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  • morning all and thanks for the advice re my shins.  i must admit to going to my usual tuesday jog on crowd last night, after taking a couple of ibuprofen and *touch wood* things were ok - and that was in the spanking brand new shoes.  question is, is it the shoes or the ibuprofen that helped image.

  •  might be a bit of both min

     been to the fizz this morning and it's a tendon problem so have been giving some exercises to do and go back in 2 weeks time

  • Min lots of stretches. I hope what ever it is improves quickly. The answer for Grimsthorpe is 'no way' (OH discision) we can't fit it in!image 

    A can I talk the OH into letting me have a nice shinny new Planet X carbon fibre bike?

  • Tell him his sex life depends on it! Works for me every time image
  • Tut tut Cabbey resorting to bribery and corruption to get your own way, I don't know!  Hope you can talk the OH into the new bike RP, I'm sure it's a necessity really and obviously much more useful than some other things you might want to buy!

    Glad the shins felt OK today Min, hoping they continue to improve.

    Are you banned from running Q?

    Pleased to report I actually enjoyed my run tonight!  Went on my own rather than go out with the club as wanted to get back early and it was very peaceful out in the forest and by the river.  I was enjoying myself so much I actually ran at an OK pace without really noticing!

  •  morning all

     wet and windy today

  • Glad your run went well Becx, mine too was good. I have started doing the odd bit of trail running and my foot is totally great when I do it. Must be the softer surface or something.

    Oooh, today is Friday for me as I'm off work tomorrow. I had the time booked off to do the ClydeStride Ultra but obviously I'm not able to partake! So... it may be a trip to the cinema to see HP7... oh how exciting my life is image

  • Morning Q... cross post there. Yeah, the wind and rain hasn't reached us yet. We WERE going to go to Alton Towers tomorrow, however last time I was there I got absolutely soaked to the skin because the weather was so bad, so we have decided not to have a repeat performance.
  • I think it's just in Q's part of the world that it's wet and windy - or was Q just talking about himself image?

    Odie and I went out for 16 miles this morning but at just over 12 miles I noticed that the garmin was asking me if I was indoors image.  I reset it and off we went again and then I noticed it was going backwards image.  Finally got it to work again but by then we had no idea how far we had gone or anything.  We'd arranged to meet Terry at 12.10 but he was going to be farther away than we needed him to be!  Luckily, he drove past us so I told him to stop at the next lay-by and by then we thought we might just be under the 16 miles.  I've just worked it out and we were over!!! phew!

    And now we have a lovely boozy night out as a belated celebration for Odie's birthday - we being the Tuesday night lot i.e. no other halves present i.e. partay image.  So I intend to be nursing a headache tomorrow image

  •  it's most likely by just us min seeing as we stick out a bit
  • Min enjoy your night.

    I had a nice HILLY....(well the first bit was) 10 miler today, I don't think I know how to taper!

    I have a new addiction, Tour de France, it has been really great to watch. 

  • RP - I used to love watching the Tour de France when I was at school. C4 had the contract then, but I can't see it nowadays. Just to clear up any confusion, I'm not in it - the guy with the 3 Legs on is Mark Cavendish! image

    5k race last night, and I went under 30mins for the first time ever image Very pleased! That's 2m34 faster than a month ago (although it was a lot cooler last night) and a PB for 29m47 to boot! Felt OKish, but my stiff and sore upper body muscles did make it really quite ouchy. Have to see whether I can possibly improve more again in August image
  • morning all

     great run farby and congratulations on your PB

     weather looks a lot better today

  • morning all.  great running farby - well done.  feeling a bit fragile this morningimage
  •  morning all
  • Afternoon all!

    How's the head now Min and more importantly the shins?  My left calf got a bit achey as well this week - I assume not actually in sympathy with you but more a sign I need to do my standing on one leg exercises again!

    Well done Farby (for the race the the Tour de France, you seem to be doing quite well.... wait a minute I think you said that wasn't you!) - I love it when you break a nice round number, next one down from 30 is 25  image

    Loving the Tour de France as well RP even though I don't cycle.  Am always tempted to take it up this time of year - what worries me is given I'm better at long distances and hills whilst running I am guessing I'd be the same on a bike and who wants to be a climber?!  Watching the stage live right now as have done my parkrun and yoga class and am leaving the cleaning for later!

  • Farby you go girl image

    BecX it must be the lycra clad men that draw me to the Tour de France, triathlon has the same appealimage

    (working on getting a new bike but not quite Cabbey idea, if all else fails then........)

  •  morning all

     looks like another good day today may have a trip down to the seafront later

  • Morning all image

    The shins are much betterer since I totally ditched the shoes - I'd done less than 300 miles in them (268 to be exact image) so was reluctant to believe they were causing the problem but I haven't had a twinge since *touches wood*.

    Hope everyone had a good weekend - I did the Great North 10k in Gateshead which was rather lumpier than I was expecting and considering that i did a 16 miler on Thursday, I was quite happy with my time - only 10 seconds slower than last weekends race!

    Shame about the bluddy weather!

  • Well done on the race Min, and well done for your PB too Farby.

    I have a problem.... my manager is kicking off because I'm going to miss something at work the day I fly out to Amsterdam. At the moment he's saying I have to be at the meeting and can't have the day off image

  • tuff bliddy shit to him Cabbey - you've given them enough notice - let them change whatever it is you're going to miss - you bagseyed the day off first!

  • He's saying he hasn't authorised it yet (he hadn't, but he rarely does anyway) and I can't have both meetings (this and the one when I'm in India) off... I can only have India. I've looked for alternative flights... it's not looking good. I'm hoping with this knowledge he'll back down, but I'm really not sure at this point. I'll be flippin gutted if he doesn't, may have to miss the first day there and pay about £400 to get there on the saturday instead!
  • If he wants you at the meeting then he will have to pay for the rearrangement of flights etc...
  • I phoned him tonight on the way home from work. He has told me we will talk about it tomorrow at our meeting, but not to change any flight times or reschedule anything this time! Phew!

    Just done a lovely undulating 6 mile run. I was actually praying for rain because it was so humid. Didn't get any though! Hmmmph!

  • Oh, and I'm allowed to say now.... I have won a trip with some work colleagues to Lyon in September. image So, I get to do a lovely long run through Lyon Forest before Amsterdam image
  • woop woop woop - well done Cabbey image

    and i think i had your rain - i'm definitely doing my impression of a very soggy rat right now!

  • Me too Min - another soggy track session tonight.  Was actually pleased when it rained as it been feeling very muggy before hand.

    Well done on winning the trip Cabbey - and fingers crossed it sounds like your boss is going to be sympathetic.

    And RP - well called on the men in lycra, it's almost enough to make me take up tris.... other than that I'd have to wear the tight lycra as well and I'm not sure the world is ready!

  • morning all. 

    Have you dried out now BecX?

    Good luck with that meeting Cabbey - take no crap - you are going to Amsterdam on the Friday as planned or your manager will have me to deal with! image

  • I shall inform him of his impending doom if he crosses you Min image
  • any news yet Cabbey?  Have I got to put my Mr Angry head on?
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