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    Big G - there used to be a great race calculator that did distances up to 100 miles and 6/12/24 hour races.   Website no longer exists and I've never found a replacement.
    If you find one do let us know.
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    Robert, I have won two marathons :)  Admittedly not quick marathons (3:45 and 3:55ish).  The first one was very odd as knowingly taking the lead, and then doing just enough to keep hold of it, was a strange feeling even at that relatively slow pace.  On the last lap, the 2nd placed guy was catching me, but I did enough.  Like you though, I can legitimately say I have won a race! 

    Very, very, very (see, I really do mean very!) tentative plan forming of a couple of 6hr events in training to get up to 40ish, and then Glasgow to Edinburgh for the 56.  I did ask on Fetch about logistics and one chap answered saying to stay in Glasgow, run to Edinburgh and then catch the train back to Glasgow after the race, but I don't really like the sound of that.  He said at least then I wouldn't have to pack before the race.  I think I probably prefer trying to pack relatively light and do what I think Keith did, and stay in Glasgow before the race and Edinburgh afterwards and ask the organisers to take my stuff.  No real potential dates (or even years!) for any of this, but I can envision how it could become an itch that may need to be scratched at some point. 

    Big G - I think you just need Keith's report to firm up that plan for G2E.  😄

    If I was doing it I would opt for the guidance given by the Fetchie, not having to pack and check out on race morning.   Neither do you have to check in to a strange hotel post race.  But it would depend how easy the trip back to Glasgow was.

    I've won a couple of 6 hour races, and one 12 hour race, I got a nice Brooks jacket for that.   These were proper 6 and 12 hour races, not a challenge event.  I think the only marathon I won was Connemara Director's marathon and that was because I was the only female.  

    Incidentally I was talking to a runner at the weekend who says he's planning his 100th at DD.
  • Rob - Nice first place. Re double days I’ve only done a couple so far, they seem manageable and means I avoid the tube which I hate. The issue is just getting used to running with a rucksack. What are you thinking in terms of targets, time or specific races?

    Ian - Re a half tune-up, I did one last week so wouldn’t that be a good gauge of what to target for an end of November race?

    Not running home tonight as lack of sleep has hit me and too much work. At home tomorrow so will go out for a 10miler. 
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    Big G-I'd be inclined to go your way,I wouldn't want to travel back after running that far,especially the first time.
    7 easy miles after work,still a little rough but can't run the next 2 days so made an effort to get it done.
  • BG - Being somewhat nearer i can pack lighter and merely take a small bag for other stuff. If i dont take laptop it way lighter than this time. You'd be fast enough to make returning to Glasgow a option for me hell no it were 8 when i finished albeit i was expecting to be a bit earlier. By the time you get down to Haymarket for train back to Glasgow its just as easy to check in at a hotel there. They weren't that bothered with me turning up direct from the race. I basically went to room washed off mud and collapsed on bed asleep ;)
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    Rcouture - I bet you really appreciate your WFH days now.

    Keith - let me know if you've got any other marathons/ultras planned for the rest of the year.

    5 miles this morning.   Back at the gym yesterday and although I've kept the weights down I could feel it in my legs this morning.   Weird weather, really warm 17 degrees but in a few places it's blowing a gale, had to stop and tighten my hat or risk losing it.  Light rain but that was quite pleasant as it's very humid too.

    Pilates this morning.
  • Lol nope nothing planned this side of Davey's Quadzilla in Easter to date. Not looked at races etc yet but there is one i should look at when i get home this evening. It's only a half mind ;)
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    Keith, as a matter of interest, where did you stay on each side? 

    Really tired this morning :(  Not long been up although I was in bed at 9pm.  I will see how I get on but I don't expect I will run today.  OH is back at work today, so hopefully she will be okay, although she has a big day as she has to do a health check on a zebra, which is heavy work.

    The Backyard record of 68 laps is going to be broken as 3 have gone out on lap 69.
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    Big G-If no one goes out for a lap there isn't a winner, so if they are classed as dnf does that mean the record would be broken or not?
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    Keith - thanks.   I see Solway marathon have a permit application on RunBritain for 26th April next year.

    Big G - so your OH contracted Covid fairly soon after you did.   Hope the zebra behaves itself.

    Pilates was hard, usual instructor back.   I had to pull the 'I've just done a marathon card' halfway through class and she gave me an easier option and rushed off to get me a block.   Then later she told me not to do another exercise the hardest way to protect my hip flexors.   She's just done her first half marathon so is more understanding post race.    :)
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    Ian, I suppose technically that would have been a tie for the record if that had happened, but they have all started lap 70 so the record will go.  Two of them finished the 69th lap in just under 47mins whilst the third finished in closer to 57mins and was clearly struggling a lot, but he did start the next lap.  It looked like he didn't dare to sit down, as it looked like he probably wouldn't get back up again.  His helper basically gave him a drink, rubbed his shoulders for about 10-secs and then sent him on his way.  I think if no one makes it back during a lap, it will then be based on lap time, or average lap time possibly.  (Edit, just checked the results screen and there is a race time column, so I guess a winner would be based on that if two didn't make it back.  It looks to be an accumulation of their lap times, because it ranges from 55hrs14 to 57:32 for the three still in the race).

