Weight loss name and shame (or congratulate!)



  • KhanivoreKhanivore ✭✭✭

    I had gigantic portions of VERY rich and fatty lasagna for breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday and succumbed to the temptation of multiple cream ecclairs left outside in the kitchen by my wife. Don't ask me how this happened, because I don't know, but I still managed to lose 4.2 lbs last week. I have also crossed over from being Obese to Overweight according to the BMI index lol. 

  • Good Morning All

    Congrats to the losers, and well done to those who managed to get good runs done over the weekend.

    Words - So sorry to hear your bad news.

    Just a quick splurge of info from me, I'm working from home today, which sounds good in theory, but the reality of having a 2 year old running around while you are trying to get things done isn't so good.

    A poor weekend running wise for me, being troubled with my back which is hurting motivation, and got a tummy bug on Saturday night which put paid to my sunday long run plans.  I did make it to Parkrun though, ran sub 25 which is my threshold pace, so at least some quality running done.  I also had an ECG done on Saturday, which was being offered free to under 35's by Cardiac Risk in the Young, everything was normal, worthwhile for peace of mind.  If you are under 35 or know someone who is and involved in sport you should point them to their website, they seem to do the rounds of the whole UK offering the service.

    was 159.5lbs this morning which was 4lbs down for the week, but tummy bug assisted! lol.

    Have a good day all.

  • The CRY screenings, whilst very worthwhile do seem to be quite a bit London centred, haven't seen anything near this neck of the woods (Sheffield/North Midlands) :S

  • Oh the shame up 4lbs this week and an over all gain since Brighton in April of 8lbs imageimageimageimage

  • Hi Guys am back from my week off and am mad busy at work image managed to get a few days in Weymouth which was nice image OH got out windsurfing at Portland Harbour and I watched the sailers and windsurfers training over at the olympic academy image not run much this month image only about 11 miles so am back on it this week

    Words - so sorry to hear your sad news image I hope running has eased things for you, I know it always clears my head and is a good time to think image my thoughts are with you at this sad time image

    Not weighing this week, I feel fat image haha I had a few vinos last week image image

  • good news for me i don't have to cycle to work not such good news for the lady my wife shares a car with she was meant to be going on a balloon fight today but the weathers to bad so they cancelled it

    so taking that into consideration and the fact i don’t mind 1 drenching a day went out for a run was only meant to 3 miles today but i weighed myself before i went out and not liking what i saw decided i needed to up the mileage in the end i did 8 miles taking me 1:20:52 with an Avg pace of 9:50m/m

    It’s not the quickest i done that route looking back it was about 4 minutes slower than i took coming near to the end of my training for Brighton but about the same as at the beginning mind you i am now about half a stone heavier now that i was then so it just goes to show how much effect carrying the extra weight makes

  • Morning all

    did 4 miles for me yesterday and although it was over cast it was still quite warm so it i went out in shorts and a t-shirt and running vest so much easier to run in than on Monday when because of the weather had the running tights on with a running vest over that a t-shirt then a long sleeved top and a light running jacket plus a hat i did have gloves on but had to take them of as i got to hot

    Had to try the hat and gloves out as i was given them on Saturday by my son for my birthday

    The run took me 33:45 with an Avg pace of 8:26 m/m so really pleased in the garage today as i want to do a gym session top of with a speed session on the treadmill

  • Morning everyone image bit sunnier here today image did a pleasant 5.08 miles when I got home from work last night, just a nice temperature aswell image

    Should manage to get out with the club later image

  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭

    Hi.  OK Another 2 lbs lost.

    12 Weeks diet 33 lbs lost.  15% of my bodyweight, and half way pretty much to the top of my ok BMI. My BMI is down from 37.5 on March 21st to 21.8 this morning.


  • Steph - wow well done you image thats excellent you must be so pleased and proud image keep up the great work image

  • Morning all,

    Words - Sincere condolences on your loss, hope the running helps you get through this period.

    Booktrunk - That's a fantastic effort in such a short time. Keep on running to keep it off.

    Booey - Hope you managed to get out with the club last night.

    Toby - I'm sure the weight will fall off you again, what's your current target race?

    JLB - Well done on the weight loss, hope your back sorts itself out and your stomach behaves.

