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  • Leslie - cracking mileage for the week. Great LSR.
    Minni - sun here too (yesterday).
    Ant - excellent result - good time for a undulating / hilly HM.
    SJ - nice MLR.
    BOTF - excellent day's work - very promising.
    Jools - decent result from a busy weekend.
    OO - good LSR.
    Speedy - well done on the 30k race in a 22 miler.
    GM - nice long run.
    SB - good LSR.
    Moof - take care of that back!
    14 miles to start the week for me. 7M @ 8:55 m/m and 7M @ 7:31 m/m.

  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    Morning thread,

    OO51 - more thread bling! Excellent work on both your relay result and the subsequent 20.

    Birch, good running from you with a parkrun in a 21 & recovery.

    TR - 1 90 min turbo & 12 miler hints at a comeback. Hopefully there's a huge stack of residual fitness to tap into and you'll soon be back on track.

    Minni - girls not to be trusted? Boys either! image Good 21.

    Leslie - nice steady miles and weekly total.

    Ant - still a decent result given the bumpy profile. Sounds like a thumbs up to me. Onwards & upwards.

    SJ - good running - a confidence booster after your diagnosis?

    BotF - another with a solid 20.

    Jools - much like Ant's race, that's still a pretty decent time, and the training effect will be a benefit.

    Speedy - excellent progressive 22.

    GM & Sporty - good pace over your respective 18 & 16.

    Moof - nice 18, good excuse for a back massage!

    Gul - like the sound of your segmented 14.

    Pleased to report that yesterday's 15 with 13 @ PMP was a qualified success. Find it hard to run faster early in the mornings, always feels like much more effort compared with later in the day, so wasn't sure how I'd respond to 7:20ish pace. Planned this on a flat stretch of quiet Forest road with very little traffic which I did 5 out & back laps of, so pacing could be even and no climbing to contend with. Allowance had to be made for a couple of pony-induced stops, but the 13.1 (couldn't resist the extra .1) came out at 1:36:26, and wasn't a complete gasping wreck at the end (just a partial one). Legs are feeling it a bit today, but in the absence of a proper HM, I'm pretty pleased with that.

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    Cracking solo effort, Abbers - well done
    Good start to the week, Gul - nice number to have in the book on day one - 
    just putting my week plan in place here - can't run Fri (normally my rest day anyway), and Saturday I'm at the National XC in Nottingham (not running; supporting son & daughter), so decided to have a 2 day break before 23 on Sunday - we'll see how it pans out . . . . . .

  • Needed to do my long run today (set out after Gul got back) as things get a bit messy towards the end of the week (half term, kids to visit at University, funeral of a neighbour who I have been helping to look after for a few years by cutting grass etc) and also because I like to get ahead of the plan.

    P&D have a 22 for this week so I plotted a route which took me from Hammersmith, across Hammersmith Bridge, through Richmond Park, across Kingston Bridge and into Bushy Park, Strawberry Hill and back to Twickenham, Marble Hill Park, cross Richmond Bridge and alongside Kew Gardens, cross Kew Bridge and then back along the Thames through Chiswick and Barnes.

    Took the start easy (plan was 7:30 even) but the miles were ticking over nicely and I felt strong so let the legs run and once I was over the "hills" of Richmond Park and onto the flat portions beat the Thames I was seeing 6.5x flash by on autolap so l kept on going. I had two gels, one at about 11 miles and one at about 16 miles. Final run came out in 2:37:51 as 7:15 for the first 11 miles and 7:05 for the next 11 so 7:10 average pace (3:08 marathon pace) and well inside the MP+20/MP+10 I am shooting at which is 7:27 (7:47 and 7:08).

    Anyone else noticed Garmin connect being odd? My run today has splits that add up to 2:37:51 but the time says 2:41:42 which reflects the total time (so I stop the Garmin when crossing major roads).

  • Sorry to hear Bramley 10 was a tough day, Jools. Lovely weather and nice course though, wasn't it?

    I ended up doing just over 2:36 for the 20, which was roughly what I was aiming for. MP+10% ish for 17 miles, MP for the last 3 only. Really enjoyed the experience, helped by running with my LSR training partner for the first 15 miles, and it felt pretty comfortable right up to the end. Nice fast-ish, long, confidence-booster I thought.

    But, weirdly, about 2 hours after the finish my left shin started hurting. It's actually red and slightly swollen today.WTF? All my usual niggles are fine too. So putting my feet up today and will ice it later, and pray to the running gods.

  • Sorry to hear your news Slokey.  I can only wish you good luck and a good set of advice from the docs.

    I'm happy to see lots of good long runs going on with a few at MP sections or a fast HM.  I struggled at the weekend for my long run.  I planned to do 20, but cut it down to 16 which was enough.  I just ran multiple laps around my village which is always hard running past ones front door when you're not particularly enjoying a run. At least the weather was good for a change.


  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    PMJ - super running. You sound right in the zone at the moment.

