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    Shades-yes he started a few months ago and been building up,he's currently at the stage of not realising the benefits of running slower,so that was part of the  reason I went,to talk to him on the way round and talk about conversation pace etc.
  • The twinge is still there if I squat, but running isn't bothering it so I guess I'll run! I swear I hurt myself more doing exercises to stop me injuring myself when I run than I hurt myself when actually running.
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    Hmmm - the official Malta marathon page has this...

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    Ian - I think most new to running have to go through that realisation that faster is not always better, for a few they never get it, but that's their loss.

    Cal - as long as you're OK running that's the main thing.  I agree re classes, I too have more niggles/twinges than from running but I'm sure we do get a lot of benefit to our running.

    Big G - oh no ☹️ hope that they do decide to go ahead.  

    Big G- so sorry to hear that they're cancelling the race.  But I suppose not a decision they've made lightly. So stay safe tomorrow whatever you are doing.
    Must be a lot of disappointed runners.
  • Big G, really sorry to hear this. Another of my friends was there for it and posted about it on Facebook.  Not much consolation but I guess that gives you a bit more sightseeing time (if it's not too horrible to go out, of course).
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    I don’t say this lightly, but it’s the right decision from what I can see. It’s the wind - it’s very strong and things are flying down the street where I am making it potentially dangerous for runners. Plus a lot of standing/flowing water making it difficult to see where you’re running - some of the roads aren’t great so it’d be easy to trip.  Also, getting all those busses to the start on time could be a big challenge I suppose.  I feel for the organisers as well as the runners, but I think it’s the right decision. 
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    Big G-Really sorry to hear aboit the race,but glad you agree with the decision.Stay safe
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    I happened to be in the same restaurant as the Running Crazy lot last night (the older chap I mentioned wasn’t there!) along with a few tables of other runners and they all seemed to think it was the right decision too. I’ve seen on their Facebook page that a few are complaining saying they they run at their own risk, but it’s too dangerous out there.

    I saw this on a news site and there’s lots of trees down. It hailed yesterday and then the rain and wind came. 

    It does feel a waste of money as I wouldn’t have come if not for the marathon, but that’s obviously not the organisers fault in anyway. I feel for them as all that work has gone into it and cancelling at this late stage is not easy. What are they going to do with 20000+ bananas!  Give it all to charity I suppose.

    I’m a bit torn about one thing - if I can get down there safely they are handing out the medals and goodie bags today. Getting a medal for a race I’ve not done feels wrong, but at the same time it’s a memento of the race weekend I suppose!  If I can get there I’ll do (it’s only 5mins away) as last year there were free vouchers for food and coffees etc.

    So yeah, it’s a shame and today is a write off too. Now I’m just hoping we get out of here on time on Wednesday as there are obviously no flights at the moment. At least our apartment is nice and spacious and we have food/coffee etc in!!
  • I guess I'd take the medal but not display it with the others. It's a weird situation for sure. I saw some video someone posted of the weather and I'd say it was the right decision too. I wouldn't want to be out in that. I hope you get back OK. Do you have any grounds to claim travel insurance?

    Long run today. I decided against Brockwell as it's a lot of up and down on hard surfaces and went with my local commons instead. Started with Tooting, then on to Clapham where I did a few circuits, then Wandsworth and finally back to Tooting again. I ended up doing 22 miles, which is the longest training run I've done to date. The weather was absolutely perfect (chilly at first, a bit misty, then sunny but fresh) and it was lovely to see daffodils and croci and blossom already.
    I started fairly slowly (the first five miles were around 11 min/mi or just under) but then I quickly got faster as it got lighter and I got warmer. The last three miles were all under 10. I guess there's nothing wrong with my endurance. :D
    Knee was OK. Achilles grumped a bit but then went suspiciously quiet. I guess it will start complaining again after I've had a rest. Anyway, physio tomorrow.
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    Big G - I'd agree, it seems they've made the right decision.  It's a shame for the runners and the organisers but unfortunately just one of those things.   Remember when NYC was cancelled, some folk would have paid out thousands to travel there.  My travel insurance covers marathons but I doubt it covers if the event is cancelled due to weather conditions. 
    I would take the medal and goody bag.  Doesn't matter whether you display it or not, the marathon this year won't be on your running stats so there's no deceit involved.

    Cal - good run for you today, I take it you won't be going further than 22 miles!

