Brand new runner looking for companions..

Hi there.

I have always been a bit of a 'lardy' and having had breast cancer twice in the last 18 months, I have decided that it is now or never to get exercising!  My brother did the London Marathon for Macmillan during my first bout and I was so inspired again by this year that I did wonder about doing it... *grin*

 I am in my first week and have started walking first and am hoping to start running in a couple of weeks and would love to have a group of 'mates' to share the ups and downs with as my bro found this place invaluable..

 Anyone in near the same position?



  • Well done you for starting out running - there's lots of lovely people on here who give great advice.  I started properly about 10 weeks ago and now running around 4.5 miles (but v v v slowly)

     Stick at it - take it slow to start with and soon you will be weeing in the gutter like Paula!

  • Thanks for the welcome Kate!  I can't believe you are now running 4.5 miles - Just 'running' seems beyond me at the moment...

  • You'd be surprised how far you can get with a bit of patience I suppose!!!!!

    I started with 10 minute runs on a treadmill 4 years ago. I'm doing my 16th Half on Sunday.

    Take it steady and build up gradually and you'll get to where you want to be!

    Good Luck!
  • I'd echo what stoxy said - I'm amazed at my progress. 

    After being the sterotypical fat kid last to be picked for the team at school (I have terrible nightmares of the school sports day 800m - being made to do it and coming last in the year group in front of the rest of the school) I now finally feel like I've achieved something sporty

  • Stoxy - thanks for the encouragement - much appreciated.

    Kate - that is EXACTLY how I feel.. I just don't 'see' myself as a runner at all.. more a 'waddler'.


  • Better a waddler than a couch potato!
  • That is true!

  • I have been running since jan 1st. At first i was running too fast & could only do a very short distance before my legs gave up & no way whatever i did could i increase my distance. I raised a forum on here to get advice on where i was going wrong. The advice i got from every person who wrote on the forum was SLOW DOWN. I did this & believe me in weeks i am now running 5 miles. So my advice to you is take your time, walk as much as you want & when you start to run just take it very slow & you will be suprised at how quick you improve. Just remember it doesn't matter how fast you go you are still going a lot faster than the couch potatoes. Good luck

  • See I told you there were lovely people on here giving lovely advice
  • Welcome BS.

    Your descripton of school sports could have been me! At least with running you are doing it for yourself and thats all that matters. We all have to start somewhere and our journeys are all different. Ive been running for 18 months and still very slow but hey thats me!

    Good luckimage

  • I was always rubbish at all sports at school, and was told by family that I was no good at it. It takes a long time to realise that you can do anything if you put your mind to it - I completed my first half-marathon in March and still can't believe I managed to run the whole thing!

    BS, you've done the first - and hardest - step, now just keep going and keep enjoying it. Oh, and try not to  use negative words like waddler or lardy - you're a runner now, keep remembering that!

  • Hello and welcome, Just make sure you have got the proper running shoes, it makes a hell of a difference. i too at the start of Feb 08 couldnt run more than 1 min i am now up to 5k in 30 mins and improving every week. Keep at it.image    
  • Is some encouragement needed?

    I went to a very sporty school but my sporting credentials were non-existent.  I spent my 20s building cars and drinking beer but then got into running in my 30s.  Several years on I'm an Ironman and Ultra distance runner................... so be careful, this could take you places you don't expect  image

    My top tips.............. make sure you've got good running shoes and don't try to do too much too soon as it'll lead to injuries.

  • You are all so motivating - thank you!

     A couple of questions.. Won't they laugh at me if I walk into a 'proper' sports shop asking for proper shoes? I know that sounds wimpy but the thought of people looking at me going - that poor dear is wasting her time... *gulp*

    The second thing is how do you keep tabs on the distance you are walking/running? I have a chest belt and watch to keep tabs on time, but nothing for distance....

    Thanks guys - You are so helpful...

  • is a great little site for plotting how far you've run - you can search for other runs in your area and if you use the "hybrid" view it gives you a satellite image as well as the road names.

     Just brazen it out in the running shop for shoes - I went just meaning to have a look around but ended up running on the shops's treamill (in the shop's window) wearing the trainers and rolled up skinny jeans with a posh silk top - must have looked a right numpty! image  Most running shops will be used to newbies coming in for kit - in fact some can't wait to get their hands on new converts to impart loads of great advice!

  • Thanks Kate - what would I do without you?


  • You are wise Blithespirit - I am of course indispensible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • *agrees hastily as she is a new girl*


  • I do mean to get some good running shoes. This may seem stupid but i bought my first pair of running shoes from aldi for £8.99 & they seem to be just right for me. Maybe though if i spent a bit more money on good quality shoes i would see a vast improvement in my training
  • If they work for you Adrian then fine but be wary - if you start getting shin splints or unusual amounts of aches and pains it may be worth investing in some new shoes.

    I thought my old nikes were comfy until I got my properly fitted asics and they feel amazingly better in comparison.  If, like me, you have sweaty feet I'd recommend socks that wick away the moisture to prevent blisters.

  • I don't actually know what my current shoes are or what they are for but feel that I ought to get along a bit before buying new shoes...


