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    Hello... is anyone still out there???

    I used to post regularly on this thread when i first started running 3 yrs ago. I found it a tremendous support and encouragement. I just popped back to say hi,and that I'm still loving running.imageimage  I'm now into running marathons, i've actually got through to the last 21 in the Asics target 26.2. So keep running, keep smiling,   Jenny

  • I had completely forgotten about this thread until I started back up running last week, I've not posted in a few years, is anyone still going about?!x
  • Hi TTN, I've been away from running for about the same length as yourself but have just entered the Edinburgh Half-marathon. I too used this forum and was also wondering how all the 'not so newbies' are getting on.
    be great to hear from some of them/you from that era and find how they are all doing.
  • I'm new!!:)

    losing weight and trying to get fit. Looking to do my first park run soon and hopefully do a 10k before the end of the year
  • To get fitter and lose weight, main goals. 
    Have done 3 Park runs but would like in time to do 10k and maybe a HM, but not a full blown marathon. 
  • Hello newbie here. I've struggled with running my whole life, which I've now discovered was because nobody ever told me about things like pacing, breathing, etc. I just thought you were a person who could run or you weren't.

    So after much trial and error with different paces and breathing and doing couch to 5k, I now consider myself a person who can run which is very exciting! Looking forward to what the future holds.
  • Checking in to say hello. I've started running more over the past few months having started doing bootcamp last autumn. Cos I'm at bc up to 3 x a week I'm doing 1 or 2 runs a week, we do some running in bc too.

    I've gradually increased my distance and am up to 8k non stop run (well more of a trot) on a good day. My fastest 1k is 6.34 mins but on a longer run I'm usually doing 7.40 but it quite constant. It's definitely a jog not a walk but I know I'm really slow! My friend finished the marathon last week with a really bad knee much faster than my best pace!
    My bleep test is up to 4.2 so still not great, but a definite improvement on where I started!

    I was encouraged by doing an 8k so have signed up to do the London 10k at the end of May. Hoping I can do it!
  • Not a newbie runner, but a newbie to the forum :) Current goals for this year are to get my 5k time into the 22 minute bracket, my 10k under 50 minutes and up my distance to 10 miles (any pace).

    As a new there a restriction on starting new threads? I.e. do you need to have made so many posts / been a member for so long before doing so? Thanks
  • My goals are 10k (3 or 4 of them next month). Build up to half marathon (Manchester) in October. Then full marathon in Spring 2018.
  • So now I understand... I never got why my dad has always loved running, to me it seemed like hell. But he's challenged me to a parkrun next time I see him so I am giving it a go. Did a couple of half baked 1.5 mile walk-runs last week and today decided to run the canal route to hubs work, around 3.4 miles.<br id="null"><br id="null">I was cursing my bright idea the whole way! I set up my phone app (Track Runner, love it) to do 2 min run, 90 sec walk and managed to stick to it for the first 2 miles. After that I simply couldn't catch my breath so switched down to a 13 min mile walk for a bit. And I was thinking "I need to tap out. This is impossible!" I was literally working out where I could call a cab to!<br id="null"><br id="null"> But I pushed myself. I figured even walking the last 1.4 miles would be an achievement for a 280lb, 28 year old smoker. And when I rounded the last corner and saw my 'finish line' I finally got it. I smiled bigger than I have in ages. The persistent depression lifted. I did it!<br id="null"><br id="null"> It wasn't the quickest. It wasn't the most athletic. But I'd done it in 46 min. Happy happy. <br id="null"><br id="null"> Now I need to focus on technique. My dad warned me about running heels first, but I can't seem to be comfortable any other way. I just wanted to share my happiness though, so thanks for reading!<br id="null">
  • Well done! I've just started running and hitting those mile stones feels amazing! I thought the running bug was about feeling great and loving the actual running bit. I told a friend who is a great runner that I liked hitting the new milestones and she said that's the bug!
  • Hi all, I'm running my first Half marathon ever in September. They have asked me what time I expect to finish and I had no idea at all so just said 3 hours. But I think this may be massively unrealistic, i'm 4 stone overweight but have 5 months to prepare for the Marathon. First of all do you think i'm being unrealistic to do a half marathon with 5 months training? And secondly what do you think a realistic time would be to finish. My head and heart are 100% focused on this so will do whatever needs to be done to complete it. Thanks for your time :-)
  • Orthane - not perfect, but as a starting point use this calculator. Using a time you've ran a shorter distance in it can predict your time for other distances:
  • Hi Guys!
    Check out for quick, easy to use, 1:1 training!
  • I've only just started running and have moved to a new area in the Welsh mountains. I have now means to check how fast or even how far I am running as I haven't got a running watch etc. As we don't even have mobile phone signal out here I am not sure if a running watch would work?
  • <div>
    </div><div><div><div>Sorry for using this thread for my question, but where do I start a new thread on this forum?</div></div></div>
  • You need to have a certain number of comments before it'll let you. I'm not sure how many it is though cos I can't do it yet!
  • Ok, I wonder if this will comment will make them many enough.
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    It seems a very strange forum that doesn't let you create new discussions. Anyone know how many it takes.
  • I've just had an email saying I'd reached level 2. I've now got a button to start a new discussion. I'd made 8 comments till then.
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    > @kinglouis said:
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    </div><div><div><div>Sorry for using this thread for my question, but where do I start a new thread on this forum?</div></div></div>

    It seems you need to comment and be active before you can.

    I've now been running 2-3 times a week for the past few months. I'm 39 and felt I needed to start getting fitter before my 40th. I'm relatively fit but could certainty lose a stone or two. Aim is to do a 10K within the next 10 months.

    However, last week I sprained (I think) my calf in the 3rd mile of my run and had to stop. Left it 3 days, and as I had no pain, went for a run today. After plenty of warm up, again on mile 3 my calf went again.

    Would love to get some advise off experience and beginner runner.

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    Well ive just started running, quite literally. Im 46 and about 15.5 st bit of meat on me but not massive, after my first run in a pair of sketchers my feet really hurt so i had a foot assessment at local running shop and got a pair of mizuno wave equate. What a difference they made. Just plain wow. However i was told my legs were slightly different lengths and to be careful, todays run and ive got groin pain. Went back to the shop and they have given me lifts for my left leg, hopefully this will help. My question is should i stop running for a while ir just be careful ? Also how do i start my own thread?
  • I'm no expert so won't hazard a guess further than to say it would probably be worth seeing a sports physio.

    I started in Skechers and also went to the waves recently! I do miss running in my lovely comfy Skechers but knew they weren't proper supportive, cushioned running shoes.
  • morning all

    total newbie here, I am currently doing the c25k app at the moment and have never really run before that, I am targeting myself to do a half marathon in October - is this a realistic goal? I am not interested in finish times just hope to be able to finish it but worried I have put too much pressure on myself
  • Anyone in Nuneaton fancy a training partner 

    in looking to get back to fitness
    age 27 male running a 10 minute mile at the minute 
  • Hi All,

    Just posted a new post about exercising after pregnancy but here are my goals:

    1) to get back to regular running
    2) to look after myself through good nutrition (yet the odd glass of wine and bar of choc at the weekend)

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    Hi everyone, I joined yesterday & want to ask a question on the forum. I feel totally stupid as I can't find any way of starting a new thread both via my iPhone or on my laptop? Can someone please tell me how to start a new thread? Many thanks, Mandy
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    Hi Mandy, you need 9 posts before you can start a thread. 
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