Sub 3h15



  • BOFT/MINNI/JOE -Nice reps

    KR/OO-51-nice 20 miler's

    ANT- 6 before Gul's even posted thats early image

    Abbers-non race mara pacing is always tough as its too easy to slack ,well done.

    7 last night and 13.1 this morn for me with a 4 mile hard progression in the middle for added character building, splits were : 6:50, 6:48, 6;34, 6:22 so getting a bit of speed at last, about time too image

  • Tuesdays must be intervals day.  Some good paces being run now and it looks like everyone is going faster and further than a month ago which is good news as the marathon season will soon be upon us.

    MP session today for me.  I ran 12m with 10m at MP.  I was aiming for miles at between 7:15 and 7:10 pace, but a little faster seemed good so they came out at 7:06 pace average for the 10 miles.  This pace is getting much more comfortable and progress is definitely being made.

  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    Leslie & BI both reporting impressive sessions. Like the sound of 7:06 "comfortable" mara pace, BI!

    8 at lunch including 12 x hills. Nice still day for a change, so pleasant enough to be putting in a bit of effort.

  • Hi guys, just gone through a quick catch up. There has been an immense amount of running going on. Sorry to hear about the recurrence of the heart conditions Menna, hopefully it will be cleared up quickly and you will be back to full on training. Also sad to hear about the diagnosis SJ, make the best use of your hip and cut the junk miles (if there is such a thing).

    I'm in a bit of a 'down' period at the moment (i.e. Broken head) and am running every session as a box ticking exercise. Hitting all the numbers, so when things pick up I'll have lost nothing. I'm finding the running tedious though and have quit running VLM 20 times! That is balanced up by everything else being tedious, so I am staying in the game!

    Anyway, as my friend Marvin says; "Life, don't talk to me about life." image

  • Also ran, Gul was (is?) a big HHGTTG fan so will like the Marvin reference as well.

    10 at lunchtime. P&D have me down for a 4 and 6 recovery but I don't like doubles so rolled it up into one and then I started to chase down a couple of very fit and fast ladies and once the sap was flowing and the pace was up I was chasing just about everyone round the London parks so it turned out to be close to 7 average and a few close to MP so also wasn't a recovery run.

  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    PMJ - the sap flowing chasing fit ladies? Sounds like spring...image

    AR - sorry to hear the mojo is lacking. At least you're still getting out there and getting the sessions done. Is this a bi-product of the particular schedule you're following, or just general mara training malaise? All will be well as long as you still know where your towel is.

  • Abbers wrote (see)

    All will be well as long as you still know where your towel is.


  • Abbers - no not caused by the schedule  - in fact having a schedule for a change somehow keeps things together. It is just a bit of crappy wiring I am blessed with. If I can't sort it out with the soldering iron, then I will get myself down to some London parks and chase down some fast fit ladies. That sounds like a good idea for a recovery run (patent pending by pmj) 

  • Go carefull PMJ, lately you've posted your biggest mileage, long runs faster than P&D 20/10% which are pretty tough anyway and now you're joining your recovery runs together and knocking them out at a decent pace. Somethings gonna give. It would be a Shame not to put all that decent training together for a great run in April.
  • Moof, thanks for the words. I am taking care, indeed half way round today I knew  I was too fast and would have to adjust the week to keep on track so Friday (12 with 7@HMP) will be eased back to MP and I have a nice course with miles 2 to 9 downhill so I can get the leg turnover without working too hard.

  • AR - I like the Afrikaans expression 'mooi loop'.  Literally it means 'run nicely' but in idiom means 'go well'.  BTW I don't think you are alone in having lost the joy of running, certainly it happens to me (particularly on a Sunday morning when it is long run time). Take care and keep on running by numbers for now.

    PMJ and Moof have reminded me why I did the up to 55 mile schedule of P&D.  12 with 7 at HMP (after all the other stuff) sounds tough.


  • AR, you have more self awareness than most people so it's always interesting to hear how you manage yourself through your off periods. Hope it's a short one!

    Abbers, I had all kinds of double entendres running through my head when I read PMJ's post. Well done for getting in so quick image

    Great running BI - it all seems to have come together all of a sudden for you with time for more improvement too!

  • Midweek 10 miler for me tonight, and I decided to have a crack at doing it somewhere near MP as I've done practically nothing at that pace (7:38 per mile = 3:20). The first few miles were a real struggle as I had that weird hollow stomach feeling, but eventually it got a bit easier. Every incline however the pace really suffered, and the pace graph from the Garmin is all over the place. However, I persevered and ended up with 10.31 @ 7:34. I was working reasonably hard, but once again I appear to held back simply by the fact I can't turn my legs over any faster - plenty left aerobically but nothing left in the legs. Downside however is I now have an extremly painful little toe on my left foot. It looks like I blacked the toenail on Sunday, and running on it 3 more in 3 days hasn't helped as it's now very sore. It must be caused by a change in my running action caused by my layoff as I've never blackened that toe before.

