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    Looks like a few of us are in Spain but I'm not doing much more than a few miles every day or so on the beach- maybe I ran past you today Minni .Sorry for the brief visit- difficult posting .Keep up the great running all
  • Hi Freemers, Glad to see you are getting back to things. Hopefully the 3 months or so out/resting will help you get back with a fresh zest and all that image  I hope the foot behaves itself.

    Hi Minni/2old, Enjoy your hols, mine are but a distant memory now!

    Minni, Are you running the Scottish Half in September?

    Out for an Easy to Moderate 6 miles this morning. Avg pace 7:51 which was pretty spot on give a couple of secs either way. Training pace for that run is 7:48-8:07 so that was ok, although as the plan moves on I think it may be more prudent to move to the other end on these runs to maximise is hard sometimes though image 

  • Who organised the thread holiday to Spain?image

    Nell - Good news on the calf and  very decent miles.

    kfc - Amazing how easily the pace picks up when there is someone to chase down.

    Chick - Good mileage, which mara? don't worry I won't tell.

    Kiwi - Very well done on the 15, building well.

    Freemers - Good news on your injury.

    Minni - Have n't read the book but an amazing athlete who has not got the recognition deserved.  Are you tempted, were n't you swimming regularly earlier this year.

    Good few days training for me, 1 hour in the pool Saturday afternoon, another hour in the pool after work on Sunday afternoon.  13 mile blast on the bike on Monday hit over 18 mph avg for the first timeimage.   40 mins in  in the pool yesterday followed by 5 miles slow, and today 10 miles in the heat with 1 slow 1 at HMP alternate, splits for effort miles 6:43,6:53,6:59,6:48,6:44.  I'm loving it.image



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    Where are you 2old? If you're closeby then I'd love a running partner although there are loads of runners here.

    Nell - no I got a GNR place instead. However, Miss Minni will (hopefully) be starting at Napier in Sept and that's the weekend she needs to be ferried up.

    Barry - yes and no. My swimming is very bad and I know I'd need to do it 2 or 3 times a week for a long time to get good enough for a IM (which is obviously the distance if want to do!). My nearest pool is a 40m round trip so not that easy. Maybe once master Minni has flown the nest. Maybe something for my 50th ????...
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    2old - excellent! I'm just south of Barcelona so if you want to jog up here for, say, 9am we'll run together!
  • Minni: I'm closer at Alicante, Chrissie's book is good, she was second riding the etape for fun a couple of weeks ago.

    loving the sunshine, one week left, running mojo returning as i rebuild base for Comrades, 11 miles nice and easy today, also cycling up the mountains, the one behind my house is a 510m climb in 4.5 k, its bloody steep in places, there are quite a few like that around here with these "small" coastal mountains going up to around 5000 feet and the Spanish have built roads up them!


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    2old -pick up DD on your way up!

    Chrissie's book is brilliant. I love everything about her. I love the way she borrowed stuff and turned up unprepared for races. Just shows determination is more important than gear - and a bit of talent doesn't go miss!
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    Minni- not done a LR for a while so Barca is out sorry
  • Minni: I thought everyone arrived at races (certainly ultras) unprepared and usually with at least one piece of essential kit missing. For our first marathon (1985) BA discovered on the afternoon before that his only pair of trainers was locked in a government office. The only pair he could buy late in the afternoon was a make and model he had never worn, half a size small. image  He still did 3.37 and beat me by 2 minutes. image  I even got to a 100 mile event and at 9.00pm the night before discovered I had forgotten the insoles for my trainers. Did the whole event with a cut up towel stuffed in my shoes............

    of course this might explain why we are both rubbish....... image

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    Hilarious O4S image

    Good to see you Freemers and good to see Minni getting some decent runs in.

    2old: how's the back? I think I never answered your question about the epidural. I had two - one at the end of October and another one about 10 days later. But the whole healing process took a lot longer and I think I only became pain free when I stopped running after Boston image. So, I guess I could have been pain free a lot earlier if I hadn't trained for Boston ..... But that simply wasn't an option what with flights, the horrendous race entry fee and accommodation already paid.

