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    Kenno - Really happy for you. Enjoy the rest of your sub-4 weekend.
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    Thanks eggy. I might have to remind people a few times over the next week :-)
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    Well done Kenno.

    I'm doubting I can do Paris. I had to abort my long run at just over 16 miles today. Just to get that far took 3hrs45mins and I couldn't even do another two miles (was aiming for 18) let alone another 10.

    The soles of my feet are so bruised, I can't even put any weight on my right foot. My knee on the right was also really painful. And I was exhausted. Beyond exhausted.
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    Katey, don't give in. There are still 4 weeks to go. I've read a number of opinions that for a first marathon to get around you don't need to do much over 16 miles. 

    You'll get a boost on the day with the adrenaline alone which will take you a bit further. 

    Self doubts are natural. If you wanted to table a look in the Amsterdam 2015 forum you'll see that I became close to packing it in a number of times. 

    Take a couple of days of rest and see how you feel. 
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    Thanks Kenno. My feet are in so much pain at the moment, the right foot more so. I can't even make it upstairs. The only thing I'm clinging to is that I'm still not 100% and today's run was definitely sponsored by Imodium!!!

    One of my reasons for doing the marathon was to try and lose weight accumulated through two pregnancies (four if I count the ones that didn't get past 12 weeks) and fertility treatment, but I've failed spectacularly on that front so I'm concerned the foot pain is because my body is carrying too much weight for my frame. 

    I have a half next next week so will see how that goes. Might give running a miss for the next few days and swim instead. 
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    You can gain a lot from cross training. If you've paid for your travel and hotel you may as well give it a go. There are plenty of metro stations around the course that if you need to bail you can and get back. You can take heart in that you'll have done something that many people never will be race enough to do and start a marathon. You might even surprise yourself. 
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    I've paid for the travel but could still cancel the hotel at no charge. 
  • Do your shoes have enough support Katey? If your feet are bruising, perhaps you need to run in something with a lot of bounce, like Hokas?
  • Make sure your trainers aren't worn down, can make a massive difference, also it would be best to go swimming until your feet are better, don't overtrain, remember on the day Youl be motivated with all the other runners being around you it gives you a boost. 
  • kennokenno ✭✭✭
    I'm a 15.5 stone person who now runs in Hokas. Love them. 
  • I did ten miles yesterday and have a sore knee :(so have to take few day rest, excited at the moment though so just want to be running (n)
  • Katey, if it makes you feel any better my run today was a complete disaster and I bailed at just 15! I'm putting it down to just generally being tired (I really didn't want to go beforehand so I think I mentally defeated myself).

    Everything I have read suggests that knocking a few miles off one long run at this stage really doesn't matter on the day. It's the training as a whole! I wonder how many people have ever managed to do a full training plan without missing bits out....being ill, being busy and being generally shattered just happens! But all of those people still finish!

    Think about how much you have put in so far and how proud of yourself you will be when you get to the end (which you will because you have come this far). Have a couple of days off running and listen to your body and then enjoy your half next week! And then it's time to taper! I reckon these couple of weeks are the hardest bit of a marathon....motivating yourself to run alone for hours is the real mental challenge! On the day with all the excitement, crowds and carb loading we will be fine....that's what I keep telling myself anyway!
  • Hello Katey, I know 'Exactly' how you are feeling both physically and mentally. I suffered with painful feet on picking up Rheumatoid Arthritis. To ease my painful feet, I have been using Premium Orthotic Gel High Arch Supports. They help me through my marathons by providing cushioning where I need it most. The arch support is also helpful.
    I am now suffering badly with High Hamstring strain to my right leg.
    Self inflicted. Continued to run through a 10 miler some weeks ago when pain struck at the 5 mile point, but decided to cut the pace and run through it like an idiot. Been icing it continuously but the damage has been done. I've tried a Hamstring strap but doesn't reach the high point just below the butt. I paid my 12 Euros for injuries on registration just in case. (first time I've ever done that). Must have had a premonition. I too can cancel my hotel at Gere Du Nord this side of the 6th April. I'm still undecided whether to cancel or not. My GP has already given me a sick note just in case. If I do attend, then I will line up at the very back of the 4:30 + runners and run the 26.2 in intervals (run/walk/run). With my RA I have to run/walk/run these marathons. Intervals differ but mainly around 3 min jog/1 min power walk and carry out leg bends during the minute walk. My PB is 4:43:37 in Berlin 2015 using the same method. I hope to see you at the back of the pack should your painful feet ease. Try and stay injury free. Best wishes. Fred.
  • Oh, I get my Orthotic inners off Amazon at Foot Soothers. email: [email protected] They cost £6.49. Following a long distance run, the side of the inner where you 'toe off' will flatten a little. I put them on a hot radiator (side ways) and they tend adopt the correct shape after a while.
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    We must be getting close as it's getting busy in here!

