Port Talbot harriers



  • Evening

    14 miles in tonight. Went with Alan P and Belly boy, one of Alan's tenant canal runs, nice route.

  • 12.5 miles in today.

    Whats the plan for tomorrow. I'm looking for about 18.

  • whan we do the 18m tomorrow we need to put in some speedwork in like doing the last 10k in 40to42mins r you up for itimage

  • Just purchased a Garmin Forerunner 205 for £99 from Amazon

    It hasn't got the heart monitor - but hopefully it will sort my pace out

    Don't know if that's a good price or what - just put in for the Llanelli 10k


  • Mario, that's about the going price for them, you can get them a bit cheaper if you look hard enough, but only a few bob cheaper.

    Adrian, I'm up for that just hope my legs agree with my headimage. Is the belly boy going?

  • I love my garmin Mario,and will definately use it tomorrow to pace myself on the race,the only trouble with them is you sometimes push yourself when training to keep up e decent pace
  • is bbb going i do not knowimage where is heimage

    i will be down at 8am

  • FM, great run today mateimage. 18.5 miles, and lots of sunshine
  • i good run my toe is ok  i hope we will see tomorrow its a bit blue image
  • 2 more get ups and a get up and go!!!
  • Great news Steve, how long will you be home for?
  • 5m done today .that some of the beer out.image

    had my no 507 for the llan 10k and it looks like about 10 port talbot harrs are going down .good going boys.

  • Hi Guys

    Just got the Ammanford 10k entry form - I'll bring some down tomorrow or you can download/print it from http://runninginwales.com/Documents/amanford10k08form.pdf - haven't recieved my race number for the llanelli 10k yet


  • Evening all

    Mario, most of us enter on the day for Ammanford when we put the teams in.

    Last chance for you to come to the red kite challenge with meimage.

    Rest night for me tonight, what a waste of a lovely nightimage.

  • hi 13.5m done today some good hills .chris i did your run 

    mario your number will come today .

  • Indian file speed work tonight, great session, had the train going at 6 min/mile and some fast sprints from back to front, 4.5 mile of it. We split the bunch into two groups which made it better for all.
  • been out .rain and wind no goodimage

    looks like speedwork is on its way up chris

  • Off to the vets T&F league, Newport. Hope my leg holds outimage.
  • Good luck Chris ,you are a glutton for punishment!!
  • Got my Llanelli 10k number (687) today and my Garmin arrived too


  • Home now for two weeks...knackered!!!
  • Welcome home Steve. Are you running tomorrow? Give me a bell if your coming, I think we are going over the hills, off road, instead of the loop.

    Just got back from the T&F Newport. Had a great time, came 3rd in the 3000m. Did the 400m,800m and the 4X200m relay.

    Mark, do you ever do the T&F events?

  • well done Chris you are a hero.

    never done any T and F ,may give it a go one day.I must admit i do enjoy running on the track.

    Do you intend having a rest before this little run you have got planned this weekend??

  • speedwork done today 2x5k.

    well done chris

    one more day in work and than 3 days off .

    mark i will see you on sunday

    steveimage days your home have you got any races planned

  • Not training this evening, I'll probably head out in an hour or so. 

    Running the Xterra trail 1/2 Marathon on Sunday in Resolvan. They sent the course through, God help, I've got to ford the River Neath. 

    Good effort in the T&F Chris, you really should take it easy now before the weekend!!!

  • good running adrian,what time  you hoping for?

    If i can get under 40 i will be happy

    see you sunday

  • Morning all

    Off to Aberystwyth tonight for the red kite challenge.

    Hope you all have a good day racing in Llanelli 10k

    Steve, good luck for the Xterra hope they take you through the shallow bit of the river!!!

    FM, I'm off on monday to rest my legs and will be going out on Sunday when I get homeimage.

  • mark i did 40.53 last year but i am looking for a new pb in this one my pb is 38.40 looking at 38.10.to 38.20 if there is no wind image

    chris good luck for the weekend .i am on the beer today from 12.30pm to ?image

    and i will be out sunday give me a ring

  • what a day BEERimage
  • Hi Adrian,hope your head is ok.

    Looks windy for tomorrow,so i think pb s might not happen,but who knows!

    See u there

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