     Adrian - As comf y as they are, I would check out their support.  You really don't want the injuries!

  • I get paid this weekend & as i'm running the GER in october i might invest in a good new pair so at least they are well broken in. Thanx for the advice peeps.
  • I am a 22 stone fat man who has just finished week 1 of the run walk beginner schedule (60 secs run, 90secs walk), and tomorrow I face week 2 which is basically twice as much running as last weekimage.

    Having hovered around this board for the last month picking up tips, I have bought a very large treadmill to take my weight and save my ankles/knees/hip/back, a heart monitor, a new pair of trainers from a specialist running shop, some 1000 mile socks to prevent blisters (v good), and some sweat bands to avoid drowning.

     Everyone is saying go slowly to begin, (believe me this is not a problem), however at 5mph on a 1% incline as running speed and 3mph at walking pace can it actually get any slower?  Also this running pace puts me at basically max heart rate after second 1 minute run?

     So my question is should I slow more or just tough it out at max heart rate, which i assume will reduce over time?

     BTW Hello and sorry for having so much to sayimage

  • Hi there GG and the answer is that I have no idea! *grin*

     Are you comfortable at that? Can you chat whilst you are doing it?  Would it be worth doing week 1 again until you really feel comfortable?

     It will reduce over time though.. I was really high today too... My max is 165 and I was up near 160...


     Aren't we amazing?!

  • 5mph sounds a bit quick to begin with could slow it down fact you could just keep it at the same speed for both the walking and the running ..its the difference between walking and running that makes it harder so you dont need to run faster at the moment

    try and keep your heart rate down too - 60-70% of your basic max would be fine for starting off - and make sure you can talk at the same time - if you cant you are working too hard

    you might even benefit from just walking at the moment - to get used to it if you dont already - building up to 20 -30 minutes of walking at 3-4 mph daily will be a great starting point for your fitness and will really help you to get into the running when you start to add a bit more ( which you will do)

    and dont be afraid to take longer than the 6 - 8 weeks programme - they are only rough guides and some of us need longer to build up - nothing wrong with repeating a week until you feel ok and it is easy to move up to the next week - you will get there

    well done for starting and good luck with your running  

  • Thank you!

  • This is all good stuff.

     Historically having played a bit of Rugby which apparently is all about short bursts and recovery, I have never had any stamina (hence being last at cross country etc. at school many years ago and this thread striking a chord).

    Will start week 2 this afternoon, but try and sing or chunter to myself while in the running phases, which I will definitely reduce from 5mph (can't breathe let alone speak at the moment, and the running style is erratic to say the least at the end of the 5/6/7/8th 1 min at 5mph as I scrabble for the control pad)image.

     Such a fine balance between doing it properly and not overdoing it.  You know you want to push yourself in the hope of getting better quicker, but trying not to test yourself to destruction is clearly not as easy as it seemsimage

    TBH my first inclination is to stick to the schedule come what may (30 Mins of running being the first goal), obviously playing with the speed therefore has to be the effort control.

    How have others got on with goal setting and acheiving?  Do you think you are too hard/ not hard enough on yourselves?  Have you tested yourself to destruction and were there any warning signs?  Trouble is I'm quite proud of myself when my heart rate hits close to maximum as I know I'm really trying, yet I now know this is folly.

     Thanks alot GG

  • GG i would forget about the schedule for now and concentrate on getting a basic endurance fitness first. As already mentioned, why not build up the walking first so you can target say 5-6 mph pace then when you have lost weight and gained more fitness then start a running plan. Running at your max heart rate now could be very dangerous if you hav'nt had the all clear from your doc.

    Take it easy, build up then push yourself.

    Good luck     

  • Thanks for the concern.  Think I've set myself up as a little too un-fitimage.  I am 6'3 and heavy built and have only not been playing rugby for 1.5 years (on which I'm thinking of making a comeback next season at 32 for the odd 3rds game).  I stopped smoking back in Aug 07 and put on even more weight.

     My fighting weight has always been around the 17-18 stone mark(4-5 stone ago), though I realise that as I get older I should be aiming to get down to more normal levels (14-15 used to be un-thinkable as I'd look gaunt believe it or not, but I think in a few short years time that will be the target, and rugby definitely won't be a fitness option available when I retire for good(which could be on my next dislocation))

     Don't feel the heart is going to be the thing that gives out.  The lack of controlled running is definitely from tiring leg muscles and not lifting my feet properly.  Don't feel light headed or dizzy.  My recovery rate when really easing down (i.e 2-2.5mph walking)has already improved enormously since I started this fitness push.

    Should point out I didn't go straight into this run walk schedule without some prior walking alone.  This is the start of the next step for me, so I'm expecting it to be hard, but with this advice I'd say I probably need to temper the pace alot.

    I will let you know if I can still run (even at 3-4 mph) and stay within the 60-70% bands, or if I need to walk at all times to stay in there, in which case a change of plan may be in order.

    Obviously reluctant to bail on my running schedule this early.  Is there a walkers world website & forumimage

    Thanks again GG

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