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  • To be fair KFC i'll play it by ear and see how I feel in the morning.  The plan is to go out an hour earlier than my club run start and knock up some miles.  Then I need to plug for some more votes from my fellow runners and do the rest of the LSR with them.  The club run will have cut off's that I can take to reduce the mileage down if I feel the need.

    I was under the impression that I would be looking at 4 - 5 sessions a week for marathon training albeit with one of those being a short recovery run (3-4m max)

    Whats becoming apparent is that there is a lot of different options which is pleasing to know.

  • shit, I'm pissed .....
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    me too ....

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    Cheryl Chaney wrote (see)

    Can I geg in on ur forum ?image and ask for everyone to take 2 minutes of their time to read my story & if u like it then pls vote for me in the final 19 to run paris marathon in April.

    Of course!  If you can tell us what you've learnt from us I'm sure everyone will support you. 

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    My head hurts. 

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    I'm still in bed.....

  • ha, ha loving the hangovers, must be the festive season or somethingimage

    Just popping in to say good luck to any racers tomorrow, cross country season seems to be in full swing. Shall catch up properly tomorrow.

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    How did the Ofsted go Kiwi?

    We were part of the focus inspections in the North East the week before you and thankfully came out as a Good.  image

  • Afternoon guys.

    I see that some of might be worse for ware today !

    So I did my first L(ish)SR this morning.  A nice 12m, 5 on my own and 7 with my local running club. I averaged 8:50 min/m

    What did I learn today:

    That LSR's are extremely sociable image I had a lovely chat with a running pal of mine for the full 7 miles which was a first for me.

    Also, Its hard to stay slow !  I needed a lot of discipline whilst I was running on my own !

    Anyway, I have my daughters 5th Birthday party now so off the forum for 2 long hours no doubt !!!

    Bye for now.

  • I just got up .... well, I got up this morning but had to crawl back under the duvet as I felt too rough. ouch. hope you feel better Min
  • that's brilliant Minni image

    We've not had our result yet, I wasn't seen as ended up off work - to cut a very long story short - Mr Kiwi didn't come home from work Monday night, had no idea where he was till tge Royal London infirmary called at 3am when he regained concious, he had collasped + face planted the tube escalotors. Waiting for his mri scan date to come thru, so no running for me last week. he's ok now, but between the 2 of us it has been a shite year, roll on 2014!!

  • are you already up, 2old??image
  • oh no kiwi. x -posted. why did he collapse in the first place? nightmare!!
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    Oh god kiwin that's awful. Lots of love to him.  I hope this doesn't affect your travel plans over christmas? 

  • Crikey kiwi - you must be so worried. Hope the results come back fine - take care xx

    Hope the hangovers aren't too bad....

    21.23 this morning at the YKW. Really enjoyed it for once - aiming for a controlled tempo pace, mile splits were 6.56, 6.51, 6.46 and then 6.41 pace for the last bit. So a bit off a PB but I had something in reserve which is always good to know.

    Just about to have a well deserved glass of wine cos I've finished wrapping all my Christmas presents....we have our annual family gathering next weekend so had to get it done. I really hate wrapping!!!
  • yeah, brought a whole new meaning to stressed! he is ok now, they don't know why he blacked out, c.t scan showed an 'irregularity', that's why he has to go back for a mri. 

    Minni - we  are still passportless, so have cancelled our trip to NZ, thankfully we were waiting on the passports to come back before booking tickets, so not out of pocket. family + friends are very disappointed though, nothing else could possibly go wrong this year!

  • kiwi that's so scary! hope Mr K makes a quick recovery!

    nice ykw Freemers image

    Just back from a 5 miler in the rain. Feel so much better for it. very liberating image I think I may even be able to eat something now ....
  • Kiwi - I hope Mr Kiwi gets the all clear.

    Kiwi. wrote (see

    Minni - we  are still passportless, so have cancelled our trip to NZ, thankfully we were waiting on the passports to come back before booking tickets, so not out of pocket. family + friends are very disappointed though, nothing else could possibly go wrong this year!

