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  • Hi FM, no speed work for me tonight, calf is a bit tight so having a few days rest. Hope your running ok, we will have to get out on the weekend.

    Mark how you keeping, hope every thing is well with you.

    Belly boy, long time no see, are you ok?

  • Hi Chris

    all ok down here but no running again,mum and dads fridge freezer packed up at 4.30 so i had to go and replace it for them,picked one up from currys in the van and then took the old one back.

    Definately running tomorrow.!!

    A few days rest will do you good mate,

  • hi

    8m in today on the hills.what are we going to do on the the weekend

  • hi guys ,just did 5 miles of intervals.fastest pace was 5.52 but its hard doing speedwork on your own but i am sure it speeds you up for races.What nite do you guys do speedwork with the club?I may join you one time.
  • mark tues is speedwork for p/t at 6pm doing 5 x 1000m i think
  • Chris, stumbled home, 16.39 in the end, so not a bad Thursday nights work.
  • hi steve what up son what you doing on the weekend
  • Bob's wedding on Sunday, hence the long run on Thursday. Thinking of doing a 12-13 on Saturday morning though. How's things with you? Shame you never came to Sarn Helen, I had you tipped for sub-2 hours.
  • i know next time.it was the fa cup weekend beer beer and more beer image are you doing the 5k on weds its a pb races

    wedding on sunday new one on me imagesunday wedding 1st time i see that

  • Afternoon lads

    so whats the plan for tomorrow? any preference on the route and what time?

    Mark it would be great to have you over for some training with us, Tuesdays 6pm Thursdays 6:15 pm or any other dayimage.

  • 08:30 or 09:00 would be a good time to start.

     Where do you fancy going? If you said 09:00ish I could run down to the Ferry and then we could run along the canal to the aquaduct. Let me know what you are up for!

  • What aquaduct? the new one in Resolven?8:30 or  9:00 sounds good to me.

    Did you get out tonight? I did phone you. I went for a 5 mile run with Kyle.

    FM, Are you coming in the morning?

  • yes .9am is it
  • 9am it is, see you both there!!!
  • Thanks Chris I will probably join you guys on a tuesday,but not this tues as i will be racing on monday.Have a good run tomorrow. 
  • Hi Mark, where you racing on Monday?
  • chris i will be there at 9 .going to swansea now
  • Morning

    See you at 9 FM, Any more takers?

  • Racing at Dinas Head near Fishguard Chris,its a 4.8 multi terrain.Not done it before i think it follows the coastal path so should be fairly undulating.Hope its not too wet and windy.
  • Good luck Mark, have a good race.

    Nice run today lads, hope the legs ok Steve.

  • FM, meeting Alan at 8am by the ferry roundabout, he is going to do about 10 i'm going for at least 16+. slow start fastish finish. Going to the hospital to see Tony tonight i'll give you a bell when I get home about 8:30 ish.
  • good running on the weekend boys time to take it easy now  and than the pb race on weds 5k its a good one mark are you coming over.
  • FM, how many from the club are going on wednesday? think Judith is coming so 4 so far that I know.
  • hi hi of to cardiff i go beerimage
  • hi guys,how are the heads today?

    off to pembrokeshire soon ,very windy here so it will be worse down there on the cliffs.Any way same for everyone i suppose Ther must be more sensible things to do on a bank holiday!.

  • Good luck Mark.
  • just got back ,found that really hard,only 4.6 miles but very undulating on the cliff path,had to walk up some of the hills and was careful on the steep downhills.The rain held off but was very windy. Managed 8 th overall and first vet 50 so well pleased even though i dont think i ran that well today.I am definately better on the roads but its nice to do different races.
  • Well done mate, your a hero just to be out running in this weather let alone racing. Well done on another win, will defo have to do some training with you and hope it rubs off.

    Have you done this race before red kite challenge I'm going to give it a go and hope to rope some other club members in too. But the Llanelli 10k is on the same weekend. I'm going to do both days, Tony was going to do it with me until his accident.

  • Thanks Chris,not done the red kite,it definately sound s a challenge.You are a brave man to do both days,but on you recent form you will be near the top.I will be doing llanelli on the sunday,shame you wont be there for that. Next race for me is the sarn helen 5 k in talley on friday night and then if you like a good mt race the dambuster 10 k on sunday.3 races in 6 days a record for me!!

  • Mark, are you doing Merthyr Mawr on Wednesday?
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