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  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    @Big G- Well done for today!
    @Ian - Definitely stay closer to Las Palmas. There's a lot of good hotels around Playa d'cantaras or even close to the bus station/ centre. We've stayed in both hotels and air bnb and they've all been really good. Are you looking at GC because it's flat or warm? If you're looking for a nice one and dont worry about time - take a look at Trans Gran Canaria. There's a marathon option and it's basically all down hill and you'd get to see some of the best bits of the island.
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    Well done Big G 
    Keith - you'll have to order another pizza in if you can't go to the party ;)

    Emmy - it's Thompson TUI from Exeter, flight alone is £391 !! And I'd have to stay for a week.  That week is the busiest for January.  Easyjet from Bristol cheaper but they don't fly on the right day to get there, there is a flight on the Saturday but it doesn't arrive at the airport until 6pm which is too late.
    I want to save my budget for races later in the year, my club are doing a European marathon in the autumn of 2018 and I want to go on that trip.

    The Trans Gran Canaria is off road isn't it, rough going for a lot of it, the ultra is televised each year.

    Big G - fantastic result for day 2, you should be very pleased with yourself for your first double......I just wonder what you are now going to do for your next challenge?   :o

  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Thanks all, I am pleased.

    Shades, in terms of challenges, I do have a couple more doubles planned - potentially two doubles in January.  I also have a triple planned in May, but nothing other than that really.

    I think the main thing I've learned is that I still have a lot to learn about my own pace!  If you hadn't said go out the first day and aim for 3:52ish, I think I'd probably have gone out around 4:15-4:30 or something, to conserve energy of the next day, but obviously wasn't necessary.  The rest of day 1 I basically ate and drank water (plus some salt tablets) and diet coke, and ate some more.  I relaxed quite a bit and got up this morning feeling pretty good generally.  So I've learned quite a bit about how to recover as well.

    I did enter City to Sea again yesterday, as the entries for that came on sale.  I hovered over the Ultra entry, but went for the marathon again.  

    Shades, in terms of recovery, I guess just a 3 or 4-mile recovery run, and then see how I feel next week in terms of what running I want to do?  And then, the week after do what I normally do before my next marathon (Cornish)?
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    I've just checked my splits, and mile 26 was my second fastest mile today with a 8:38.  Don't know where that came from as 3 of the last 6-miles, were close to 10s!
  • Big G- well done, great effort.
  • Big G you are a machine  :)
  • Well done Big G, that's one hell of an accomplishment.

    I didn't do parkrun today. Back and hip were pretty sore this morning, so I did lunchtime Yin and teatime Vinyasa instead. I seem to be having good days and bad days rather than consistent improvement. Soon as I think I'm on the mend, it starts acting up again. I really hope the NHS appointment doesn't take too long.
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Emmy-Thought about as I fancy a few days in the sun and seen if I picked then I could combine it.Ideally I'll be going all out to see where I am up to at that stage.
    Big_G said:
    Thanks all, I am pleased.

    Shades, in terms of challenges, I do have a couple more doubles planned - potentially two doubles in January.  I also have a triple planned in May, but nothing other than that really.

    Big G - nothing other than two more doubles and a triple, spoken like a true marathon addict :)

    I think you paced both races very well, with these marathons I don't think we ever stop learning nor be surprised at what we can do.

    Yes, recovery as usual, maybe a few more gentle stretches and a bit more food and rest when required.

    I don't think the extra distance at C2S is appealing, if it was before the tough coastal path section so you all finished on the last few miles it might be more so.

    Cal - maybe you need to just aim for every other day at the moment then.  I hope too you don't have to wait too long for your appointment.

    No running today, but cold is starting to clear and RHR heading back down to normal, so hopefully will be able to get out for a little run tomorrow :)

  • Seem to feel better too today so depending on precise time i leave town to come back home a bit later on from seeing brother and family down there (Has a nice tarmac path beside railway the kids can ride bikes better on) i'll potentially do more miles than simply running home. Be running back as brothers car is dead so he wants to borrow mine for a few days which would give me the issue of collecting it later in the week as iirc the trains are on strike mode wednesday which makes it awkward to get over to his possibly. Tuesday is probably no use as its meant to be pissing it down all day. Cant really get a lift from someone at work as there would be a fe wmiles of country lane to run down in the dark with traffic due to roadworks
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Shades, yeah, I suppose it is a bit like that.  I just really meant that I've got no ultras or anything like that lined up :)  Of those two doubles and that triple, I only have one double actually booked up though, along with one race for the triple.

