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  • Richmond park,thing is I haven't ran 10k since I was at school lol
  • To be honest Nick, I would just continue the way you are training just now. Just increase the mileage every so often do not take any huge leaps of mileage or you will end up injurying yourself. At present you are 1/2 way there. when you increase your distance and you are finding that you are struggling just slow the pace down until you can run x,y and z without having to stop. There is no shame by the way in having to stop while running that kind of distance or any distance at that.
  • NIck, like Andy said, continue to build your distance at the moment. Get to 3 or 4 runs per week of 5k each, then start increasing one run by about 1k a week. To feel comfortable racing 10k, I suggest you aim to get your long run to about 15k. There's a great thread somewhere in beginners called something like "training for the right distance". Dig it out and have a read of the first page.
  • Hi all

    Lots of good training going on.

    I went to the running club tonight and ran up to this trig point, could see for miles although the run up to it was a killer it was worth it in the end. 8m in total, I feel a bit pooped tonight.

  • Morning all,

    Great stuff Em. That'll be a useful run for LN.

    MD, you can stay at mine if you want to race at Canterbury.

    Andy, have you got any more races lined up?

    90 minute brick tonight for me image Fully re-mojoed.
  • NV - Have you found a replacement race yet?

    I feel much better this morning, run tonight hopefully. I am looking forward to it as my younger son wants to come with me on his bike and encourage me so it should be good fun, I will split it into 2 and do 1 lap with him and 1 lap on my own as I don't think he can manage 8 but he should be ok with 4.

    I keep having intermittant doubts about the smartcoach plan I am following, mainly because it doesn't really follow the shape of most other marathon training plans, don't know whether to have a leap of faith and follow it or go back to something more conventional......I am sure I can get round but am keen to improve my time.  Any thoughts?

    Nick - Good advice from Andrew and NV,  when is your 10k?

    Happy running and hi to all


  • Not yet Em, but I'm still looking. I've got a couple of possibilities.

    What about coming up with a hybrid? You could take the speed sessions from Smartcoach and do your own thing for the easy running miles. What is it that specifically bothers you about it?

  • NV - Nothing in Sept onwards do want to do at least 1 02 2 more sprints before the end of the year.

    Em - Just be careful that your son does not beat you round in the bike image, Enjoy tonight though.

    Everyone else enjoy your running

  • Still a little leggy from Sundays 9miler (so pleased to be able to say that!) but going to go out on a flatter route tonight for a bit of a quicker paced run, see if I can improve on my 10k times......

    Good luck everyone!
  • Hi Everyone

    Have given myself a talking too as been pretty grumpy past few days. Anyway I'm on a waiting list to see a 'specialist' but no idea how long that will take. Just been advised that I should watch the amount I'm doing etc.

    Been out done a slow slow slow 5miles was nearly 11min/miles. Ah well the time to push is the half marathon. I dug out an ankle support which I managed 1mile with it on but found uncomfortable under the foot. I'm going to wear it during day to get used to it.

    Hope everyone else is doing well.

    Nv - Awesome work on your race you must be very pleased!!
  • grant mgrant m ✭✭✭

    Claire - Sorry to hear about your injury woes... as for slow slow slow, my fastest pace yet is 12:59 (slow slow slow slow slow?)! image

    Paul - Hope you have a nice run tonight!

    Em - Haha enjoy the "race", my 3 year old keeps on trying to run with me, he is just as fast (or should I say just as slow!) but not quite got the endurance yet!

    NV - Yay to the return of the mojo!

    Hi to everyone else, lots of people to keep track of these days! image

  • Grant sorry shouldn't have said it like that, pace is just relevant to each person, just been bit fed up as I'd got to a nice steady pace of just over 10min miles and it seems to have gone somewhere. You are doing fantastic! Keep it up image
  • image 52:00 new PB for 10k this evening!!!

    So chuffed - really made a difference going for a less hilly route, although it did mean I screwed up my pacing big time....... went off far too quick with not much in the way of a warm up, so after 1.5miles I was ready to quit - I kept going and felt as though i was going very slowly through the 4th - 6th km, then realised I was still on for a possible PB and picked it up again - fastest km was the last one which I ran in 4:35.....

