Who else gets up at stupid O clock to run ??



  • Morning everyone,

    Rest day yesterday, but back out for 4.1miles at 5.30 this morning (8th SOC run in 11 days, whoo-hoo!  I think this now counts at habbit!) in a slightly warmer Downham Market than I've had to endure!

    NW : 2 big golden retrievers being walked. (does this count?)

    OR : 1 old chap in split shorts and vest.  I did say it was warmer than recent, but still, I think this was gutsy!


  • Today i'm running at 10am, I can't believe how early i'm running, practically the middle of the night, it's insanity!

  • Morning all - I'm all at NOC at the moment, work is stupid, glad you're all fighting the good SOC fight.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    Martin King 8 wrote (see)

    OR : 1 old chap in split shorts and vest.  I did say it was warmer than recent, but still, I think this was gutsy! 

    I'm jealous of anyone who can do that! I normally have to dress like winterimage

  • Good day all day off work today so a bit later up, 8.30 out of the door for a 9 miler.  Lovely weather to run in.

    Martin I have a daughter lives near Downham Market so go over there occasionally. Have run a couple of races that way, Wissey HM from Oxborough and the RAF Marham 10, nostalgic run for me because I was based there in the 70s.

  • sounds painful David, if you make a mistake the nuts will be ruined. 

  • valis: I'm an Alan Hansen fan anyway. He might have added 'Unbelievable defending. You just can't defend like that at that level and expect get away with it !' He would then say: 'At Liverpool we...image

  • Morning from a dreich (wet) west of Scotland...

    lardarse: welcome.

    david:'There's no answer of that' as Eric Morcambe used to say.

    NW: Poor today. 1 owl, 1 kingsway Van and thats it.

    Martin: Yup Golden Retrievers count. We have an 18 month Black Labrador called Geordie ,who met a hedgehog last night when out and it was hilarious to see his reaction to the hedgehogimage

  • Morning birky, morning all - heading out for a short one shortly as have my 40 miler tomorrow. Tripped over a paving slab yesterday and have wrenched a few bits of my leg so am crossing fingers I will still be able to do it and not have to join MC on the bench. Happy Friday everyone.

  • Morning Kate

    All the best for your 40miler tomorrow. Hope your okay re the injury !!!

  • morning all

    Kate - hope you are ok, not much room on this bench - my bum is spreading with the lack of exercise!

    which 40miler are you doing? good luck, weather seems ok for it

  • muddy/off road/hilly/warm/5 miles are the words that form the wordcloud of my run.. image

    Who invented wordclouds... I see them everywhere now.  Utter Bulls**t.

    Kate, hope you are OK.

    Morning Team SOC.

  • PSC - as bad as mindmaps - which can get so full they are just confusing, although apparently the in thing at school is to get the dyslexic kids to make 'mindmaps' of everything - not sure how it helps them at all, I would have thought they would find the random set up of words on a page more confusing!!

  • Morning all,

    Small world eh JF50?!  I haven't actually run any races locally yet (only lived this way for 18months and ony been running this year), but my wife's friend's husband runs a lot and is encouraging me to do some of the same ones he does, which I almost certainly will.

    Today was supposed to be a rest day as I'll run both days over the weekend and one will be a long slow run, but I was wide awake at 5.45 and it didn't feel too cold so I popped out for just a gentle loostener, only 2.6miles so it barely counts, but I feel better for having done something.  I'm in just coming to the end the 4th week since I did my first Marathon at Liverpool, so I'm in a bit of no-mans's land with my running at the moment - no need to run 50miles a week or 20+ mile LSRs, no races planned until Spring, had some easy weeks to help recover, but no idea what I should be doing now.  I'm happy enough that at least I'm still running (and have stuck with my November plan to try SOC running), but half a bit dissapointed with myself that I seem to have gone backwards to the 22mile per week (all easy) runner that I was in March!

    Sorry, I've waffled shamelessly.  Just needed to get it off my chest.  Ignore me! lol image

    NW : Same 2 goldies being walked as yesterday.  Tripped over my own cat coming back up my garden path.

