Started 8 wk beginner's schedule today



  • Hello everyone, I'm still here! I hope you're all well and all the injured knees are benefiting from rest.

    I had the BEST day yesterday! The only thing that would have made it better was if it had been a bit less windy, but all in all a fab experience! I wasn't quite as nervous as I thought I'd be, and by the time it got to the 11am start time it had stopped raining and the sun had come out so the conditions were almost perfect. I had a quick chat with Neil from Sportlink who did my gait analysis and sold me my running shoes, and he reminded me not to go off too quickly at the beginning. His top advice: you can always run negative splits and it's a great feeling to have enough left in the tank to overtake people at the end.

    I started right at the back at the 2:30+ section, with Elvis, and settled into a nice steady pace that felt a little bit slow so I knew I was probably pacing it about right. If you're interested in the course, there's a video here: One of my favourite bits was about five mins long the Dereham Road when Elvis treated us to two verses of "All Shook Up" and we joined in with the uh-huh-huhs image The support along the way was great, lots of people along the route in the villages clapping and cheering, especially when they saw Elvis, so I stuck just behind him and pretended the cheers were for me! Lots of water stations and someone had even set up a table outside their house handing out jelly babies.

    I did have to stop for a comfort break at the halfway point but I was pretty much bang on target with a chip time of 2:31:54, although I'm knocking off a little tiny bit of time for the pitstop and having a panicky oh-my-god-I-didn't-do-my-trousers-up-properly-they're-going-to-end-up-round-my-ankles-in-front-of-everyone moment straight afterwards, and the fact that it was so windy - like driving a wet lap on Top Gear - so I'm pretty happy with that for a first attempt.

    The last couple of miles were really hard, and the temptation to slow down and walk was almost overwhelming, but I knew that for me it was easier to keep running no matter how slowly, than to stop and have to start again. I managed to catch up with the people I'd started with, and even managed a sprint finish which felt amazing, like I was running on someone else's legs - I guess that's what adrenaline feels like! I was beaten by the man in a gorilla suit carrying an ironing board strapped to his back - why?!? - but I beat Elvis image
  • continued...

    If there are any photos of me I will post a link when they're up. My OH took some but I'm mostly grimacing rather than looking sleek and athletic, although he did very kindly say that I looked like a proper runner. Well, what he actually said was that he'd seen some really bizarre running styles and that in comparison I looked fairly normal! And today I feel pretty OK. My thighs complain when I go up and down stairs but other than that everything is mostly pain free. I'm already wondering when I should go for a run...

    And I'm staggered at the amount of money I've raised for Macmillan. I'm applying for the gold scheme at work that matches every pound raised, so if I'm successful I'll have raised £771.25 including gift aid. I'm so so grateful to everyone who's donated, offered encouragement and advice, and generally been an absolutely massive support in so many ways, and especially to you all on this thread image I think my Dad would have been chuffed to bits.

    Tragically I've just read on another thread that one of the runners collapsed and died near the end of the race. There were a couple of ambulances around near the back of the showground/Easton college area but you just assume that maybe someone's had a nasty fall. Apparently he was 25 and is thought to have run the half marathon before. So so sad.

    I will catch up with everyone individually later, take care.
  • Woo hoo - well done Norfolklass!!! Sounds like a great day with Elvis for company. You've raised a fantastic amount for charity - your dad would have been very proud of you i'm sure.

    Very sad too about the poor guy who died.

    Roadrunner - hopefully your appointment won't take too long, and that you'll be back on the road soon.

  • Woohoo Norfolklass I knew you could do it - and a respectable time too, I'd be really chuffed with that! (I found you in the results from Iain's link earlier so knew you'd done it!) image

    I'll update on my running later - maybe not tonight as I have a driving lesson very shortly, then I've swapped my long run to tonight so I can go to the running club on Wednesday.

  • Well done Norfolklass, a superb effort.

    It was only in June this year you were still on week 5 of the walk/run program!
    And now you've run a half marathon!

    Bloody fantastic.

    Maybe you feel confident enough to attempt a Parkrun now!!  image

  • RoadRunner76 wrote (see)

    OK - update. image  I went to see the doctor today and she said that my knee is a bit inflamed.  So, no running at all for two more weeks, no leg related weights either, then stick to commons and other softer ground for two weeks seeing how it feels (might finally get myself down that track!) and if all goes well for that period, it's OK to go back to the streets.  And I've been prescribed some anti inflammatory tablets for the duration. image 

    Hope everyone else's running is going well. image

    Just posted that from the other thread. image

    Well done on your run, Norfolklass!