     Definitely room for improvement if I get the pacing right, and that 50 min mark has got down from 57 to 52 mins inside of a fortnight so it has to be on the cards soon.

    Anyhow, the long and the short of it is if you want a PB run on the flat!

  • grant mgrant m ✭✭✭
    Claire Hardman wrote (see)
    Grant sorry shouldn't have said it like that, pace is just relevant to each person, just been bit fed up as I'd got to a nice steady pace of just over 10min miles and it seems to have gone somewhere. You are doing fantastic! Keep it up image

    Claire, don't worry about it, I know what you meant! image I am sure once you are free from all your injury niggles you will get back up to pace again.

    Well done Paul!

  • Morning all,

    Thanks Claire. I was pretty pleased. How long till your half? Don't worry about the pace, you just make sure you protect that ankle!

    Nice run Paul. You'll go quicker in a race anyway because of the adrenaline and the other people to chase, so I wouldn't be surprised if you could do a 50 minute 10k now.

    Where are you on the C25k programme now Grant?

    Get them booked Andy! Nothing like having a race looming to focus the mind image

    90 minute brick for me last night. Steady 16.5 miles on the bike in about 58 minutes (including 7 miles into a block headwind) then 30 minute run that my Garmin decided not to record the distance of. About 3.5 miles I think. Going to do another 10 mile TT on the bike tonight. Pretty windy today, but my legs are a lot fresher than last week, so I'd like to get under 29 minutes this time.

  • Thanks chaps, plenty of scope there as I double-backed on my route twice as well which cost a good few seconds each time... think I'll take it to the track next week.
    Really pleased that after a dodgy middle section the strength was there to pick it up again.... have to say though, 4:00kms that a 20 min 5k needs would appear to be out of reach at the minute given hiw broken I felt after a 4:35!!!!
  • grant mgrant m ✭✭✭

    NV - finished week seven (25 mins), finished first of week 8 (28 mins) and the final week is 30 mins. There is a bit of a flaw in the programme in that it assumes 10min/mile (and even then, 5K is a little over 3 miles) so I will be a bit short of the 5K at the end of it.

  • well i've finally finished all my exams for the year, nothing i can do now except wait for the results in July...and relax! Of course i do have the small matter of Dublin to train for but what's a marathon between friends?! I might even manage to start running again properly soon!!!

    NV, Thanks, that's very kind of you to offer, I will have a look at the calendar and see what I can do about entering Canterbury...oh and remembering how to swim! I realised why the turbo had been kiling me, somehow i had managed to up the resistence quite a bit (there is a dent in the tyre of about 1cm where it was pressed against the fly wheel) could explain the pain and nausea. i feel better about that now i know its not a complete loss of fitness. also makes my intervals more impressive.

    Grant, you would only be a tiny bit short of 5k, but that won't matter, you will probably also find that by 8 or 9 weeks you might run a little faster than 10min/mile anyway. depending on how fast you naturally are anyway - what kind of pace to you run at now (if you know)?

    ok there;s a lot to catch up on again...i don't know i go away for one or two days and there's pages to read!

  • NV - Good mileage in the time, 10M TT what are you expecting to do that in?

    Grant - As MD says your pace will probably pick up during the weeks, if it does not I would not worry just stick to a pace YOU are comfortable with image. Oooooh and you are making great progress

    MD - Yeeeeeah to finishing the exams. When is Dublin? lol, I have still to put my new bike on the turbo thought of buying a cheap wheel just for the turbo?

  • grant mgrant m ✭✭✭

    MD - Congrats on finishing your exams! As for my pace, I am sat at 13min/mile at the mo and to be honest as my 5K is three weeks away I really don't think I will be any faster by then (I have already sped up from my 14min/mile pace at the start of the programme which my Garmin teasingly called a fast walk image!). I do generally have a bit left in the tank at the end of my runs at the moment though and therefore have set myself a target time of 40 minutes for the 5K. I am trying to shed about 4.5 stone by Christmas (quarter of the way there) and am hoping that as I get lighter and lighter my pace will quicken accordingly as a reflection of that together with my improved fitness.

    Andrew - Thanks!

  • Hi all

    Mojo on floor at the moment, due to circumstances outside of my control couldn't run yesterday, don't think I will make it today either, might try later, but alot going on, my mum is very sick and I just don't seem to have the mental energy to focus on anything else....will try and pull myself together but I have a little bit of slack this week so if I am going to take a bit of time off now is the time.