    Had a bit of a lie in today - it seems quite cold, which is currently putting me off doing my recovery run!  I've had a nice bowl of porridge so far though :) 

    My club is organising its last race of the year today - The Templer 10 - which is quite a tough, off-road 10-miler.  I'm not involved in any way, as I'm on even marshalling.  I decided I thought I may not want to stand around marshalling after the double, but it feels a bit odd not being involved at all!

    NYC marathon today.
    Keith - you're certainly getting back into your training.   Very good of you to lend your car to your brother, I guess he has to buy you a pizza as a thank you ;)

    Big G - It has turned colder today, you might need a fry up ;)

    We have quite a few Mavericks doing the Templer 10 and a few doing Bideford.  

    I dreamt last night that I was driving past Bideford and at the last minute decided to run, the first part of the course was inside upstairs and downstairs and even running through a toilet block?   Then when outside I saw some Mavericks supporting and I shouted and waved at them and they ignored me as I wasn't wearing a Maverick vest.  One of the Mavericks ran DMV half not wearing his Maverick kit so that's where that came into my dream.

    Enjoy New York, I haven't got Eurosport, I might go and see if it's on YouTube, so about 2pm our time I guess

  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Shades, the Eurosport coverage starts at 2:10pm, but I don't know if there is preamble before hand.  That sounds like an odd dream!  Shame you can't do Bideford, but good news you seem to be on the mend now.

    Just come back from a 4-miler, and it was okay.  A bit of pain in my left knee again, which I've had a few times before.  I probably need to see if I can get to the bottom of that, as its happened a few times now.  I did feel it a bit yesterday but popped a couple of paracetamol and I was fine, and I think this will go soon again as well.
    Big G - yes, I'm nearly better, if it hadn't been so chilly first thing I might have popped out for a couple of miles.   But definitely will run tomorrow morning, I've been doing lots of cleaning instead of running, but I'm fed up of cleaning now. :#

    I've found a couple of sites live streaming NY but as they're all still asleep in USA I don't know yet if they'll work.

    Your knee might just be one of those niggles that you'll get now and then, probably when you're tired.   I wouldn't worry about it unless it doesn't go away.

  • Shades - Nah he'll cook me something though ;) My 4 miles or so home from town was odd, def not yet over my illness still so i was very stop start run walky on the way back and i feel tired now too. That will be resolved with coffee and kitkats
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Shades-Glad you're feeling better.
    7 weeks ago I had Lancaster and said I probably wouldn't race there again because of the hill finish,so there I was again today for the half.
    Similar course to the 2nd half of the full so a bit uphill 3-5 miles the down 9-11 and flat the rest apart from the end.I decided to go for 1:30 and see how long I could hold it,pb was 1:40:44 at Chester in may.
    Pretty much on target,maybe a bit fast for the first half then felt it getting tougher,then I got in a group of 5 and we all started pushing each other.Got to 11 miles and knew it was going to be close but I thought I'd miss by a minute or so because of the hill so really pushed,then came the hill of death...and i slowed to near a walking pace ,felt like I'd blown it at the top as I knew there was a smaller hill with cobbles to go,came round the last corner and seen the clock on 1:29:40 so absolutely ran myself into the ground to finish around 1:29:53 :)
    I can't quite believe I am sub 90 for a half,seems ridiculous to me.11 min PB today and 15 for the year.
  • Ian- superb time sub 90 min.  Hopefully I can join you in that category next year.

    Went out at 10am this morning and done an easy 12 miles which felt very good. 
    Can't believe tho that for about the first 3 miles there was frost on the paths already and it was so cold I needed to wear a hat and gloves. Very slippy needed to be careful with my footing.
    Ian - wow 11 minutes off your half PB is phenomenal, sub 90 minutes is a significant milestone to reach especially on a course that you know has a tough finish.   Brilliant :):):)

    steven - colder here too, but no frost.   We seem to have gone straight into winter.

