A new 10k in under 60 mins thread?

Anyone care to join me on my challenge? I had a look at the other thread but you're all too fast! Talking about getting under 40 mins! Deary me...

Did my first 10k 3 weeks ago in 1hr and 8 and have a few more booked in over the coming months - the next on Sunday 17th. I would LOVE to get under the hour before the year is out. I can plod along quite happily for ages but the second I pick up my speed I'm knackered instantly, nasty stitch and have to pull right back to snail speed...

So - I need to get fitter. And I need to get faster. And I really need to push myself a bit and stop wimping out the moment it gets a bit hard.

So come join me and in the pursuit for 59mins and 59 secs! 



  • Hi

     Hey, 1hr 8min is a respectable time, plodmonster.  Well done.  I do around the 60min mark on a good day.  Your third paragraph is the certainly the way ahead.  With that attitude YOU WILL certainly break the 60mins before the end of the year.   With your training, do you do any speed work? Also,  the more 10k's you do the quicker you'll get.

     Good luck and happy runnin'!  image

  • My first 10k was last years Blaydon race (very hilly) 1:04:14. 

    This year I wanted to break the 1 hour barrier and in July I finished the London 10k in 1 hour exactly....GETTIN!!.........well, I thought I did, when I crossed the line I stopped my Nike+ and it was 1 hour on the dot.  But, when I uploded my Nike back home it was 1:00:47.

    47 seconds is huge!! It may as well be another hour.  My misses said, "but it's near enough an hour" near enough......NEAR ENOUGH!!!  

    My next 10k is November in Lanzarote.  I can pretty much guarantee my 1 hour target won't be beaten then!  

  • Count me in.

    Done the Great Capital 10k a few weeks ago in 69 mins. Only been running for 3 months and completed 2 10ks, the first in 71 mins. I am slow but enjoying it.

    I think at my weight it will be a struggle to do under 60 this year but if not I am hopeful by Spring.

    Doing the Great South Run at the end of October so mght try to get another 10k in for Sept.

    All the best


  • Yay! People are in.

    FMS - i remember reading your post about your Great Capital time. I was there as well and only 30 seconds ahead of you. i had a fantastic day. the atmosphere was fab.

    Mick - i sympathise with your 47 seconds! I was just 11 seconds off getting under 30 in a (dubiously measured) 5k race a few weeks back. still grates me.

    Chase runner - i try and do bits of runs that are faster than normal but i just cannot maintain it for more than 30 seconds. i just seem to have one pace!

    Well - am doing a 3 mile plod tomorrow and a long sloooow one on Sunday. 3 laps round the park and there and back is about 7.5 miles. have only done that distance once before and took me around 1hr 25.

  • Count me in although am working towards sept half marathon (and inconveniently going trekking in moutains in the middle)

    I did 1:01:15 so just over.. 

  • Count me in I have my fist 10k tomorrow. Have done 65 and 64 on my own  but no idea how i will cope on a race day as it is all new to me.

    I am also doing it as part of half marathon training in october but I am a new runner. Well started last Sept got injured Jan to May and only got going agin this May.

  • I'm in - first (and only - so far!) was 1:12:22 at the Great Capital Run. I think it would have been a bit quicker if I'd not been queuing for a portaloo for so long I missed my start, so ended up having to go off with all the walkers, so spent the first 1-2k trying to run around people to overtake! Would like to get under 60 minutes before the end of the year!

     Next 10k is 31st August image

  • Good luck tomorrow susie b.
  • Thanks Lisa-Marie

    Think i am going to need it the nerves are starting!!!!

    let you all know 2m

  • Good luck susie b! i'm sure if you can do 64 mins in training you nail it tomorrow.

    lisa marie - are you doing the nike 10k on the 31st? i'm doing that one but am not holding out much hope for breaking 60 mins just because there will be so many people! so am going to treat it as a training run, take it easy and enjoy the atmosphere i think.

    the week after that i have clapham common 10k which i have high hopes for as not only is it max 800 entrants, it is also my local stomping ground so no faffing around with tubes and bags and things.

    am trying to get myself up and out the house a run but am far too comfortable watching the olymipcs in my jim jams... 

  • Count me in!  I

    I've done three 10Ks so far:

    April 2008: 1:01:50  Started too fast trying to get warm as it snowed a couple of hours before start.

    May 2008: 1:06:05  Slow due to soaring temperatures - about 23C! 

    June 2008: 1:00:44 So close and yet so far!

    Next race is next weekend (17th).

  • Can I join this thread please? I have managed to run 10k once, by myself, and did 1hour 20mins or so. Although I stopped to adjust my shoelaces and went the wrong way through a ditch so there is definite room for improvement there!

