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  • Hi guys

    Weather been pretty miserable here today, was out most of day but squeezed in a very quick  run before it got dark, did 1.66 miles in the cold and rain image still aiming for my LSR 2moz fingers crossed.  We are out 2moz night to a party so I will have a drink so use Sunday as a rest day unless I really feel upto getting out.

    Silver, my folks are great to be honest don't get chance to spend time alone with them that often as hubby would normally be wid me so I am enjoying it.  Mum loves cooking for me and its nice to have lovely scrummy meals.  Bread and Butter pudding for afters tonight image

    Stripes glad you managed to get out and well done image I still think you are being to hard on yourself, just give yourself time to get back into it.  I still have the odd problem with my knees but strangely never when I am actually running image always usually when I am in bed.  Keep positive and give it another go tomorrow morning image

  • Hi Boo - sorry I forgot you were with your folks on your own this weekend. Sounds great getting spoiled by them. I still loving going North for a weekend with my folks. Don't get a chance to go alone that often but it's great to have quality time there.

    Well done getting out. We had heavy snow til 10 then rain and it's been freezing. Seen a lot of runners though and feel like getting out myself this evening. I'll see how fit I feel after the kids have gone to bed.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Keep in touch let us know how the LSR goes.

    Forgot to say your 4miles in 35mins the other day was superb! image
  • Boo it sounds like you're having fun.

    We've been getting into the Christmas spirit making glittery cards and decorations, the house looks festive at least.

    Off out for a run as soon as I fed and settled Moo. Just a very quick one because I'm not really in the mood. Present wrapping tonight too.

    How are you guys?

  • Enjoyed my quick run but my ears were freezing!
  • Well done on the run Mal, bet everything was freezing if its as cold there as it is here!
  • Morning All. Well done on run Mal. It's cold out there isn't it?

    I woke up with all good intentions of getting out in the cold clear morning air but I've failed miserably and now I've been given my duties for the morning there's no time. My parents are coming down today as they cancelled due to weather yesterday do maybe it's best if I stay home. There's always tomorrow. image

    I spent 2 hours outside yesterday putting Christmas lights around the house only to plug them in to find they didn't work. Couldn't believe it. I kicked myself for not trying them in the box first. Anyway I was so peeved I took them back and then stayed out til 7 putting up the new ones. It was freezing and raining and I was 25 feet up the ladders. Think the neighbours thought I was going potty!

    All that just to put a smile on my kids faces. Baaaaa Humbug! At least it was good exercise - my calfs ache like mad this morning! image
  • Thanks Stripes, I resembled a penguin by the end, and also similarly ungainly!

    Silver, please can you decorate our house, I've always wanted to be the sort of household with enough lights to make it daylight for the poor neighbours.

    Off out for another quick run tonight, just a little amble to keep me sane.

    Have made glittery cards with the kids and wrapped a ton of presents, I've put them under the tree with dire warning to Big Girl that she mustn' touch them. None are for her, I'm not that silly but place your bets until I see a mound of wrapping paper and a cheeky face or two peeping out!

  • Hi all.

    Sounds like you two have both been bitten by the festive bug. My partner is Christmas mad. We had our tree up in August image
    Went out this morning. Only managed just over 5k again and got soaked(first time and rather enjoyed the bemused looks I was getting from umbrella wielding passers by)
    Got very tired but legs don't feel too bad so quite happy for a change.

    On train to London to see my favourite band and will probably be pretty merry come gig time!
  • Hi guys

    Well the weather here has been rain rain rain and wind but I still went out for a long run.  Mother and I went shopping to the local town so I ran back from there which is 5.5 miles but I did a detour and went down the beach and back on the way so I did 7.27 miles.  It was cold and I got wet but you no what I enjoyed it image my mum bless her turned up at certain stops and took some pics of me haha my dad has already downloaded them and emailed them to me so when I am back at work I will post you one image didn't manage my longest run but pleased with that, and I need to get use to the crap weather when running as my HM on 11th March could be terrible weather

    Mal good for you getting out for a run, dont you feel good once you done it

    Stripes so pleased your run went well, I really think you will be fine just take it steady image have a great time at your gig

    Silver oh god I feel for you with the xmas lights round the house, but good on you for sticking at it till they were bright and lighting the street up image

  • Well done on the run Booey. In a great pub in Islington image
  • Well done on the 5k Stripes bet it will get easier each time you run now. What band are you going to see in London? Have a good night and a few beers for me! image

    Mal The lights aren't that extravagant but they keep the kids happy. I am available to decorate anyone's house - payment in burnt chocolate cake and leaking snow globes. TeeHee image
  • Can't understand why nobody else uses my wonderful bartering system!
  • I like the idea of bartering. I'm doing so little running lately I may have a Garmin GPS to barter soon! image

    Must get out tomorrow once parents have left although Mrs S is talking about taking the kids to the zoo?!? What the .... I don't know what she's thinking it's the middle of December - we'll be lucky to see anything other than the bloody Polar Bears! image
  • How could you not want to visit

    Hope you do get out. I opted for half a glass of wine (very good of me) and a non-disastrous attempt at making mini melt in the middle puddings for Big Girl's tea party. Must not eat them!