    I did see an update from Laz that the three remaining guys all got there as they were effectively assisted someone else to win at another event (i.e., they have DNFd, in second place, at another event, and it is those three that are still going).  
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    Shades, yes, she contracted it not long after I did, even though we were being very careful. Her self isolation ended on Sunday night, but yesterday was a scheduled day off anyway, so she’s back in today. She’s tested -ve on the LFTs the last 2 or 3 days as well, and is fine except for the tiredness. 
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    Third placed guy crossed the finish line pretty much as Laz blew the 3-min whistle as a warning to start the next one.  He looks like a zombie dragging his leg....but he still started the next lap.  It really is bonkers.
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    Ian, actually, there is this rule so I was wrong earlier as race times, although interesting, are irrelevant: "If no runner can complete one more loop than anyone else, there is no winner".  Oooph!
    Big G - much better that you had Covid at the same time, save all that isolating etc.
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    Big G-I think Harvey was the one who came second to Courtney and she was trying to get him going as she could go for longer.I noticed the 3rd guys times were all getting close to the hour so think he'll be gone soon.
    Cyprus is now booked,we can only fit the 1 race in unfortunately but something to look forward to.
  • Rcouture I used to do the odd double day myself but not for a while, hopefully I'm only in the office on Mondays and can squeeze a short recovery/ easy run.  Have got a few targets in mind, just need to close the gap pretty much half way between my pbs and where I am.  marathon pb is 3:32 and currently 4:15 so 3:50 and half pb 1:34 currently 1:57 looking around 1:45-1:50.

    Big G it's weird how some people catch covid and others don't.  My sister had it and her husband still shared a bed and went about his normal day and wasn't affected.

    Shades its much better when the instructor knows what you've gone through, many consider a marathon just an easy jog and to get on with things.

    6 miles yesterday evening, not the best conditions drizzle, hoping to get out again tonight but also blowing a gale here.  Have wrote a plan upto Dorney Lake in April, next couple of months are just keep things ticking over but looking forward to trying vary the pace up a bit instead of plodding which I've been doing for the last couple of years.  Will need to adapt as and when club championship races are announced. 
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    I had stuff to do this afternoon, but came back and as of 6pm, the three are still in the race.  Unbelievable.  Probably at least partly because it is now day time there, but they have sped up.  Even the guy who was really struggling (Chris Roberts) is now doing about 50mins a lap, where he was doing 57mins a lap (the nighttime course is tarmac, whereas the daytime is part trail).    I thought it would be done and dusted by now, or at the very least down to only 2.  They have just started their 78th lap/hour!  Over 1000 watching at the top of the hour just now.

    As for me, I did 70mins on Zwift earlier, really, really easy.  I joined a Cat D pace group to ensure I kept everything in check so average HR just 114bpm, but at least I turned the legs over.  Hopefully I will do a run tomorrow.
  • BG - Charing Cross station in Glasgow and then Haymarket Hub at other end, both Premier Inn's
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    Thanks, I’ve stayed at the Edinburgh one before so know exactly where that one is. Never been to Glasgow though. 
  • Big G - Is this on YouTube?

    10 miles this eve. Legs felt heavy with zero pop which doesn’t bode well for tomorrow’s race. Do pray for my <20 so I never have to race another 5k again.
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    Facebook, Rcouture. Search ‘Big Dog’s Backyard Ultra Run’. The video coverage isn’t great but there’s quite a lot of activity from about 10mins to the hour, each hour. Laz is doing regular written updates there too. 
  • Looks like they are going to go past the 81 yards record at Suffolk earlier this year!

    8 breezy miles this evening, can’t believe it’s getting dark so early at the moment 
  • Big_G said:
    Thanks, I’ve stayed at the Edinburgh one before so know exactly where that one is. Never been to Glasgow though. 

    Next to the cop shop ;) Has the tiny rooms with high tech room controls. Staggering distance to the tram line too
    Ian - great news about Cyprus marathon.  B)

    Robert - you know can get to those target times again.   And better them too, certainly your marathon PB which is soft compared to your half PB, another target for the future.   Good you've now written your training plan and the club races will give you interim targets to keep you on track.

    Re catching Covid, they say it's like catching a cold, just because everyone has the same exposure to it doesn't mean they will all catch it.

    Our Pilates instructor is ex Army and takes no prisoners, she is tough but fair.   But definitely a bit more sympathy this time for my slightly tired body, I can only put that down to her knowing how it can be post race.

    Rcouture - hope you're ready to smash that sub 20 tonight, you know you can do it.

    5 miles this morning, very mild again.   The heavy rain we had yesterday had stopped, just a couple of light showers which was pleasant as very humid again, followed by 2 torrential downpours, I got soaked but it wasn't unpleasant as still warmish.

    Gym later
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    Ian, which of the Cyprus events is it that you have entered?

    7 miles this morning, and quite windy out.  I had taken a jacket with me, wrapped around my waist, but didn't need it as I stayed dry.  It was a marginally better run this morning compared to Monday's run, in that it seemed a bit easier to control the HR today.  
    Big G - you're making a good steady recovery.   
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