    Yes it can. Mr Kiwi gets the all clear, you get your passports/tickets, and then you get snowed in at Heathrow for 5daysimage.

    If it's not snow, fog, storms, it's a computer glitch that grounds all uk flights. Glad I'm not at work at momentimage.

  • Some great running going on as always, XC Minni. KFCs 5k and 10k and col 10k speedy.

    Marcus you can definitely go much faster than sub 3:30 but aiming conservative for first marathon is sensible. Off your half of 1:28 running 1:43 x 2 for sub 3:30 would be easy but still unknown for you. Going off too fast, could blow out. Plan is not that important right now, build a base, and get that long run up as Mini says. I would suggest you go even slower than today, upto 90 seconds? That was Shaggys suggestion. image image

    I'm with KFC on the cross training, circuits and strength session instead of some runs for me, and less miles.

    Brol nice to see you back. Speedy track work.

    Daren stop teasing us and just do a marathon image

    Kiwi sorry to hear about Mr K.

    Busy with new role at work, new boiler going in all this week, also been organising men's club Xmas pub crawl/ meal.
  • Hi Fit-Running-Cat - Pleased to meet you. Thank you for your comments.

    I did find it very hard to keep the pace down especially the 5 miles I did on my own. The 7 miles I did with the running club was easier because I had someone to run and chat with. (chatting for 7 miles was a first !)

    The 7miles included 2 big ish hills so the pace fluctuated a bit but overall I managed to keep it down to 8:50.

    The x training in place of short recovery runs would suit me too image

  • I was also hungover yesterday image

    Off for a run now image

  • Kiwi - Sounds scary, hope everything OK for Mr Kiwi.

    Good to see most back off the bench and running well.

    Congrats to Ant for the trophy and the VLM place (very lucky), was it Col who was in a draw for a place with a clubmate?

    Oxford sounded like a good weekend, if they were n't given already I'd like the following awards:  Worst PW for VLM and Deluded attempt at running a mara with lack of training/injured for VLM again and to a lesser degree Berlin.image

    Thanks all for your kind words, Mum was suffering badly towards the end and in some ways a blessing but does n't make it any easier.  Good to see lots of family/friends at the funeral,  Mum did lots for others and it went well, I  managed the eulogy even though I was struggling  beforehand.

    Welcome Marcus, lots of good advice already, run the LSR's comfortably slow, don't run them too slow so your running form is altered.  Your times indicate a quicker than 3:30 mara but lots of factors come in to mara training/racing some we can control others we can't.  Depends how well your body copes with the longer distance, some have gone sub 3:15 without going sub 1:30 for the half but others, myself included, have gone sub 1:30 for the half but not managed under 3:15 for the mara.  A lot of it when the going gets tough is down to mental toughness and how bad you want it.  Anyway you don't want a too quicker time for your first one then it's easier to go quicker for subsequent maras (if you feel like it after the firstimage).  Stick around and enjoy.

    Running has helped and 2 weeks completed of plan for Barcelona. 13 miles this morning at a comfortably slow 8:11.




  • I was hungover yesterday too - first day of training missed in 2 weeks image hey ho - but I'm never drinking brandy again til the next time...image

    Kiwi - that sounds shit.

    Barry - glad you're ok now.

    Freemers - top YKW.

    Minni - good luck today... How far did you decided to do?

    First double figures run for me since Henley Half Ironman this morning - 10.8! Hope foot feels ok later..

  • Kiwi - sorry to hear your news. I'm definitely with you for roll on 2014!

    Chick & Carrot - thanks for explaining "J" word

    Freemers - well done

    AA Sounds like you're getting there with the foot

    Managed my lunchtime run on Friday which followed a hard swimming training session - mainly involving the pull buoy. Ran 5 miles this morning although training plan said 8 but cut it short as my left knee has started clicking - old netball injury which plays up occassionallyimage

    Myself & Barry had a flying visit up north yesterday but no time for a run on the beach.