    Excellent running, Barry image Toying with the idea of doing Turin in Nov. 16. It sure won't be hot then and we know some people there so could make a decent weekend outing. I always have to tempt Mr. Chick with something or else he'll say no image  And I always fancied a marathon in Italy coz there is simply no better place for carb loading image

    All you people in Spain enjoy your hols. I personally hate summer and summer running. I'm a winter person. I wouldn't mind a frosty morning or two ... or at least some single digit temps. Every day single day for the past 3 or 4 weeks early morning temps were 20+ with over 90% humidity. We are experiencing the summer of centuries apparently while the rest of Germany is either way too cold or wet or both image

    Anyway, slogging out the miles. Keeping weekly mileage in the 50+ region and accepting that I will be slow and shit while the weather is like this. I hope that there will be a holy shit run coming up pretty soon when it gets colder image

  • Chick - I can recommend Florence Mara in November, flat and a great place for long weekend. Regarding the heat it is all relative and perceived effort, slow in this heat will make the runs feel easier when it cools down.

    Minni - "Ironman when I'm 50", sounds familiar I'm 48 next week.

    40 mins in the pool this afternoon, 10 x 25 with 10 seconds rest and 3 x 50 with 30 seconds rest then 1 x 75 so progress being made.image

  • Chick: respect for keeping going. I have more or less given up until it cools off. 30 minutes very slow at 6.30am and 40 mins even slower with BA this evening image

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    KFC & Kiwi good ideas. I will try without the Garmin

    Looks like Spain is the place to be. Minni some good runs there.

    Freemers welcome back

    O4S Are you running Bristol HM?

    Chick Definitely recommend Florence but make sure your OH knows where to meet after the mara - I lost Barry!

    Running not going well at the moment at all. Ran the other evening but came home after the first mile image

    Swimming is going well. Had the pool to myself yesterday morning & swam 6 x pullbuoy, followed by 6 x kickboard, followed by 6 x 50's with a 10 second rest. I'm more or less replicating some of the training I would do if the coach was around.

    Went out on the bike last night now that I have had cleats fitted & yes fell off! Didn't unclip my foot in time when I was stopping & luckily a set of railings saved me. I now have a couple of cuts & a bruised knee image

  • Pink: you can only claim to be a cyclist when you have fallen off at leat once because of cleats - are you in SPDs or racing cleats?  We are taking part in the Bristol HM - the way things are going at the moment to call ir running would be a bit of a stretch. I was back in Belfast this week and need to get back again soon so might try the Belfast HM the week before Bristol. Also Wiltshire half is entered and considering Swindon and Stroud.  i haven't worn my garmin since we moved house!!


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    Haha, pink - happened to me as well! More than once image. I now wear clapped out trainers when I cycle coz I'm just too stupid for cleats image

    Barry B wrote (see)

    Chick - I can recommend Florence Mara in November, flat and a great place for long weekend. Regarding the heat it is all relative and perceived effort, slow in this heat will make the runs feel easier when it cools down.


    I thought about Florence as well but we've been there in glorious spring sunshine for our 10th wedding anniversary and just don't fancy it in November. Never been to Turin and we could hook up with our friends - haven't seen them since we left the UK in 2010 image

    11.8 miles this morning. It was foggy image but less hot. Still, humidity is an issue but happy to see my pace nearer 8 than 9 for once image (av. 8:10 but there were 10 @ 8mm in there).

  • FreemersFreemers ✭✭✭
    Nice swimming pink & barry. Take care on the bike pink!

    Hope the Spanish contingent are having a good time image

    O4S - a few HMs will get you back in the swing. I thought about entering a few in September/October myself but then decided against it. Norwich is 23 November, and I might do one earlier that month depending on how I feel.

    Chick - that's a good pace in humid weather

    My tempo run on Wednesday was surprisingly OK - the tempo bit was 3.5 miles at average 7.22. The first mile felt really quick but once I'd settled in it was OK. Today was another 6 but easy pace - very windy out there.

    I should get out tomorrow (intervals, yikes!) and then looking at 11 on Sunday. Not a huge amount of miles but just building up very gradually. The weather looks like a shocker over the weekend with thunderstorms so hopefully we can dodge those.
  • O4S: Might enter the Wiltshire half myself, also not running with any purpose.