    Have a 5k planned tomorrow but I'm feeling really drained so possibly just a 2.5k-3k instead.

  • How cute - when you put it like that Mal how can I not go to the zoo? Actually Mrs S has accepted that its probably too cold to walk round all day so we're staying home which means I may get out afterall as I've just waved off the folks. image

    Now Mini melt in the middle puddings sound delicious. I'm sure they would score very high in the battering scale image.

    Good luck with the run.

    Quick update - I finally got out for a run and did 10.1k. Felt good even if time was a slow 55.12. I think the prolonged break and the three hours up the ladder the other day have taken the toll on my thigh and calf muscles! image. Still feels good to have got out. Garmin was great again - I love being able to check on progress as I'm running.
  • Little 2k instead. Feeling drained still so for once I'm just going to listen to my body and remember I'm doing a lot.

    Anyone else running?

    Booey, are you enjoying yourself?

    Stripes how are you feeling? Have you managed any more or are you resting and taking it easy?

    Silver (and everyone else!)  I'm jealous of the Garmin. I can't afford one and neither can Santa this year.

    Sabbie are you ok? We've not heard from you for a bit.

  • Just me tonight then, am I becoming an addict?!
  • Ow Mal sorry you were all alone last night.

    I have been thinking I'm the addict on this site so Ive been trying to wean myself a little. When you've written 4 posts in a row and no one has replied then I think you can call yourself an addict! image (I am sure I've done this more than once - well maybe 3 in a row)

    It seems everyone is busy at the mo. I have 3 more days of work then I finish for Christmas - Hoorah! image. Only trouble is I have 2 days of meetings today and tomorrow including one in Cambridge so I won't be posting much during the day.

    Sounds like you and the family Mal are ready for Christmas. I love the idea of making things with the kids but I never have time and Mrs S well she's not that way inclined!

    What did you study in Bangor to get these skills?

    Well done on thr 2k btw I wonder if Booey managed her 10 miler? We will wait for an update image
  • I want to know how Booey got on too.

    I studied Sociology and Criminology so certainly nothing to do with making things! I left (pregnant) after my second year and have always hoped to get back to do some studying. I'd have to start from scratch again but I relish the challenge. It's sadly out of our means financially but I hope one day I'll get a chance.

    I'm lucky that I really love doing things with the children so it's not much of a chore, and Mr Mal is very helpful and although doing things with the children isn't his thing at all he does help clean up and keep us all vaguley down to Earth when I've come up with some crazy idea.

    Going to attempt a run tonight again but it'll be a short one again I think, better than nothing though.

    By the way, how much weight did those of you who tried to lose when you started running and at which point? I've still got a stone and a half to go until I'll at my happiest weight (pre children, I'm having a laugh!) but my weight and measurements are forever stable.

  • Hi all,

    Well done on the run SIlver, nothing wrong with your time either, wish I could knock out a 55 minute 10k at the moment image

    Sorry you were all alone on here Mal. I was on the second day of a manic weekend of gig, football and lots of bevvying so wouldn't have made much sense anyway image

    Sounds like you are a great Mum, think your kids are really lucky that you wanna do stuff with them.

    I have lost 2st 6lb since I took up running at the end of May, although I'm 4lb heavier than I was a month ago image

    I was a ridiculously heavy 14st 11lb though when I started and since I am a short arse at 5ft 7in so you will realise how overweight I was  image

    Strangely though I have hardly lost any weight since I've been running outside!

    Where is Booey? Still in Wales?

  • Hi All. I think Booey said she was away today too.

    Stripes sounds like a top weekend and Liverpool won so good all round. Are you going out for another 5k soon?

    Mal Criminology sounds excellent. I bet everyone mentions CSI don't they so I'll do the same - I love CSI - it must be a really interesting career. image. Hope you get to redo your studies one day - maybe when the kids are older. Saying that it does sound like you're doing a great job with the parenting (who am I to judge?) and what could be more important and rewarding than that?

