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  • *waves back to Nam* 

    The Cardiff half was my very first half and the stadium finish was great - felt like a proper athleteimage  I thought of doing the half again but without the stadium finish it wouldn't have been the same.  I must do more races in Wales, the only other i've done (twice now) is the Porthcawl Boxing Day Run.  Can you recommend any?  Btw I spent my student days in Cardiff (Physio school), had a flat in Roathimage

  • Yvonne:  Lots of the Welshies on the Swansea thread.  Llanelli Half (on 2nd of March next year I think) and Llanelli 10k (in June) are really nice races, so is the Swansea 5k series.  A few of the Welsh possee just did Nos Galan tonight.  You just missed the Pembrokeshire Coastal Marathon last month.  Ponty Reverse 10 is in February but nasty hill at the end!!  San Domenico 20 is popular.  My OH marshalls that one.  image
  • OMG Yvonne, fabulous weight loss!!

    I was Yvonne J before marriage too image. Both pre and post marriage names were/are Welsh too, but hubby's Irish and dad's family are Lancastrian.

    I've got a 10 miler in early Feb to train up for after sh*gging my ankle in September, currently managing 5-6 miles in one go, with 1-2 walk breaks.

  • Whaaaat???  imageimageimage

    You were both Yvonne Jenkins and now you're both Yvonne Meany???????

    >>wonders what the statistical likelyhood of that is<<

  • No Nam, but my pre surname began with J and married begins with M...tis a wonder meeting any Yvonnes, so I get over excited
  • Of course the vodka won't have helped, I'm having to type most of my posts twice image
  • it  reminds me of when i hear the name loton (maiden name).  we are a dying breed image

    watching monty python for first time!  life of brian x  

  • so kwilter u doin hoe 10 then?  thought about it just not sure i can do it.  fitness is rubbish!  spose there is time?????
  • I'm back!  Keeping my fingers crossed that the phone will not ring for the next hour and a half....Must catch up with what has been happening in my absence image
  • Hey Sweety. image
  • yes Pea, I'll post my entry cheque off on Friday. I'm fitter now (endurance wise) than I was last year when I did it just under 2 hours but thought I was dying on the final mile (Stonehouse bridge) Hubby will be doing it with me, and I'll know to take a gel with me in case I need it. We're going to turn up at the Plympton 10k next weekend to see if there's day entries left...will you be there for that one?
  • Oh. My. God.  Just looked at Yvonne's before and after pictures.  They're incredible!  Might have to root out that Paul McKenna book and CD again.  Used find his voice a bit too soothing though....put me to sleep!  He was my pre-exam relaxation CD a couple of years ago.  Didn't get any skinnier though image

  • There's an idea...  If I'm asleep I don't eat...  image
  • kwilter - money situ meant i couldn't apply for any races pre feb.  now we got paid i cud do hoe 10.  think i will get form off hubbys puter (im not printer capable).

    want boypea to do fun run as a confidence building excersise.  so gonna put it in post soon (promise!!) 

  • Yvonne is not That common a name, is it Kwilterimage and my hubby folks are irish too, he was born in london though. I'm on  the red wine myself (prob not the best thing with the 10K tomorrowimage!)

    Thanks for the race info Nam, I've thought about some of the Swansea ones but dates have clashed with other things etc Haven't heard of the  san Domenico before though - will have to google - would like to do a 20 mile race.  i want to do a least 4 marathons in 2008. (I can't believe i just said that image )

  • I often fell asleep listen to Paul's CD, I wake up with the cat sleeping on my chest image But even if you fall asleep you unconscious is still listening.  Any way it worked for meimage and the weight has stayed off ... most of it anyway.  My weight sort of oscillates around 10st now.  I don't weigh myself anymore but when my jeans get a bit tight I eat more slowly and run a bit more.image
  • His voice is really soothing, isn't it?!Don't fancy the weighing thing for a while yet....but plan on eating a bit more sensibly until the clothes feel right again to begin with!  Have been doing a lot of munching just for the sake of it.  Not hungry, just because it's there and tastes nice.  No more!  And do more strength training.  And get back to yoga.  Had a few lazy weeks and then couldn't do it because of injury.  Really felt like it toned me up before though.
  • mmmmm looks very tempting, Nam - though looking at last years times I could well be last.  My 20 mile yesterday took 4 hours on my treadmillimage

    The cat has gone to sleep on my lap so I'm stuck here at the computer, luckily I've got a glass of red wineimage

  • Yvonne:  That's alright!!  You'd probably still be on for a sub-5 mara... which is heaps better than anything I could pull out of the bag at the moment!! image

    Corker:  Take your time babe.  Whenever you feel ready.  The "more yoga" and "more strength training" is definetely on my program!!!  I used to be able to squat 60kg to parallel and bench 30kg....  image

  • Yikes, Nam!  That's pretty impressive!

    Will be nice and sensible and just eat proper food I think.  Nothing crazy/faddish.  Keep going to gym but increase strength training etc.  Will step on evil box of disappointment in time.... We were sworn enemies for a while and haven't quite recovered!

  • If I survive the marathon in Jan then I think I'll give it a go.  it looks like you run down the valley then back up???  When I visit my Mum I run on the cycle track  up and down the Garw valley.  Only done 1 marathon but managed 4:51:10  - was very happy with that image

    Nearly midnight  - Hope you all have a Very Happy New Year - see you tomorrowimage

  • Part of the problem is being in a relationship....  Of course being in a relationship in itself isn't a problem and I'm really glad I met TT....  but what I'm trying to say is when I was single I was hardly ever in....  Always out doing stuff, spending hours in the gym...  most of my friends are into sports...  2 close friends are RPM / Body Pump instructors, another mate is a competition level body builder/weight lifter, another is an elite runner, lots of other people I used to train with...  if we were bored on a weekend we used the studio in the gym to set up ridiculous circuits, do plank competitions etc etc... now that I spend more time with one person I simply do less of that...

    Plus when I'm on my own I'll often just make some beans on toast whereas when TT is here I'll cook nice meals...


  • Is he doing much IM training?  Could you coordinate training and mooching times?
  • To all future "Losers" on this thread.... xx


  • Yes Corker we'll work something out.  It's new to both of us.  image

    Are you still at work, chicken??

  • So, Nam... when do you finish? image
  • >>pulls Cookie's tail<<
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