    Amir and Lily - Well done on your weight loss, seeing your weight come down is great motivation to keep running

    On reflection being disappointed with my run on Sunday wasn't right, after all this time last year I couldn't run for a bus! Have run three times since then, each time on the treadmill, 1 mile on Monday. I got too close to the front of it and knocked the emergency stop button so I got off and cross trained for 20 minutes after that. Yesterday and Tuesday I managed 3 miles in 30 minutes each day, I'm hoping to persuade my colleague who comes to the gym with me to go for a run outside. Let's see what he says!

    Have a good day all.


  • Gary - well done image you are certainly dedicated to your training which is great image

    Well I got out with the club last night, we did the usual 3.2 miles and it was rather warm and sticky image but enjoyed it image

    Decided to bite the bullet and weigh myself this morning image 10'5 image 3lb above my best boohoo I guess thats what happens when you go away for a few days and eat and drink what you want image I shall try and be very good from now image

  • Hi Gary i am currently training for the GNR in September then 2 weeks after that i have the Bristol H/M the week after that the Cricklade H/M and am considering doing the Swindon half the week after that but that depends on whether i can get the time off work

  • Hi folks - looks like we're all getting reasonable amounts of running in and (for most anyway) losing the odd pound. Congrats all round!

    Did 5k Tuesday, 10k yesterday and 7k this morning. I have to fit in another 10k either tomorrow or Saturday, then I'm doing the Llanelli 10k on Sunday. The weather forecast doesn't look great but I'm hoping to beat my current PB of 55.19 - will keep you posted.

    May not be on the thread for a bit - mum's funeral is Monday, so will be criss-crossing the country again on the oh-so-reliable M4 and spending a fortune on the Severn Bridge!

    *Waves to all*

  • ahhhh time to shame myself,

    I haven't run at all since sunday and i've eaten far too much as well including a lot of dairy that i'm intolerant to image I am not looking forward to my sunday weigh in and i'm struggling to get back on the wagon. I've been really stressed about money lately and other things so i'm probably comfort eating.

    anyone got any tips on nipping it in the bug and minimising the damage??

  • Hi all...yep another newbie here...after leaving the forces in 89 I steadily put on the weight and at 76.1kg (30.04.12) decided after seeing one too many holiday of my spare tyre to get sorted...started doing some jogs with the dog...and have given up the chocolates, crisps etc,etc....since 30.04.12 have gotten down to 73.2kg ...the aim is to get back to 69kg ( I am only 5`5)...bought a new iphone so good for Nike Run and managed to get a Nike Fuelband with whilst not the most accurate thing on the planet give a good guide to my days activity...thinking about training for a HM and have just completed a 10k in 51'22 so at least I have something to aim for...

    So good luck to all and I'll settle back to the sidelines for a while...

  • Morning all

    Well got the gym session done on Wednesday had a rest day yesterday i have 7 to do today so as i have to go in to work to pay some lottery money i may well combine the two it really depend on how hard it’s raining

    Lily i wish i could help but like you have job worries at the moment and i to tend to comfort eat too many times the inner piggy has got out of the sty on the weekends I’m afraid and despite all my determination i just don’t seem to have any will power and at the moment the weight loss is going in the wrong direction

    Dave good luck with the weight loss don’t be to much of a stranger

  • Had a rest day yesterday, afternoon off work today so plan on getting out and doing some miles image

    Lily - if you have a lot on your mind then don't be to harsh on yourself image things affect us in all different ways.  Why not try a quick half an hour run, am sure you feel good for doing it image

    Words - well done on all your running image and loads of luck for your race on Sunday image

    Dave Anderson - welcome to the forum and well done on your weight loss and running image don't sit on the sidelines come and let us know what you are upto and how its going image

    Toby - I see you have plenty of races coming up image well done you and keep up the good work image

  • Afternoon all

    Well 7 miles done ran to work and back so my lottery all paid up weather here’s a mix of sun sunshine and showers at the moment went out in t-shirt and shorts with my dreams come true running vest that’s the charity i will be running the GNR for had a couple of little showers bit nothing bad and even with them it was still on the warm side

    the whole run took me 1:04:14 Avg pace of 9:09m/m have to say it went a whole lot better than Monday s 8 miles al the splits were a lot better

  • Afternoon all. Today isn't just Father's Day, it's Llanelli 10k race day too! After being spoilt by my fabulous kids, it was time to don the trainers and head out to the Millennium Coastal Path for a little run in the sun - which finally decided to put in an appearance in June.