    I've given up trying to find live streaming of NY marathon, US websites are awful and ended up with a warning of a dangerous website and ended up having to shut down my PC.  I did find a YouTube one but commentary not in English.  Will watch it in a few days when I'm sure there'll be one posted onto YouTube.
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Shades-Not sure if you have access but it's live on eurosport 2.
  • Damn, Ian, that's a ridiculous time - well done!

    No joy for me. Beautiful blue sky this morning but back absolutely killing. I made it through Vinyasa but it was challenging. Grimaced a lot. What the hell is wrong with me? I'm starting to wonder if it's not actually an injury but something like poly/fibromyalgia.
  • Cal - I really hope that appt comes sonner rather than later, you need a definite diagnosis to work from.

    Ian - Wow, wow and wow.. an 11min PB plus a sub 90 min half is outstanding. Well done you  :)

    Steven - For goodness' sake be careful on that ice.. we don't need another one on the injury bench here.

    Big G - Rest and refuel, you deserve it!

    Shades - That sounds like far too much housework you've done, flat must be spotless. Good that the cold is on its way out too.

    Today was supposed to be a 32k long run.. but I didn't run at all. I was planning on not running anyway due to poxy hip pain but as it turned out I couldn't have put my right trainer on even if I'd wanted to. Bloody horse jumped on my foot yesterday and it's all swollen up. I'm honestly not making this up.
    As I hobbled back to the house afterwards trailing a headcollar I had the music from the Hamlet cigar advert playing softly in my head  :/
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Cal-Tell me about it,still stunned.
    Shades-It was when you said a day or 2 ago that you thought I was in good form that I made my mind up to go for 90.
    What it means is my marathon time is out of kilter now as it's double my half plus 30 mins,so I need to close that gap,is it just a case of more easy miles to improve my endurance?or more MP or something else
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Cracking time there Ian.  What a year you've had!  Fantastic running.

    Cal, sorry to hear you're struggling :(  I've got no advice at all, but just take care of yourself and hopefully you'll get your appointment soon.

    MF, you're not having much luck either, what with that cycling accident, and now this!  Not what you need.  Sorry for laughing, but your Hamlet cigar advert idea made me smile though.

    Steven, it was cold here, but no sign of ice fortunately.  I remember a few years ago, I even drove to another location on the coast thinking it would be ice free, but I shuffled a couple of steps, nearly fell over and then went back to the car 30-seconds later!
    Ian - no, I don't have Eurosport.

    At the moment more miles, your club speed sessions are enough of the speedy stuff for now.  And your hill sessions will continue to strengthen your legs so that you can run the latter miles of a marathon without having cramps that slow you down.  

    Cal - oh that's not good.  Maybe the yoga isn't helping but aggravating it?

    mamafox - that must have hurt, :'(  now is this the same foot as you hurt in your bike accident?   Please be careful.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    Ian - Absolutely amazing time!! Well done!
    Mamafox - I think we need to wrap you up in cotton wool! Please take care of yourself
    Cal - *big hugs* for you and well done for being sensible!

    Little 10k outing for me. I thought that i'd run a route i've run once before but ended up doing a bit of a strange loop as I couldn't find the right turning and kept being met by fences! 

  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Mama-You're having no luck at the minute,hopefully getting it all out the way now.
    Shades-I have a feeling I'll regret this but do I need to have new training paces now?
    edited November 2017
    Emmy - I have visions of you running round in circles :D

    Ian5 said:

    Shades-I have a feeling I'll regret this but do I need to have new training paces now?

    Indeed you do :D   Give me a few minutes

    So pleased to be back out running today, cold, some frost just on parked cars, roads and pavements dry.  First run of this winter with thermal kit.   I feel very unfit but so happy to be training again. :)

    Ian - what WAVA does yesterday's result give you?

    Right training paces as follows:-

    Easy 8:05 to 8:35 min/miles

    Long 8:05 to 9:05 min/miles

    Tempo pace 6:35 to 6:55 min/miles

    Marathon pace 7:08 (predicted finish time 3:07) :o

  • JellyJelly ✭✭✭
    I've got this week off work. ? Off for a spa day with my best running buddy today. Hopefully this weeks break will give me the recovery I need. Leading social group tonight. 
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