Sub 3h15



  • Welcome Leslie H, don't neglect the long run or the medium long run as they are the most important, doesn't really matter how fast you can knock out your reps if you don't have the endurance. Then do a bit of quality, then pad the rest out with some easy pace, basically what P&D recommends.

    I can sympathise with the long shifts as I pretty much 'work' an eleven hour day plus sat mornings. You obviously know how to get the training in working those long hours. I try to get most of it done before work apart from the fast stuff which I struggle with early doors. The amount of shut eye suffers as I only get about 6 hours.

    Plenty of advice and inspiration on here.

    Nice park running from OO and Gul.

    Minni thanks for reminding me to empty the petrol out of my lawn mower. (And no that wasn't a euphemism!)

    2 miles for me today at a plodtastic 11 mm with my 8 year old son, he has plenty speed (fastest in his football team) but no endurance. My back was ok until the inevitable sprint finish.
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Lol moof!

    Ant I spend half my life on the naughty step. It'll all change after Christmas though. image

    speedy - hope you feel better soon. I'm not doing the coastal this winter as we have a big family get together on the same day.  I could join them later but I'm trying to get some brownie points before marathon training kicks in. 

  • Hope you feel better soon, Speedy.

    Welcome, Leslie.

    Nice parkrunning.

    Looks like I have re-injured the calf I tore in August.  I felt something happen on Friday but thought I'd got away with it because I managed a steady run yesterday morning.  However, it's got a lot more painful in the time since and standing on tiptoes is not great.  Prescription: frozen peas and a week of cross-training.  Sigh.

  • Jools - ouch! That doesn't sound too good. Hope it sorts itself soon. 

    Minni - you're a naughty naughty girl. Hope you've recovered in time for today. Good luck to you and Poacher.

    Moof - who won the sprint finish? You can't leaving it hanging like that! image

    Gentle 5.5 miles this morning - all in all pretty perfect conditions for running. Ran for a mile or so with a 67 year old bloke who'd been running for 40 years and just did it because it enjoyed it. Great attitude.


  • Last I heard, Minni was complaining about wind. Hardly surprising, I would have thought...

    Bad luck, Jools. Take it easy and you'll come back stronger, with a bit of luck.

    How's that cold, Speedy?

    Lorenzo - He enjoyed it? Clearly mad.

    16 miles this frosty morning, picked up the pace a bit for the last few miles, so av overall was 7:33mm. Felt a bit creaky and tired tbh. Anyway, that makes it 42.6 miles for the week.

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Sounds awful Speedy, bed is probably the best place.

    Never had calf problems Jools sounds like plain bad luck

    plodding 16 here for a 43 week, my highest for a month.


  • Afternoon all, Hope your Sundays are going good. Speedy, Yuk - you have my sympathies, Jools - take it easy, I have had some minor probs with my calfs recently but nothing like what you seem to be suffering.

    Lots of nice plodding going on today, 15 for me setting off at just before dawn - all done and dusted in just under 2 hrs to take me past 50 for the first time since March and first week of P&D D&D. image Off to get some beers and put my feet up!!



  • Went to bed at 9pm, got out of bed at 2.10pm. Not because I was hungry, because the cat was hungry. I'm sure I *could* run, but it would probably delay the recovery process. This week was due to be an easy one anyway due to various other Christmas related activities. Ah well. 

  • That's a quality resting session Speedy. Well done.

    I'm a bit worried hearing of people starting their P&D 50+ schedules and already knocking out 50 mile weeks when I'm supposed to be running a week earlier and am only up to 20 miles in my biggest week for a couple of months. Oh, and my race is a 50miler..... 

    I'll have another mince pie. That should cheer me up.....

  • Nice parkrun Gul & OO. Hope the calf heals soon Jools and that you recover soon Speedy.

    Longest run since October 2012 for me - a whole 11.5 miles @ 7:55 per mile, including the dreaded Priest Hill, the pain of which I'd almost but not quite forgotten. I'd intended on doing 13 miles, and to 8 miles I was feeling fine, but then I really started to labour so took the easier option. The main problem I seem to have at the moment is slowing down. I just drop into this 8 minute per mile rhythm and simply cannot go any slower. Even if I make a conscious effort to slow it down, as soon as I stop thinking about it I go straight back to that speed, and given where I am this is not good as I really should be going slower but further. I need to get back to doing my Sunday runs with a group, but it was XC today so they were elsewhere.

  • Quick drop in;
    DS2 -  best wishes at a difficult time
    Leslie - welcome, those are big miles. I work daft hours too, and in a range of locations, there are always creative ways to train round such things
    Nice runs Lorenzo, Gul, OO, BOTF
    Nice lunch Ant, although it's hard to disagree with PMJ
    Get well soon CC, Joolska, GM
    Nice plods Moof, Menna

    And above all congrats to Minni on a very good performance at Newcastle Racecourse today in windy, trying conditions. I'll let the thread wino tell her own story at leisure. image

    Not sure of my result, forgot the Garmin (although remembered to take socks this time), I think it was 6th in about 3.22 or 3.23.  16 laps, each of which ended into a cold, strong headwind along the finishing straight. Next stop the glue factory. Happy with the time though under the circs. 55m for the week.



