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  • GP - no problem; I'll tell the rest of the chaps that you were called away to an urgent meeting after work - I'll omit the minor detail  that it's in a pub image  Yeh track nights - only did one of them  at WRR - and it has hard work. Would be tempted to do more, but I've heard they make you more prone to injury.. and I've had my fair share of them this year, so playing it (relatively) safe with the circuits... After last night I've deffo decided I need to up my general level of fitness tho, if I'm going to make a fist of Edinburgh....

    BB - are you going to visit any of the museums while you're there ? There's a cracking set of them around South Ken as I recall... Science.. Natural History as you mentioned...... V & A (not too sure about the latter, but the first two are pretty impressive).... Last time I did the NH it was a rainy Bank Holiday - and it was HEAVING ! Very interesting tho.....

  • Teuchter wrote (see)

    CS - what did the poor penguin make of the experience..... bet his flippers were twice as long at the end !! OK - I'll see you for the last four miles - 10.30 under the bridge  as usual - dont be late image 

    Obviously a happy penguin if it had me holding onto it. image  Yep 10.30 under the bridge by the overgrown fields... see you there.

    V&A is free I think, or it was... Is it that one I'm thinking of???  Hmmmmmm.... must pay more attention to stuff when I'm down in sunny Londonium...  I know you can get really nice mulled wine in Covent Garden on the run up to Christmas...  That was we did the other year, sat in Covent Garden watching the world go by sipping mulled wine... Yummmmm *hic* 

    Take it easy at the race this weekend Dave, no point pushing it and putting yourself straight back to square one on the injury front.... Only another 190 days 19hrs & 51mins to go. image 

  • CazSoul wrote (see)
    Hmmmmmm.... must pay more attention to stuff when I'm down in sunny Londonium...  I know you can get really nice mulled wine in Covent Garden on the run up to Christmas...  That was we did the other year, sat in Covent Garden watching the world go by sipping mulled wine... Yummmmm *hic* 

    CS - are we talking cause and effect , here perhaps ? image 

    Dont remember too much about the V&A  (maybe I've been at the mulled wine too... LOL) - but it was a little while ago.  At least - it didnt make as much of an impression on us as say, the Natural History museum..... kept expecting David Attenborough  to pop out from behind a pillar at any moment !  

  • I was thinking of going into the Nat History Museum, seeing as I'm there anyway.

    I remember going a few years ago, and it was heaving then aswell Teutcher. I loved the dinosaurs though, especially T-Rex, so I think I'll go for another look at him. I'm such a big kid image.

     CazSoul wrote (see)

    Hmmmmmm.... must pay more attention to stuff when I'm down in sunny Londonium...  I know you can get really nice mulled wine in Covent Garden on the run up to Christmas...  That was we did the other year, sat in Covent Garden watching the world go by sipping mulled wine... Yummmmm *hic* 

     I love the sound of that, sounds like a good plan for Sunday lunchtime. Train home isn't until 4pm

  • Yes I liked the dinosuars too ! We first took the kids years ago -  including my eldest - he was about 8 at the time - and they had a darkened room full of hissing, breathing animatronics - I think it might even have been a special exhibit - he was terrified and woudln't go near...... his sister - who would have been about 3 - was completely fascinated image

    Sad to say, the effect has now worn off - considering some of the war the games he plays on his PS3 !!

  • Reminds me of the time I took my kids to the Science Museum in Manchester. They had a special exhibition on all about the human body.

    It was aimed at kids and was supposed to be "fun". My eldest who was about 7 at the time was completely "grossed out" by everything, but little sister, who would have been 3 thought it was great. The more disgusting the better. 

  • Yes - that's kids for you image MSM - that's another gem of a place - tho again I haven't been for a little while . Loved  the steam hall - especially a visit  when they had the engines fired up and  running  on a Sunday afternoon - and you could catch a short train ride by steam down the single-track line towards Salford - it was brill !

  • The steam hall is great.

    I used to live in Ramsbottom, and the back of our house looked across a field to the steam railway track that runs between Bury and Rawtenstall. I used to love watching the steam trains go by on saturday and sunday afternoons.

  • BB - you'll remember the Beeching cuts then image

    Only kidding..... yes I have a brother who lives in Burnley, and before the M65 was extended from Blackburn through to the M6 - I used to drive (from Warrers) via the M60/M66 up and over the Enfield Bypass bit - used to catch sight of the  steam train specials on that line from time to time....

