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  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    added 4 plod miles this evening- it was not pretty.

    Sorry Minni, I'm easily confused image

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
  • Ant- I didn't have you down as a stickler for rules, I suppose a ten minute jog on the spot in a crowded pen is out of the question too. I'll just have to get my six runs in but if I fall short I may take Minni's advice and do a lap of honour, I will of course wait until the stadium is completely empty and everyone has gone home.

    A nice easy 5 miles today with a few sets of strides to keep my legs turning over nice and quick.

    I was thinking of doing a limited quality session tomorrow, maybe some 800s at HMP just to test out the speed. What do you all think, any point?
  • Maybe a nice steady run with some fartleking at HM pace moof. No need for anything too formal at this stage, but getting the pace going sounds good.


    14 today with 3 x2M at threshold pace. Still running by numbers, and a few dull easy days coming up as part of a cutback week.  Abbers, I felt your pain on the 3x2M reps.

  • Ant - good MLR - hope the knees are feeling easier.
    SB - nice intervals.
    Abbers - good work - still improving, as you say.
    PMJ - enjoy your delayed reps!
    OO - good double.
    Leslie - nice miles in the bag.
    Speedy - sorry to hear about the foot - hope it's much better today.
    Jools - good hilly MLR.
    Moof - I always like to do just a few short reps (say 8x200 or 4x400) at race pace in the lead up to a race, so I say go for it!
    AR - well done on the 3x2M session.
    6 slow miles for me this morning d&d @ 8:52 m/m.

  • Got out a bit later than planned but still managed the reps - 5 x 600m off 2-min jog recoveries. Felt a bit lazy but they still came out at an av 5:48mm, which looks o.k. on paper...


  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    It's the morning for intervals. 6 x 400 done and dusted here.
  • Doh! I forgot my watch today, so I'll take AR's advice and run a lamppost fartlek session.

    Well done all on nailing those reps.
  • I'm with Ant, 5x600m later on today, will try and beat that 5:48 which is a bit tasty.

  • Some good running going on.  I'm liking these interval session reports.  In particular I noted PMJ last half of VLM (good to remind yourself of the course), Lorenzo running in shorts in the snow and SJ having a grand day out at Grizedale.

    Things not going so well for me running wise.  My periostitis flared up again probably as a result of MP running last Wednesday.  So I took Friday and Saturday off and went away in my caravan.  Sunday morning I went to do a 20 mile run.  I used a hilly road where a 3 mile section is closed due to bridge rebuild.  It started well and the first 12 miles were very comfortable. From 15 miles I was properly broken and had to shuffle/walk home the last 4 miles.  I took Monday as rest again and yesterday did an easy 7 which was fine, but my periostitis flared up again.  image

    Now I need to be super careful to not over do it.

    On Monday I got the news that my company will close and was placed 'at risk of redundancy'.  I'll probably leave around middle March. I've got a few jobs at home like building a new fence and re-pointing the chimney.  Then I've really got to decide whether to stay put or go to SA.

    I must say that Gul's comments are getting me stressed.  I though I could be relaxing at home all the time.  Instead I'll be looking after my daughter at home.  Not sure how I'm going to fit my running in.

  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    PMJ - recovery days are great, aren't they? Nice virtual competition for you on your reps today!

    OO51 - nice speed at the end of your 5. Won't mention the later 4.

    Leslie - cheers, it's a hard one, and gratifying both to get it done and to go faster than previously. Solid 10 from you too.

    Speedy - Hurty Foot sounds annoying. Hope it improves as quickly as it came on.

    Jools - good work on your MLR.

    Moof - what AR & Gul said. A bit of pace, but nothing too lengthy.

    AR - ah yes, but yours were in a 14! The last one was a struggle, I have to admit. Good session though. The cutback might help to revive your mojo?

    Gul - consistent miles again from you.

    Ant - that's good pace. Bank it, and move on image

    Minni - another with good reps. Nice.

    BI - Sorry to hear about the return of the periostitis. Look after yourself. Also sorry to hear about the company closure. You don't sound too surprised by the news though? Does redundancy come with a reasonable pay off? Hope it doesn't represent too much of a spanner in the works.

  • Bike It  - having had periostitis in the past, I can totally sympathise with you. I ignpored it and finished a marathon I should have pulled out of at 5 miles. Super-dooper-anti-inflammatories and two weeks' rest took care of it, but it frightened the life out of me.

    Sorry to hear about your job situation; hopefully the enforced change will be for the better, esp. if you decide to go to SA.