    Pink: Everyone does it, even after all these years I still always unclip my left foot first, have never worked out how to do right foot first! 

    Barry: IM fever caught me in my 50's, I think it was the thought that it was now or never!

    Chick: Still banging out the miles.

    14 miles for me this morning in the Spanish sun, I like running in the warm! That was my longest run since May and peversely the last 4 miles were at 8 min / miles without any decision to speed up on my part, just happened. Running MoJo definitely returning, back on my 30 miles a week running, 100 miles cycling routine which has stood me in good stead for years. Can compete in just about anything if I maintain that level, trouble is there is a distinct lack of speed work and tempo efforts at the moment.

  • kfc.kfc. ✭✭✭
    Kiwi - totally agree - awesome run from Jo Pavey.

    Minni - I have, great read. Another awesome athlete. Good to see you'll be toeing the line with Mo at the GNR

    Freemers - great to see you getting the mojo back

    Pink - what O4S said! It happened to me a few times at first, but you soon get used to it. Worth keeping them loose at first so its easier to clip out.

    O4S - did you guys enjoy the Hoydrome? image

    Chick - looking forward to you reporting a successful holy shit run!

    DD - I think you need to wait til your 50's to afford the IM entry fees...

    Oh, and for the record, I'd really like my marathon training to be less unconventional - would help with having a less painful/faster day out... And avoiding 20min positive splits...

    Anyway, 20 done. Taper starts now. So parkrun tomorrow and a cheeky 110 miles on the bike on sunday image
  • KFC: not nearly as much as we had expected, sadly. No real atmosphere and a crowd who only appeared to cheer the Scots and had no idea what track cycling was all about. The couple beside us spent the full 4 hours of the session on their mobile phones image.  And don't get me started on the (lack of) transport..........

  • Hi o4s, Not meaning to sound like a grumpy old man, but that is all people do now, is no matter what event they are at, they spend all their time looking at their phone. I was at a Peter Gabriel concert at the Hydro in Glasgow last year and the couple next to me were either talking to each other or updating their facebook? I did feel like giving them a shake

    Hi kfc, Enjoy the taper :0)

    Hi DD, Ah running in the sun. Do a couple of miles for me!

    Hi Freemers, Nice tempo, is it coming back now, sounds like it?

    Newcastle won your vote then Minni, never mind ;0)

    Hi Barry, Nice mix up of runs and nice HMP splits. How are you finding fitting everything in?

    Hi Chick, Hopefully all those summer miles will be worth it when you get to Turin ;0)

    Hi Pink, Bad luck on the bike, that is why I just stick to running, I find it hard enough to stay standing with both feet on the ground!

    I have got the Haddington HM tomorrow at 14:00. Not the best prep tonight. Last night without the kids as they were away with their Grandparents this week and back tomorrow, Rest day, so I had the afternoon off and my wife and I went to see a show at the fringe in Edinburgh. Got out and it was peeing down, so we got the bus home after a coffee and I had the carbs in form of pasta , but then we sat down with the wine and chocolate image (my wife did remind me I had a HM the next day, as I started the second glass) Not sure how I will go tomorrow, not feeling like a PB in any way shape or form, might just enjoy the rideimage

  • kfc - Well done on the 20, 110 miles on the bike is a very long way is it an organised event?

    Nell - Good luck with HM today, I'm liking your prep. Making the most of it while the kids are awayimage . No problem fitting all the training in our daughters are 15 and 19, and being a shift worker is sometimes a benefit training wise and of course Pink is very understanding/supportive.image

    Chick - Good pace on your run.

    DD - I'm enjoying the challenge of swimming and the bike.  To be honest I'm not going to get any/much quicker at the marathon so good to have a new aim.  Good your mojo is back.

    Freemers - looking good on your comeback.

    15 miles yesterday afternoon, a bit warm, 10 slow then 5 at MP splits for effort miles 7:10,7:29,7:15,7:09,7:00 too quick on the last couple.  Woke up this morning and right achilles a bit sore, out on the bike for 35 miles all OK but could n't get out of the saddle on the hills as achilles grumbling.  Off to the pool this afternoon for swimming practice.