    There's a company (Kingfisher) that organise various steam trips across the country - we used to be on their mailing list. I always meant to take the family on one of their day trips along  the Settle-Carlisle - back via Shap Summit etc..... but never quite gotten round to it so far image 

  • I am sounding a bit like a train-spotting anorak image, and I'm not really.....honest!!! But I've always fancied Settle-Carlisle, the countryside is beautiful. But like you say, never seem to get round to doing stuff like that. Too busy running image.
  • Funnily enough - re: Ramsbottom...  When I was a kid, we lived in a village in the Eden Valley outside Penrith in Cumbria... in fact it was a cottage in the midde of nowhere - but it backed out onto the Settle-Carlisle  line about a mile in the distance - and we regularly  used to get steam trains flying through the valley of a weekend - including the Flying Scotsman on occasion. And yes.... it is gorgeous around those parts.... just wish I'd appreciated it a bit more more at the time image
  • CazSoul - where were you ? I waited until 10.45 under the bridge  but you didn't show up image 

    How was your 10-miler this weekend ? Hopefully you didn't run into any unsavoury characters this time image

  • I was gonna say the same thing Teuchter... I was running back n forth over the same stretch for ages... Was you under the wrong bridge???  I dont know, you just dont get same calibre of flasher that you used to....

    I had to stop at 9.6miles, as the arch of my foot that I had a problem with at my last Half started to hurt and I thought it best to stop sooner rather than later.. I walked the last little bit to meet back up with Mr CS just as the heavens opened. image  It was really hard to resist the temptation to run it just to get out of the rain quicker.

  • CS - it must've been the wrong bridge...... didn't see a soul, the whole time I was there..... the dark glasses and raincoat were a complete waste of time....image  Next time I'll get a grid reference from you !

    9.6 - well done! I'm  sure you did the right thing by easing off at the end.... some people suggest trying to run those sorts of things off.... but it's never worked for me... I just end up exacerbating things like that and being laid up for the next race.... which in my case is the Wesham 10k in just under a fortnight's time....

     Had the local club training run on the Friday night.... weather was appalling but helped by being out with a few peeps.... Not surprisingly, there were fewer out running, which meant the pace was a shade quicker than usual...... made the cold beer afterwards all the more welcome... sluuuuurp!

  • Yeah I tried that running through the pain thing at Glasgow Half... £115 fizzy fees later... image  Am currently sat rolling a golf ball along the sole of my foot to hopefully ease off the last of the ache ready for tonights 4miles easy... Which isnt that easy to do round by where I live as there seems to be hills in every direction.

    I'm afraid I would've been with the "stuff going out in that" brigade on Friday night and just skipped straight ahead to the nice cold beer. image  Well done on getting out there though, true dedication...

  • Ta! - but  TBH if  I hadn't been with a group, there was NO WAY that I would have gone out in the conditions of last Friday... but when you get chatting in a group of regulars, somehow you dont notice the bad weather quite so much...  

    Ouch! That's a real pain in the wallet - as well as the foot...image.  With me it's the achilles heel/soleus muscle.... tho' more regular stretching after a run, and a decent pair of supporting trainers seem to have improved things somewhat... but I've learnt (the hard way!) - that when it flares up, I'm much better off ,  pulling up and giving it some rest, rather than trying to run the thing off and buggering it up even more....

  • Anyone taken part in one of these runs :


    I'm thinking of signing up..... thought they might mix the training schedule up a little....

  • Nope.  Although there is one not far from me I think.

    Mr CS is trying to kill me... 4mile easy run last night... 4miles of hills & picking the pace up whenever we were on the flat or heading down hill...  All those hills should put me in good stead for the 1st 8miles of Edinburgh though. image  And an even bigger image cos my foot didnt hurt last night.  Yay!!!!

  • Caz - I'm sure it's just 'Tough 'Love' ....... or is it that new life policy he took out on you  last week ? image It'll stand you in good stead any-roads for the bumpier bits of Edin.... and if you find the pace with OH a bit tough - you' can always do a recce for that friendly flasher of yours .... it doesn't sound like he'll run you off your feet image

    Clearly the golf-ball massage did the trick... I must remember that one !

  • Caz - glad to hear you foot is better.

    Just thought I'd report back that I got through the Ice Skating with no injuries image.  I decided not letting go of the side was the best plan, and it worked, I managed to stay upright.

    Had a great weekend in London, hangover's just about worn off now, so I'll risk a steady 6 miler tonight I think.

    Luckily Mr Plodder doesn't run, otherwise we would probably both end up injured trying to out-run each other - it gets a bit overly competitive when we do sport . We aren't allowed to play squash against each other anymore, it nearly ended up in divorce on the last occasion. image

  • The man in the running shop told me about the golf ball when I was in getting new trainers and its actually really effective for arch pain.

    I wouldn't mind Mr CS trying to kill me if it wasn't for the fact that it wasn't that long ago I couldn't get him to come our running with me at all and now he's ploughing up the hills whilst I huff and puff along behind him...  He is actually a really good running partner, pushing me to just keep going to the top of the hill...whereas on my own I'd have admitted defeat and taken it down to a walk.