  • Well done Norfolklass! Really good time too, sorry I couldn't be there to cheer you on, but I was thinking of you whilst we scoffed our posh brunch fry-up! So sad about the poor 25 year old man. Must be such a shock for his family.

    Had a lovely time at Centreparcs, tho didn't do ANY running! Just been out for 5K, wasn't too bad but had a pounding headache and was 40secs slower than last time, so 37.40.

    Sorry it's short, I promised I would have a very early night tonight! So will catch up tomorrow properly.  


  • How tragic to hear about the 25 year old!  Quite frightening really to think that someone could appear to be so fit on the surface, yet maybe they pushed just a little bit too hard... image
  • My wife and i started the 8 week beginers thingy not long ago and were upto 3 x 12s now.

    This thread has been great motivation for me along the way.iv been reading a page or 2 every few nights and have really enjoyed reading it.

    Its great to see how far you have all come it gives me hope i will be doing 10ks and that soon,tho for now doing 5k with 2 60 seccond walk breaks is great for me seeing as i used to get out of breath just walking up the stairs a little too fast.

    Thank you all so much your all great ha

  • Hi RUTH, well done to you and your wife on doing the 8 week schedule, carry on the good work and you'll be running 10ks in no time at all!

    As promised, here are links to a couple of photos from Sunday. And if that isn't an incentive for me to lose at least another stone I don't know what is!!! Note the bulging pocket full of jelly beans image

    serious face:

    sprint finish:
  • Hi RUTH - welcome to the thread. Doesn't it feel so good every week when you increase your running times. Its nice you and your wife are training together too.

    Norfolklass - good photos... i see you were running with a drink - i find that very difficult!! Hope you haven't had any DOMs.

    Was at physio today - still no running just yet, but things are really well improved... maybe next week.

    Hope everyone else is well imagexx

  • Evening all,

    Here I am again as promised! Time for a proper catch up now!image

    Well, as I said, I had a lovely time at Centreparcs. Lots of messing around in the pool with the kids, and touring the various playgrounds, inside and out. Lots of cups of coffee and a nice dinner out with my husband. And umm.. no running.image

    Anyway, had a sudden panic the other day when I realised that the 5K run is less than two weeks away, on 11th Dec, so mum and I went out last night, our first run together for AGES, for one reason or another. I mapped out a 5K run on mapmyrun and managed it, but slightly slower than last time. Oh well, at least I know that I can do it, would be just nice to get my time down a bit. Going to go again on Thursday. I’m going out for a big slap up Christmas dinner with some girls that I used to work with, so what with that and Centreparcs, my diet is suffering a bit. Never mind, will get back on track soon. My DH has said that I can have my NIKE+ thingy when it arrives in the post, rather than waiting til Christmas. Will help a lot with tracking my time for the 5K as it’s hard to be totally accurate, just working it out on mapmyrun.

    Oh and I got my number through the post for the race and I am NUMBER ONE!! imageOh the pressure! I think we worked out that it must mean that I was the first person to apply for a place! I registered my mum at the same time and she is number two. I’ve got a Huntingtons Disease Association T-shirt to wear on the day, but I’m going to have to do some sort of alterations to it. I know it sounds pure vanity but high tight crew necks on oversize t-shirts are not very flattering to ladies of ahem, generous proportions. image

    Norfolklass, how are your legs today? Thanks for the pics, your OH is right, you do look like a proper runner! And you def don’t look like you need to lose any weight! Fantastic achievement with the money you have raised too, really impressive, and a wonderful tribute to your Dad.

    Oh and please can you tell me what negative splits are?? Or even positive splits for that matter?image

     Hi there RUTH, and welcome to the thread! Great to hear about your progress, it’s amazing isn’t it? I can’t believe that I can run for 38 mins. I’m one of the slower progressers on this thread and the other guys have really inspired me to keep going. I’m 100% certain that I wouldn’t still be doing it if it wasn’t for this thread and the people on it!image

  • continued...

    Roadrunner, sorry to hear that your knee is still playing up. Must be so frustrating. And re the poor guy who tragically died in the half marathon – the same thing happened to a girl I knew. She was in her twenties, very fit and very healthy, went running regularly and the one day just keeled over during a run without any warning. Apparently she had an undiagnosed heart defect. So awful. image

    Snails, how are you? Any pain still? And are you managing to do any kettlebells?

    Cheetah, how did your long run go last night? Sounds like the driving is going well too! When do you think you’ll do your test?

    Iain, like the new profile pic! Well done for doing the parkrun. And good on you for helping out with the half marathon.

    Well I must go now as per my new anti-grumpy-mummy program of going to bed early.image Also sending lots of healing leg vibes to the afflicted ones! And happy running to those who are able to! In case you hadn't noticed I'm going for a record of most variety of smileys in one postimage xxx

  • Ooh i meant to say i liked Iain's new pic, lol.

