Talkback: Lucozade Sport Super Six: Lucy (sub-5:30)

Introducing the sixth member of our Lucozade Sport Super Six… Lucy (aka spinkletoes).

Losing weight and staying sane are Lucy’s main reasons for running. She's already run one marathon but is now  determined to push herself a little harder and finish London comfortably (with a big cheesy grin of course).

Lucy will be using our sub-5:00 Garmin-ready schedule (devised by former London Marathon winner Mike Gratton) as a basis for her training as she is already running 12 - 15 miles per week and will be mentored by Paul Evans directly on this thread (starting January 4).

She’ll be posting her training progress and be receiving fuel and hydration advice directly from the Lucozade Sport sports scientists live on this thread so make sure you check back regularly to find out how she gets on.

You can read more about Lucy's running background and goals by clicking on the article link at the top of the thread.

Good luck Lucy!



  • Crikey - you go up to the loft to get the christmas tree and come back to this!!

    *coughs nervously* It's like having a party and waiting for the guests to arrive...

  • <looks round nervously>

    can i join you? 

  • Waaahey!!

    My first customer (no pressure!)

    Is this East Anglian corner? Park up your tractor and come on in!!!

    Are you VLMing then?

  • Hi Spinletoesimage 

    Ooooh, it's good this, innit?  Well, it was until our IT department got hold of that video and are threatening to send it round the entire office.  We haven't got sound, so I'm not sure how much of a Pinky and Perky impression any of us are doing, but I did see some very dodgy mincing!

  • Oh yes!

     I didn't think you were too squeaky....

    My husband has mocked me mercilessly since - I have no idea where my voice came from.

    The 'dynamic stretching' is hilarious.


  • <makes note to search for the videos>

    hi spinkletoes - yep seems to be the east anglia thread!!  i'm in norfolk, under a blanket of snow which is being covered by more snow.  where are you?   i am VLMing (or at least i will be if i can get my ar$e in gear and get out of the door).  motivation is lacking at the mo, but i expect it will come back at some stage (hopefully soon........). 

    well, i've had a call from no.2's school saying that parents can go collect the kids early if we want.  shall i, shan't i ? decisions............................

    <wanders off in direction of kettle>

  • ooooo threads up... and I'm not in East Anglia.  I see you are now officially Sub 5:30 and using the sub 5:00 schedule.  LOL.  Hopefully you still have room for a sub 6:00er like me!

    Going nuts trying to get things done round the house: new fridge freezer and cooker coming tomorrow, then an owner dropping a rabbit on Sunday.  Besides massive amounts of cleaning and freecycling I'm washing walls, fixing curtains etc.  The more I do the more I find needs doing before it's decent for a client to leave their animal in! So have lapsed a bit with the running... However I did do 2*30 minutes yesterday.  That's one on the way to a cat visit, and one on the way back, so half an hour break in between!  Sort of thinking I might do 2*30 with just a walk break between tomorrow, and then go for a full hour on Monday...

    If I have chance that is!

  • hi rowan - thought you meant that you had done 2HOURS30 mins yesterday !  was aboout to give up before i'd started!!  i'm aiming sub 6.00 too and will be run/walking

    what is your job?  it's driving me mad trying to figure it out. 

    have just had an interesting drive in the snow - turns out my car doesn't handle too well on ice with 4 sacks of coal in the boot image

    must must must get on the dreadmill this weekend

  • pix - didn't see the fudge recipe, must ask spinks to leave it lying around again image
  • Non-East Anglians are allowed Rowan.  And sub 6:00ers are definitely welcome!!

    Well done on the 2*30 mins! More than I've done in ages (pesky cold/sinusitis) and snow thick here so I can't see when I'm going to get out yet.

    Pix - shhh.... I don't think you can count fudge as recovery food (sadly).

    We've just made gingerbread tree decs and are about to set out them with lurid coloured icing.

    Will bung fudge recipe on later when no one is lookingimage
  • Pix, you're always welcome here!!

    In fact, I insist on it as long as I can womble over to yours too!!

  • Slush is now icing over nicely and it looks like we're going nowhere for a couple of days now.

    2 days trapped in the house and no running with the chief mess maker (husband) and his apprentice (baby spinkle).


  • Just popping in  to say hi and wish you good luck! I know you'll put everything into this opportunity & you'll succeed!

    Go girl!!image

  • Hey Gin -

    You made it over!!

    So pleased to see youimage

    Thanks for the encouragement. I'll still be cluttering up the LARF thread though (you can't get rid of me that easily!)

  • Hello there- hows life over her? staying sane?!

    You will be great spinkletoes...good luck and looking forward to 'journeying together!'

  • It's all about the 'journey'!!!

    Hi Christina!!

    christmas pud - we're in Suffolk near the coast close-ish to Aldeburgh. Lots of lovely countryside to run round here. And we're covered in snow and ice...What time are you aiming for at VLM?

  • Hi Pud, I work as a catsitter (which in my case means visiting cats in their own home, rather than actually staying in the house) and dogwalker.  I've not done it before, but this christmas I'm also having a rabbit and a guinea pig to stay. Which is why I'm suddenly doing the life laundry.  Anyone want a TV with integrated video or an Amstrad 1640?

    Now I really want to go clean and steam my kitchen and defrost my old fridge ready for the new stuff coming tomorrow!  Unfortunately can't use my new steamer on the windows as it's too cold and they might crack!  LOL

  • Hi Sprinkletoes

    Just checking in to wish you all the best with this. I don't know about you but I'm going to really enjoy this xmas as me thinks the bXggers are going to work us hard next year!image

  • New Year? eh? what's happening in the new year?

    oh yeah. Training starts. GULP.

    I just wanted to say something before all of that kicks in.

    I've been massively lucky enough to have been picked as a Super Sixer. I will take my training seriously. I will laugh, I will, no doubt cry too. I do not have a runner's body. I am proud of what I have achieved so far and am proud to represent slower runners.

    That is all.

  • Aw.....  got a big lump in my throat after reading that.

    Lucy it was a pleasure to meet you a couple of weeks ago and I'm really looking forward to sharing each other's highs and lows and supporting each other over the next few months.  Especially the massive high when we all run over that finish line.

  • ((hugs))

    Thanks Vickyimage

    Right back atcha!!!

  • It is, absolutely, but you will be whippet thin come April 25th!! Racing snake lythe.....

  • Morning

    How's the lurgy?
  • I now have lovely painful lumps on the side of my neck. Mmmm, think my immune system (rubbish as it clearly is) is fighting something in there. Husband has noticed lumps and is being very helpful (highly suspicious) Will try to get to the docs  a.s.a.p. because this is hanging on too long.

    Had pencilled in a run tomorrow but looks like that's off.  Also more snow here, so it's just as well, I guess.

    I'm with you on the cross country, Hash. No neeeeeeed! Round here it usually means fields and you can't go tearing through crops willy nilly. And the mud.....bleurghhhh...

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