    Although actually..... he did take out an all singing all dancing life policy on me when we bought the house... imageimageimage

  • I'm sure the life policy is just a coincidence of timing.......image unless he suggests taking a short-cut back ....in the dark..... by the lake image 

    Yeh it's surprising what a difference it makes having someone push you along a little bit... the running club doens't quite fit in with my training schedule - but there's many a time I just wouldn't have bothered getting off my arse and going out for a run (last friday as an example) if there wasn't the prospect of running with someone and getting the encouragement.

    Glad to hear London was a boozey success, BB... Did you get chance to do the museums.... or the Covent Garden mulled wine experience - hopefully the drinking session was AFTER the skating ? image

    Missus Teuchter isn't into running... well she's dabbled a bit with a fun-run or two... but  I have to say she's very tolerant (almost encouraging!) of my running - which I guess is the next best thing....

  • Glad you had a fab time in London Plodder and didn't fall over on the ice. image

    I would like the rain to stop now please... Does it not realise how hard it is to go out for a run after work as it is when it's just cold & dark... but to add rain into the equation just makes it nigh on impossible to convince my bottom to get off the couch.

    I've managed to talk a friend into tagging onto the end of my run on Saturday, providing she isn't going out on Friday night... Yay!!!   Do hope she can make it cos its 13miles this week. image

    That's good that Mrs Teuchter is tolerant of your running Teuchter... Makes it so much easier when you haven't got the prospect of "all you ever think about is running nag nag nag" to look forward to at the mearest mention of going out for a run.

  •  Just one glass of wine pre-skating  - bit of dutch courage image.  Missed out on museums I'm afarid. "Popped In" to Harrods, and before we knew it, it was evening. Managed not to spend any money, just looked at all the designer stuff.

    It was such a beautiful day on Sunday we actually went for a long walk in Hyde Park, which was lovely. Lots of people out running, but I wasn't tempted to join them!

    Mr Plodder is a mountain biker by preference. He too has dabbled with fun runs. he did the Freckleton one this year with the kids whilst I did the half. he really enjoyed it, but he's got a dodgy achilles, so he has to be careful about running too much.

    He is very supportive though, bless! He is even planning to bring the kids and cheer me on at Wesham, despite the clubhouse being closed this year.

  • BB - Yes - some staggeringly expensive shops around that part of London, as I recall - the sort of places where you made an appointment in advance just to come and have a  look round - or so I always imagined.....

    Looking forward very much to Wesham after last year's event .... tho Saturday morning is a busy time for the kids - and so for the parental taxi service - so don't think I'll have the family in attendance somehow . image I didn't realise the BNFL clubhouse is closed - are there still going to be changing facilties, do you know ?  How was the Freckleton half, out of curiosity ? I was down to do that one - but twisted me ankle on a club run, the Friday before image The reiews of the 2008 were pretty complimentary...

    CS - yeh it's grim at the moment isn't it ? Thought we'd got away with it on last night's club run, until about a mile from home.... and then the heavens opened.... Honestly, it was so bad I couldn't see the path in front of me !! Current forecast doesnt seem much better... hopefully it'll clear up by the time you have your  13-mile marathon (or should I say, half-marathon) . No - I'm pleased to say I don't get any whingeing or whining from OH about the running thing... at least, not yet... tho I have been toying with the thought of doing Berlin next year -which might elicit some sort of negative response... we'll see !  

  • Teuchter, I read on the Wesham thread that the BNFL club house was not going to be open, but I don't know any details. I know last year it was a god send for people trying to keep warm whilst the runners were out.

    Sorry, I've no idea about changing factilities.

    Freckleton was a really good half, I would thoroughly recommend it.

    It was well organised and a really good atmosphere. Shame you missed it this year, perhaps next year, if you've recovered from Edinburgh by then........image

  • No probs - I'll probably end up getting changed in the back of the car . Yes that's everything I heard about Freckleton... and nice and flat too...  image I see online entry has opened for it - and it's four weeks after Edinburgh - so it might be worth the risk ....
  • I think I'll risk it........
  • So what's everybody got planned for the weekend.

    I'm hoping for gentle slow 7 miles Saturday afternoon, and then hopefully a 12miler on Sunday.

    Ambitious, but I'm feeling a bit guilty about lack of miles in last few weeks.

    I've already fueled up ready for it by having shortbread biscuits for brekkie - carbo loading at it's best image

  • Hi guys, new to the thread but hope to come up to speed quickly. Have just registered for Edinburgh and then started reading the thread.

    Obviously there were some issues last year but hopefully not too bad...bit worried as my first marathon was great, hope it isn't the complete opposite
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