    Minty, well done on the 5K - the important thing is that you can do the distance. Just enjoy the race, its your first one, so whatever time you do will be a PB. You'll probably find that with the crowd support etc you will go slightly faster on the day.

  • Evening - I'll be as quick as i can, I'm knackered and I haven't even been for a run tonight!

    Hi RUTH and Mrs RUTH - congrats on the 3 lots of 12 minutes - are you tempted to try 3 lots of 15 next? I was, but I wimped out hehe! image Great to see you're both doing so well, keep us updated! 

    Norfolflass - love the pics! You DO look like a proper runner, and not at all in pain like I did on my race ones, and you ran further! image Hope your legs arn't too sore.

    Snails - glad your knee is getting better, and hope you can try a run next week.

    Minty - glad you enjoyed Centreparcs - and well done on another 5k! I'm hoping to do my driving test at the beginning of next year, I just need to pull my finger out and book my theory. I'm worried about the hazard perception bit - I can do it in real life, I'm just really bad with the videos! 

    Well done on the park run Iain - and Roadrunner, hope that knee gets better, make sure you rest it properly!

    My Sunday run was nearly VERY embarrassing! I kitted myself out in my new winter stuff and set off down the road, and soon realised that something didn't quite feel right...My blimmin tights were riding down!

    I thought maybe they'd just stop and were meant to sit a bit lower or something so carried on a bit... but NO, by this point we were almost at a half moon. Luckily my new gilet came a bit further down so I didn't flash any passing motorists! All I could do was run back home and put my shorts on, then go back out again! image Mr Cheetah thought it was really funny.....

    After that bad start, I ran 10k in 01:00:24 imageimageimage I think the MP3 player helped, plus having to make up the lost time from my false start!

    I have now ordered some bottoms online, in the same make and size as my shorts, I figure I can't go wrong that way!

    Long run on Monday - I managed 9 miles in 01:33:30, the weather was against me though as a few miles in the heavens opened and I had an icy wind blowing the rain at me - I was freezing and absolutely soaked but had to keep going or it would have taken me even longer to get home! My legs have felt a bit weird since, and so have I - but hopefully I'll have fully recovered by tomorrow to go to the running club, it's the 5 mile route with the big evil hill - but that's near the beginning and if I remember right it's mainly downhill and flat after that.

    That's it for now, bed is calling! Happy running xxx

  • Hello all,

    Ran again Monday, covering 3 1/4 miles without any problems.
    My knees were slightly sore yesterday but I think thats partly due to being stuck in a chair all day yesterday, having been called in for a shift at the last minute when I should have been on leave.
    As a result I didnt get a chance to do any stretches/foam roller before work, and as i didnt get home till 9.30, I didnt do any then either, so no chance to even walk around to loosen the knees up at all, as i was asleep on the sofa by 10.15 image

    Woke up in the night with a monster headache, due to spending 13 hours at work under EVIL flourescent lights, guaranteed to cause me problems! (apparently its the way they flicker which can set off headaches/migraine/eye discomfort)image

    This morning, still got a headache, but no knee discomfort at all, so pleased about that.
    Will be foam roller/stretching today, and a run tomorrow lunchtime


  • Hi all,

    Just read through your lovely thread as I saw the end and was amazed at what you were doing and couldn't believe that you all started out so recently! And  lots of lovely tips - mapmyrun was top!

    I'm following couch to 5k off the NHS website. Last run was on Monday 8 min run, 5 min walk, 8 min run. Next run on Friday is 20 mins NO WALKING! - sounds like a big jump but seeing that you guys have all done similar things and are now do amazingly I have an extra motivation. Goal is to do my local park run 5k in January.

    Looking forward to reading more of your running and other random stories

  • Morning everyone,

    Welcome Beccy - glad you are enjoying the C25K... good luck with your run on Friday (i always got a little bit of seperation anxiety when i was parted from my walk breaks image). Thats great you have a goal of doing the Parkrun in January - it'll keep you motivated to continue training.

    Iain - good news you are back running again. I am trying to guess what your job is, which involves 13 hour shifts, in a chair, but is an essential service cos you got called in when you were on leave - hmmmm!! are you an emergency dispatcher/controller for the ambulance service/police service/or an air traffic controller?? Am i close?? Had to come back in and add 'a switchboard operator'??

    Cheetah - you will definately do 10K sub 60min very soon... well done on your run. Have you tried the trail shoes yet? Glad you have a date arranged for the driving test.

    Minty - no pain now, but not allowed to do any trotting or kettlebells yet. Can't wait. Glad you all had a good time at CentreParcs, and hope you are nicely rested.