    Sorry very me, me, me but just one of those days.

  • grant mgrant m ✭✭✭

    Em - Sorry to hear about your mum, focussing on her is nothing to apologise about.

    Take care,


  • Em sory to hear that, it is very tough whenyou are tired. I hope it all improves with your mum and that you will be back up and running in no time

    Grant, Garmin are bastards like that, mine always tells me I'm jogging - no that's my half marathon pace you b45tard thing! I think that knocking a min/mile off is good going and so is the weightloss (well done). You are right pace will come with weightloss and fitness so don't worry about it. If you want to help things along you could try running the last 2 or  mins of your run a bit faster that may help (might not mind).

    Andrew, Dublin isn't till October 31 so i have plenty of time to get back up to fitness. Yeah i use my old (crashed) back wheel on the turbo, and have a turbo tyre on it. that makes it so much easier as I can just pop the other wheel off and stick it on the turbo and go.

  • Em - Sorry to hear about your mum image
  • Really sorry to hear that Em. You're right, take a bit of time if you need to. There are many things more important than running, and family is one of them.

    Andy, I did 29:12 last week. I'd love to go under 29 minutes, but it's blowing a hooly at the moment. I think there's a good chance I could be slower, if not actually end up going backwards.

    MD, top quality cluster that. I did something similar with the TT bike when I first got it. Got home, stuck it straight on the turbo and pedalled like mad without going anywhere. back brake got knocked out of alignment in the car and was bindinng on the wheel!

    Grant, you'd probably be able to push on to make the 5k anyway wouldn't you? Anyway, you'll find you get faster very quickly initially when you start running constantly.
  • Hello Everyone

    Em - Sorry to hear that. Dont worry about not running other things are more important.

    Grant - Your doing great! Could always push it to the 5k..... just to see the time plus as you say you feel like you have some left in the tank if your chasing a time, speed up on the last bit just so you know what you can do. - think that makes sense. so tired today its silly.

    MD - Great stuff on finishing the exams, the turbo sessions sounds mad. Especially with results like that on the bike.

    Well I have decided no running till Saturday. Im giving things time to rest. Then I know its very boring but for the just incase..... Im going to run loops from my house that is 2.5miles. So if knees or ankle really hurts im not too far away from home.

  • Hi all,

    Very sensible Claire.

    Hope you're doing OK Em.

    10 mile bike TT last night in 29:16. 4 seconds slower than last week but the first 6 miles were into a big headwind. Paced myself a lot better and was more consistently building the pace, so overall I'm happy. I'll have a look and see how much time some of the other riders lost in the wind whe the results are posted.
  • grant mgrant m ✭✭✭

    Just finished the second of my week 8 runs (whilst meant to be working from home, nobody tell! image), pace increased to 12:30min/mile for the 28 minutes, although went out hard for first 15 minutes or so (for me, 12min/mile) and held on rather than put in a sprint finish. Felt good which was surprising cause my legs felt like lead before I headed out

    MD / NV - All this chat makes me want to get my bike out of the shed. Might go for a spin tonight with the nipper on the back. Great time with a headwind NV, are these TTs organised by a cycling club, they seem very frequent?

    NV - Yeah I think I could push on to 5K without much trouble in terms of my endurance, my only concern is aggravating something by making the jump too quickly.

    Clare - Thanks for the words of support. Good idea about the short break, hopefully you'll be as good as new by the weekend!

    Better get some work done now. image

  • Did my second 5k run yesterday and felt great as it was 5 mins quicker than the previous one,was buzzing and thought I would have another go today which was not a good idea really struggled and couldnt finish image should I have rested after yesterdays good run. Feel on a bit of a downer today
  • Nice easy 5 miles last night, avg pace of around 10:00/mile... Shins a little sore this morning, so going to take a couple of resr days ahead of the Sunday 10mile LSR. Overall very pleased with this week, 20 miles so far, will be 30 by Sunday night and included 10k PB.
    Nick - curse of the newbie, enthusiasm! Just put it down to experience.....
    Grant - well done, always nice when you surprise yourself with extra strength/endurance!

    Have a goid weekend all!!!!
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