  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭

    Seems to be ramping up a notch on here at the mo, some good stuff going on and some paces I can only dream of!

    A big couple of days big for me. Did 7 miles at 6.41 pace yesterday. Set my target to try and get a full set of sub-7s and managed to do it despite some breezy sections.
    Had a day off with the kids today. I say kids, they're both lazy teenagers so don't get up until the clock is close to pm, so I snuck out for a cheeky 10 miler first thing. The idea was to try marathon pace for the full 10 miles. Ended up doing it at 7.21 pace which is a tad quicker but I'm pleased with as my legs felt tired after yesterday's lunchtime quick 7 and last night's spinning class.

    Legs feel good right now, my weekly stretch and core gym sessions seem to be doing the trick but after an injury hit Paris campaign last year, I'm still a little anxious and trying to train smart. Two days rest and then an 18 mile LSR on Saturday.


  • OO - nice double.
    Abbers - well done getting the easy 8 in - I remember visiting Monkey World year's ago (15?)
    Leslie - good progressive run.
    Bike It - promising MP.
    AR - "The first ten million years were the worst, and the second ten million years, they were the worst too. The third ten million years I didn't enjoy at all. After that I went into a bit of a decline."
    PMJ - so easy to get carried away.
    BOTF - good MP run - hope the toe isn't giving you too much jip.
    SB - couple of really good sessions there - don't over do it!
    11 miles for me this morning including 2 x 4M efforts which I overcooked. First 4 @ 6:57 m/m and second 4 @ 7:04 m/m.

  • SB, nice fast sessions there, looks like a sensible plan to pace the rest of the week.

  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    BotF - nice MP miles. How's the toe now?

    Sporty - 7 miles at HMP followed by 10 at MP is a hard couple of days (especially with a spin session thrown in for good measure). As Gul says, don't overcook it. Enjoy the rest days!

    Gul - it keeps growing year on year, subject to land limitations, and they have a lot more animals compared to a few years ago. Just for once, they were mostly all out and active too, which always engages the little ones better! Good session from you this morning; what pace were you aiming at for the 4 mile sections?

    PMJ/SJ/AR - don't see many fit, fast ladies here. I feel my training is lacking a vital ingredient.

    9 @ MP on the cards for lunch.

  • Bike It - good MP miles. I always think if you can hit the pace and it feels comfortable ls sightly quicker, then go for it.

    Hill ssesion sounds good Abbers. I presume you had your lunch later afterwards?

    Chin up AR - keep going!

    Good recovery run PMJ. I like chasing down runners when I am doing slower runs.

    Excellent 10 miler BOTF and Sporty Badger and run at MP.

    13.1 miles last night for me in 1.32.45. Should have been 1.35.x, but the pace pace felt good.

    Woke up this morning to a foul viral infection and feel absolutely floored. Night off tonight I think.

  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    KR - very promising run from you last night, even more so as you obviously had a virus lurking in your system somewhere, just didn't know it! Hope it's short lived.

    And yes, lunch is always at the desk post-session. I take on something mid-morning, then fuel again as soon as I can after. Like now, as I'm back from my 9 @ pmp. Again, I was aiming for 7:20s, which is exactly 66 mins by my maths, and it came in at 65:22, which is slightly quick, but the right kind of ball park. Happy with that, and in sunshine too. Rest day tomorrow.

  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭

    Nice going Abbers. That's 7.16 pace in my spreadsheet, gotta be happy with that? In the sun too, get the shades on!! image




    Abbers wrote (see)

    PMJ - the sap flowing chasing fit ladies? Sounds like spring...image


    Sounds more like Benny Hill to me...

    Leslie - Good progression session - you're going really well by the sounds of it.

    Excellent MP stuff by BOTF, Bike It, Abbers and Sporty B.

    AR/Bike It - I am definitely running by numbers at the moment and not really enjoying it very much, but I do see some mid- to long-term point to it, and keep reminding myself that getting to the start line at VLM in decent shape is worth a lot of self-sacrifice. So I suppose the only advice I can give is: hang in there and you'll be glad you did.

  • Ant van Oviedo wrote (see)

    AR/Bike It - I am definitely running by numbers at the moment and not really enjoying it very much, but I do see some mid- to long-term point to it, and keep reminding myself that getting to the start line at VLM in decent shape is worth a lot of self-sacrifice. So I suppose the only advice I can give is: hang in there and you'll be glad you did.

    I am finding that the cycles in P&D bring on a new thing just about as the old thing starts to get jaded. It was a lot of long run and MLR, then lactate threshold appeared, now there are track sessions and VO2 max stuff.