    Minni / Moof - When I heard about the woman on MT who did a run of 136 miles, with a 6-hour sleep in the middle I thought that surely that was two runs, then? Also, on occasions when I race, say a HM, I include the w/u and any c/d in the total miles run, so last week's effort was 15.5 miles, not one of 13.1 and two piddly ones. There again, this is not based on any moral or ethical code and i don't really lie awake at night worrying about it...

    PMJ - I really envy your doing the second half of the VLM course - that must be a real psychological advantage on the day, is it? As for the reps, thanks - I thought I'd get out there early and give you a target to aim at (and shoot down in flames!)




  • Nice running going on as expected in here.

    Bike it - hope it settles quickly - sounds most unpleasant

    I am starting back on programme today but given that I have had two weeks off figure I will go back a week and dropping the first weeks taper off. Does this seem sensible? I should be running the same sessions as the vlm ers from now on in.

  • Also-ran -nice threshold run

    Minni-400's sounds good but we want stats/paces on here too image

    Bike it- worrying times but sounds like you have options too , the injury doesnt sound so good though.

    Mennania-sensible we don't do sensible go for it image

    Looks like a few walking wounded too must be peak mara season.

    13.1 miles for me this morning with 5 at threshold pace , splits were :

    6:49, 6:40, 6:38, 6:38, 6:38  

    5th mile was proper tough though but its progress so all good image 



  • Some early morning intervals going on here...image

    Bad news on both the job and the periostitis BikeIT. I hope they both get sorted. Like Ant said the foot probably needs a bit of extra time to rest and maybe more shorter runs if any? I remember the words of my fizz (on a separate injury to this) that still applies. It's better to do more smaller distance runs that trying to cram all the mileage into one big one - when coming back from injury.

    Agree with you too Ant about the runs. When I run to the Parkrun, run it, then run home, I count that as 1 run not 3. I think when there is a shower involved inbetween you can safely start counting it as a double!

    Good luck with the comeback training Menn. Just remember to build it back up again.

    Great splits Leslie in your 13.1 milerimage

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Oh dear, though things were going a bit too smothly. After 37 miles in the last 3 days the sore calf I've for a few weeks decided to shutdown on todays run, I had to hobble home at 10min/m pace. Not sure how sweious it is but a few days rest may be needed image


  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    Leslie - good consistent (and quick) splits there for the threshold section.

    Menn - I'm sure others with more mara experience will answer your question in more detail, but it sounds about right to me. I'd just echo KR's comments, and not too much, too soon.

    OO - oh dear indeed. Healing vibes being sent your way. Is it something some ice & roller action could solve?

    9 slow ones ticked off here.

  • Ant van Oviedo wrote (see)

    PMJ - I really envy your doing the second half of the VLM course - that must be a real psychological advantage on the day, is it? As for the reps, thanks - I thought I'd get out there early and give you a target to aim at (and shoot down in flames!)

    So running over the course is useful. I find I can fix some landmarks into my mind and so I target the next mark and not the finish. Odd things such as the loop round the Isle of Dogs is only 3 miles long (15 to 18) but you do a 2 mile twist and turn round Canary Wharf and another only another mile to 21 before you rejoin the crowds going the other way on The Highway. Embankment is long, Tower of London is at just before 23 miles and Parliament Square at 25.5, so you need to fix on the various bridges (London, Cannon Street Railway, Southwark, Millennium, Blackfriars x2, Waterloo, Hungerford Bridge and Golden Jubilee Bridges and then Westminster.

    Reps nailed: 2:09, 2:09, 2:07, 2:06, 2:06

  • I think you plan is a good one Menn - you've had 2ish weeks off so got a lot of recovery in that period and it is now 5 and a bit weeks to Paris so you could afford 3ish weeks of good training and then a 2 week taper IMHO.

    Not good OO - hope it is something quick to repair

    Thanks for the good wishes and commiserations with my job.  I've been there 17 years and the market conditions have been very tough for us for the last years and one thing has lead to the other until finally we have to close.

    I think one of the trigger causes for my periostitis is running slow with sloppy form when tired from the previous days sessions. So today I was less lazy than usual and ran 7 miles steady and felt good after.

  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭

    VLM tip - as you go over Tower Bridge and onto The Highway, position yourself on the left hand side of the road. You'll be in prime spot to see the maginificent elite runners coming in the other direction.

    Depending on your start position, sub-3 hour guys may miss out but those in the 3.15 bracket should see them close to the Limehouse end.