    20 miles for me today, cold and pea soup fog for the first 13 miles then finally the sun came out and pleasant conditions for the last 7 miles.   Climb only 722 feet today, pleasant to do a flat route for a change.

    That takes me to 62 miles for the week :)
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Cal-Well done on 22,always a tough distance but sounds like you found it ok.
    Shades-Spookily I did 20 today to bring up 62.5 for the week,that's my biggest ever week and first over 60 but feels ok,went with a clubmate and plan was 16 but after I left him I stop felt good so seemed daft not to do 20 as I'm free all day.
  • Wow Shades, great going. It was 56 miles this week for me, which is the highest this cycle. (And no, don't intend to go further than that!)
    Well done Ian, too!
    Ian/Cal - ironic that the 3 of us cranked our mileage up this week, thanks partly to the good weather and poor Big G had his race cancelled due to bad weather.  :/ 

    I wasn't expecting frost this morning, very cold but roads and pavements dry so fine for running.  6 miles done :)
  • Cal nice Parkrun, nice way to spend a Saturday seeing different runs, our RD this week loves jumping on a plane for a day and going to various parkruns over UK and Ire. Well done on the 22 miles, can only dream of running that far at present.

    Ian a slower run with friends (family) is a nice way to get some extra low impact miles in, I don't often run with people but makes a nice break when I do.  Congratulations on the 1st 60, I've only hit it a few times but usually due to racing.

    Shades you call 772ft is flat for 20 miles?!?! Half that I consider it undulating lol. 

    Was considering doing my 1st run for a couple of weeks on Saturday either volunteering at Parkrun then running half (one lap) then giving out tokens.  I left my Dad's birthday present also some of the food in the fridge so opted to drive to the gym and then pick it up instead, had one class booked (spin) and one on waitlist, the waitlist didn't clear so did a few stretched then tried a 2 mile run.  Foot felt a bit tight at times did some stretching after and some core work and felt okish.

    Sunday foot was fine, needed to go to the shop for a couple of bits, decided to extend the journey and ran there 4.3 slow miles (9.31 pace) but no aggravation.     

    Feeling confident about the half in a couple of weeks (don't think i'll continue to the full).

  • I did a recovery walk and it was rather cold! Going to be very warm later though. I'm rather happy to see the Egyptian Geese on the common still have all seven of their babies. In previous years, the mean swan killed a lot of them, but since a fox got the other swan he's been more subdued.
  • Big G, sorry to hear the race was cancelled, hope you managed to get some vouchers with the medal to soften the blow,  seen some of the weather and looks awful! shame about the cost, but hope you manage to get some sightseeing so something good comes out the trip.   
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Typically, today is perfect weather for running. The streets near the finish are a mess though, with lots of debris from the damage.  Also quite a few damaged boats. I bought a local paper today and they were reporting that it was the strongest winds ever recorded.  

    I saw there was an informal running event on this morning where people were going out to do a half/full marathon and loads were out in their club vests, with some wearing their race numbers. 

    I did pick up my race number etc, as a memento of what might have been ;)

    Sight seeing day today :)
    Robert - 722ft is flat for Devon, and that's measured on Mapometer which is like Strava and exaggerates climb so probably nearer 615ft ish in reality.  I didn't run up any hills, just a few gentle inclines.

    Once you've done DD the world will look flat to you ;)

    I'm so hoping for you that this is your recovery from PF and that you're feeling confident is good news.

    Cal - still cold here too, even though the sun is out.   Hope those goslings survive, nature can be cruel at times.

    Lovely stretchy class at Yogalates, feels good after a week's running.
  • Big G, sad about the boats, people relying on them for a living.  Seen that there was a bit of hail too.

    Shades, I'm not afraid of the hills when I hit the trails, DD will be different.

    Had a look at train prices, am now considering getting the sleeper service arrives at 4.30 (mcdonalds and asda both open) then get the 8pm or 8.24 train back.  Can get for £70 at the moment but it's only £103 if I buy last minute and wont mind that if I'm not paying for accommodation.

    50th Parkrun planned on Saturday only 2 months after originally planned. 

  • Ian / Cal / Shades - Nice mileage and long runs!
    Big G - Sorry to hear about Malta!
    Only 2 runs for me this week, 5m on Wednesday and 5m yesterday. Stuck to the bike instead, so 22.5m on Thursday, 37.4m on Saturday and 23.3m on Sunday before my 5m run.
    So a rubbish week running at 10 miles, but 83 miles cycling too, so all in about 7 hours of exercise.
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    Big G- xpost, the storm must have been quite frightening to record strongest ever winds.