    LTR - excellent work from you at Bramley. Bodes well. Not sure what's going on with your shin though; didn't notice anything during the race itself, clearly?

    BI - tough mentally, trying to do that. Not sure I could resist the temptation to sack it early either, so always make sure loops don't go that close to our house if I end up doing multiple laps!

  • Abbers, I'm guessing my sore shin is a result of my first 20 miler wholly on a hard surface, and I've just pushed my leg(s) slightly harder than they can cope with. Hopefully, if I back off a little, I can get over it and move on.

  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    Excellent stuff Abbers, 13M of MP in training is about the max achievable, so bodes well.

  • PMJ - did you run one of these routes at all?

  • Great racing from Ant and plenty of good mileage in general on here.

    Sorry to hear about the diagnosis Slokey - fingers crossed the running doesn't get affected. Any news on how it will impact your swimming?

    Well done to the Jantastic team for another full set of marks last week. I felt I couldn't log ski runs so after 7 hours or so on the slopes I nipped out for a very short recovery run. The combination of general exhaustion, altitude and hills meant it wasn't the easiest recovery run I've attempted but they all count towards our collective bid for greatness.

  • I also ran Bramley on Sunday, with the last 12 miles @ 7:25 pace (marathon pace?). The last 3 were quite tough and underlined the need to be mentally prepared for the big day. In the immediate aftermath, I was also questioning whether 7.25s are sustainable over the marathon.

    I felt a little over-dressed for the 'heat' of Bramley and was regretting the leggings by about mile 2.
  • Beware Of The Fish wrote (see)

    PMJ - did you run one of these routes at all?

    I do a lot of those routes, mainly the western side, Hyde Park is a regular for me, works out real nice with 2 miles jog there, traffic free for as many laps as you want and 2 miles back.

  • Abbers - cracking MP run.
    PMJ - excellent pace for your 22 miler - know what you mean about schedule getting messed around!
    LR - good day out at Bramley - take care of that shin.
    Bike It - passing home can be handy if you need the loo though!
    Lorenzo - sounds tough out there on the slopesimage
    SB - 12M @ MP bodes well for the big day - take heart.
    10 miles @ 8:43 m/m plus some subway sprints d&d.

  • I just saw that Haile will be doing the pacing at VLM2014:

    I think he would drop out before the place where the mortal runners going out to docklands after Tower Bridge see the elites coming back from Docklands already so probably I wouldn't get to see him. 


  • Super stuff from Abbers and very good work from those of you who went to Bramley. Where is Bramley?

    Lunchtime - how's that leg?

    Well done to Gul and PMJ for top midweek miles.

    15 miles for me this morning @ av 7:40mm. Annoyingly I went out without my keys and as Mrs. Ant was going to go out before I was due back I had to go home, buzz her and get her to throw down the keys, Rapunzel,-style. This she did, but not before a neighbour had grabbed me and got me introduced to an Irish friend of hers who was visiting. All in all,  a 10-minute stop.

  • Bramley is in Hampshire, near Basingstoke (but the race is far nicer than that makes it sound!).

  • My leg is improving fast, but still too sore to think about running today. The slight swelling and redness I had yesterday has gone, so I went for a (very slow, mostly arms) swim today - 1K (can I count that in  my weekly total? image). I'm going to get a physio to check it out in the next day or two, and I'll be banking on them to persuade me not to rush back into the training full throttle and re-injure myself.   

  • Take it easy LTR, have you been icing?

    Looking promising there Abbers and nice midweek action from Ant.

    Swim tomorrow Lorenzo and the general consensus is that swimming and cycling are fine.

    Easy spin this morning then a bit of speed work tonight: 1.5m warm up then 2x (1mile at 6:30mm, 1K at 6:15mm, 800m at 6mm, 400m at 5:30mm) off 200m, couple of miles cool down. All felt manageable. 

    C'mon city!

  • Bah!

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Hey all.  Everything seems to be going along fine. 

    Ant - that is so annoying.  And you have to try and look interested but you really want to just punch their face and run!

    LTR - get the ice out and rest up a bit.  And moof I hope your back is behaving?

    Nice MP miles from Abbers and Sandy Balls.

    Nice session SJ.

    I did 5 x 1m today: 6:38, 6:40, 6:45, 6:37: 6:43 and felt happy with that.  Amazingly my hip is still improving massively even though I had that big run on Sunday then this session today (with 6 yesterday).  All that foam rollering must be paying off.

    12 planned for the morning.  Its great being on holiday and running during the day.



  • Sorry to hear your rubbish news SJ - never say never.

    Nice relay result OO!

    Great long run with Parkrun Birch. I bet you could get well below 22 minutes if you didn't run there and then have to keep some in the tank for the 10 home. Did you let the mud dry off first before getting showered?

    Ant congrats on your best HM time in 2 years. Knowing you can (and will) go faster is a good fire to have in your belly for future races. I think as we get older it does get tougher to keep the standard up. Did you get a good t-shirt? You always seem to do races with cool t-shirts. Nice 15 miler today too.

