Port Talbot harriers



  • FM, taking Kyle with us so we are now a team of three, do we need  3 or 4?
  • do not know about the team for sunday .see you in 1hr
  • well done boys on the mile new pb for me by 12s 4th in race not to good not to bad
  • what time adrian?

     did 8 hilly miles this morning,7.11 pace but found it very hot I dont think it will be easy aclimeatising to this hot weather especially on races..

    How did you get on Chris?

  • mark my time was 5.27 but on the 5k i do 5.51 m/m chris was 7th i think 5.41 new pb i think
  • Impressive times guys,keep up the good work!!
  • Yes 5:41  6 seconds off last year, should have been better than 7th though.

    Your running really well mark. I love the hot weather, make the most of it we don't get much!

  • 8m in today on the hills .850f  to the top about 7.23 m/m over all. looking foward to sunday now .going to work at 11.30 be home at 7.30. and a day off on sat.
  • FM, are you all set for tomorrow? where am I picking you up?
  • good luck you guys,its going to be hot out there!
  • Thanks Mark, did you say you were racing tomorrow?
  • yep doing the neyland 10 k in pembs
  • Good luck Mark. Have a good race.
  • good luck mark give it your all i think one of the boys from port talbot is doing it to
  • FM, where am I picking you up in the morning?
  • i will come down to you at 9am
  • OK, see you here at 9am
  • Well done FM, another great race you've shown meimage. Was very hot out thereimage.

    Mark hope you had a good day

    Dont know my time as the results were not available at the finish, think it was about 41/42 ish.

  • Found it really hard today,must be the heat.Everyone said the same,managed 41.59,slightly dissapointed but there was 1200 feet of climbing and i seemed to finish around the same people as usual.Still managed to be 2nd vet 50

    How hilly was your race guys?

  • VERY VERY VERY hilly, yes three big hills. Well done mark thats a great time with the heat. Did I mention that our race was a bit hillyimage. Oh yes and very hot tooimage.
  • what time did adrian do?
  • Not to sure I think about 42 or 43 just behind me. Were there any Port talbot harriers there with you?
  • no sign of any port talbot boys,are you still running at whitford?I still have not decided yet.Any idea how hilly it is?
  • Yes, at the moment its just the two of us me and Adrian that is. Took my son with us to the race today, his first 10k, he managed 51:05. Don't know how hilly it is, did you have an e-mail with the course map off Kevin corcoran? if not send me your e-mail and I'll forward it to you.
  • it was very hilly and to hot but good race .

    well done boys doing well

  • impressive running by your son Chris,How old is he? I have offered my sons £200 if they beat me but it has still not tempted them to start running,
  • Hi Mark, My son is 16, he plays for neath athletic rugby, no3, prop, but as the rugby has ended for a while I'm trying to get him into the running.

    Are you up for the race on Wednesday?

    Had a good run tonight got 13 hilly miles in, started off feeling like crap and at 3 miles in was going to come back but after 5 miles I felt great and just carried on going. knackered now thoughimage.

  • Good running Chris,13 miles after yesterday is awesome.! It must have been pretty warm tonite.cooling down a bit in Carmarthen now.Do not run tomrrow if you are racing in wed!!

    May be there on wed,depends on how my day goes at work

  • 5m with the boy today and than 8m running 4m was up hills . speedwork on tues
  • Morning all

    Looking very nice out there today.

    MPW, we will be meeting at 6pm tonight and will be doing speed work 5 X 1000, good training for Swansea bay 5k series.

    FM, see you later.

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