    I suppose those runners going out on the course today have all that energy to run off. But I wouldn't do it either as it wouldn't count as a marathon.

    Robert - I know hills don't bother you, I expect you've done tougher hills in some of those off road events you've done. At least at DD, mud or rough terrain shouldn't come into it.

    Interesting and innovative logistics for DD. Don't you think you'll be tired doing that, especially as the arrival time is so early?  I often run past McDonald's at 5 am and see the cars at the drive thru, I didn't know the restaurant part was open too, but I can't see as it's the other side of the building.  Asda is open 24 hours but I doubt the cafe is.  There's a KFC near the railway station but not open at that hour and I expect you have that planned for post race. 
    Steve - at least with the bike you can still get an aerobic workout. Is your cold better now?
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Rob-Hope this is some light at the end of the tunnel for you.
    Shades-Last week will probably stay my highest for a while looking at what I have on for the next few weeks,with a couple of races and holiday.Just realised it's only 6 weeks until Manchester   :'(
    What time would you think would be a reasonable time to be back in Newton Abbot after DD?
    Easy 6 after work again,even though it's short I was really happy to do it easily as I've done 50 miles in the previous 4 days and 11 hours work today but it felt easy once I got going.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Shades, yes I wouldn’t have done a marathon ‘for fun’ as like you say it wouldn’t me, there’s no point especially with an event coming up next weekend.  I got talking to a few runners in the restaurant last night and they all said they were doing it though. If I’d been here with my club, I’d probably have gone for a short run with them, but to me it’s pointless going out and doing 26.2 in order to make the medal ‘count’.

    We had a nice day out today - been on the go 12+hrs though but seen lots, which is good. Quite tired now though!
    Ian - you're in great shape and you should be able to maintain that level until Manchester without high  mileage, your races will help.   What races have you entered pre Manchester?

    Re DD, assuming I make the cut offs then I should finish roughly at 4pm, maybe a little after.  Even I need a bit of sit down and caffeine and food, the Trotters supply mountains of post race food/tea/coffee and even chairs to sit on. :)  So I'd say I'd be fine to leave say at 5pm, it's 21 miles to NA, takes between 40 mins/one hour dependent on traffic so we should be back in NA by 6pm.   Does that fit in with your options?  I take it you're looking at travelling by train?  If your train is later we can always stay longer at Princetown, there are showers, the prize giving to attend if you wish and good pub food available.  I wasn't planning to stay up there for the disco though ;) 

    Big G - hope you've had a lovely time and got over the disappointment.

    Frosty again this morning but not as cold as that damp freezing fog has gone so more pleasant.   I did the same 6 mile run last Tuesday and what a difference since then as it was getting light as I finished my run, last week it was pitch black.   I won't be having to do all my early runs on the street lit roads soon. :)
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Shades-Yes I think I'm going for the train,last 1 is 7.03 from NA,if I can find a cheap home ticket I might coach it down,takes a couple of hours longer but a lot cheaper,but will wait until train prices are released to decide.Ive got the chester 10k in 2 weeks,and maybe the northern road relays on 24th(if selected)
  • Rob, I hope it goes well, it's been a long time coming!

    Ian - 6 weeks to Vienna, too! I just hope I haven't peaked too soon. I'm more worried about Brexit than the race as I really don't want hassle while travelling.

    Shades, I went out at quarter past six and the sky was already starting to lighten. I did a mile on lit roads before turning towards the common and was able to run on the unlit paths by the time I got there.

    Anyway, a little over 6 miles recovery. Aside from the usual niggly bits, they didn't feel too bad at all.

  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    I got approx 5 miles in today, running to the other bay nearby (St Julian’s). It was a pleasant run, but the harbour area over there is basically ruined with beachfront restaurants and kiosks smashed up, boats in need of repair and what I’m assuming was supposed to be a small breakwater dismantled and in shop windows. It’s going to take a long time to sort this all out I think, as pavement are up, trees down, seats/benches smashed etc.

    It feels a bit weird running around here as this is usually quite a nice place to run, but it’s just been ruined by the weather they’ve had with people out starting the repairs.

    It’s our last full day today as flying back tomorrow AM.
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