    Great run Abbers. Like TR said 13 miles at MP is as tough as it gets.

    Good pace on your 22 miler PMJ. It's always nice to see a faster time spring up on the Garmin. And at the same time disappointing when it's shows slower than you think you are running!

    Nice controlled 20 mile race LTR, a good confidence booster when you run within your pace then you can put your foot down for the last few miles and still feel strong.

    Sandy, running 12 miles @ MP is a tough training run, but a good one nonetheless to have done.

    Good to see the early morning underpass sprints are still a feature in your running Gulimage

    Yes agree Bike IT, I'm looking forward to watching VLM this year with Haile pacing and Mo running!

    Like the look of your 1mile reps splits Minni.

  • Had a good 20 miler on Sunday in 2.27.04. As usual done in a negative split style. First half was 1.18.x and second half in 1.09.x. Fantastic to be out early doors with the frost and sunshine image.

    Reps down at Viccy park tonight, 8 x 800 reps av pace of 2.52 and finished off with a 1 mile rep in 6.02. Pretty uneventful with no rollerblade lady or cyclists to catch, but had a very near miss with 2 pedestrians. They were walking in opposite directions and with my calculations I thought I'd pass before they met. Wrong - very close miss as I somehow managed to squeeze between them! Surprised I didn't knock the guy over. I swear he'd walked at least 200m towards me without looking up  - too busy engrossed in his phone! I kept thinking, he's going to look up any minute and see me. Typical of society today, everyone is in their bubble & oblivious.

    Rant over, as you were...

  • It's interesting that Haile is going to pace London. Apparently they want him to go to 30k in around 1:28 which means a half in just under 1:02 on the way. Given his recent results I actually think that's a pretty tough ask for him.

    Nice reps Minni. I did a slightly shorter version with the club tonight at 5 x 5 mins off 2 mins recovery, and they came out at 6:33, 6:19, 6:49, 6:18 & 6:19. Third one is a bit false as it's uphill for a lot of it, and I had to stop to cross the road for 10 seconds or so and never stopped the watch. I was a bit unsure about this session beforehand as I had physio at lunchtime to try and loosen up my calves, and she really went to town on both of them and it hurt like hell, so I wasn't sure quite what it would be like. It was a bit sore for the first minute or so, hence the slightly slower first rep I think, but beyond that they were fine. It felt good going at that kind of speed though as that's the first time in some time I've run anything like that pace for an extended time. And apparently unlike almost every runner she sees the physio said my ITBs are really good. They must be about the only parts of my legs that are!

  • Good rep action from Slokey, Minni,, KR and BOTF. Things seem to be simmering nicely on here. That is an excellent 20-miler from KR, too.

    6 miles' recovery this morning - and Gul hasn't even posted yet! 4 miles due this arvo.

    I have already startedd to stress about the Friday and Saturday before VLM, where to stay, what and when to eat etc...


  • Ant - eventful 15 miler.
    LR - sounds like a good idea to get it looked over.
    SJ - good speedwork.
    Minni - nice session there. Appreciate what you're saying about running in the day!
    KR - good training going on.
    BOTF - promising club session.
    4 recovery miles @ 9:00 m/m d&d.

  • x-post - too busy reading back after a late start at 5:45image

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Nice 20 KR, my Sunday LSR 20 took 10 minutes longer than yours but also a negative split.

    Double day yesterday and same planned today morning and lunchtime, about 5 miles each session. Feeling good and injury free at the mo, but struggling to find top speed.

  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    Morning all, day off yesterday to take our little monkeys to see the other monkeys at Monkey World, and managed to bring the right two home again in the evening! That was all preceded by an early morning easy 8 pre-breakfast, so made sure the training was in the bag.

    Sandy - good outing at Bramley. Still a few weeks of training & taper to come, so those 7:25 miles will feel better on the day (at least to start with!).

    Gul - the usual solid miles from you.

    More good running from Ant, despite the interruption, and take care of that leg LTR. Hopefully the physio will give you an accurate diagnosis.

    Good quicker stuff from SJ, sorry about the footy!

    Nice consistent miles from Minni and good news on the hip.

    Speedy 20 and reps from KR - pedestrian dodging is always good sport! Some seem determined to get clobbered...

    Really good reps from BotF too.

    OO51 clocking up the miles nicely.

    Oh, and thanks for the kind comments on the PMP run. Schedule said it should ideally have been a race, so felt the need to push a bit rather than take the easy option. 9 more at the same pace planned for tomorrow, so will see if that feels easier as it'll be a lunchtime run when I'm properly awake rather than early morning!

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    KR- fine 20 there - good confidence booster with the much quicker 2nd half  . . . 
    (on Sat washed the mud from my leg there and then with handfuls of puddle water, then kit straight in washing m/c and me into hot bath, which I favour after the long run - no pics, though . . . . . .)

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