharpish return,

    Some great runs today in what seems to be a return of winter with a vengeance.

    I was only due a 17 long which i usually tend to finish at around 7:20 (10% slower than marathon pace), just felt so well and pushed it and pushed it more, won't be doing it again though as I don't fancy being sidelined.

    Rest tomorrow and then a double recovery run day, a 6 & 4, might be fun with working mornings, this will be my most demanding running week and I start the VO2 max intervals this week. 5x1200s.

  • 20 miles out and back along the Thames for me today. Was going OK until I turned around and realised that there'd been a strong wind behind me all along. Wasn't able to speed up for the second half as planned, ended up sticking to 7:50 miles throughout. Legs feel absolutely spent after this week and last Sunday's race. Must mean this week is going to be a recovery week, let's see.....WRONG!

    Ten - I think you and I are in sync with fatigue and recovery etc, your descriptions of your last few runs match how I've been feeling. Congrats on another quality week though, especially since you have that cough.

    Craig - that's a super speedy LR, and sounds like you found it easy too. Impressive.

    Those with niggles/illness - fingers crossed a little rest will sort them out.

    DIY afternoon now. Painting radiators.

    Happy rest day for tomorrow P'n'Ders

  • NP just checked her UK rankings (my club mate I mean.).she was 4th in age for half last year, 1st for 10k and 1st for 5k, and is currently 1st for 10k this year..so yes she flies..and is built like a whippet as you would expect.

    nice long runs everyone..looks like winter is back ...did it ever go away ?

    Heow..I got your last PM but it wont let me reply, will try later. xx


  • TenjisoTenjiso ✭✭✭

    Cheers Al.  We'll be looking forward to the taper.... until the taper arrives and we start missing the harder weeks.. probably.

    Time to start my new WAVA spreadsheet image

  • Go CazGo Caz ✭✭✭
    NN, I thought No Pain was talking about you flying for your age. Which you are! But if your club mate has an age grading of over 90%, I believe that is international level. Inspirational.

    21 miles done today. Not too many more really long ones left. Woo-hoo.
  • Well done everyone on the runs today, some impressive stuff.

    HeOw- how's things? Did u get out for a run today?

    Thanks for the get well messages image

    I've just been to see the out of hours doctor. He said I've got a viral infection but he doesn't see a problem with me running if I feel up to it.

    I said I was worried about running with a chesty cough but he reckons its ok, think ill give it till Tuesday and then start again.

    Just hope I don't make it worse!
  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭
    Ten well done with the long run and a well zipped up man suit image

    Al again same for you that wind was not nice but well done for sticking it out image

    NN that's some record she has.

    Go Caz great running and well done on banking 21 miles.

    HeOw how things with you?

    Well it's snowing here again image
  • Hi All still following from a distance. Some great training and loads of good advice being shared. My trainings going pretty well at mo and injury niggles seem to be at bay. VLM fast approaching for my first marathon and initial goal of sub 4hrs been revised to 3:45 because training going well (got 1:46 for a half last week). My concern is tho that I just don't seem to av the endurance in legs at moment. I am a little bit off of the required long runs and so done 20m today with 16 at goal MP which I managed to sustain up till last 2 miles when I really fell away. This really concerns me and worried I could die a death at VLM this is also considering my diet was pretty spot on for last 2 days and used loads of gels in run. My question is really how to best improve my endurance with limited time and also I am scheduled to run Hastings half in few weeks would I perhaps be better of not doing this and perhaps do a LSR run of maybe 22m instead. Sorry for long post and if it's bit all over place. Would really appreciate advice tho.
  • LTB if you are finding your long runs a struggle try and run them a bit slower.

    Running at mp is difficult for most people during a long even more so for someone less experienced.

    I wouldn't worry too much because you'll be quite fatigued at the moment so the training runs are bound to feel harder, on race day it'll be easier because your legs will be a lot fresher.
  • Some fantastic running going on as usual on here. And if the fast paces felt good, then stick with it I say. Its all confidence building stuff and London is fast approaching, with a nice taper to get some recovery.

    Decided to do my local cross country league race today to try to help the club avoid relegation. This was after yesterdays 21 miler. And I've got to be honest I am not feeling too bad. Totally smashed the cross country as well and came home first runner for the club. No results as yet, but very happy with where I finished This marathon training really has improved my strength more than I thought possible. Definately will be having a total recovery day tomorrow though (and plenty of wine tonight!).

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    LTB - just keep following the schedule...20 with 16 at MP is always going to be difficult. But - your body will be apapting...With the half the choice is yours. You could go for a 7 or 8 mile jog before - then run the half at MP? or if you're not to bothered scrap the half and run those 22mi - I think the long runs are the most important part of the schedule.

    This is a tough part of the schedule and doubts can creep in, but don't panic and try do too much more otherwise you'll more than likely burn out and/or get injured.

    Mark - good luck with your infection recovery - surprised doctor said ok to run with a chesty cough....take it easy and if gets worse stop.

    Everyone else - impressive running (NP and NN - you're great!). Come in HeOw, missing your delicate updates.

  • MennaniaMennania ✭✭✭

    Get well Mark.

    Good Result Chris, enjoy the wine, I am currently finishing off a spanish white rioja with a little french sauvignon for afters.

    LTB - 20 with 16 at MP is a horror of a run always. Dont worry about it - the fact that you did 14 at MP is something you should feel really good about. The difference a taper makes is truly phenomenal, you will be grand come the day.

    2.5m recovery for me (to pick up my car after yesterdays sessionimage) Bad news is that I have definitely done something to a bone in my foot (inside on knuckle of big toe) Good news is that it only hurts when I stop running.......Easily solved

  • MennaniaMennania ✭✭✭

    LTB -  + 1 for the half at MP as 15w says.

  • Get some ice on that foot while you are enjoying the wine Mennania. You can almost call it training! The best kind!

  • Just re-read your post LTB, 20 with [email protected] is a killer of a run, I misunderstood your post and thought you were struggling with your long runs.

    I don't think many people could complete a run like that with fatigued legs.

    Hope the injury is not too bad Men, get some ice on it.
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