    I have done a couple of 5k races but am now hoping to up the distance as well, plan to run the Southend 10k in october, training hard!

    Plodmonster I know just what you mean about slow speed, as soon as I try to go faster I am worn out! I have to do long runs really s..............l...................o.....................w................l................y and if I fancy going a bit faster then I try that on a different day when I'm not thinking about distance.

    Good luck Susie b, i'm doing a 5k tomorrow, hope to be under 38 mins.............image

    Rachel, where are you trekking? I'm off to the lake district next saturday, thought I might try some hill training up helyellyn ha ha image 

  • god luck Julia with your 5K


    Not sure I will nail it!

     Tomorrow is just going to be a completely new thing for me and i am terrified of trying too hard and collapsing in a heap and not finishing, so I am just out to get round and after all as it is my first race so  it will be a PB


    You won't be far off the next time you just need good conditions.

  • I 'm in, best so far just over 1hr 1 min, that was last October. Times this year have been around hr 5 min. Next 10k for me is the Grimesthorpe 10k (Lincolnshire) then the BUPA Great Yorkshire run.

    Running a half marathon tomorrow. Training for this has included intervals and long runs between 9 & 12 miles. Will see if this has improved my 10k times.

  • Good luck with your half let us all know how you do.

  • Will do,my best time for a half marathon is 2 hrs 23 min. again achieved last October.

    Nowhere near with my last half 2 hrs 38 min ! back in April this year.

  • Congratulations on your time.
  • plodmonster - Yep, I'm doing the Nike 10k one. I haven't a hope of breaking the 60 minute mark for a while yet. My theory is to gradually decrease the time. The last race (Capital Run) was a really crowded one so I guess the Nike one will be the same. Am going to aim for knocking 3-4 minutes of my last time, and aiming for under 1:09 this time. Seems a good short term goal image

  • Thank you TURTLEGIRL73, have been training hard for tomorrows race will be going for a PB.
  • Julia - I'm going to the Atlas mountains for two weeks so a bit hotter.  I love the lake district though - used to go alot as a kid.
  • Julia T : Lake District next week, me too !

    Staying just outside Keswick, near Whinlatter forest.

  • Hi all,

     Can i squeeze in too? I've been trying to get under the hour in my 10ks for ages!!! I'm down to 1hr and just over 1min (It seems to be impossible to get rid of that last minute - in my last race I was nearly coughing up a lung and going at all out pace in the last km and those 60seconds still caught up with me!!)

    I'm doing the Nike 10k too, but agree that theres not much chance of a good race time - sounds exciting though!

  • Bola - that must be so frustrating being so close to the hour! Hopefully next time. The Nike 10k one sounds like good fun even if it's not a great one for a PB. I'm running with a couple of guys from work, so my goal for this race is to beat them. (Shouldn't be too hard - one of them keeps skipping his training runs in favour of the pub, and I don't think he can do 3 miles yet!)
  • Can I join in too?  I'm still building up to my first 10k - I did just over 8k the other day in 51:46 so I'm on target for just over an hour and 3 minutes when I do 10k so I'll have to try and work down from there.
  • Welcome Josie
  • Lisa-Marie - Very frustrating!! I don't think my body is built for speed!

    Anyone got any ideas for getting faster? Have tried speeding up generally across a run and also doing 'fartek' training (randomly changing speeds during a run - is that right??? Look at me trying to sound all professional image). Was thinking of trying some short sprints once a week just to get my body used to moving quicker?? Also think I should probably lose a few pounds, but that doesn't sound as much fun.

  • hi can I join in too. 

    Am quite new to running and have managed a 1hr 7mins and then 1hr 3mins so going in the right direction.  I need to lose at least 1.5 stones and hopefully will improve. 

    I am doing a 5 mile next week so I should get at least one result under the hour even if it is cheating a little m-m hopefully will inspire me to try harder at the next 10k - nothing booked until 7th september.

    At moment my main goal is to enjoy each race and hopefully improve my speed each time 

  • I am very new to running also and trying to build up distance and it seems that your speed seems to go up sort of unknown to you.

    I am getting faster but it is happening slowly. Not sure that makes sense but hopefully you know what I mean.

  • Bola - I just branched out into fartlek too... I dunno if it's impacted much on speed but when I'm running longer distances at a plodding pace, it feels less hard work, so I presume it's doing something good! I really enjoy it though - Tuesday fartlek sessions are my favourites!

    The advice I've always been given is to build up the distance first and worry about speed later.

  • Can I join too? I haven't actually done a 10k yet - the furthest I've managed is 7k (in 45 minutes) and I have my first 10k in September - thinking I'll do it in about 1 hr 15 (I'm slow). Going to try and run 5 miles tomorrow.......
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