    Going into the race, I was hoping to get close to 53 minutes, which would knock two minutes off my official 10k PB of 55 mins 18 secs. I think I set off  a little too fast because by the third kilometre I was more out of breath than normal, and by the halfway point I'd slowed from under 8 mins per mile to something like 8 mins 30. My pace fluctuated a bit after that, slowing to 8.55 at one point, but I managed to pull a few seconds back, and even managed a sprint finish!

    My watch tells me I ran the 10k in 52:44 - a brand new PB and over seven minutes faster than my time for the same race this time last year. Really quite pleased - I'll post the official time as soon as I get it.

    Welcome to the newbies and hi to all the regulars. Hope to be back in more regular contact in the next day or so.

  • I am not going to tell you where i started but if your really want to you can do the math lol

    I started my diet, went back to running, returned to the gym etc etc November 2010. Since then i have lost 6.5 stone. I now weigh 76kgimage less than I weighed when i ran Dublin Marathon in 2007image

    Gonna celebrate by pushing myself to achieve my fastest time for a 10k at the British 10k next month!!!! image



  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭
    Lizzie that is fantastic image
  • Thank u image was blooming hard work too image
  • Morning all

    Will be doing 8 miles again today weather depending they are forecasting sunshine and showers for down here if the weathers to bad will do the 4 mile run on the treadmill i had planned for Wednesday will be doing another 13 miler on Friday as i really need to see if i can cover the distance without struggling like last time hopefully it won’t be so hot this time

    did my first park run on Saturday never bothered going for a time as i ran around with my O/H but she manged to take 1:30 of her PB then had are photos taken holding one of the Olympic torches

    Word well done on the PB

    Lizzie great achievement wish i had your determination

  • Hi there image hope you all had a good weekend

    Words - well done on the PB image great news, really pleased for you image

    Lizzie - It really doesn't matter where you were when you started, its amazing what you have achieved so be very proud image 

    I have the re-arranged 10K at Holdenby House this sunday, Heroes Run for Northampton Air Ambulance image its part off road also will try and get a PB, infact I need to check what my PB is as I have forgotten lol

  • 158.5 lbs this morning, not sure whether I am updownsame as last week, but it's a good place weight-wise for me anyway.  I've pretty much lost 2 whole weeks of my HM training to this back issue, and I have work away in NewcastleEdinburgh from tomorrow for the rest of the week which will probably mess up my running plans further.

    I did manage to do Parkrun but really struggled, I think due to the stomach complaint I had early last week.  Last weeks 5k in 24:44 ave heart rate 178, this weeks 5K in 25:36 ave heart rate 189; tells the story.  I've got 2 weeks to get my health in order for Ards HM, fingers crossed.

    Welcome Dave

    Congrats on PB Words, well done.

    Lizzie - Great going, you should be proud.

    Good running as always Toby, you really put the miles in!

    Good luck for the 10k Booey.

    Lily - we all stray from the right path from time to time, don't get down on yourself and you'll get back on track quicker.  Every good decision you make food or training wise, no matter how small, is taking you closer to your goal.

    *waves at everyone else

  • thanks guys! image very proud of myself. AND achieved my fastest time for a treadmill 5k today...ok still slow at 36:04 but its fast for me lolimage


  • Well 8 miles done weather was lovely sun was shining did the same 8 mile loop i did last week and for some unknown reason the Garmin telling me i was 5 minutes faster i have to put it down to the fact the sun was out or i did something wrong when i started the Garmin

  • Morning all

    Well just 4 today and then a gym session on Wednesday just look back on yesterdays run the whole thing took me 1:15:08 compared to 1:20:52 last Monday but there was a loo break in there this time

    All the splits were a lot better as well ranging from 8:52 to 9:48 compared to last week when they were 9:03to 10:54

    I still put down partly to the weather as last week’s run was done in the wind and rain and i was dress up to the nines this week just a t-shirt running vest and shorts so much easier to run in

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