    Taking our youngest to see Diversity this evening. Another trip on the motorway - we are becoming firm friends with the M5 & M6  image

  • great stuff, AA. hope your foot holds up.

    nice to see you pop in, Barry. Sounds like the funeral went well and your mum had an appropriate send-off.

    Wouldn't say 8.11 pace is nice and slow ... if you applied the Shaggy rule of MP +90secs you'd run a damn fast marathon

    16.5 for me today. Nice bits with a tailwind and some tough ones into a brutal headwind. What we lack in hills here up norf is made up by wind 360 days of the year :-/

    53 miles for the week
  • Finally sat down and sorta caught up with all the goings on over recent weeks. I notice the dreaded J word has been mentioned, lol!

    Chick and AA great to see you uping the miles and running nicely, really impressed with how you've both got back into after injury! image

    Freemers - nice ykw, are you converted  to the short fast stuff now? 

    Barry - good to see you are back into your running and your Mother had a nice send-off. Pink Lady hope your knee is ok - I used to have dreadful shin splints from playing netball.

    Welcome Marcus - you'll get loads of inspiration off the gang on here.

    So I think should nominate myself for the 'most crap return from injury' award, it seems every time I get back into running something new goes wrong! Anyway, have managed 3 runs this week, pleased not to have lost too much fitness after no running for the 10 days prior to that - really think the treadmill sessions have helped with getting some sort of pace going again, did 6 miles progressive on the bridleways today finishing the last 2 miles in 8:33 and 8:20 m/m. I know that is crap compared to what you guys are running but feels like I might finally have broken the 10 m/m feeling sorry for myself/worried about the knee barrier image 

  • AA - Well done on doing a double figure run.

    Kiwi - Don't rush back, and watch that knee, slowly, slowly.

    Chick - Nice 16.5m in the wind.

    Pink - Shame you didn't get a run the beach. Enjoy 'diversity' whatever that/they are?image

    Leaving my lsr til tomorrow, forecast looks ok. Any racers today?

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    I decided to drop from the 50k to the HM a couple of weeks ago, but this was not a target race and Frankenmoz didn't want me to race it.

    So, coach said easy pace with 5 miles at HMP.  Mega hangover yesterday meant nil solids by mouth but lots of tea!  Also got a head cold.  Can you see where this is going.....

    The events the NE Marathon club put on are brilliant.  No frills but the friendliest you'll ever come across. Its a really pleasure to be part of it.  So pre-race was more about chatting than warming up but I did manage one lap (1.6m)  It was quite warm but very windy and about 1/3 of the lap was into the headwind, and yes you guessed, that was also the uphill bit.  I decided that I'd do 2m @ HMP then 8 miles at another pace (tbd) then the last three at HMP.  This didn't happen.  I put the effort in at the sheltered parts but really backed off where it was tough.  Ended up with 1:39 (shit!) but got 4th lady and 1st V40.  Did a slow lap cool down before grapping a coffee and crunchie then joined Poacher (from the sub 3:15 thread) for his last two laps.  He was awesome.  Complaining a lot image but really pushing on.  And there was a sprint finish from him.

    I ended up with just under 20m @ 7:49 so can't complain.

    I then went and did some Christmas shopping (unsuccessful), did the weekly shop in Tesco and lost my car in the carpark.  Was about to report it to the police as stolen when I found it.  New car and I couldn't remember where I'd parked or the registration no.... image

    Right, onwards and upwards.  image

  • kiwi - that sounds awful. Hope he's OK.

    13 miles for me this morning. Loved it. 

  • Hope Mr Kiwi is on the mend? That must have been so scary.

    Sounds like a good morning out Minni? Great work, it was so windy this morning must have been horrendous at the racecourse. That's a good strong 20M banked, any prizes to take home? Loving the lost car story image

    How to pace a YKW properly Free! Nice work.

    Congrats on the 10.8 AA! Hope the foot feels OK.

    Second week of marathon training ticked off for me too Barry. Sounds like things went as well as they could for your Mum.

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