  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    Nice miles, Ant, Menna
    Take care with the calf (Jools), and lurgy (Speedy) - annoying though these things are, at least you're not in the middle of a campaign  . . .
    good progress from BOTF, although not sure I sympathise with the "unable to go slower" problem - the opposite is the case here  . . . .
    SJ - mince pies are always a good idea, as are socks - well remembered, Poacher, and fine lapping
    5 easy ones here after supporting daughter at XC league, to complete a low-key 27 mile week.

  • 6th sounds like a good performance Poacher - look forward to hearing how Minni got on.

    Lorenzo wrote (see)

    Ran for a mile or so with a 67 year old bloke who'd been running for 40 years and just did it because it enjoyed it. Great attitude.


    Ant van Oviedo wrote (see)

    Lorenzo - He enjoyed it? Clearly mad.

     Just to be clear, he hadn't been running non-stop for 40 miles!!!! image


  • Well done Poacher, casually brilliant as always! Did you find time to pop in to Cost Cutters and get the weekly shop done?


  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Poacher - I was pretty crap really but you were awesome. image


  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    So, the coach said easy pace with 5 miles at HMP.  Mega hangover yesterday meant nil solids by mouth but lots of tea!  Also got a head cold.  Can you see where this is going.....

    The events the NE Marathon club put on are brilliant.  No frills but the friendliest you'll ever come across. Its a really pleasure to be part of it.  So pre-race was more about chatting than warming up but I did manage one lap (1.6m)  It was quite warm but very windy and about 1/3 of the lap was into the headwind, and yes you guessed, that was also the uphill bit.  I decided that I'd do 2m @ HMP then 8 miles at another pace (tbd) then the last three at HMP.  This didn't happen.  I put the effort in at the sheltered parts but really backed off where it was tough.  Ended up with 1:39 (shit!) but got 4th lady and 1st V40.  Did a slow lap cool down before grapping a coffee and crunchie then joined Poacher for his last two laps.  He was awesome.  Complaining a lot image but really pushing on.  And there was a sprint finish from him.

    I ended up with just under 20m @ 7:49 so can't complain.

    I then went and did some Christmas shopping (unsuccessful), did the weekly shop in Tesco and lost my car in the carpark.  Was about to report it to the police as stolen when I found it.  New car and I couldn't remember where I'd parked or the registration no.... image

    Right, onwards and upwards.  image

  • How exactly would you have reported it to the police Minni? I've lost my car, no idea what the registration is...

    I have lost my voice. Work will be interesting. 

  • An entertaining day Minni. Good job that you didn't report it to Plod or they might have breathalised you! 20 miles at ave 7:49 seems like it was a productive day out. Perhaps that carb loading recipe is worth considering.

    Jools, you are one tough cookie, but it sounds like a return visit to the leg specialist/physio. There is one bright sparkle, your shiny sub 3 gong is in the bag.

    For me, not really running again. Motivation and man-cold, allied to any excuse I can think of. I did get an hour's swim training. Can't get lost or fall off there.

  • Nice 20 miler with a hangover Minni and a V40 win tooimage.Did 52 miles last week so slowly starting to ramp up again as when i added more intervals my mileage dropped to 35/week.

    Did an easy 7 today after nightshift woke about 2pm then rolled over for another kip and stretched my legs out as I did and pulled my calf muscle image It hurt a lot for about 10 secs but seems ok again now .image

  • XC today. Local course, all hills, toughest of the season (may be one with tougher parts but overall this is the toughest) and average pace was only just inside 7 m/m

    Fast downhill start for half a mile, sharp right and back up a open field, right again and steeply up. Nice bit round the back, sharp but short uphill and then a double back, steep down and up, mud, even steeper down and view of the finish, walk uphill then pitter patter through the woods before appearing in the clearing, long open downhill and short up to the finish.

    Form seems to be coming back, 2011 was a good year and times are getting closer.

    2011 35:37
    2013 36:02

    +25 seconds

    2011 32:28
    2013 32:55

    +27 seconds

    2011 37:04
    2013 37:16

    +12 seconds

    Just inside 52 for the week. Need a long run (19) next week as these w/e XCs stop the LSR on a Sunday. P&D will start in earnest in Jan but this month I will be doing a lot of endurance stuff.

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    speedy - i hate to admit but the only thing that had stopped me speaking to the policeman was the fact I couldn't get any of my family on the phone to tell me if it was a corsa or a Clio.  image  in my defence it was about 4 by this time, I was still in my running kit and I hadn't had anything to eat so was feeling a bit girly and blonde.....   