    Really not long to go now, worryingly close, P&D have 4 weeks of race preparation and then a 3 week taper so only 7 to go. Good thing is that I am starting to feel ready, and MartinH has offered to pace me to a sub 2:50 so it is about time to start pondering on the ethics of sitting behind him and taking him in a sprint finishimage   My wife just found an old certificate from 1991 when I was club 400m champion so there is some speed somewhere in the legs though I am sure P&D have done their best to hide it.

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

     (((Also-Ran)))  Stick with it.  Ride the rollercoaster and tick of the sessions so when you jump off and join the parade you are ready.  I running mate of mile often says, 'the rest of my life must be complete shite when I do this for enjoyment.'   Sending you healing vibes.

    Lots of speedy mid week miles going on.

    Leslie - those 4 mile sections are getting faster and more consistent.  You must ben feeling good.

    Ant - have you got your accommodation sorted?

    PMJ - you really need to get these recovery runs under control. image

    My running seems to have taken a turn for the better so pleased I slogged out January.  Last night was my midweek 12 miler.  I always run this to feel and it always ends up progressive, mainly because I'm racing the light I think.  It starts off quite slow but hilly - best to get the hills out the way early -then the last 5 or so miles are coming in comfortably at MP + 10 - 20 secs. 

    I have found over the last few months that my easy pace has quickened somewhat and hoping that this also means my MP will do the same.

    My favourite 20 miler planned for the weekend - 5m easy, 5m low steady, 5m high steady, 5m MP.  image



  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    PMJ - you just need to keep a lid on it when required and you will be fine. You did a lot of base work so were fit before you started marathon training, you have got yourself in good shape early, so with about 7 weeks to go you need to make sure that you dont peak too early now (or blow it in that 20M race).

  • Some fab midweek running going on out there folks.

    Abbers, KR, Gul and KR putting in some speedy sessions and Minni's mojo sky high at the moment by the sound of it.

    "Keep the faith" vibes being sent over to AR - I'm sure it's just a temporary blip.

    PMJ - with your sap in full flow, I'm not sure if that's an incentive or a deterrent to join you for a lunchtime run some time!

    Assumng I'm playing my joker this week, I've hit my Jantastic target for the week with the third run of the week following a day of skiing in glorious sunshine.

    Changed my boots as I have developed what looks like it could be PTS (Poacher's Toe Symptoms) due to my right big toe bashing against front of the boot - it feels better now although given the colour of it, I fear for the future of the toenail but have resisted the temptation to take a photo of it.


  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Running 50-60 miles a week is never going to be fun. Often you are dragging yourself out tired before or after a long day in miserable weather. We take it for granted but what we all push ourselved to do is pretty trmarkable really.'  

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    It is OO.  

    Lorenzo - good work running when skiing.  Just a thought - why not fit another run in and keep your joker in case you really need it? image

    I found my first marathon training diary yesterday.  It was so funny looking back.  I only went above 30 miles per week twice in the 16 weeks.  Most weeks were around 25 miles made up of two or three runs.  I had a good taper of 14 miles, 13 miles, 5 miles in the last four weeks and ran 3:43.  Based on my training now I think I should be running around 2:43 (although I am 10 years older)!


  • TR wrote (see)

    PMJ - you just need to keep a lid on it when required and you will be fine. You did a lot of base work so were fit before you started marathon training, you have got yourself in good shape early, so with about 7 weeks to go you need to make sure that you dont peak too early now (or blow it in that 20M race).

    I reckon plans have their plus and minus points. Plus side is definitely getting stuff done so this week the plan says 22, 12 with a fast 7 and a 15 MLR and they will get done as well as 21 miles recovery. Minus side is sometimes you feel fast and sometimes you feel tired, so need to adapt the sessions: no point trying to do a big MP session when you are knackered, no point churning out a run at MP+60s when you feel easy at MP+30s.

  • Another 9 miles for me tonight - 2.08 miles to the club @ 8:33 because given the state of the traffic it was quicker to run there, then 7.35 round the dubious delights of Slough @ 7:55. I'd intended to go somewhat slower, but because of late arrivals I ended up starting several minutes after most of the others then ran the first 2 miles with some of the slower runners to make sure they were ok. Then I set off to try to catch the rest, and didn't catch then until 6.5 miles in. I scrounged a lift home afterward!

    Anyway, by my calculation that pretty much 50 miles in 5 days, undoubtedly the most I've ever done and one of my highest weekly totals ever. 2 days offf now then another 20 on Sunday.

  • Healing vibes and Marvin references gratefully recieved. Looking at the last few weeks a trend of mood dropping is followed up with increased weekly mileage and several extra kg's added to the payload - probably has a net effect of zero on performance. Time to cut out recovery runs at 4am and midnight snacking!


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