    New news, 1st SOC run without a coffee first!

  • MK - why not enter some local 10ks over the winter, or go to a local parkrun on Saturdays and see if you can get your time down? It isn't a bad idea to drop down the mileage after doing a marathon anyway.

    How was Liverpool? I am thinking of doing it next year - OH went to uni in Liverpool and would like the excuse to go for a weekend I think

  • Morning all, out with the cat at 5.15am for a 6 miler, good running weather, no wind, dry, cool but not freezing, sliver of moon throwing a sliver of light.

    Ran round town, have decided to abandon the trail for SOC at the moment, muddy is ok but the leaves cover parts of it and they hide trip hazards you just don't pick up with the headtorch, well unless you walkimage

    Birky I used to have naff talking toaster, one of the phrases was an Alan Hansen one, something about too much butter makes your toast "sloppy".

  • Good morning allimage

    Rest day today.

    Immersion thermostat went last night, it started  to boil sending steam in to the header tank thankfully not a sealed unit. So after tomorrows running I will be Valis the plumber.

    Kate, All the best for tomorrow.

    Martin, Agree with Maths check out local events  a couple of 10 ks or halves to keep you going to the next big challenge and it will help to keep you motivated and focused.

     Maths, Hope your recovering well.

    Hi to all have a good one.

  • Morning all,

    Out for a run with Rusty this morning. He's not quite as crazy (or fast) as Jackson was but he'll get there soon! NW 1 crow (which Rusty did chase so similar to Jackson in that respect)

    Kate - good luck tomorrow with the 40 miler and Valis - hope the plumbing's successful....not something I'd tackle myself....too many past disasters!!

    Ballbuster for me on Sunday and the weather's looking good.

  • Same as MK, just out for a loosener, but with my coach (I sound so flash) so some hard work in there as well, feel good for tomorrow, let's see what I'm saying 30 miles in. Agree with the advice here, do some short, hard stuff, then if you have a spring marathon you'll be back to the long stuff again in no time. Glad Rusty is following in Jackson's pawprints, good luck for the Ballbuster, I think I'll target the March one. Valis, tool belt and stopcock at the ready.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Good luck tomorrow Kate!

    I've got the marathon tomorrow... i've just had my yearly flu jab and I hope that it wont cause too much of an impact.

  • Ooh, the Enigma one too?

  • Pulled a muscle last week, so taking a few days off and trying not to be grumpy. Missed my early morning Wednesday run this week. Watching the sun come up and seeing it go down means you've got the most out of the day!

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Hi Kate - Yes. The [email protected] I'm taking the 'easy' optionimage How is your leg doing?

    I'm not sure what i'm wearing yet - but i'm the red haired one!

  • This is for anyone thinking of doing an Ironman....

    Ironman of Ireland

  • LOL, brilliant Chris!  Good luck at Ballbuster... I was tempted to sign up on the day, but am not really trained for it.  Maybe the spring one will be better for me (as it was this year)!

  • Definitely having trouble getting up early in the winter months. However I do still remember the beautiful early mornings in the local park when the sun is just rising and  there is a mist about. It's wonderful.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    Up at SOC for the marathon. Couldn't sleep and had that feeling of dread when hearing the rain against the windows!
  • The rain will pass.

    Morning Team. Good luck to the racers. I'm heading off for a swim image
  • Morning psc

    No SOC for me as our new shower unit is out of action till about 7pm this evening. I don't fancy wakening everybody up by running a bath !

    Walked Geordie for about 45 mins. GNW (Geordie Nature Watch) : 1 owl, 1 cat (chased ) 1 fox, 2 robins siniging away, 1 Warburtons Van,  1 potential Grand Prix driver. At the speed he/she was doing tehy must have thought they were in a Formulas 1 car...

    Beacky: Keep at it. The more you get out the easier it becomes.

    JF:MrsB thinks I like Alan Hansen because he's alweays moaning/grumping away about something ! Moi. Well the kids got me  a 'Grumpy' T-Shirt for last Christmasimage

    All the best to the weekend racers.


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