    Hello to all all those new people who've just posted. Looking forward to meeting lots of you in Paris.

    I'm just planning the next two weeks (and then two weeks of tapering). I did my 20m race last weekend, so i've taken it easy this week. I have Reading Half next weekend which i'm planning on hitting hard, so i'm now wondering what additional long runs to do. I did 12.5m today, after park run and an another 5km after it on Saturday. So i'm thinking of putting in 13-14 tomorrow as that should be tough going. I'll then go for 20-22m run 2 weeks out. The mind is playing games already!

    Katey - if you can get to 16 now you can get round. I'd suggest you do your half next weekend and then go and tag a couple of miles on the end after it. Don't be afraid to do a bit of run walking - walk a minute then run 5 mins. If you can do another 16 miles next weekend you'll start to find it easier. Then the following week i'd just aim for 18 miles, nice and slowly. Getting to the start line is the hardest challenge.  

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    Long range weather forecast for race day is partly sunny 14c! Who knows what we'll actually get!
  • kennokenno ✭✭✭
    I want the weather to be dull, overcast and a bit of drizzle once we've started. That would be perfect!
  • I ran round in 2012 with a friend whose longest training run had been 14 miles! He made it.
  • Wow been busy on here and so much to take in
    Well done Kenno on your Marathon and hope everyone else's running has gone ok this weekend.
    I did the MK 20 miles last Sunday which went ok but I have struggled a bit this week and had a head cold and now a chesty cough. I have been trying to run through it but I have felt flat all week. Today I should have done a 17mile run (according to the schedule I am following) but my route was muddy and I then changed my loop and ended up only doing 10miles and felt lifeless. Hopefully next week my energy levels will pick up again.
    Lucy/Katy I think I have a mixture of both of your feelings so glad I am not the only one. I get reassurance from just reading all the responses and stories from others who have been there, seen it and done it more than once.
    Katy - I hope your run went ok today
    Nells well done on your very nearly under 2 Half Marathon - sounds like you will nail that one next time and your Park Run time is impressive. I have been following the runners world schedule as you suggested and apart from the fact I have felt crap this week it has been working well and I keep ticking the days off and hopefully if I just about follow the schedule I should get round.
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    Interesting comments on temp in Paris. 

    So, what are the implications  of warmer weather - taking on more water, slower pace, impact on nutrition pre or during race?
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    Eggy, is it possible to put myself down as a maybe for dinner on the sat night?
  • 1992km said:
    Interesting comments on temp in Paris. 

    So, what are the implications  of warmer weather - taking on more water, slower pace, impact on nutrition pre or during race?
    I can't remember the exact numbers, but there are some stats around the impact of temperature on heart rate - essentially for every degree above (15?), the same effort costs (5?) BPM. So, if it's hot, slow down.

    Obviously drink more too (but not too much!)
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    Katey: another one who asks about shoes.  Are they 'fresh ' enough? Are they too worn? 

    Don't take it too much to heart, you've got 4 weeks, you can certainly get round on 16miles training runs and be OK. 

    I'd always say, make sure that you're resting enough and fuelling sufficiently for your run. What are you eating and drinking the day /night before?  

    The main thing to consider in hot weather is your salt levels and hydration. There are other ways to cool off (pour some water over the back of your neck etc) than drinking. 
  • I've just been to my doctors surgery to get the medical form signed off where they told me they don't sign off forms for foreign marathons. Not sure where I'm supposed to go from here, they couldn't tell me where I can get it signed off....
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    Emma16 - Every year there seems to be a few people who have issues getting their medical form signed. It's been mentioned previously, but if your GP refuses to sign it, and it's not due to any known medical issue, then you can always just buy an address stamp from the likes of Amazon and sign and stamp it yourself. There's been a few people who've done that in previous years.