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭
    Good luck Nell.

    Oh yeah, people and their effing mobiles (angry face). They can't even get through dinner in a restaurant without checking Facebook every 5 mins. Why?? To read that one of their FB "friends" had a successful bowel movement????

    Rant overimage

    Trendy 5 for me this morn. Half a mile from home the heavens opened and I got completely drenched. At least it was warm rain image
  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭
    Forgot to say: Nice tempo, Freemers image
  • Grüezi image back from a visit to see my cousin in Switzerland.

    Minni - great to see you back into it. i've now got my passport back, Mr Kiwi is still waiting (2 years on..!!) for his visa to be stamped in.

    Barry - a nice 15 miles there image

    Nell - good luck for your half.

    Freemers - great to see you back onto it too, hope the foot behaves!

    D.D - sounds like you are having a blast in Spain.

    Pink - hope your running mojo comes

  • back soon!

    K.F.C - good to get the 20 done, enjoy your taper.

    Chick - back to monster miles, sounding good.

    O4S - how annoying, some people!

    so in betwern heading away for a few days i cycled to gym Mon, did Pilates, cycled home, intervals early Tues before flying out and managed 11.5 miles yesterday afternoon with 5 tempo miles in the middle. Tempo at the moment starts with an 8 for me, but was just happy to up the pace + not feel sore, hopefully heading in the right direction!

  • Morning All,

    Have finally managed to string a few runs together without pain, so felt able to put my head above the parapet so to speak and (hopefully) feel like a runner again.

    Haven't had time for a full read back, so don't know who's doing which races but it looks like there's still some serious mileage being accumulated.

    Had a wry smile at Nell's 7.55 min/ml recovery run... I did 5 miles on Thursday with 800m intervals, and the "fast" bits were 7.45 min/ml!!!image

    At this rate i'll be back up to speed by London... 2020!   

  • Hi Oonpa, Good to hear from you and glad to hear you are managing to run without any pain. I am sure it will not be long until the speed comes back. Really glad to hear it is coming together again thoughimage

    Hi kiwi, Nice mix there, you certainly sound like you are in the right direction, not heading!

    Hi Chick, I suppose that is the advantage of the warm weather, the rain is warm image

    Hi Barry, Nice 15, last 3 progressively fast which is good ?

    Well I ran the Haddington HM today. Race did not start until 14:00 and sod's law it was the warmest day of the week. Into the 20's and in places a pretty strong breeze. Not that I can use that as any excuse, I was ill prepared for this run and getting into the fourth mile felt it. I was pretty much dehydrated throughout the run. After mile 4 just decided to not push as much as I really should have. It wasn't a bad run and I managed to get into a bit of rhythm with the pace in places. It is a bit up and down in places but some nice scenery and I actually managed to enjoy the scenery more than I did last year image Average pace 7:10, splits: 6:34,6:42,6:43,7:23,7:26,7:06,7:12,7:17,7:36,7:32,7:14,7:32,6:57,0:43. Unofficial time 1:34:02. That was one minute, fifteen seconds slower than last year... Well I have the Scottish HM next month so will look forward to that and try and prepare a bit better for that one. No wine and chocolates the night before image

    Funny how the chart makes it look not as bad!





  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭
    Great to see you, Oomps image glad you are pain free.

    Nice HM, Nell. 7:10 is my HM PB pace but I feel miles away from it at the mo. First 20 miler since Boston today. Feck, but 20 miles is a looooong way ....
  • Oompa - welcome back, good to hear you are pain free, take it easy to start with and your speed will return.

    Kiwi - Very good mixed training from you.

    Nell - Good run over a lumpy course, racing long distance in the heat is no fun.

    Chick - Not sure from your post if you had done the 20 or were going to go out. So either well done or how did it go?

    Swimming went Ok yesterday, my Achilles is making me limp but no problems in the pool and back in the pool again today, managed 4 lengths continuous for the first time so first target for August ticked offimage but breathing to the left - not so good.

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