    I saw them in my last London marathon  and it was a superb thrill to both see thm and realise I was in the same event. Boosted by that, I then overtook Gordon Ramsey and left him for dust! It was a warm day and he was a mess! image


  • Sporty Badger wrote (see)
     I then overtook Gordon Ramsey and left him for dust! It was a warm day and he was a mess! image


    When is he ever anything but a mess? Did you see the farcical outcome of him running in the world tris at Kona?

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    Plenty of good sessions going on, inc AR's 3x2mile & Leslie's 5 within the 13.1 . .
    Sorry to hear Bike-It's work & injury news - good luck with both . . .
    Take it easy, OO - hopefully will not prove too serious  . . .
    Menna - I agree - 2 week taper fine, imo (but still with last big run 3 weeks prior) 
    How's the foot, Speedy?
    Well, I've finally entered Manc Mara today, and booked room for the Sat night before.
    My training seems to have self-regulated - averaging 50mpw for last 10 weeks, less than I previously have done, but this includes 3x20, 3x21, 1x22, with one more 22 to come. Have hit 60 a couple of times, most other weeks around 50, but Christmas week of 22 (wasn't myself) reduced the average. Had to enter, though, and try for VLM VOGIT time, once I saw Ant was offering free attire to go with the beer in 2015 (or was the gear for this year)? Blimey, my brain as well as my legs is creaking  . . .
    Anyway, 11 easy y'day, 12 inc 4x1K today  

  • OK, quandary: Feb total is 245.80 miles. Jan was 270.16, so 24.36 miles to equal, 24.37 to beat. Schedule is 14 and 10, so 24. Do I tack 0.37 on somewhere?

    Damn you February and your 28 days.

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    Tack it on - although your daily average for Feb is better than your Jan daily average . .

  • Careful what you wish for Birch - Ant's castoffs are not exactly high fashion. The attractive man-nip stains are a mystery. 


     Commiserations BI, but something good will come of change; it's the equivalent of the hand grenade in your training. The world is full of people who have decided to do something different and never looked back.

    11m tonight. Job done, but not enjoying running at all at the moment and finding it very hard to contemplate anything long. Must snap out of this

    Good luck all, your training is genuinely impressive and there will be some spectacular results in April.

  • It's just a number, but you'll do it anyway image

    OO - not good news, hope it's just a minor thing.

    A bit of a test tonight to see if I have any speed at all by doing 4 x 1 mile. I managed the first 2 in 6:20 & 6:23 which was pleasantly surprising, but to be honest by the end of the 2nd rep my legs just felt completely dead, to the point that I just jogged home rather than even attempt the other 2 reps. I'm really not sure what to do at Reading now, or whether to even turn up. Part of me says go for it and get an idea where you are, but another part says why bother because I know I'm just going to find out I'm a mile away from where I need to be for London. EIther way, the decision regarding London is looming closer and not getting any easier.

  • Easy decision BOTF - turn up, have fun, come to the pub afterwards. It's only running. It's not like it's something to be taken seriously or...err...

  • I got a hamster wheel run done. Standard 6.6 miles. Gentle start, becoming more progressive. Managed to keep in the zone, despite having to stop at virtually every road crossing point for traffic. It was that time of day. You’ll like these numbers, 'cos I do:
    1- 7:31
    2- 7:32
    3- 7:11
    4- 7:32
    5- 7:35
    6- 7:07 (uphill)
    0.6- 6:34m/m
    Average pace 7:20 m/m.
    This run was completed in honour of a chap I met at work, last seen 12 months ago. He was 25 stone then, and is now 14 stone and a 30 mpw runner. RESPECT.

  • Poacher - Those stains were never there before!

    PMJ - You could even do a mile less and show you've not really got stats OCD...mind you, I can't talk, it's exactly what I was thinking...

    BOTF - Careful you don't roam into the self-fulfilling disaster territory just to spite yourself. It's unreasonable to expect that year in, year out we're going to be in the same shape without factoring in injuries, real life, motivation etc. so try and accept where you are and go and do the best you can at Reading and VLM. That is all anyone could ever ask of you. I don't mean to be lecturing or hectoring, but you must be in a pretty good shape to even contemplate taking part, so weigh up that thought with that of missing out and watching it on TV. You can do it, and do it well.

  • Foot is less hurty, but still not right. Had emergency cat/vet issues tonight anyway though. Her collection of illnesses is seriously going to bankrupt me. Now to add to the hyperthyroidism and kidney failure we have hypertension and a possible heart murmur. Oh, and she's going deaf and blind. But that's not a problem apparently. 

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