    Wrt weightloss I lost about the same as Stripes - went from 16 8 to 14 4 at one point although I've now settled at 14 6 ish. I'm 6 4 so my wife says I'm now way too skinny but hell I'm fit and happy so I don't care. If she had her way I'd look like Hugh Jackman which ain't gonna happen no matter what I weigh! Haha image
  • Just Googled Hugh Jackman as I'm ashamed to confess I had no idea who he is, Mrs S has good taste, what an amazing smile he has!

    Thanks for the compliments about the parenting, very nice of you. *blushes* I do put a lot of work into being as good a Mother as I can but at the same time it's so rewarding, I couldn't do anything less.

    What amazing weight losses from you both, that's very impressive, I've just worked out my BMI and it's 25.5 so a little over the top range of normal. Better than I expected but I'd feel better if I can lose a stone or so. I am going to try really hard to ditch the habit of eating rubbish after kids bedtime.

    Stripes, sounds like you've been having fun getting that 4lb's back!

  • Ha. You don't really need to lose anything then Mal with your BMI. Mine is still much higher than that!
    Weekend was great Silver. We should have scored a few more times mind you.
    Went for a run after work. Not good. Managed 3k and was knackered. Didn't feel good at all but at least my legs aren't hurting that much. A half marathon in nine weeks seems a long way away image
  • Blimey Stripes 9 weeks ain't long. Do you think you can get back up to your fitness level before the injury? Does your Higson programme take longer than this?

    I'm defo getting more serious in the new year. I'm going to stretch out my distances to 8 9 and 10 miles over a few weeks so I'm nearer the 13 miles in time for the HM in April. My Sunday run will be my long one and them I'll try to do a 5k and a 10k during the week. Hopefully that will be enough image

    Your BMI sounds ok Mal. I wouldn't be too worried given all your other commitments although I know what you mean about after bed snacks. It's usually Ice Cream time for me. Oh I had a fantastic lunch today. Full turkey jobbie with the best chocolate Torte for desert - delicious! image image image. Still fancy a bit of Ice Cream now though. image
  • Morning All. It's a beautiful morning in Cambridge.

    Probably going to do my club run this evening for the first time in 3 weeks. Looking forward to it too as I need to get a few more miles under my belt.

    Anyone else out today? Booey how did you get on in Wales?
  • Hi Silver,

    Enjoy the club run, I'm not going out today, going to leave it until tomorrow and see if I can manage 5k again.

    I had devised my own plan which built up slowly to about 11/12 miles a couple of weeks before Feb 19th.

    That is totally out of the window now though so will just see how things go in the next few weeks before I give up on the idea.

  • Hi I am back at work but very busy

    I did post whilst in wales that my LSR only turned into 7.26 miles, have you forgot that post imageimage donuts lol

    I will pop back as soon as I can

    *waves* hope your all good image

  • Hi everyone been reading your posts with interest, I'm too intimidated to go into the other forums but you sound like a friendly bunch! image How's it all going, are you all keeping running over the Christmas period?

    I started running earlier this year (about February-ish) on the treadmill in my local gym, and finally ventured outside in Spring. I know I have started a bit late on in life but better late than never as they say!

     I want to get into hill/fell/trail running but don't want to go alone and nobody will come with me image . I decided to look on this website as I can tell I am boring other people sick (as in their eyes glaze over and they stifle a yawn!!) when I talk about running... however my partner is very supportive so that's the main thing.

     Anyway I don't want to bore anyone else so I'll leave it here!

    ps does anyone have a real photo of themselves as their avatar on here?


  • Hi Scarlet,

    We are a very friendly bunch and that really is me in the picture  image

  • Hello Scarlet, welcome, I sloped on here not that long ago, everyone is friendly.

    I don't think most people have real photo's on but I've seen a few. I'm pretending to be a competent and elegant runner so can't put my photo up, it'd give the game away image  I know what you mean about the running conversations, you can see the other person is trying to nod in the right places and stiffle a yawn.

    Booey, welcome back, did you have a good time away? Sorry to hear you're manic at work already.

    Stripes, I hope tomorrow's 5k finally feels promising, I'm sure you'll be ok once you get back into it regularly again. I have faith you'll be crossing that finishing line in Feb.

    Silver that chocolate torte sounds Divine! Between us we probably clock up more food mentions than running ones on here! Speaking of food, I'm making a lot of naughty food for Big Girl's Christmas Eve tea party. I made peppermint creams in festive shapes yesterday and must stop myself "testing" them! Lots more baking and making to go, hold on tight willpower it's gonna be a rough ride!

    I am determined not to be a frumpy Mum for much longer.

    PS. Going running in reindeer antlers later so I can win a bet with my twin! May take and post you all a photo.

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