    1992km - I've added you to the list.

    As for warm weather handling I must warn you that this post is coming from a Scotsman who thinks the gods have been angered when the big burny orange thing appears in the sky.

    You'll drink a bit more, but not a huge amount. Nutrition wise salt is something to think about when the temperatures are high. Time goals, depends on your ability to deal with the heat. Personally I struggle in warm weather.

    My marathon and half PB's came in very cold weather. Last year I turned up in Copenhagen in the best shape of my life. Hadn't missed a single training run in my 18 weeks of training for it. I'd been running brilliantly in training. That was the slowest of the three marathons I ran last year. The reason, it was it was a blisteringly hot day and I couldn't deal with it.

    On the flip side I did very half hearted training for Portsmouth in December, which was the easiest marathon I've ever ran and I was only 5 minutes slower than my PB pace. I honestly think the main reason for that was the cool conditions on the day were perfect for me.
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    Katey - There's been some good advice given to you boy others.

    I'd second getting the trainers looked at and thinking of getting a new pair. Bruised feet sounds like a issue with your running shoes more than anything else.

    I do think you can do it. Have you tried a run/walk strategy, or are you running the entire distance on your long runs?
  • NellsNells ✭✭✭
    Katey - this year in Paris will be my fourth marathon. The first two (both Paris!) I ran undertrained and quite a bit overweight but I survived. I might have been death marching to the end, with a bit of run/walking going on in the final miles, but I got to the end and got the medal and t-shirt! The third I ran last Autumn, still overweight but less so, and for Paris this year if all goes well I'll be a bit lighter again (though incredibly, unless I miraculously lose about 10lb overnight, STILL overweight, which goes to show you how much I was carrying around on the first two!). As my recent times have shown, it definitely helps to be lighter and there is probably less risk of injury, but that's not to say you can't do it if you're carrying a little bit more than you'd like around!

    It seems to me like you've already gone through some tough times mentally and physically and come through it, so you know you can dig deep when the going gets difficult. You might still be working on getting your body back to where you want it, but it's been through a lot and you're still standing so that goes to show how strong you are. Keep reminding yourself of this when the doubts creep in. 

    As others have mentioned about the feet - check the trainers and see if that gives you any hope. Do I remember you mentioning you're diabetic? Could this be a factor? Might be worth asking your consultant or podiatrist to check if so...

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    PARIS 2017 list

    Yellow pen (3:15):
    9672 - Steve Duffy 2
    10207 -  Maccatheknacca
    ????? - nicko1981

    Blue Pen (3:30):
    17108 – MattL
    17165 – LloydR
    20620 - Stuchbury
    20621 – Kenno
    20771 – Dean Lucas
    22198 – Mahdu2
    23303 - TT

    Purple pen (3:45):
    29172 - Baldstan
    29451 - Pistol101
    29460 – Yer Maj
    29643 - AspirantRunner
    29691 – Eggyh73
    32279 - Emma16
    33449 – ryantilley
    37420 – Bandito27
    39073 – Mandydebs

    Green pen (4hr):
    43209 – Nells
    43613 – Hatton2009
    43640 - andrewr123
    43794 - Never Give Up Girl
    43975 - Franz Wanzenboeck
    44052 - Betzza
    44674 – Benign Murmurring

    Grey pen (4:15)

    ????? - lucyfoster87
    63796 – 1992km
    64520 – Running Rodent

    Pink pen (4:30+):

    68714 – Tired Legs
    69792 – Kirsten B
    68965 – RoddyMac
    73942 – FRG2
    75540 - katey
    75874 – Pancake2

    To find your number/pen - log in to your ASO account -,
    there is a large red box to the left of the screen, click 'my order' and your details are there. You should be able to change your pen on the day if required. Someone will post on the forum when the Convocation (a piece of paper that you HAVE to take with you to the Expo) is ready to download, normally a couple of weeks before the race.


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    If you are not on the list above and want to be, please let me know and I'll add you.

    If anyone is needing some motivation, take a look at the finishers video from this forum from last year put together by the wonderful Orbutt 
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