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  • GU (that's Garmin Update!). It was dispatched this morning WooHoo! image
  • I thought GU was a (delicious) brand of indulgent puddings *ahem* not that I'd know!
  • Hi Silver, Mal image Mal!! U and I seem to be at the same place at the mo so when ya getting out? I'm gonna (weather dependant probably) try and do 5k tomorrow ;D
    Silver, the garmin sounds like a bargain and I expect u can download the bumpf on the cd anyway image well done!
  • Hi Sabbie, get your kit on, I'm off for a run now image
  • OMG just come back in from 2hours with Beavers and it's driving rain and windy out there.

    You're a better man than me if you managed a run in this Mal or Sabbie. My son is soaked to the skin and frozen!

    I know GU stuff only too well and all I can say is Mmmmmmmmm! Love it. Although not quite as much as the Hagen Das Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream I have in my hand right now. Mmmmmmmm!
  • image blowing a hooley here at the mo! I don't mind getting wet but running in that wind uh-uh image was bad enough riding home in it lol Hope it's not quite as extreme where u are Mal, u'll definately have earned a long hot soak! image
    I never buy nice ice cream cos I wouldn't be able to stop! I've already had 3 huge choc cookies today and I know there's a choc tart in the fridge! Damnit! image
  • What's a hooley Sabs? And we're you on the bike in it. You must have been soaked.

    How can you ignore the nice Ice Cream when it just sits there looking at you from inside the fridge in the Spar (or Co Op or Tescos). It's just waiting to be freed and enjoyed. Irresistible! image.

    Oh and at the moment The Spar has Hagen Das at half price! That's £2.50 a tub! image. Worth every penny.

    It's all part of my reward theory - a good 5k must be worth half a tub at least. Haha
  • DID IT! Half an hour run in the freezing driving wind and rain. Brrrrrr! Took a photo of myself for posterity afterwards! Managed 3.5km in 27 mins 50. I'm impressed given the weather!

  • That's brilliant Mal. Didn't think anyone would venture out in this. Well done!

    Do we get to see the picture then? No better way to keep it for posterity than on t'internet. And we can all have a giggle at you soaked to the skin too! Heehee! Go On you know you want to! image
  • Soaked to the skin and looking very silly, it's on Mr Mal's phone so I'll see if I can upload tomorrow afternoon. I'm off to make a hot chocolate and hide under the duvet with Baby Moo.

  • Well done Mal. You are my new hero going out last night in that weather. Proper hardcore running!

    Where's Booey gone this week? She didn't say she was off did she? And she never gets colds so what could it be? I know she's built up so much flexi time holidays she doesn't need to work again til February 2012 TeeHee! image. Alright for some!

    Come back Booey - we miss you! image
  • Hi folks

    Hope your all ok, did we all experience the wind last night image god how bad was it image 3am this morning I thought it was gonna shatter our windows image not nice

    I was only in work yesterday till 12 and was so busy hence not getting on here image

    Well Silver you will be proud, I did have a drink at our xmas do Fri night, I paced myself well and had about 3 glasses of red wine all night and downed a bottle of water before bed image got up around 8ish at hotel and had a full english image hehe  got home mid morning so left the run until around 2pm and did local route of 3.42 miles and felt fine image

    Sunday I got out late morning before the rain came and did 6.25 miles, not as far as I wanted but it tipped me over the 300 miles mark to date so I am now officially a novice haha

    Running clubs tonight and tomorrow (weather pending) then I cant wait to get to Wales on Thurs to put in some serious running and distance hopefully.  I will be doing 10 by Xmas........I will I will I will haha I keep thinking, crap its not long to the HM now image

    Well done on getting out Silver and Mal image

    Not heard from Stripes image hope he is ok.  *shouts* stripes where are you

  • haha we posted at the same time image I missed you all too image
  • Blimey Mal!! U nutter! image well done though image
    I was gonna pull on my gear when I got back from school this morn then the heavens opened so haven't made it yet!.. And I only have till Friday to get all my Xmas stuff sorted cos should hopefully be working all next week! whoop image (it's needed!!) image anyways.. Need some planning to get some runs in!
    Well done on the runs Booey, and the drinking in moderation!! image
  • Booey! Lovely to see you. T'was quiet on here without you! Well done for getting out there and congratulations on achieving novice status!! When is the HM? What do you become after a novice and how many miles to get there?

    STRIIIIIIIIPESSSS?? Hope all is ok with you and you are recovering.

    Sabbie, it was fun splashing deliberately through the biggest puddles coz I couldn't have got wetter if I'd tried!

    I'm going to get a bottle of wine in (very rare treat in my house) and wrap a mountain of presents tonight. I'm excited!

    Good luck today for anyone venturing out.

  • Silverstone HM 11th March image not that far away really image 
  • Booioooey! There you are!

    Wind round our way was dreadful last night too. We were wide awake at 3 listening to the house getting battered.

    Well done having a drink ... or 2......or 3! you drunkard! image. You deserve it after all the running! image. And you still got out at the weekend even after a full English! brilliant!

    It's my club run this evening but after 3 hours in the rain with Silver junior last night I fancy a night in. That will be my third club run missed though and I'm falling well below my 25 - 30k target as a result. Do you think I'm being a wuss?