    Norfolklass - well have you braved any runs since Sunday? Whats your next goal then? (maybe a marathon next year - and don't say no straight away - a few months ago you'd have said you couldn't run a half!!)....

    RUTH - hows your running going this week - are you still on 3x12 or are you on the next one? (i can't remember what the next one is). Anyway, hope its going well for you and your wife.

    Roadrunner - hope you are okay. Are you able to do rowing etc at the minute, or have you stopped everything? I'm sure you miss not running like i do.

    Have a good day, imagexx

  • The doc. said I could still do rowing, but only at a very low intensity.  That's even more boring though!!  I'll just stick with my resistance workouts for fitness for now - apart from legs of course.  Many of them include an element of cardiovascular work as well. image

    Definitely miss not running - and when I do get back out there, I'm going to have to walk to the local common before I can start running - doc said to ease back in with soft surfaces for a couple of weeks - so it's going to be bloomin' cold!  Even at my walking pace, which is brisk, it's around a ten minute walk.  Early evening/late afternoon runs are out because by then it would be very cold at this time of year - if I can get out there earlier in the day, then the walk to the common shouldn't be too bad.

  • Hi all,

    Snails, ref my,no,no.......and no!

    Had a good run on Thursday, none of my usual running partners were at work so went on the 'mill instead.
    Had done around a 1/3 of a mile when i got asked by a another gym user for help getting started on another machine. Done that, went back to my own machine, to find it had reset and lost my distance/time elapsed. So, restarted, and 4 miles later I stopped because i had run out of time and had to go get showered and back to work.
    Felt really good, and could happily have carried on.
    feeling it today though!
    My right knee is quite stiff, but not painful, and the left just a mild ache.
    All managable with ibuprofen and some rest.

    Will be on the exercise bike tomorrow, and a shorter run on sunday


  • I'm guessing that by the law of averages, it's Norwich Union? Am I right Iain??
  • the IT department??
  • Minty, That'll be a NO!

    Forgot to mention earlier, I had a new experience on thursday at the end of, and after, my run.
    Joggers nipple!
    Not nice!
    Because i ran on the mill instead of outside, I got very sweaty indeed, and was more than a little moist at the end. All this left my skin rather softened, and the chafing/rubbing on my shirt left me with a rather uncomfortable condition!image

    Put some ointment on after my shower, but got some very wierd looks from the other guys in the changing room!
    I could only smile uncomfortably and carry on the lube job on my chestimage

  • I want a go at the Guess Iain's Job game!

    *factoring in the ready suply of showers and gym equipment........* (plus the sitting down all day and being called in whilst on leave.....)

    Are you an emergency gym receptionist....????!!!!!!!  image

    Off to cook a huge chilli con colonic now, but just before I go and do that, I have to tell you all - 

    I just ran 10k in 00:59:29!!!!!!!!!!

    And my new running bottoms actually stay on! image

  • LOL Cheetah!

    And tmi about colonics and bottoms thank you!

    Oh and really well done by the way!  image

  • Iain if we guess right will you tell us, (and if the answer to that is no then i'll assume its MI5 or MI6 you work for). Also, will there be a prize for whoever gets it right??

    Now, what jobs do people have where they sit all day, can use the gym and then shower, and have to cover leave at short notice.... <ponders>

     - do you work for a newspaper?

    Edited to add in - are you a security guard?(though i don't think they sit much, unless you look at cameras)

    Cheetah - big well done on going sub 60.... not long after i started running, i went out late afternoon one time, having had chilli and chips for lunch (even ordering that was a brave decision, cos i don't normally do spicy stuff).... well, talk about pains in guts, the sweat was breaking on me and i had to do a 'marathon style buttock clenching walk' back to the car park!! Close call!!

  • Emergency gym receptionist! image

    MI5 or MI6 ?   image I'd tell you but i'd have to kill you!

    And no, its not a newspaper either.

  • Hmmmm, well it can't be the NHS cos they don't have gyms usually.

    U do realise this is bugging me now!!

    Anyone else have any ideas?

  • I have just registered for this event.

    Anyone else feel like giving it a go?

    As for my job, all i'm prepared to say is "civil service", which includes hundreds of different  possible jobs!  image
    That's as much as i'll tell you all, it wouldn't be appropriate to go any further on a public forum like this.

    Don't you just hate it when someone keeps something from you!  image

  • Hahaha, you are evil!!!! I hate not knowing stuff, lol.

    Well whatever it is, i like the sound of it cos you get to sit, shower and use the gym image

    Good for you entering that 10K... bit far away for me though. Besides, at the rate i'm going i'll be lucky if i'm back to doing 5Ks by then.

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