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  • Awesome race Bec! Congratulations & happy birthday image
  • Hello to everyone else too!
  • Are we gonna get s race report from you Sebby image Cant wait to hear about it
  • Come on Sebby, we're expecting a mega race report from you!

    morning all *waves*

    congrats on that intervals sesh, cabbey image

  • I think she's disappeared off into the trails again Min image
    Thank you... I'm so pleased with the intervals. Today's training will be my first FULL week back since beginning of February
  • Where is that "like" button when you need one! image
  •  well done on the intervals cabbey and great that your foot is ok

  • Great news that you're back to full training Cabbey, although I shudder at the thought of what a full training week for you would be like!!!   Fab news that your foot seems ok too

    Min have you found your mojo yet?

    hello everyone else - hope you are all ok

  • Becx well done on  for the race and a fab report

    Sebby I know your kn*ckered but we woud love a race report.

    Min did you look behind your sofa for the 'mojo'?

  • Thanks all for the congratulations.  I am still a bit unbearable at the moment - I think I've bored everyone I know to death with my marathon tale now  - they all seem to think I should stop talking about it now!

    Min - my mojo was in the cupboard under the stairs last time it went AWOL - not a suprise really I never clear out in there!

    Yes please to a lovely race report Sebby.....

    Oh and fab to see you training again Cabbey - long may it continue.

  • Thanks Becx... I am aching everywhere tonight!
    I would tell the world and his wife if I ran a sub 4 marathon image
  • I'm with Cabbey on that one, BecX - shout it from the rooftops image

    I've just had my feet eaten by a load of whitebait image

  • minardi wrote (see)

    I'm with Cabbey on that one, BecX - shout it from the rooftops image

    I've just had my feet eaten by a load of whitebait image

    image did they also eat the mojo?
  • Morning image

    I'm in work this morning and then off to see my gran in hospital who has broken her hip and had it replaced (she's doing grand mind you)... so no running for me until about 4pm. Funny, putting my XL vest on so late in the day will seem very wierd! I'm planning on a 25/5 run/walk like I used to do... fingers crossed.

    RP... is that your mojo or Mins? Did you get your mojo back from the other week. I fear I may be storing everybodies in my house image

    Right... hearing aids to fit and all that....

  • Cabby - hope your gran is okay. Good luck with you run later.

    I have a bit of a cold so not going to attempt any exercise today...see how things go tomorrow.

  •  hope your gran is ok cabbey, hope the run went well
  • Thanks, she's doing great. My grandad looks absolutely knackered and a bit down though. Good job he has plenty of people to look out for him.

    My run was shocking... you get them though don't you?

    Hope you're feeling better soon Mad

  • Cabbey I found my mojo, I have done over 124 miles this month with possibly another 22 to do between tomorrow and Monday. * weeks till my next marathon...eekk
  • How many is * weeks RP? 8?

    morning all; hope you all had a fab weekend - I did image

    but my mojo is still awol

  • Mornink image

    Min, it will be your post holidayness that has made your mojo decide to "up and off"... it is probably still abroad sunning itself.

    Lol at the * RP... it wasn't until Min said 8 that I looked at the keyboard to see what she was going on about image

  •  hi all

     no run today been to the docs with a shoulder problem, got some tablets to take for two weeks then if no better will be referred to physio

  • Bad luck Q - hope it's not too painful, what caused that?  Trying to lift all those puppies at once?

    Cabbey - how's your gran doing?  how long will she be in the hosp?

  • Sorry to hear that Q... hope it improves soon.

    Thanks Min, yes she's doing good. The physio was telling her off on Saturday because she's fleeing about on a zimmer frame and she should be moving much slower. Apparently the next thing is walking up steps. She's in for about 3 weeks altogether.

    I'm bored silly! Very quiet day at work today and the urge to "eat for the sake of it" is tremendous. Doing well though and have not succumbed. I have lost 5lb in 2 weeks so not going to go and ruin it all now!

  • I think I found the 5lb that Cabbey lost plus a few more for good measure! I also think that my mojo may well be hiding in amongst the tyres hanging over my hips just now image
  •  don't know what caused it min ,i normally lift mostly with my right arm and just use the left for balencing any big stuff. apart from today it hasn't stopped me from running
  • Hi All , I think I prefer the * rather than the 8, as I can just pretend that I have loads of time left to trainimage 

    Something must be wrong with the mojo I found, it can't be mine, how the h*ll did I manage a tri on Sat with a 5k peebee from it, then a 19 mile run on Sun then I have managed a hilly 27k bike today and still feeling fab!

    Min I have corrupted Moley, I believe he is seriously contemplating a Tri.

    Quaker look after the shoulder! (((()))))

    Cabbey well done on the weight loss, I only managed 6lb this month ( I couldn't resist the cake!)

  • RP - well done on tri and 5KPB...fantastic!

    Q - how is your shoulder?

    Min - found your mojo?

    I need some serious dieting...put on loads of weight in hte last couple of monthsimage

  • mojo is creeping back - it's hanging around the fridge at the mo, hoovering up the contents image - i'm with you on the serious dieting needed.

    nice one RP - what are you bringing to the picnic on Sunday - hopefully not quite as much as last year!!!  I thought that moley was only just back into running? obviously not actually if he's contemplating a tri and a sub 50 10k!

    mornng all image

  • And oh look, just changed the page in my calendar *waves at a blushing Cabbey*
  •  morning all

     no problems running this morning although my shoulder was aching when i got up

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