  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    PMJ - must be difficult to compare XC times due to course conditions.

    CC - you were right up there as a bit of a hero(ine) with your marathon campaigns/racing a year or two back (not to mention your shoe collection), now you are just ill all the time. Pull your (boot) socks up pet, or I'll have to find another hero(ine).

    Minni - I had a few snifters before all of my recent races except Gosport and although I did ok, I've come to learn in recent years that abstinance and tapering arnt all they are cracked up to be (for 1/2 mara and below). Although they are good ideas before a marthon.

  • Get well soon Speedy. You are looking fit and healthy as the cover girl on Fetch.

    An excellent V40 in the bag Minni and another strong run from Poacher. I would suggest you get a Mini next time, so that at least the type of car is memorable. image

    Great gunning around the XC PMJ, and a dawn raid by Mennania for a 15M, and a 16 from Ant. This is coming across as a marathon thread.

    Take care Jools. There are plenty of worse times of the year to be stuck in the gym.


    Another 6 days of easy running from me, but next week I get to add back in a Tempo run to my schedule at planned marathon pace. This week was 42M @ 6:58 ave.pace


  • Well done on the racing Minni and Poacher. Nice car comedy Minni!

    Looks like you're getting your pace back PMJ.

    Hope the calf sorts itself out Joolska.

    No running for me today had to go into work for nine hours, it's all piss and panic this time of year. Still, it beats going xmas shopping.

    Lorenzo- it's a bit of a close call over a 30 meter sprint as my lad is rather nippy but since its nearly Christmas and we didn't want any tears or tantrums.....he let me win ! image

    8 miles for the week and about 14 pints! I'm ashamed.
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Well done Poacher and Minni- rather you than me on the Town Moor today...

  • Oh no, I'm losing my heroine status. image 

    The problem with having slept well into the afternoon, is that now I should be in bed and I'm not at all tired. Better do some housework or something. Gah. 

    Comeback plan starts tomorrow. Hopefully. 30 mins on the treadmill at any pace that doesn't get me out of breath. 

    Jools - you make me feel so lazy. You just ran a marathon and bounced straight back running solid 10ks afterwards, and now you're going to cross train all week since you can't run. Meanwhile I've been losing my mojo, watching TV and sleeping. I hope I don't have to race you any time soon! 

  • Jools - bad luck - hope it heals quickly.
    Lorenzo - 40 years - wow, that's what I call endurance running. Oh I see, he's not another Forrest Gump then.
    Ant - nice week of runnning.
    OO - well done on the plodding and that parkrun is still not bad by most standards.
    Mennania - good start to P&D.
    Speedy - Sensible approach.
    SJ - mince pies! Yum, yum.
    BOTF - I wouldn't worry too much about the pace - it will probably slow down as the mileage increases.
    Poacher - fantastic result again.
    Minni - congrats on 1st place - they all count. Nice car park story! I had the same problem with a hire car for work once.
    Leslie - Good mileage. I hope the calf is OK.
    PMJ - all that XC is obviously doing some good.
    AR - sounds like a good plan.
    Pleased to report that the glutes returned to normal after a few hours. However I overslept this morning and had to cut my scheduled 9 miles back to 6. Everything felt fine, although it was at a super-plodtastic 9:40 m/m!!! Where did that come from? Hoping to nip out to do the other 3 miles in a bit. As you were...

  • TR wrote (see)

    PMJ - must be difficult to compare XC times due to course conditions.

    This campaign is built on 3 assumptions:

    1) Up to a point, each marathon you run will be faster than the previous because you learn from each and adjust and modify.
    2) At 20 miles at VLM 2012 I was on target for 2:49:08. MartinH was with me and went on to run 2:49:44 and I trailed in with 2:50:28.
    3) You get slower as you get older.

    Basically 1 and 2 say I can go faster and 3 says I can't. I reckon I can edge 1.5 to 2 minutes out of 1 and 2 and so I need to limit 3 to about 1 minute, so 12 seconds over what was a 5.3 mile xc but took as long as a 10k is inside that 1 minute margin.

    So yes, it is difficult to compare and somewhat pointless but I will be doing it time and again to convince myself I am in the window I want to be in.


    Also-ran wrote (see)
    This week was 42M @ 6:58 ave.pace


    That is a fast week. I don't have historical week paces at hand but my fast summer months have been about 160 miles at 7:1x pace so sub 7 average is impressive.

  • AR / PMJ - wasn't that a week of "easy" running, too?!
    3 miles @ 8:27 m/m d&d.

  • Gul Darr wrote (see)

    AR / PMJ - wasn't that a week of "easy" running, too?!
    3 miles @ 8:27 m/m d&d.

    Mine was not that fast: my week was 51.67 miles at 7:56 pace.

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