    Out in deepest darkest Hertfordshire at the moment (too close to Essex again!) and weather is lovely. Hopefully it will stay ok for your run this evening. image

    Thought I'd edit this to add that the sky's turned black, it's thundering and there's a hail storm. Incredible - I'm having to shelter in the car til it stops!
  • I don't think your a wuss at all, like I said before I don't have kids and cant even imagine what its like to be honest.  To have a night in doing nothing must be so nice for you with the hectic schedule of taking them here there and everywhere.

    How do you feel about your looming HM image do you feel like to still want to do it?  I keep thinking even if I do 10 by Xmas I still have to do the other 3.1 on the 11th March, its a daunting feeling image

  • Actually Boo I am thinking about doing one earlier. I may have to drag myself round the last bit but I don't want to wait til April. My new years resolution is to run some proper races and maybe even Silverstone if I can get in.

    I was out with running Dad last night (the 10k in 37 min one) and he suggested a couple of flat HMs in Feb and March - cant remember which now. I may hook up with him to do One or two although he'll leave me standing. image

    Thanks for your support on musing club run - I thought you'd give me a hard time! image
  • Well I just text running club lady but she is off today and ran this morning, so just waiting on another reply to see whos going so I may not be after all.  I think if I don't do that I may just do a couple of miles round the village.......with Wales looming I don't feel guilty

    I have a few races in mind leading upto the HM image would be good if you did Silverstone at least we could say hello image

  • Hi all,

    Sounds like I've misssed plenty. Well done on the running everyone. Not really felt like I could come on here as I'm definitely not a runner at the moment image

    Leg much better and really want to get out but nervous about doing more damage so not sure when to attempt it. The two weeks is up on Thursday but I have only done one small treadmill run in over three weeks now so will be way behind schedule for 19th February image

    Been doing the stretches every day but not sure I'm doing them quite right as the one that targets the damaged muscle is very awkward image

    All in all a bloody depressing state of affairs, just to add to it I've started to put weight on again, difficult not to eat and drink at this time of year image

    PS. Silver you aren't missing much not having the CD for the 305, the software is crap, the Garmin Connect website is much better.

  • Stripes! You are alive afterall. Gutted for you not being able to run and I know exactly what you mean about food at this time of year - our house is full of bad food and it's all I can do resist it image

    You'll be fine getting back into the running if you take it easy at first. I was really nervous coming back after my knee and ankle problems but I got there. I used a big knee strap at first and it helped a lot as it made me more confident.

    Hoping to get my Garmin today if post is ok so I'll have a look at the website.

    Booey - It would be great to meet up at SS although we'd probably do too much chatting and not enough running! image I think I owe you a couple of cereal bars don't I?

    Weird that I feel I know you guys really well and we've never met. image
  • You'll love the watch once you work out all that it does. If you have any trouble I'll try to burn you a copy of the CD if you want, or failing that I could just send you mine, doubt I'll need it for a while.

    I think that the not ruinning and eating go hand in hand, its almost like I've regressed to my old self image

    The only good thing is that I haven't got much of a sweet tooth, I like chocolate but I can leave sweets and cakes alone no trouble. My downfall is savoury stuff, especially rubbish like crisps.

    Those Christmas special Turkey Pringles are getting a right hammering this week image

  • Stripes hello image good to hear from you even though you are having a tough time image try not to worry to much, you have been sensible and rested and hopefully easing yourself back gradually will pay dividends.  Putting weight on is purely through you not running it really will go as quick.  Try to stay positive and try a short run on Thurs and see what you think image and don't not come on here just because your not running, we miss you and can give you support image

    Silver, yeah wierd we all talk to each other about allsorts through our computers but would just walk past each other in the street image 

    There are a couple of ring tones I want but can I download them to my phone image I dunno what I am doing wrong image I want Dominic the Donkey tune and the Aldi advert parrot....any of you seen it.......like it like it like it like it like it like like like haha I love it yes I know I am sad haha

  • Thanks Booey, well done on becoming a novice by the way image
  • My kids love Dominic the Donkey Boo. The radio gets turned up every time it comes on. Let me know where I can get a ringtone.

    Well done on the novice status too. Forgot to say earlier.

    Stripes I have a sweet tooth but the turkey Pringles sound good.
  • The Garmin has arrived. Seems to be in full working order. Will play with it when the boys are in bed. Suppose I need to run to test it. I may have a quick 16 min run round the village this evening to try it out.

    Can't wait! image.

    Feel like Christmas has come early. Certainly beats the socks and pants I'll get from everybody else. Haha! image
  • Stripes, hope you'll still comment even if you're not running much.

    Silver, waiting for the GU after your quick run!

    Booey, I have no idea what you're referring to which I secretly pleased about!.

  • Well it's 10 o'clock and I've just finished playing with the settings and the screens on the Garmin. Good news is it works a treat and it's so easy to use. Bad news is its 10 o'clock, I'm knackered and I can't be bothered to go out running so I can't test it on the streets! (sorry Mal it's too cold and windy and dark for me tonight - I know I need to man up don't I?)

    I'm in the office all day tomorrow so if the weather permits I'll give it an outing on my 5k route.

    Stripes Booey have you used the heart rate thingy? Not sure I'll ever have a need for it myself?

    I know what you mean about food taking the place of running Stripes. I didn't go out tonight and I've eaten the following while watching the box.

    Aero moose x 2
    Children's cake x 1
    Pink marshmallows x a lot!
    Quality Street x 2triangles, 3 toffees, a strawberry and a coffee. Mmmmmm!

    Feel like a right pig now. image
  • You ate all the Triangles!

    No food in tonight. naughty or good but probably just as well to stop me snacking on the sofa whilst feeding Moo.

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